Battle of the Wireless Headphones: In-ear vs. Over-ear: What’s Best For you?

Headphones do have different styles and designs and each of them have their advantages and disadvantages. This is based on what kind of headphone fits in right for you, your preference, and what you need.

So you ask, “What should I choose?” In case you’re wondering what headphones you should buy or what’s the difference is between in-ear and over-ear earphones. We put together this guide to help you decide.


In-ear earphones are also known as earbuds, canal phones, earphones, or IEMs. This kind of headphone is the smallest and has the ability to fit inside the ears. When you buy a brand new phone, you will most likely to get a pair of these small inside the box. Tangling can be an issue with traditional in-ear earphones, making way for the hottest new must-have on the market. You can check out Volmats’ wireless bluetooth earphones.

Due to their size, some people prefer this kind of earphones because they are more portable and due to their discrete nature. They are easy to carry around as you can put in inside your bag or even inside of your pocket. There are some kind of in-ear headphones that have added features such as a step counter, heart rate monitor, and much more. As this small thing fits in our ears, they are most likely to provide the most passive isolation.

If you’re listening to music while jogging or working out, in-ear headphones are your best option. It will stay fit in your ears without falling out, and you won’t have to worry with sweat from leather-wrapped earcups. In-ear headphones are so in demand today, it is really hard to choose a brand with excellent sound quality. You can buy a pair of cheap, multi-colored, plastic earbuds at the local stores near you, or you can purchase high-performance in-ear headphones from companies like Volmats.

One thing why most in-ear earphones are the best is because they make a nice seal inside your ear canal, shaped and perfectly molded for everyone allowing you to enjoy the music that you are listening to.

To improve the comfort of in-ear headphones, you can change the silicon earbuds with memory foam earbuds, so it will not exert much pressure on the ears.


If you ask some audio enthusiasts about their preferred pair of earphones, they will probably choose a couple of over-ear headphones. Over-ear earphones are also known as circumpolar headphones and are considered the most high-quality.

If you are looking for a portable headphone, over-ear earphones shouldn’t be on your top list. But that doesn’t mean you cannot bring them anywhere you want. It is just that they are huge and clunky which intended to be worn at home or at work, not an on-the-go option. While some over-ear headphones can be folded up and can have a travel case. Over-ear headphones are the biggest and least portable today. Rather than going on a trip and bringing them along, over-ear headphones can transport you directly from your work area or lounge chair,  yet the best-sounding and most comfortable headphones are over-ear headphones.

If you notice, this is the kind of headphone music engineers use because they provide natural isolation and you will hear exactly what you need to hear and just a less of something else.

Wearing comfortable over-ear headphones it’s like wrapping up with a warm blanket. The large ear cups cover your entire ear, so you don’t need to worry about your ears getting sore. They sit comfortably around your ears and do not extract pressure to the ears. Some high-end over-ear headphones can get really overwhelming, and heavy. So make sure to search for a pair that has a padded headband, comfortable pads on the ear cups, and doesn’t make you sweat during a long listening session. Because of their largest drivers, high-end over-ear headphones can usually reproduce the widest range of frequencies, from silky smooth highs to tight, deep bass.

From a sound perspective, the best headphones in the world are the over-ear headphones Just like in-ear earphones, they also offer a good level of noise isolation and will give you better sound quality.

This article does not tell you which headphones to buy, but it aims to let you understand the difference between the two earphones mentioned above and what is best for you based on preference and need. Headphones are very particular, but don’t let your predispositions guide future decisions. The best thing you can do is give a pair of headphones a listen.

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