1M Nylon USB Type C Data Charger Cable for vivoY27/33/37/V5s/X5M/35/31A/Xshot/X5ProD/X6SPlus Charging Cable 1M

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  • Output Interface:Type C
  • Compatible Brand:vivoY27/33/37/V5s/X5M/35/31A/Xshot/X5ProD/X6SPlus
  • Support Quick Charge Technology:USB
  • Power Source:USB
  • Type:usb

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47 Reviews For This Product

  1. 47

    by Noah

    I have purchased two sets. I use them everyday, and three have gone bad. The connections become loose, and no longer charge the phone. I would not recommend. I contacted customer service and they want a picture of the problem. It cannot be done, since you cannot see the connection. I received replacements very fast from their customer service. Hopefully this batch will be better.

  2. 47

    by Lorraine

    So I bought one pair for my car since I needed new charging cables for the car. These are great and we even bough two more packs one for school to use with our battery packs and the other for my wife’s car. Definitely reliable cables and great quality will definitely recommend to anyone. Totally worth the price too. The cable come in plastic things that holds the cable and you can continue to use it to store the cable. Great buy.

  3. 47

    by Caiden

    Having a quick charger actually distresses my life. It is fast, even fast in Europe, where I have had to charge for 20 hrs to fill up my phone! It’s also durable. Closed the chord in a car door and went on the autobahn for 2 hrs… uhmm nice test right? No damage.

  4. 47

    by Crystal

    These are probably the best micro USB cables I have ever purchased! I’ve been using them for a few days now and they are just very nice cables and very durable! I really like these cables and I’ll be using them for charging, data transfer and to write to my NodeMCU boards they are perfect for that.

  5. 47

    by Solomon

    My G’Kids turned me on to longer charging cords. I read a LOT of reviews and this brand looked better in the research I did. I like everything about these long charging cords; especially how they’ve reinforced the collars where they take the heaviest abuse. Connections are nice ‘ n snug like they should be.

  6. 47

    by Benedict

    The cables come on specially made plastic spools in a neat cardboard box. Definitely an A+ on packaging. The cables have a braided cover to keep them from kinking or breaking. So far they are much better than average. In the past I have lost a lot of cables that break when they are bent close to the plug in head. I don’t think that will be a problem with these.

  7. 47

    by Paul

    I took a risk and bought 2 orders of this because of the reviews. I just received it yesterday and using it right away. I love how the charging power of it and the cord length. I bought the 3 ft cord length and it is the perfect length for me. I thought about getting the longer length but I didn’t like the tangle mess that can happen from it. The design of the cable is very nice.

  8. 47

    by Ethel

    Nice high quality cables! My Surface 3 tablet requires a higher amp rated micro USB cable then a standard cheap cable for charging. These cables have a 24 AWG power lead which is what is needed to handle the 24 Watt power supply. A heavier gauge wire handles more amps and charges faster. Some cheap cables won’t charge a Surface 3 at all, and others will charge, but charge much slower.

  9. 47

    by Linda

    I love these so much I bought another 2 sets! The build quality is great as the prongs do not get bent in within a week of heavy usage. The cord does love to stay in a coil if wrapped so it does take a little time to untangle its ridged status. Once it is strung out I have no issues. The cord itself is quite strong. I highly recommend these for any micro usb user.

  10. 47

    by Kelly

    The cheapie types of phone chargers I was buying before kept getting loose at the connection points and I kept having to replace them. So I wanted a new cord that would be sturdier and hold up better to wear. These seem to be doing the trick. I use them every day in the house and in the car and the connections are still strong. Would recommend.

  11. 47

    by Harriet

    This product is what I wanted. Two 6.6ft long with well sleeved cabling, unpackaging this product is oddly sastifying, and it does have fast charging. But, I’ve found a minor issue from this product. When I finished charging my samsung device, the two mini latches (where it prevents from falling off from the microi-usb connector) requires more grip to take out the charger. I took a closer inspection on the twin latches. To my own eyes, it had a larger profile then a regular micro-usb charging cable. This is where the benefit and the drawback of the larger latches come into the play. Therefore, you can still get this product at will. But, be prepared if the charger becomes more resistant then what you initially expected. Overall, a good product to buy. Just only the larger latches are the main issue I have for this product.

