X8 Bluetooth headset super long standby business single ear wireless hanging ear type 5.0 general waterproof large battery driving

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Product Name: X8 Bluetooth headset
Bluetooth version: Bluetooth 5.0. Effective 10m transmission
Battery capacity: 300mAh
Standby time: about 480 hours
Talk time: about 48 hours
Music time: about 30 hours
Charging time: about 1-2 hours
Bluetooth protocol: HDP / A2DP / HSP / AVRCP

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Black, White

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97 Reviews For This Product

  1. 97

    by renee

    Upgraded after accidently washing the black M165 BT for the third time in …always a pleasure for a must needed basis. Can hear loud and clear! Was even able to find the one to match my iPhone 6+ !!!

  2. 97

    by Wilbert Hooper

    I love this blue tooth. It is very clear on sound. It’s lightweight and not bulky like some other Bluetooths. Will buy again.

  3. 97

    by Customer

    I use this around the house listening to music and answering my calls, excellent product

  4. 97

    by E.D

    I’ve always been a Bluetooth fanatic but cursed with a habit of losing my Bluetooth or breaking the pieces that hold it in my ear. Although with this one having the ability to find it and not only find it from a sound, but the sound being loud enough to actually hear it! Can’t tell you how many I’ve purchased in the past that also make a sound but was just so low that I couldn’t even find where it was or hear it at all only to find it weeks later after purchasing another. This time i purchased this one because my old Bluetooth just had poor sound quality and I really needed one now due to the amount of things I need to carry and do, but next time I’d love to get the Gold one, it’s already on my Wish list!

  5. 97

    by Ed Trygar

    I am very picky about Bluetooth headsets. I have had several headsets over the years from Plantronics, Jabra, and low end handsets. This headset fits my criteria of price, quality and comfort. I am on conference calls and get calls all day. The noise cancelation is amazing and I get no complaints from any callers.

  6. 97

    by Rodriguez

    I’m very very Happy abt tis product….very good quality output sounds….I never expected tis from QCY Bluetooth headphones….thank u so much…

  7. 97

    by Yogibear

    Replaced my Jawbone with this one. This is much better. Smaller profile with better battery life, ( 7hrs vs 4hrs) I think it has better quality sound and with the find me app, this is the one to get.

  8. 97

    by JimG

    Let me start out with the good: – They sound Great (Great lows and highs) – The magnetic stay is definitely handy – Pair easily (like most bluetooth devices) and with nice range

  9. 97

    by Brown

    Fast shipping and delivery. Light, good quality and good sound. Good price. Thank You.

  10. 97

    by Zoe

    Excellent quality! Great seller! Everything is done quickly and clearly. Super fast delivery 16 days, the goods match the description. It’s nice to work with you. Seller recommend. 5 *****

  11. 97

    by Occasional shopper

    Always buy this brand. As long as the person is in your contacts it announces name, nice feature.

  12. 97

    by LLCoolJeff

    Worked great on a long car ride in an old car that didn’t have Bluetooth built in. I’d be hard pressed to figure out a a reason to buy a more expensive competitor. How much better could it get functionally? Anyway, I was satisfied. No issues.

  13. 97

    by SM347

    Has been tremendously useful for my husband. He needs to work while on the phone and be hands free all day

  14. 97

    by Constance, Berkeley CA

    works great, for once no complaint from my sister on her hearing me. I love the USB charging port, very portable, I have lots of those chargers. The earbud feels loose in my ear, but it stays put with the hook and I can hear very well.

  15. 97

    by Rainey

    Received in 40 days after my order.a little slow!? Working,First impression -satisfied!

  16. 97

    by Quentin


  17. 97

    by Brianna

    I am very very satisfied with the product thank you

  18. 97

    by yousef

    I bought these in blue originally. I loved them, but I lost them at work, so I decided to repurchase a pair in red this time. Package came in and I immediately knew something was wrong when the headphone packaging itself was open. Open the package, and the replacement ear rubbers are rolling around the box. Then the little plastic baggy that the headphones come in is torn and open. Pull out the headphones and one ear piece is literally hanging by 2 wires. Also, these are black and I ordered red. So disappointed to get what appears to be a used/returned pair. I will be returning and hopefully these won’t be resold.

  19. 97

    by Ali

    Got it as a gift for my mom. She loves the light colors and the hands free calling! Works really well and we’ve had no problems. Going to get one for myself.

  20. 97

    by Hendrix

    The positives are that the buds fit well, and the sound is great. The microphone is great. When they’re not tangled, they work really well. In general, in November i changed to bluetooth and it really changed my life.

