3.5MM High Quality In Ear Headset Stereo Earphone Music Headphone with Microphone MP3 MP4 Mobile IOS Android Xiaomi

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  • With Microphone:Yes
  • Function:For Mobile Phone,Common Headphone
  • Support Apt-x:No
  • Sensitivity:123dB
  • Waterproof:No
  • Support Memory Card:No
  • Connectors:3.5mm
  • Model Number:SF-A35 earphone
  • Resistance:
  • Communication:Wired
  • Line Length:1.2m
  • Plug Type:Line Type
  • Active Noise-Cancellation:No
  • Wireless Type:None
  • Vocalism Principle:Dynamic
  • Support APP:No
  • Style:Ear Hook
  • Is wireless:No
  • Volume Control:No
  • Frequency Response Range:8-25000Hz
  • Control Button:Yes

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98 Reviews For This Product

  1. 98

    by Daine

    The packaging is gift ready. Comes in a small metal box with a tiny carrying bag. The Earbuds seem well made. The wires are covered with a type of plastic cloth that do tangle easily but not a big deal. They sound ok to me, plenty loud, but I’m no expert on sound. I gave only 4 stars because I don’t know the longevity of them.

  2. 98

    by Mary

    Just received these earbuds and love them. They fit so well and comfortable. The sound quality is excellent. I am not looking for Bose sound in my life so these tiny titans fit the bill. They came in a nice mesh pouch which is enclosed in a metal box. For the money, these are an excellent buy. They are also sturdy with volume and pause controls right on the earbud wires.

  3. 98

    by Robert

    I love earbuds that come with foam tips instead of traditional tips. These in particular provide a lot of sound isolation and give you the choice between a few different sizes to make sure they fit your ears properly (I have funky ears and use two different sizes). The controls are very nice, they feel good when you click them. They are also the normal commands that you find in other earbuds, so they are easy to use. The wire has a textured finish to it that give it a premium look. They come with a really nice pouch that both protects yours earbuds and prevents them from getting all tangled up. Overall good product for the price.

  4. 98

    by Kelly

    Crisp highs and solid bass. Snug fit so they block out a lot of background noise too. Great for mowing the lawn or while working in a loud environment as I do. Very comfortable while wearing 6+ hours per day! Is also really nice to be able to control the volume or pause from the small control on the right earphone wire. Can’t go wrong for the price.

  5. 98

    by Steve

    I’ve been having trouble finding a replacement since I lost the earbuds that came with my Samsung Galaxy. I tried buying some of what I thought were the same on Amazon but they must have been a different model because they weren’t as high quality. I tried a different brand and the call quality caused complaints with people I talked to. These Ludos are impressive! I liked the compact packaging they came in, and the default earbuds fit me perfectly, although there are different sized rubber pieces of the ears are bigger or smaller. The braided wire seems durable, and the volume adjuster and action button are distinct. I already bought a second pair for backup.

  6. 98

    by Mosley

    I must say that the sound quality is very good and these earphones are very comfortable because of the memory foam. The cable is very well made and the wire remains stright when I pull the earphones out of my pocket. I love them

  7. 98

    by Beverly

    These earbuds are brilliant! Very loud, clear and have a great base. Use them about 4-5 times a week at the gym. Prefer to use these than the Apple-supplied headphones with a cane my iPhone 8. Now using with the Apple supplied connector, but working just as well. Bought a pair of Sony earbuds at the same time, ended up giving the Sony earbuds ones away to my kid brother! Pure sound, great for listening to music. A+

  8. 98

    by John

    These are about what you would expect for the price point in headphones. They come in a nice mesh bag enclosed in a tin case (min was smashed and bent in shipping) . overall quality of the headphone construction are good, and the sound is acceptable. tested on different output sources, the headphones produce a bland sound range with the best being in treble and mids. I was expecting a bit more umph in the base department after reading reviews and comments but it isnt quite as much as to be expected or much at all.