  12. 47

    by Regina

    I suppose I didn’t read the description very well, as I was a bit surprised when I received 2 chargers. I’ve only used one, but it seems to work well enough. I haven’t seen the dreaded ‘Use a genuine charger’ message with these, which is great. The only thing I really don’t like is that I have to flip my phone around all crazy to un-bend the cable so it doesn’t hover 3 feet in the air, oddly. But it’s not a big enough issue to warrant anything less than a 5 star rating.

  13. 47

    by Adam

    I cannot recommend these chargers more! Right off the bat, I am so impressed with the packaging. It came in a box with two individually packaged chargers, each wrapped neatly in its own little compartment. I would buy this again just to open the packages!

  14. 47

    by Moon

    after writing my initial review, someone reached out to me to see how my experience was. I told them about one of the cables flat out not working and they asked for a picture and my mailing address. They sent a replacement very quickly. Updating to five stars from one because of the customer service and the new cord appears to work just fine.

  15. 47

    by Joyce

    I have purchased several cables based strictly on the warranty. However, the quality is very good. The connections on either side of the cable are well-made. I have purchased other brands and cable types. They don’t hold up as well. The connection at the phone is usually what breaks first. The Syncwire cable continues to hold up to everyday wear.

  16. 47

    by Nick

    At 3.3 ft. it is perfect for a multi charging station or in the car. A positive click to hold connector tight and the charging rate is much faster than the cheap cords. Recommend these cable for most any use.

  17. 47

    by Alexandr

    I’m so glad I bought these because they are the best I’ve ever owned, and I feel like I’ve owned so many! They are STRONG and don’t pull away from the phone like others that I’ve had do, or eventually do. The only drawback for me is that they are so short, but it encourages me to leave my phone in another room and be away from it while it charges, which is nice. I would definitely buy them again, but idk if I’ll have to for quite some time because of how well made they are!

  18. 47

    by Charlotte

    I bought this set of micro-USB charging cables because I was sick of all the other ones I’d gotten that would rapidly lose their ability to make a tight-fitting contact with the charging port in my Galaxy S6. While I’ve only had these for a few weeks now, so far I’m impressed with how they fit.

  19. 47

    by Justin

    Not only do these cables feel stronger and fuller and as if they’ll last longer than I’m accustomed to, but they seat more positively and firmly. Better still, the wrap-up flat shipping case they came with is easily re-useable, and I really like the way it manages the USB cables. I think these will last much longer than the cheaper units I’ve had from WalMart or gas stations.

  20. 47

    by Albert

    I have gotten SO many chargers for our devices and they brake so fast, usually they just stop working as if they shrink.. I have had these for about a week and they are very strong and sturdy material, very good quality and you can just tell the cords is made to last. I love them so much I just ordered 2 more and they should arrive tomorrow. Worth every penny!

  21. 47

    by Jacquelyn

    The package arrived right on schedule and it was well packed. The cable is indeed the length as promised and the material is excellent! Its soft to the touch, extremely durable, and the ends of the cable are fortified to prevent the usual wear and tear of over bending. I also find it satisfying that the usb fits very snug and tightly into my phone. I dislike it when its a loose fit, but it secures itself nicely and allows me to not have to worry about it disconnecting by itself from slight tugs.

  22. 47

    by Chelsea

    I’m bought probably about 3 new cords (different brand) in the last year. Something always happens after a couple of months, or like my last one 1 month later, where the fast charging stops working, or there’s a short in the cord. So far this cord is holding up nicely. I wish it wasn’t so twisty (like unwinding a hose), which it wasn’t like that when I first purchased it.

  23. 47

    by Garrick

    Stellar. I can’t really say much that others here haven’t already said. If you are tired of wires breaking at the necks, this is your ultimate solution. I know other packs offer 3 wires, but quality really is better than quantity in this case. The extra half foot (6.5 feet) is exactly what these wires needed, too. Now it’s just the right length for practical use! I swear, it makes all the difference.