  21. 97

    by JFamilia

    Wonderful small device. Works like a charm, good audio quality, long battery life, good range, and reasonable price. I use it in my office for long phone/skype conversations and find it comfortable. Allows me to walk around the office while talking.

  22. 97

    by Suinedor

    I tend to lose my Bluetooth headset about every six months. I have settled on this as my standard replacement. They are now old technology I?m sure, but they they have no apparent faults. They pair quickly and well and are very clear. I never have complaints about people being able to hear or understand me. I listen to internet radio over them and find the sound acceptable. There?s no bling factor but since I tend to lose them so often, I?d just be buying the bling for the guy who finds them.

  23. 97

    by G. Booher

    I see a lot of reviews on here complaining that the earbuds wouldn’t stay in their ears. I have small ears and they has no problem staying in for me, in fact, I removed the ‘loop’ on the earbuds that is supposed to prevent them from falling out because I didn’t even need them, they just got in the way in my case.

  24. 97

    by Kaley

    For this money, generally excellent

  25. 97

    by Rick

    Works great. One of the things I like specifically is that it tells you battery life in hours and minutes when you turn it on.

  26. 97

    by Nunya

    Great bluetooth, fits comfortably, sound is clear. I’ve paid up to 5X as much for others, and this one is better.

  27. 97

    by A. Avoian

    Great earpc, easy setup. Now if I could just stop myself from washing them accidentally in the washer

  28. 97

    by Josh

    I wish I would have bought this sooner! I commute everyday and it works awesome…I haven’t dropped any calls and I can hear perfectly! I have never been told that there was any background noise but I am in a car. I have only had to charge it once since I bought it, it has been months!

  29. 97

    by Savannah

    Excellent product, was very satisfied, the battery lasts and the sound quality is very good, already did the purchase more than 2 units.

  30. 97

    by FOPMAN

    This exchanged one works perfect!

  31. 97

    by Logan

    Works well for me. I wanted it to use when running a tractor. It is a newer well insulated tractor, I haven’t tried it in my older louder tractor as of yet. But, in the tractor I used it in, which was the one i wanted it for, I could here fine and the people on the other end said they heard no background noise at all. Connected to my phone with no problems (android).

  32. 97

    by lulu

    This little thing is fantastic! Super easy to operate, it connects very easily to your phone as soon as you turn the earpiece on, unlike other where you have to constantly go and try to pair up again the bluetooth. It has a very good quality sound, you can hear people on the other side loud and clear, no distortions; just pure clear voice. I like that I can double push the button and it’ll automatically connect me to my last number. It holds very well in the ear, you dont feel like it is about to fall like others.

  33. 97

    by Ali Babzani

    Ordered this as a replacement for one I had lost, identical to this one (but clearly older). Will be happy if I find the lost one – this way, I’ll have two!

  34. 97

    by Stefanie Gallegos

    So ive had these for about a week & im loving them. I struggled at first to understand the fit but then i realized i was wearing them wrong. Now that im wearing them the right way theyre the best earbuds ive ever had!!! The sound is amazing and i love that i can run with them in & they wont fall out or get lose. I can change the song, volume or even pause it all without touching my phone. And i so appreciate the color options because it can be hard to look for black earbuds in your black gym bag. And the magnetic earbuds are great so i can wrap them around my neck until i am ready to put them back in the little bag they provide.

  35. 97

    by Judy

    Love this earbud! It?s very comfortable for my small ear. It comes with 3 different sizes for inserting in the ear and one other for hooking over the ear. I was able to use two of the sizes. Sound quality is better when I use the tighter fitting earbud but more comfortable when I use the smaller earbud. It stays in pretty well although I haven?t tried running in it. I had an older Motorola BT ear device but it only allowed me to hear phone calls and not media so I ended up purchasing this one. Battery last quite a long time. I?ve forgotten to turn it off and still had quite a bit of battery time left by the time I realized at night. It speaks when you turn it on or off and tells you how much battery hounhave left and where it?s connecting to. I would highly recommend this. Would be nice to have a dual earbud to get better sound but for my needs this is just fine.

  36. 97

    by Jersey teacher

    Great sound quality. Not only do I use it for calls, but I use it to listen to music, playing my online word games, etc. It’s small and fits perfectly in the ear. No more earphone cords or huge headphones.

  37. 97

    by CarolineB

    I wouldn’t dream of using anything else; syncs easily, comfortable, clear on the other end with no background noise. I could even talk and be heard while in Hawaii with the trade winds; that’s saying alot.

  38. 97

    by Toms

    Had to replace my old bluetooth after losing it in a move; that really bummed me out! But, I found this , and it works great; it even talks to you! What WILL they think of next? Lol. Seriously, it was a bit more than I wanted to spend, however, as great as it works, I don’t regret spending the money!