  9. 98

    by James

    Clear and balanced, slightly bass heavy (and boomy), so i set my iphone eq to ?off? and it?s balanced. which is actually impressive to have in ears that are built with a balanced eq. the foam ear buds provide great noise canceling, are comfortable, and they don?t fall out of our ears! hallelujah. also the volume control and track pause/skip is nice to have. well done ludos! (the only reason i didn?t give them five stars is because they?re slightly boomy).

  10. 98

    by Jeanne

    I needed to replace my old earbuds and purchased these Ludos Clamor ones. I recently got a OnePlus 7 Pro phone which doesn’t have a headphone jack. When I got the phone, I purchased the 3.5mm to USB C headphone dongle. These earbuds work great with it. The 3.5mm jack fits all the way in the dongle (old earbuds did not). The sound on the Ludos ones is great. I’m not too picky about all the details of audio, but I’d say these sound as good as any others I have owned. Hopefully will get long life from them.

  11. 98

    by Natasha

    After my initial review the company promptly replied to me and sent me a replacement. Looks like I got a faulty pair. I’m very happy with the sound and how comfortable these are. I wouldn’t hesitate to buy them again, especially knowing their customer service is on point. ——– I loved these earphones while they lasted. I have been using them for less than a month and the left side is completely dead 🙁

  12. 98

    by Grace

    For an inexpensive pair of earbuds, the sound is actually quite good. The claim is that the drivers in the earbuds produce balanced and clear sound and given my time with it I definitely agree! This is helped by the in-ear design that helps keep sound in and external noise out. It’s not noise canceling though but that’s for the best as it’s a lot safer to use outside. Now while the sound is a big part of any earbuds comfort matters just as much so and with the lightweight and nice balance they feel very natural and secure in my ears. The other features are about as expected. The remote attached to the earbuds allow you basic functions such as pausing and resuming songs or picking up calls. The cord itself feels sturdy and is of decent length, it’s not as comforting as Kevlar cables but it doesn’t worry me about potentially tearing someday. Even if it does there’s a lifetime warranty backing these very nice earbuds!

  13. 98

    by Gary

    At this pricepoint I honestly wasn’t expecting much, most value earbuds sound really bad after all. I was really surprised that these have great clarity, treble and fantastic bass granted that you get proper isolation. I did have some issues getting them to seal right in my ears, and they don’t come with additional sized foam tips; For this, I dock a star. I would say the sound is very comparable to Apple’s Earpods.

  14. 98

    by Ashley

    This is far better performance than any earbuds I’ve ever used before, considering I used them for hours every day and wasn’t overly careful with the wire (Often quickly jamming them into a jean pocket or bag). The flat wire makes them nice and sturdy and they really don’t tangle, I was very impressed. The sound quality is very good, again better than any others I’ve bought before in the same price bracket. The addition of multiple sized rubber covers for the earbuds is great as you can figure out which one fits you best and provides the best noise-canceling seal.

  15. 98

    by Richard

    The sound is as good as anything I’ve gotten out of this price range, and gets every bit as loud as you will ever need it to be. The noise isolation is interesting. I’m used to not being able to hear much at all through the silicone ear-cups, but when the music dies down I can definitely hear people talking near me. It works quite well for me because it is usually my family, but you may not be used to this. In any case, when sound is playing I am 100% in my own space with no outside noise interference. Speaking of the tips, they are a bit difficult to change out, but I generally only need to do that once over the lifetime of the headphones, so it’s not really an issue, and maybe it will keep my toddler from pulling them off all the time!

  16. 98

    by Vera

    The reason that I bought them, however, was the reinforced wires. All of my previous earphones, including the Boise ones, have gone the way of the trashcan because they have developed shorts or broken wires where the one cable splits into two for the two ear pieces. These earbuds are nicely reinforced along all of the wires. Soon after buying them, I took them on a trip to Portugal. They were comfortable for the 8 hour flight and worked well in the airplane’s entertainment system (rather than the earphones supplied by the airline). I most frequently is them with my iPod and find the stereo separation to be excellent. I highly recommend these earbuds and will be buying another pair for myself.

