5v1A triangle mobile phone charger, fast charging, USB smart universal power adapter, British standard USB charging

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[Powerful USB Splitter] British Standard USB charging port, 100-240V wide voltage, can be used in 90% of the world.

[Advanced Security Built-in Smart ICs can detect up to 1A of charging current per port and provide high standards of overcurrent protection for your device voltage, overtemperature and short circuit. 3C certification, environmentally friendly materials, heat resistance, drop resistance.

[Compatible with all USB powered devices, including iPhone X / 8/8 Plus, 7/7 Plus, Samsung Galaxy S8 / S7 / S7 Edge, Nokia, HTC, LG, etc.

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47 Reviews For This Product

  1. 47

    by Jasmine

    Used it for travel to Dublin. Perfect for the laptop and charging my phone. Very well built.

  2. 47

    by Aaryn

    Worked perfectly; used for a month across the UK (England, Scotland, and Northern Ireland). Durable and relatively small form-factor. Dual USB ports were a bonus. Product seems to be very well-made.

  3. 47

    by Charlotte

    Just returned home from a trip to Scotland. I used this product every day with a) my dual voltage travel hair dryer, and b) my charger cords for the iPad and iPhone. It worked perfectly everywhere. I like the way it is light, sturdy and compact.

  4. 47

    by Sarah

    Worked great in London. I was really happy that I had the USB plugs on the side so I could use it to power my computer and a couple of accessories at the same time. The only problem with it is that I accidentally left it behind on check out.

  5. 47

    by Sophie

    Fast shipping, sturdy product, USB ports are incredibly convenient.

  6. 47

    by Natalie

    invaluable while traveling. was all we needed for 3 adults sharing a room to keep us charged up over 5 days in Scotland. Thanks!

  7. 47

    by Ella

    This adapter worked exactly as advertised with no issues. I can’t think of a better endorsement for this type of product. Used daily during a week in Ireland to charge phones, tablets, etc.

  8. 47

    by Shea

    This worked perfectly on my trip to Ireland. It is small, light and compact. Some people mentioned the USB outlets being located on the bottom but I didn’t see this as a problem. I visited multiple inns and hotels and was able to use the USB outlets while it was plugged into the wall. Plenty of room.

  9. 47

    by Shay

    This adapter worked as advertised and was much more convenient to pack than my traditional voltage converter/plug adapter dating back from the 90’s!
    I could recharge 2 iphones and a digital
    camera battery charger all at the same time!

  10. 47

    by Elizabeth

    Worked great in Ireland and England.

  11. 47

    by Riley

    Having this made charging cell phones in the UK super easy! I highly recommend getting this if you need to charge phones, tablets or laptops while in the UK.

  12. 47

    by Arien

    I loved the two USB ports on this adaptor, and how easy it is to use. Also very lightweight and compact, fits will in purse or side pocket of luggage.

  13. 47

    by Kendall

    Worked great in Scotland. Smaller so it was easy to pack. Used for my camera battery and my dual voltage travel hair dryer

  14. 47

    by Emerson

    Solid & seems like good quality. Nice to have the 2 USB – my husband and I were both able to charge our phones simultaneously from one outlet and still have the 3-prong outlet available for anything else we needed.

  15. 47

    by Lauren

    Worth its price, reliable, practical and simple.

  16. 47

    by Devine

    The product worked perfectly as advertise. The last thing you want to happen on a trip with your valuable electronics is an electrical failure that fries your equipment especially your phone.

  17. 47

    by Ellison

    Perfect! Just what we needed for charging phones, fitbit, tablets and for using curling iron in England. Highly recommended, and well made product, thank you!
    Ms. H L Brennan

  18. 47

    by Auburn

    Worked just fine in HK. The USB port us very convenient. This adapter is one of the solidest made adapters I’ve ever seen. It’s very nicely made.

  19. 47

    by Amelia

    It works fine, but the USB ports are pretty flimsy. After a month or so of use, one of them had already physically broken. The other works fine, and the US outlet still works fine.

  20. 47

    by Jessica

    Already had the Ceptics type c and loved the quality/durability. Don’t mess around with the cheap multi country plugs if you don’t have to.