  24. 47

    by Muriel

    I love the cord of this product is why i chose to get it. The prongs on the bottom of the plug end that goes into the phone is a nice addition so that it will not easily fall out when you’re charging. I’m so happy that I finally received this!

  25. 47

    by Rose

    Provides full power for fast charging Kyocera duraforce pro, fits snug, does the job. Durability of these types of cords is inversely proportional to how clumsy you are: drop your phone on the cord and it’ll bend; bent it’s not as effective, but I’d rather this bend than the Jack in the phone.

  26. 47

    by Aidan

    Best micro usb cable I’ve purchased out of the tons I’ve purchased in the past. I ordered the same USB cable from this seller [Syncwire] last year. One of the cables stopped working due to inner wiring issues, but I’m sure it was from me improperly detaching the cable from my devices. I still have one of the cables and decided to get another pair; one for my car and an extra just in case.

  27. 47

    by Lillian

    Bought a few of these and I’m having an issue with one of the cables. It won’t charge unless it’s in a specific postion putting stress on the charging port. I always make sure to leave the cables free of tangles and keep them from being tugged on, so I’m disappointed in this product

  28. 47

    by Tankard

    They are nice, well made cables. I put one in my car and use one for keeping my phone charged in the house so I dont have to keep taking the original cable back and forth to the car all the time. The cable fits more snugly than the manufacturer-supplied cable and rarely falls out in the car, which is good when the phone moves around.

  29. 47

    by Jeanne

    I kept having issues with cables not fitting either when brand new or after a few months. The Syncwire cables are durable, have a great feel with the steel wrap, and still fit snugly and fast charge after 8 months. I might be upgrading phones soon, which would make this obsolete, but it has served its purpose well.

  30. 47

    by Lindsey

    I’m a guy that has had quite the bad luck with micro-usb cables because I use the hell out of them. Usually when I buy charging cables they only last a couple months until I encounter the typical problem where the wire starts to wear out, and now you have to constantly adjust the cable just right until you actually get a charge (and soon the cable stops charging altogether).

  31. 47

    by Kennard

    I love them. They’re super fast and durable. I use them all the time and they haven’t worn out. Note though, I don’t carry them around or anything, so I don’t know how durable they’d be if you travel a lot (though they seem to be really sturdy and I don’t think it’d be an issue).

  32. 47

    by Apollo

    Love the durable and semi-flexible feel of the cable. Marking on the top side helps orient the cable correctly. Appreciate it not just being a regular black cable, as it’s easier to differentiate between my micro-usb and other cables. Even in the dark, I can tell what it is by the texture of the cable. Little disappointing that it’s not 3.0, but it’s fine for my use case of mostly just charging.

  33. 47

    by Regina

    I have only had these 1 meter cables for a couple weeks. The packaging was fantastic with a little well made reel for each cable. The cable itself it’s attractive and appears to have some of the best quality of any micro USB cable I’ve had. Connection to phone is tight and secure. Cable is actually slightly stiff, which I assume will help with durability but only time will tell that.

  34. 47

    by Hannah

    I first tried this brand at my aunt’s and decided to got one after trying several others with added frustration, and that’s an understatement. This did not require me propping up my phone or tablet at weird angles in order to have it stay in place while charging. It fit snuggly and charges my devices in less time than the others. I wish it was a few feet longer but happy to have a frustration-free charger. The price was probably the best part. I would highly recommend.

  35. 47

    by Beck

    I feel like I am always going through charging cables…it’s a pain in the butt. I do really like this one the best so far out of all the ones I’ve ever purchased. The packaging was very nice. I liked how they have it rolled up on a disc to keep the wire from getting pinched. Feels pretty sturdy and good quality. I use them to charge our Samsung s6, s7, and my kids Samsung tablets. I think I am going to purchase more since they have proven to hold up very well so far.

  36. 47

    by Agnes

    If you’re looking for a micro USB to USB A cable, you’d be hard pressed to do better than these. They were a much better quality than I had expected, and the braided cabling is excellent. Even the packaging was very aesthetic and nice to open up and take out, so much so that I’ve held onto the reels they came on for my own USB cable storage and transport. If you want a step above the average experience with your cables, these guys will treat you right.