  17. 98

    by Tracy

    I like the way they presented the company origin and ethos and was attracted to the new style foam ear piece since the noise isolation function is important to me. This was a big step up to $20 but they came the next day and I couldn’t believe it. They are great. Superior quality. I feel like I could tow a car with the cord. The foam earbuds fit perfectly and keep external noise out. I am not a sound expert, but I hear a full range, high, mid and the base. The sound is great and makes me realize what I’ve been missing. I am hearing new words to songs that I have listened to for years. I have not used them yet during a hard workout where I’m sweating, but they feel quite secure in my ear. BTW, they come with 3 sets of standard rubber earbuds in addition to the foam ones. Well worth the money and I’ll be giving these as holiday gifts to loved ones this year.

  18. 98

    by Jean

    Not bad, interesting earbuds that have a bit of style to it. Pros: – earbud tips are foam like, not like plastic, so there is a bit discomfort at first, but adapts to your ear over a few minutes of time. – the wire is coated like a rubber texture. It’s sturdy and flexible. It’s feel’s… whats the word I’m looking for…. premium quality! – will work between/through any case that protects your phone. – mic is superb, volume control is great, but the control is a bit too far towards the ears and round, not flat, to the feel. – worth the price.

  19. 98

    by William

    I was looking for some really good quality ear buds for travel purposes, and I?ve used these a couple times now and I love them. Great sound quality , natural base to music. Came in Tin can carrying case which was cool too, so when I?m not using them I put them back in it

  20. 98

    by Sophia

    At first I was a little bit skeptical about headphones with memory foam earpieces but they are actually super comfortable. They fit in my ears great and the sound is very good! I love the braided nylon cords and they feel very sturdy. I would definitely buy them again!

  21. 98

    by Charles

    Main issue I have with this is that the mic is not working well. Some sound is registered, but not much. Which is annoying as my main purpose for these earphones is for use in Skype/Zoom meetings at work. The cheap earphones that I had planned to replace with this set works way better in that regard. But the sound coming out is good. And I really like the storage box they provided (and the bag). Everything packaged really well. So I may keep them just for home use only.

  22. 98

    by Shirley

    The rubber earpieces that took over the plastic years ago (although iphone hasn’t caught on) was a tremendous improvement, but these foam earpieces are that much more comfortable and secure again. Who knew it: Foam: the next generation. I got just what I was hoping for better comfort, better fit, and therefore better sound. And then to think how little they cost me, good job folks.

  23. 98

    by Hannah

    The first thing is that these sounded great – much better than I expected for the price. Nice crisp highs and solid bass. I am musician so not easy to please in this department. The comfort and fit of the ear bud – memory foam – very nice – comfortable and don’t fall out of your ears when moving around or eating. The cables on ear buds often are flimsy and usually the first thing to go bad – but this cord is nice and think yet flexible. Finally the volume control actually is functional – must admit got more than I expected.

  24. 98

    by Lavelle

    I like everything about this earphone. My favorite by far. I tried this earphone because it had the memory foam. It comes with one pair. It really wasn’t very good so i bought my own memory foam. The buttons for pausing and volume control is the best I?ve ever used.

  25. 98

    by Arien

    The first thing I noticed was the nifty little metal case. The earphones are nice and protected. It also helps to keep them from getting tangled up in your pocket. They seem to have a good durable build to them. They fit nicely in my ear, which is something I always seem to have trouble with. The sound quality is great! These are well with the price, and more.

  26. 98

    by Ardell

    These headphones are perfect for what I need. I don’t use the memory foam buds, but they sound great and are definitely better than any skullcandy earbuds I could find at a usual grocery store. The sound quality is very good and I’m glad I’ve finally found a pair of earbuds I can come back to. Here’s hoping they last a while!