  39. 97

    by southernbelle

    Works well. The call quality is nice and stays in your ear well. Battery lasts about a week for me and charges quickly. It DOES play music also

  40. 97

    by Simons

    With all the new technology out there I tend to get dazzled and look to see what the talk is about certain brands and styles but I have to say that from my personal experience with this earpiece and the other owner reviews I’m glad I purchased another one. It is easy on the ear, and easy to hide when I wear my hair down. The sound is clear when I speak and when I’m speaking to others. I would probably have my old one if I didn’t drop it. Great product overall. I love, love, love it.

  41. 97

    by J. Abronski

    This little guy was the bomb. Great incoming call audio, great music/ podcast playback, AWESOME range and long battery life. I tried the JABRA one and was NOT impressed. This little guy was cheaper and did a way better job.Their products are top notch in my opinion.

  42. 97

    by Ray

    The sound seems to be much clearer and I don’t need the volume up as high.

  43. 97

    by Customer

    I bought this for work about 5 months ago. Im a diesle mechanic and i needed hands free talking. That also means ive put this thing through alot in the last 5 months. Its been washed and dried once. Ive left it outside all night in the grass where i dropped it and found the next morning wet from dew. Its been dropped a few times as well. Still works very well. Im verry happy with this product and i highly recomend it.

  44. 97

    by Robert

    they fit in my ear well enough (i go to the gym 4 days a week), but it took a bit of shoving and adjusting in my right ear to keep it from slipping out, BUT they do not fall out when i work-out as some people have complained. If you adjust it well enough it shouldn’t slip out. My right ear bud was slipping out of my ear standing still until i rotated and shoved it enough.

  45. 97

    by Missy

    These Plantronics headsets have worked very well for me, and the sound clarity is as good as even the other headsets that I have tried that have a long boom on them. I have a couple of these on hand because I am using them to listen to music while working, as well as for phone calls, so 1 charge doesn?t *quite* make it through a whole day. They also connect to 2 devices simultaneously, so that makes it very handy to move between computer and cell phone. They are very light and comfortable – I often forget I am wearing them, and so I?ve been that one guy who wears them into a store, but only because I forget they are there.

  46. 97

    by Robert C Gonzales

    Perfect ear headphones. Light, comfortable and excellent blue tooth connection with my iphone x and apple watch. This is a second one i bought, bought one for my girl friend who loved it so i bought it for my self. I have tried airpods, which i have returned and purchased jabra elite for music listening. For phone calling purpose this simple headphone works easies.

  47. 97

    by R. Ortiz

    Absolutely awesome. It has 4 different ear pieces to choose from for comfort. I don’t like it over my ear so this one has a piece to fit in the ear. Good quality sound AND, I like that I can ‘voice’ command to answer a call or not. GREAT product so far. Thank you.

  48. 97

    by Kathy B

    Fits nice in the ear and stays put for me even when running/jogging. Recommended.

  49. 97

    by Oakes

    Very slow shipment but good product

  50. 97

    by NG

    I have used many blue tooth ear buds this is hands down the BEST. Ideal to avoid tennis elbow from holding the phone to your head on long calls or walking through an airport it mall. PROS Solid connection Good range Several adaptors to fit all ears Comfortable secure fut 7 hour talk time Quick charge Lightweight Functional and intuitive No background noise or echo problems So small I jeep it in the same case as my sunglasses

  51. 97

    by Karen

    I recommend.

  52. 97

    by Kester Popplewell

    The earphone came quickly enough. Charged. paired and works well

  53. 97

    by Carlos Harrison

    The product matches the description, thanks, everything is fine, it works well !!!!

  54. 97

    by Mickey

    A good product, well packaged, arrived on time in good condition. It works well,

  55. 97

    by Tony Anderson

    Very good product, very nice seller. Thanks for the gift.

  56. 97

    by Wade Werner

    very good product, honest seller and very fast delivery, recommend.

  57. 97

    by JZ

    good product and arrived accurately as mentioned. worth for the price.

  58. 97

    by Tyler

    The workmanship of the headphones is very good, the ears are very comfortable to wear, and the sound quality is also very good. It is enough for listening to music and watching videos. Bluetooth pairing is very convenient. The price is pretty good.

  59. 97

    by Kurt Mitchel

    Everything works, very glad! Thank you very much seller

  60. 97

    by Sleepless in Oregon

    So-so earphone, ordered two pieces. In the ear it is not clear how it sticks out, the sound is in one normal, the other is not very

  61. 97

    by Georgr Barfield

    Baby received, very cute, very small, clear call, awesome music, no card, a very enjoyable shopping, worth having!

