10 Best Alternatives to Apple AirPods and Galaxy Buds

Ever since Apple AirPods burst onto the wireless bluetooth earbuds market in 2016, they have been able to revolutionize the way people wear headphones.

Once a laughable accessory with people questioning ‘how will they stay in’ or ‘what about when you lose one’, the AirPod is now Apple’s best selling accessory with 35 million units sold.

Enter Apple’s biggest competitor Samsung, with their version of wireless bluetooth earbuds…Samsung Galaxy Buds. Boasting perfecting syncing with the Galaxy phone models, not nearly competing wiring AirPods but a viable choice for Samsung users to try out wireless bluetooth earbuds for their phone.

But at a price starting at $129 for Galaxy Buds and $159 Apple AirPods, you’re within your rights to be looking for an AirPods and Galaxy Buds alternative and there are some amazing choices on the market available here at Volmats.com – the best prices for electronics starting from just $13.99

1. Wireless Bluetooth in-ear pods headphones with charging case

The best AirPods alternative, wireless bluetooth in-ear pods with a charging case. High quality earphones with a low price of $13.99!

Experience the same 5-6 hours of charging time and connectivity with devices that have Bluetooth connectivity. Purchased AirPod alternatives in the past and lost one? Buy these as a replacement…Shipping is Free worldwide…no minimum!

2.  V09A TWS Mini Wireless Earphones Earbuds

VO94 TWS Mini Wireless Earphones Earbuds composed of many spectacular qualities and few of them are heavy bass stereo, built-in mic, active noise-cancellation, mini design, and waterproof features. Als, it has a charging case for iPhone and Samsung. Avail it at only $50.99.

3.  HBQ Q18 wireless earphone Mini auricular earbuds

With its grape-shaped case, HBQ Q18 Wireless Earphone features HD Microphone, latest Bluetooth technology and a Charge Box for Xiaomi, Samsung and iPhone. Even though it targets consumers with its unique exterior design, this earbud won’t let you down. Price at $47.99.

4.  F9 Wireless Earphone TWS

F9 Wireless Earphone TWS is one of the most comfortable to wear as it fits most ears, while also having good noise cancellation. It also comes with a microphone and Bluetooth 5.0 makes it perfect for all types of devices. One more thing to take note is unique and stylish the charging case which attracts more people to add it on their carts. Check out with this item at only $44.99.

5.  Top M9 TWS Wireless Earbuds

Claimed as the Top-Up Binaural Earphones that come with V5.0 Bluetooth Headphones and has access on touch control of SIRI through a stereo headset, Top M9 TWS Wireless Earbuds is very compatible with Android, IOS and PC devices. The design was inspired by the original air pods and you can purchase it at $38.99.

6.  Mini Air twins A6 Wireless Earphone

Built with features that will perfectly fit for other devices, Mini Air Twins A7 Wireless Earphone has Bluetooth 5.0 Tws Headphone Stereo Earbuds With Mic. It also contains Sports Earphone For Huawei, iPhone, and Samsung. Price at $32.99.

7.  TWS Bluetooth Earphone DOBTECH DOBT1

If you think, you already encountered the best, then think again as TWS Bluetooth Earphone DOBTECH DOBT1 proudly presents its latest Bluetooth technology that will make people’s lives easier to connect to devices and gaming headset. And for the record, it can translate 29 languages to keep the beat up. Avail it at $122.99

8.  Newest i11 tws Wireless Earphone

Comes with 5.0 Bluetooth Headphone air ear perfectly suit for iPhone X, iPad,  Apple Watch, and Samsung pods, Newest i11 Wireless Earphone is definitely one of the things every electronics consumers should look up to. Experience its hybrid technology at only $29.99.

9.  TWS Earphones

Also known as mini 5D stereotype wireless earbuds binaural, TWS Earphones features  Bluetooth 5.0 technology and Waterproof earphones – the best partner everyone could get during workouts. Also, it comes with a Power Bank Holder, more reasons to enjoy outdoor activities. You can purchase it at $32.99.

10.  Single Ear 518 Wireless Earbuds

Single Ear 518 Wireless Earbuds are running stereo universal earbuds which is compatible with all types of devices comes with a 5.0 Bluetooth connection. Even though it is a single earbud, consumers will surely be satisfied as it still produces quality sounds and you can get it at only $23.99.

The alternatives to Apple AirPods and Galaxy Buds are not only cheaper but they can also offer more features than Apple’s and Galaxy’s wireless earbuds with free shipping worldwide…only from Volmats.com

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