  27. 98

    by Allen

    For a little more investment, you get a cord that doesn?t tangle as much, and in line sound control that gives up in increments (some earbuds have a sliding volume control that seems to give me either ear blast or silence). On that in line controller, it has a flat side that makes the controls easy to find by touch (another earbud set I have is a small cylinder and the controls are harder to locate). Overall an upgrade from the basics; fun colors. Good value.

  28. 98

    by Rose

    Quality cable casing Selection of different size earbuds The case and mesh bag The ability to control from the volume on the cord that everyone has nowadays. Things I don?t like: That I have to adjust the EQ every time I switch bands. I?m a metal head, listen to bands like: thy art is murder, fit for an autopsy, whitechapel, blah blah blah… Just switching between those three bands makes me go into my EQ settings on Spotify and fix how these sound. Too much bass, way too much mid, no highs, and switch them all around for the next band. I constantly notice too much mid, no highs, monotone bass. I don?t venture outside of this genre of music often which is why I?m leaving four stars. Maybe they?re awesome for what your taste is in music. However, to the metal heads of the world, look elsewhere.

  29. 98

    by Davido

    These come packaged so sweet! They come with a little mesh bag AND a little metal box to keep them in. Now, the BEST thing I love is the memory foam earbuds. They custom fit to the inside if your ear and are so comfortable it’s insane. They also work as some outside noise reduction, too and they never come loose or fall out. NEVER. The cord is a braided type plastic that feels super premium. These earbuds also sound great. You won’t be sorry for picking these up.

  30. 98

    by Andrew

    I feel the need to start off that I am one of the pickiest and hardest to please when it comes to my earbuds. However, these have been exceptional, even with my tiny ear holes as my kids say. I?ve been through so many headphones that were torture due to fit and sound quality. To fit, I?d use kids ones and for sound quality I?d have to give up my comfort. Not with these, the foam tips are amazing feeling, the sound is exceptional, and add in they are super durable ( child and pet tested and they survived with no damage). I was so happy with them when my boyfriend?s headphones died, instead of subjecting to my back up pair {they suck) I let him use these ones. He has much larger ears and they work perfectly for him as well. He is currently sleeping with them in as I am typing this. As he was happily dozing he said he wanted a pair, so I ordered him his own in another color. I?m positive they?ll last a lot longer than the month I?ve had them and longer than the pair my boyfriend killed at work this past week. I am so glad I chose these ones to try because my searching and buying of earbuds is over. No more trying out a million different types and brands and such for me anymore. If mine die (doubtful any time soon) I will be purchasing myself another pair of these.

  31. 98

    by Emma

    I was specifically looking for earbuds that would stay in my ears when working out, as sweat tends to make them wiggle out of my ear canal. The foam material these are made out of keeps them snugly in my ears, and the material also provides very good noise cancellation – a friend had to tap my shoulder because I couldn’t hear him calling me with them in. The actual sound quality is good for the price, the bass is especially noticeable. Overall, I recommend these over similarly priced offerings.

  32. 98

    by Olivia

    I don’t normally write reviews but this is a great product and writing a review will give us a second pair because of a promotion.The cord is more durable than just any earbud and will surely last a very long time. It’s very flexible and plenty long for a variety of situations. The container is nice, with a mesh bag for easy carrying without mess. All in all a very nice pair of earbuds!

  33. 98

    by Connelly

    Wow these earphones are the best. They look expensive and actually function better than my other apple earphones. They are comfortable to use and the sound quality is very clear. I love that you can control the volume which is a plus. And pick up calls at the same time. Overrall i love these earphones. They are a must buy!

  34. 98

    by Mark

    These earbuds have alot going for them. First the color selection is AWESOME! I went with the bright green pair that way I will always be able to see them if they get lost. Color options aren’t something you get now days, usually its black or white. The build quality is awesome as well. The cord is a durable rubber like material which feels very sturdy. The earbuds are memory foam which are super comfortable. They only come in one size due to them being memory foam. The ear buds do come with regular style ear pieces in case the memory foam is not for you.