  62. 97

    by James Shell

    great product,look wise it’s tiny but performance is awesome. nice bass and lows.

  63. 97

    by MamaJo

    They listen well, the sound is strong, they are comfortable

  64. 97

    by F.Cho

    Everything works on the phone connected quickly already charging the first time. Play quite loudly tested in the conversation on the phone me audible well that is, the Speaker works well the microphone is more accurate

  65. 97

    by sjaranyi

    Enjoyed arrived super fast.

  66. 97


    Headphones came quickly through mistexпрес quality super high and low bass Super fully charged seller and store recommend

  67. 97

    by Mom of two.

    I thought it would take longer. But he got here a lot earlier now he plays pribarlo

  68. 97

    by Frank

    received the parcel! The sound quality is excellent, headphones work, packed was good, and so I recommend the seller.

  69. 97

    by Bri Lo

    Very good fast delivery early recommend very good and efficient loved

  70. 97

    by Aeneas

    ATTENTION – ONLY 1 head-phone is there!!! still, Great quality of listening! gut decision to take it.

  71. 97

    by Antoinnette Adams

    The headphones work perfectly, the delivery is very fastin addition the seller is very nice. I recommend it.

  72. 97

    by Mr. Pliskin

    Thank you very much. Everything works fine. came very quickly. All as in the picture in the description.

  73. 97

    by Martin Chamberlain

    The request arrived in a timely manner wireless headphones wonderful sound I would like to deal once my brother

  74. 97

    by Ari312

    Super seller! Awesome product, exactly as described. ‘Highly recommend! S+++++

  75. 97

    by SimplyBlessed99

    Headphones work, the sound is clean, the purchase is satisfied, also bought with the coupon, the seller recommend

  76. 97

    by Shane Conner

    The sound is deaf as from a barrel. The microphone is not sensitive. You have to raise your voice. In the ear sits tightly. It’s been two months. Not tracked

  77. 97

    by Kelly Miller

    Excellent earphone, very high quality, I will order more

  78. 97

    by Gus

    I order a second time. super seller. quality at altitude. I will be ordering more

  79. 97

    by Grand Mom

    The sound is good. everything looks neat. I recommend

  80. 97

    by Dipankar

    Perfect. The product has arrived well packed and is just as the description. It looks good quality and good price. If you listen well. Get some others. Happy. I recommend seller

  81. 97

    by Nick

    Really good, without problems.

  82. 97

    by Nicki

    Headphones liked, the sound of norms, the goods came in three weeks. Range from the phone 5-6 meters. Before that, there were others, put in your pocket and already the sound was gone. I advise the producer and the goods.

  83. 97

    by Private

    Received in good condition.Working more than I expected.good sound quality.delivered by local post office.

  84. 97

    by Vicki Hopper

    small headset, comfortable .. the sound is great, the audibility is even better than expected for the money .. dispatch and delivery is fast .. recommend)

  85. 97

    by RC Dad

    Everything is as in the description. Good sound quality. Recommend it

  86. 97

    by fRed

    Fast delivery and excellent communication with the highly committed seller, the product is very good

  87. 97

    by Riz

    Super!!!! Came charged, thanks to the seller. it sounds loud. I recommend.

  88. 97

    by Minh

    The product was received in good condition thank you seller

  89. 97

    by Michael

    this product is a good product than others in this it have a high bass and a high sound and it’s charge will have any time can listen music at 2-3 hours reapetly and a very good product and I wish this seller to have many and more about is extremely good product

  90. 97

    by Peter

    Everything is fine, the kit, I did not communicate with the seller, I will add a review

  91. 97

    by vwmaribug

    This is a nice product

  92. 97

    by Tom Owens

    The sound of norms. Quality. charge hold good ~ 4 hours play

  93. 97

    by Nick

    It’s perfect,I’m really happy about the product.The sound is very good.

  94. 97

    by Bama Hawkeye

    I am very satisfied with the product, thank you very much seller, very sociable, answers all questions.

  95. 97

    by Olin

    The headphones work perfectly, the delivery is very fast , in addition the seller is very nice. I recommend it.

  96. 97

    by Lauren C

    Headphones for the price is well Toko I thought two one came

  97. 97

    by Matt

    The order came in one and a half months, in Russia did not track, dropped into the mailbox. The earphone really liked, the sound quality is excellent. Only all three rubber nozzles for some reason the same size. And in general, thank you for such a cool thing!

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X8 Bluetooth headset super long standby business single ear wireless hanging ear type 5.0 general waterproof large battery driving

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