5v2.1a mobile phone charger, fast charging, dual usb smart universal power adapter, 2USB charging

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[Powerful USB Splitter] 2 USB charging ports, 100-240V wide voltage, can be used in 90% of the world. It can quickly charge two devices at the same time.

[Advanced Safety Built-in Smart ICs can detect the best charging current of up to 2.1A per port and provide high standard overcurrent protection for your device voltage, overheating and short circuit. 3C certification, environmentally friendly materials, heat resistant and drop resistant.

[Compatible with all USB powered devices, including iPhone X / 8/8 Plus, 7/7 Plus, Samsung Galaxy S8 / S7 / S7 Edge, Nokia, HTC, LG, etc.

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47 Reviews For This Product

  1. 47

    by Paul

    When you need to charge two devices at one time, these charging blocks will do the trick!

  2. 47

    by Hannah

    We go through chargers like crazy due to all of the electronics. My son’s kindle is tricky when it comes to blocks and cables. This one finally worked! Not only does it charge but charges faster than any other block we’ve used. With the ability for 2 cables, great for travel.

  3. 47

    by Olivia

    I have only used one so far but not too impressed. I had my phone and smart watch plugged in charging, my phone was charging fine but every couple of seconds my watch would notify me that it was low on battery and not charging. I plugged my watches cord back into the Samsung charging block and the issue was fixed. So I can’t even have two things plugged into this and charging whice was the whole reason I bought it.

  4. 47

    by Emily

    If you haven’t gotten these you should. Between our phones tablets etc this is a game changer. Love that it has 2 in each and yet doesn’t clog or cramp the charging strip. This was a great deal on 3 of them one for me one for hubby and one for the bedroom. So much better than the charging units that come with our stuff too!

  5. 47

    by Aaryn

    I am very happy to receive these plugs and they look really beautiful. It’s very small, I like the combination of them, a plug in my bedroom, a plug in my suitcase, others can be placed in the living room or office, if you need to go out, you can put these usb wall charger in your handbag, Very portable.And I can charge my iphone x and ipad at the same time.

  6. 47

    by Collins

    Great wall charger. I am a student. I have many electronic products, but there are not enough chargers . This charger meets my needs well, which can not only reduce the number of charger I use, but also charge two electronic products at the same time. Now I can charge my phone and desk lamp at the same time without having to use the computer’s USB port.

  7. 47

    by Sophie

    I love how fast these charge. I dont like that one broke already. I bought this pack because I just had a baby and several things use the usb charger. Now one of them isn’t working and I’ve only had them for 4 days!

  8. 47

    by Ashley

    One of my cubes has never worked. However it is still a great value for a good product. I take my charger with me everywhere so these cubes are durable and worth the money. Charging power is good when two cords are plugged in

  9. 47

    by Quinn

    I use one daily. it died after about 3 months. gets hot, but no power output. my other 2 rarely get used. they are still working, but we’ll see

  10. 47

    by Justice

    I wish bought a long time ago. I love these been using all around house cause charge a lot of USB items.

  11. 47

    by Lauren

    The charger I used before will always be hot, because I have a lot of flammable things in my house, which makes me feel uneasy. This wall charger description says that it is made of fireproof material. I don’t have to worry about safety. It turns out that it works. Very good, the temperature is very suitable, and my Apple phone is charging very fast, I have already remembered this brand: LUOATIP and will buy again. love this plug.

  12. 47

    by Kayla

    These were exactly what I was looking for. Seems like I am always wanting to charge more then just my phone and these work perfect. One for home, one for the office, and one for travel. Sturdy and competitively priced. I definitely recommend.

  13. 47

    by Megan

    The 3 plugs are each working great. There is no overheating. My phone, iPad and speaker charge fine. I like that they have 2 ports so multiple things can be charged at once. It’s nice to have the 3- one for my room, bathroom and home office

  14. 47

    by Amelia

    These are nice little chargers. They’re very compact for taking along with you. The only reason I didn’t give a 5 is that they don’t seem to charge my phone very quickly. I haven’t had any issue with them heating up while charging 2 things at a time.