  35. 98

    by Matthew

    I bought these right after I lost the ear plug on another set of earbuds. I lucked out that they were on a flash deal. They came with a variety of different sized foam plugs; I haven’t tried them all since the first pair seemed to fit well. (I just need to figure where to store the spares this time). The plugs are very comfortable. I don’t find these to be noise canceling, but they are at least noise muffling. I primarily use these when I am at work or in a Starbucks or whatever, to help drown out coworkers and others. I cannot really speak to sound quality, at least in terms of music, because I primarily listen to talk shows or Hulu reruns in these situations.

  36. 98

    by Baer

    Braided cloth cord with rubber feel Stays in my ears I think the volume control should be flat rather than round It would be easier to handle. In the location it is you have to feel around for the buttons since it is up close to your ear If it was where the wires split it would easier to see and manage.

  37. 98

    by Daley

    I bought these mainly because they had a slim enough plug to fit inside my phone case’s narrow aux port. I typically use bluetooth but there are scenarios in which I can’t use bluetooth (like when I’m in the gym, sadly), so I needed a wired headphone with a slim port but that wasn’t flimsy. These are that. Sound good. I like the foamy earbuds, they’re weird and different but nice. Unfortunately, the right ear doesn’t always work. I’ve only used them maybe a dozen times and within the first few uses, the right ear would go out a little. Not entirely, but a noticeable decrease in just that one. Probably just a faulty pair so I still rated this product highly enough

  38. 98

    by Ruth

    These headphones are actually nicer than some of the other headphones i have bought for this price and even surpass those of a high price (and name brand) the sound is excellent and they’re made of a decent and sturdy material, the wire is textured but doesn’t seem to add any strength to it. The command bar (the small plastic housing with the buttons) feels thick and robust. Although the memory foam part that goes into your ear feels feels as if it may wear out with long term use but I’ve seen no damage to mine so far.

  39. 98

    by Hale

    The sound is even and well balanced. Good bass without overpowering the vocals. Highs and mids sound great too. Great overall sound played at low and high sound volumes. Foam earbuds fit snug in my ears without any indication of falling out, even during gym workouts. I tried shaking my head side to side as hard as I could and still they did not budge. Sound isolation is good but not completely isolating at low sound volumes. I could hear some noises around me. Just turn up the volume and problem fixed. Don’t push the earbuds too far into your ears or your ears will start to ache after a while. I think this is true with any foam earbuds. They come with 3 pairs of silicone earphones if you don’t like the foam.

  40. 98

    by Kevin

    ALL I CAN SAY IS THESE ARE A SURPRIZE???? The sound so amazing that I have to check to see if I am actually wearing the ear buds. #1. I CAN NOT FEEL THEM, and maybe because of te memory foam that just fits.. also no outside noises to interfere. To me crystal clear, from all tones high to low, as if the room is full of surround sound.., Love them!!! They did come with regular replacement ear pads, but I hope I never lose these, wow…

  41. 98

    by Addington

    Finally I found earphones that fit in my ears. Also the quality of these headphones is amazing. They’re loud and you can control them however you want. They come in a small box and pouch. Can’t say enough.

  42. 98

    by Daniel

    Pros – Cost – Controller is compatible with Galaxy S8. – Includes carry case, a nice felt bag, and extra ear cushions. – Feels well built – Very comfortable Cons – The right memory foam cushion was slightly damaged. No harm no foul.. I already have a couple of sets of memory foam cushions I previously purchased on Amazon. Search for ‘Comply 17-50101-11 Isolation Noise Cancelling Memory Foam Earphone Tips for’ if you need a replacement. – The extra cushions are not memory foam cushions. They are round rubber cushions. Not a show stopper but nice to know. – Does not include and instruction manual.