  21. 47

    by Alexis

    It was exactly what I wanted — one device that serves all of my electrical needs living abroad since I can plug my computer and my phone and my e-reader into the same socket at the same time.

  22. 47

    by Lily

    Took this on a recent trip to the U.K. This was a great item to have. I could plug in my laptop, while charging my two cell phones. Seems well made, I would definitively say great value for the price!

  23. 47

    by Taylor

    Used on our UK trip.. worked as expected. Seems rock solid.

  24. 47

    by Kayla

    It worked at the hotel in Saigon but I didn’t really need it as the plugs in Vietnam are set up to take US plug

  25. 47

    by Chloe

    I was able to get this next day delivery. The plug with the usb came in handy while in England. It worked great

  26. 47

    by Amari

    Works great and very solid and well made. The USB ports were perfect for charging our phones in Ireland and being able to plug in the camera charger at the same time.

  27. 47

    by Collins

    The adapter, supporting both an electric appliance and two cellphone charge ports, worked poerfectly, and was much more convenient than the solutions used by our travel companions. Good quality device – highly recommended.

  28. 47

    by Sofia

    LIFE SAVER! The USB ports made this purchase worth it. Worked great and I was able to charge 3 at once.

  29. 47

    by Grace

    Traveled to the UK. Item worked just fine.

  30. 47

    by Victoria

    I got 3 of these for a trip to Hong Kong with my family. They were simple to use without having to get a transformer. We just plugged in our USB cables to charge all of our devices. Very convenient!

  31. 47

    by Hailey

    I’m in Ireland right now, and these work great! USB outlets charge my phones exactly as I’d hoped, and the regular outlet runs my CPAP perfectly. No problems at all, and I’m very happy! Two plugs, good quality (not at all flimsy).

  32. 47

    by Ollie

    This was perfect! It allowed us to charge our phones and use our laptops in the hotel..definitely worth it, as In Galway IR, they sell these in EU in the vending machines. Glad I got them first-hand.

  33. 47

    by Ashley

    Worked perfectly. I love that we could plug in a laptop and charge phones at the same time.

  34. 47

    by Adama

    I needed an adapter for a trip, that would allow me to charge my phone utilizing a USB connector. This worked perfectly, and took very little space in my bag (equally important for traveling).

  35. 47

    by Brianna

    It worked with no issues while in Singapore! Well worth it.

  36. 47

    by Aly

    Perfect plus for use in UK. Just used the for 2 weeks in England and charged my phone and iPad perfectly

  37. 47

    by Morgan

    Just took antripntonthe UK and this worked very well

  38. 47

    by Addison

    Worked as advertised. We used it in England with no issues to charge cell phones and camera batteries. Having 2 USB ports was really nice.

  39. 47

    by Taylor

    Very nice design and very well built. I took this on a recent trip to Malaysia and it worked fine.

  40. 47

    by Avery

    I was happy to find this adapter to travel with. Small & lightweight enough to throw in my carry on bag.

  41. 47

    by Anna

    Really helpful when moving to a new country! The extra USB ports are very helpful. Highly recommend and am buying another one.

  42. 47

    by Ivey

    Took this to Scotland/Ireland and it worked great, was able to plug in and charge all my electrical devices no problem.

  43. 47

    by Jamie

    The product seems well engineered, although I haven’t been able to use it yet. It has a grounded plug and two USB ports. This should be very handy.

  44. 47

    by Hannah

    dont get me wrong it worked on our trip to UK, but the way plugs in UK go into the wall the USB slots were always on the bottom (facing down).
    often this made for improvesion of furniture in B&B’s.

  45. 47

    by Justice

    This adaptor worked. It has a solid design and the USB ports allowed me to only need to carry one adaptor. I plug my laptop into the adaptor and iphone/ipad/wireless headset into the USB’s to charge back up.

  46. 47

    by Samantha

    We used this in Scotland and it worked great!

  47. 47

    by Alyssa

    Compact solution for charging US laptops and USB devices in the UK. Enough USB power to quickly charge a tablet or multiple phones. Be aware that this item DOES NOT reduce voltage, so you should only use it for items rated for 220V power (most laptop power adapters, but not most hair dryers, irons, clocks, etc.)

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5v1A triangle mobile phone charger, fast charging, USB smart universal power adapter, British standard USB charging

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