  37. 47

    by Andrew

    I have chargers at work, on my car, and at home. The cheap cords (all of them) that came with the phone had all worn out. So I searched and found these. It doesn’t have the plug that goes in the wss but I’m able to connect to the old plug or my usb port and it changes that way. My ought charges a lightning speed even when it’s low. It’s sl extremely durable and strong to withstand coming apart. I highly recommend!

  38. 47

    by Blanche

    I first bought this charger in a two pack and one of the chargers stopped charging my phone within a few weeks. I contacted the company and they refunded me for half my purchase (since one cord would have been half the price) immediately. I’ve since bought 4 more of these chargers so I have one in my car, at my office, bedside, and by the couch and they have worked great. I have bought both the 3 ft and 6.6 ft cords and love them both. The extra cord length is great for the couch and bedside so you aren’t stuck in a position where you have to use your phone and you can move around with it more freely. No issues with the other chargers besides the first one I had. Would buy again.

  39. 47

    by Gwendolyn

    Syncwire products are wroth every penny from my experience, they do exactly what they advertise and their customer service is more than top notch, going out of their way to contact me to make sure I received my product and in kind gave them a review. You’re getting what you pay for and then some with this.

  40. 47

    by Diana

    Been using the same set for 2 years, reordered new ones this year. Kid goes through charger cords and earphones like crazy. Can kill charger cords in a month, but theses have held up! The charging prong stays up, doesn’t fray at either end, no break in the cord. I really hope these stick around for a long time, because i will always pick these above all others. Thank you for the great product

  41. 47

    by Alfredo

    These cables work great. The plugs feel ‘tight and secure’ when connected. I think the best feature is that they give you a 3 year warranty for registering the cables. For someone who ends up replacing charging cables a couple of times a year (due to them wearing out) I am excited to have a cable that is either durable enough to last 3 years or will be replaced.

  42. 47

    by Benson

    I needed a charging cable for my tablet (Samsung Galaxy Tab S2) and this does the job for charging and data transfer. The best part is that they are braided but not all that stiff. If you’ve had braided cables in the past you know what I mean. I love the two cable organizers you get in the box, one will certainly go in my travel bag. I wish Syncwire would do a combo pack with the 3ft and the 6ft cables together but at this cost you can afford the 6ft twin pack too.

  43. 47

    by Diego

    This was a great purchase bc the actual cord itself is made of a durable material. I bought two packs of these: one pack for each of my brothers to share and one pack for me to put in my car and my room. We have had these for a about a month now and I think they work great. However my brothers can be careless and just jam the cords into their phones to charge and I noticed recently that sometimes they have to fidget with the end of the cord to get their phone to charge. Mine, on the other hand, are still in really good shape. So just be gentle with the cords and they should last a good while!

  44. 47

    by Louise

    I have been buying many different charging cables at many different price points the past 2 years and they have all stopped working correctly in less than a month of use. I am pleasantly surprised that I have used these for a month and I’ve had no issue with these cables.. They still charge great and have not gotten loose when connected. They are a little stiff but the material seems very durable so I am fine with a little inflexibility.

  45. 47

    by Michael

    I have went through so many different usb cables over the years. They all felt cheap, especially the offical one that came with my Samsung phone. Most last around three months and then the connection is loose and you get the annoying connect and disconnect buzz or chime. I have finally found the best usb charging cable. This is a super high quality build and the connection to my phone is snug.

  46. 47

    by Frederica

    This charger is thicker than all others I’ve used. The material seems to protect the electronics way better and is less prone to fraying. Also, the cable is flexible and charges quickly as well. I will definitely repurchase in the future, but I’m sure this one will last a long time. It’s very nice that it comes in a pack of 2 with 2 different lengths. The packaging was really great, too.,

  47. 47

    by Easter

    Every single store-bought cable I’ve used has had the same problem of wearing out after only a few weeks of regular use. The first problem is always the connection simply failing because something in the charging end is bent slightly out of shape, the second problem is when they stop working altogether and you have to buy a new one.

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1M Nylon USB Type C Data Charger Cable for vivoY27/33/37/V5s/X5M/35/31A/Xshot/X5ProD/X6SPlus Charging Cable 1M

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