  43. 98

    by Greeley

    Its the small things- Unbelievable cable quality. Ive skinned my hands trying to yank these apart angry. Cable loves being coiled, and is extremely tangle resistant elastic rubber. Cheap things are supposed to break easy, I am extremely impressed with the durability. Sound quality is in the $20-$30 range, and the price of these buds could go up with a better design that doesnt leave the cable trying to yank the buds out of the ear. These foam tips in particular dont stay in my ear, but the passive noise isolation definately helps make up for a little bit less sound quality.

  44. 98

    by Mckinney

    A friend encouraged me to buy a high quality pair of earphones after I kept complaining about how bad my dollar store cheapies sounded. I did a little research and chose these. Best decision ever! The sound is amazing and clear as a bell. The volume is easily adjusted on the cord. Love this product, will definitely recommend to my friends!

  45. 98

    by Susan

    i recommend this product. they automatically connect to my i6 after taking then out of the case. they turn on bluetooth on my phone by themselves and everything.

  46. 98

    by Gale

    Really surprised of the quality of these earbuds. The fitment in the ear is very secure. Had no issues of them coming out while exercising. The sound quality is very good for the price. Nice highs and decent base. I bought a few of these in different colors because of the price. The colors are very vibrant.

  47. 98

    by ChargerBuyer123

    Work perfectly on honor 9 lite

  48. 98

    by Edith

    For the money, these are great headphones. Firstly they come with loads of spare buds and a quality bag to keep everything in. The cables being laces instead of cables are good at staying untangled and don?t knot. The phones are comfortable to wear and have great sound. The sound is deep so if you like base sounds you?ll be even more pleased. But I like the most because the rubber buds cut out a lot of outside noise so I can enjoy the music in quiet on the train commuting.

  49. 98

    by Grant

    Supply durable long headphones in stock good (hard tell if there are genuine, or are not, probably however are original). Other sizes rubber bands included. Box nice touch and made properly.

  50. 98

    by Barbara C.

    Received in the mail, everything is fine, the box is not even Wrinkled. Everything works, was charged to 100% seller recommend. I will order now for my wife. The sound is good, i’m very pleased.

  51. 98

    by Tracy Spelock

    I ordered two pairs. Went to the states in 2 weeks. Easily connected to the iphone, the sound is good. In the set there are three sizes of ‘ears’ and a short wire for charging (without a plug). Nice.

  52. 98

    by Michelle M.

    Good headphones, the quality is excellent! Reviews in youtube is enough.

  53. 98

    by strangedunyah

    Great value for money. Shipped within 15 days to Fiji. Sound quality is good. Bass is present. You can use an equalizer to improve sound quality further.

  54. 98

    by Brendan Trapp

    The product is very good. everything works. It came well packed, in a box and a doll. The sound is normal. the headphones sit well in the ears. everything corresponds to the description. I recommend. thanks

  55. 98

    by L. Noble

    Fast shipping. Everything works.

  56. 98

    by Natalie F

    The sound is outstanding. Almost like Apple’s airpods. really good

  57. 98

    by Mark R

    great headphones not too loud with bass when playing music. the sound is clear during phone calls. thanks great product

  58. 98

    by Mary DiFiore

    Product description beautiful small As Fast connects smoothly arrived about 15 days

  59. 98

    by Cody

    Thank you, very much, i will try how it works.

  60. 98

    by Katye Simmons

    Good price, very loud, connect perfect, more such goods

  61. 98

    by Jeffery Craven

    In general, good, but for connoisseurs of sound will not work. Come super fast! Thank you seller!

  62. 98

    by Ravi Anconina

    Ears are good for this price, even very

  63. 98

    by James2Aux

    Good headphones for this money. I advise you. Play well.

  64. 98

    by Linda Cope

    Very good seller. Good packing. Everything corresponds to the declared. I recommend

  65. 98

    by Pete P

    Delivery is fast. The headphones themselves liked. Purchase is satisfied

  66. 98

    by Sharon T.

    Excellent headphones. Another set i order immediately.

  67. 98

    by Bryce Kerr

    Fast shipping, cool headphones

  68. 98

    by Jeff

    good item. definitely will come back and buy from you.

  69. 98

    by Roger Loomis

    Just super, very comfortable, those who often listen to music, but do not like wired headphones-the top solution.

  70. 98

    by Peter K. Kingsley

    According to the money I received the most beautiful earphone sound quality is very beautiful I recommend to everyone everything works properly both earphones connect nice and give nice sound to the seller thanks a lot

  71. 98

    by Michael Gillman

    Took a while to get here but liked it. Nice product.

  72. 98

    by Joe B

    Excellent headphones! Really liked, we will order more! Play perfectly, surround sound! Delivery is fast, for such a price you can safely order!

  73. 98

    by miami4me

    Good packaging, as a first impression… loud and good sound, all functions work well.

  74. 98

    by Juan M

    Quality is excellent! my daughter is happy! delivery is super!

  75. 98

    by Julie S.

    Excellent Product, arrived well ahead of schedule and in perfect condition very satisfied.

  76. 98

    by John R.

    Headphones are very pleased. Sound very Cool, for this money fire! In questions of answers there is an exact description of the interface. I did it. Seller recommend

  77. 98

    by Roger Ekins

    Music plays super but calls with echo hear me well in general satisfied

  78. 98

    by mattress queen

    Excellent headphones. I’m very pleased. Be sure to have bluetooth 5 in the phone, otherwise the whole buzz from the sound is lost.

  79. 98

    by Christian M.

    Perfect! Impressed with the product. They arrived super fast. I recommend 100%

  80. 98

    by Emily

    Very good product.Good sound and bass.Fast delivery. I recommended.

  81. 98

    by Kevin U.

    Very good sound and nice packing.

  82. 98

    by MnMS

    Thank you for the goods. Got very quickly. Everything works. The tracking was accurate and thorough.

  83. 98

    by Jim Bushey

    Excellent product. Great audio quality. Fast shipping and accurate track&trace. Recommend seller!

  84. 98

    by Jen

    product is cheaper and 3rd quality item

  85. 98

    by A. Whitlock

    The goods were delivered on time, after 3 weeks. The sciences fully correspond to the description and picture. Everything is in perfect condition, everything works.

  86. 98

    by Praasen

    Came in 16 days. Everything works. Thank you! The description corresponds.

  87. 98

    by DebS

    Good product. Fast shipping. Thank you.

  88. 98

    by Online shopper

    They’re very parents. i recommend them a hundred! They fit well to the ear, although they lack a little volume but are perfect

  89. 98

    by Nathalie castro

    The headphones are super, i play fucked and easy to operate ..

  90. 98

    by Jesse

    Came very quickly, everything works! Thank you seller!!!

  91. 98

    by BuckTJ08

    Price quality is just off scale. Excellent headphones. I took them because the cat-gavnyuk likes to gnaw the wire at the headphones, and then there is nothing to gnaw) the sound is excellent, i like it!

  92. 98

    by Shawn

    very good seller fast delivery with a little gift,thank you.

  93. 98

    by Maura Thurgate

    These earphones came pretty quickly, were undamaged and have pretty good sound. Can’t say its totally clear, but it is acceptable for this price.

  94. 98

    by JR. Roush

    Excellent product, reliable shop. The seller was very kind. I’ll keep buying at this store.

  95. 98

    by C. Sherman

    Highly recommend nice

  96. 98

    by JoanCT

    Come on time. Correspond to the description. Very easy to use. The sound for this money is not bad.

  97. 98

    by Kelli Lloyd

    So great! Wish they had volume control and a travel case but they are great otherwise!

  98. 98

    by Fernando K.

    Everything is super!

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3.5MM High Quality In Ear Headset Stereo Earphone Music Headphone with Microphone MP3 MP4 Mobile IOS Android Xiaomi

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