  15. 47

    by Oliver

    These bad boys always seem to disappear with 3 kids at my house so it is always good to have a few spare. I was happy to see a 3 pack and the fact that it has dual ports is a plus considering there are times they need to charge more than one devise at a time. They seem to work very well have efficiently powered two devises at a time.

  16. 47

    by Ellison

    Love that there are two ports for I-phone and I-pad. So far, they are great.
    I have no idea of charging power, but they work, so I am pleased!

  17. 47

    by Chloe

    Great package of three dual port wall chargers. These work great! Perfect for traveling or keeping one in your purse or car so you always have a plug when needed. Great deal on this three pack. Very pleased with purchase.

  18. 47

    by Jasmine

    I got these last week and I must say, they all work fine. The seller shipped on time and I received it a day prior to the promised date. They have one function, and they seem to do that well. Might update the review after using for a couple of months. Overall happy with this buy

  19. 47

    by Jessica

    I use this to plug usb light in to. But if I need to plug other usb in I got room to do it. This really good thing for value

  20. 47

    by Sarah

    Small and a great value for the money. OK for charging batteries, but not good for powering LED strips. Power is not smooth enough, and gives LEDs an annoying flicker (because of economic half-wave rectifier and small capacitor solution?) I have a 1A charger, which is much lower power, but much better for LEDs. Almost impossible to pick a good AC-USB adapter for powering LED strips… Big advertising opportunity for someone who can deliver the goods.

  21. 47

    by Ivey

    Fast delivery by Amazon. Used the chargers for a video processing project, converters did not come with adapters. Always keep a few around.

  22. 47

    by Shay

    Good value for three plugs, so I can put them in multiple places…..and likely to forget those places as well, but that’s just me.

  23. 47

    by Abigail

    Wow, they are really nice and well made.These usb wall chargers are indeed inexpensive and just the right size for what I needed.

    Our family, like most families, have limited plug-space in the convenient spots.The product solves this problem. A package has three charging blocks, each charging block has two USB ports, you can plug in more places, make my life more convenient.

  24. 47

    by Natalie

    I’ve been using them for a couple months now and all 3 still work. Works on iPhone, iPad air and many different rechargeable blue-tooth devices. Good value for the price.

  25. 47

    by Brianna

    I’m always looking for my USB charger, especially when I have to travel. I was looking to buy just one, but found this deal for 3 with two charging ports. I was a deal I couldn’t pass. They work just as described, Yes i’d buy them again.

  26. 47

    by Grace

    So far, so good! These babies are a great price and charging both our iPads and iPhones! I will update if it stops working!

  27. 47

    by Amari

    Very happy with the double plug access. Allows me to charge two pieces at the same time. Great price.

  28. 47

    by Emerson

    I keep running out of these things. The price and the fact that they have dual outlets was a huge selling point. These work great and take up minimal space in an outlet.

  29. 47

    by Avery

    Well these were a great find! So many things I have gotten recently were USB powered, but came with no box! So now I have a few. And I love that they are double! Now me and my partner can charge our devices at the same time!

  30. 47

    by Emma

    Absolute value for the price! These put out a great charge to multiple devices at one time (love thats there’s 2 spots to put a cord). Very easy to travel with. You can tell they’re built well too. I’ve been using for a few months now and have not had a problem! 100% recommend to anyone!

  31. 47

    by Kendall

    All three work. They struggle to charge iPads but I don’t think that they’re supposed to charge them. For phones, wireless headphones, speakers. They work great.

  32. 47

    by Isabella

    These are for electrical outlets only – not cars, but I knew that when I ordered. Perfect for what I needed. Always losing my cubes so wanted to get some extras to put in different locations in the house & at work. Works great with any charging cable that has a USB connection on one end to plug into the cube.

  33. 47

    by Shea

    Good value for the money. It’s nice to have extra chargers on hand so we’re not always having to look for “one”

  34. 47

    by Madison

    I am looking for a replacement. The previous charger was too slow to charge. Finally, this plug attracted me. Its appearance is very comfortable. It is very small and very suitable for people who like to go out.
    In addition, other mobile phones are not sure how fast the charging speed is, but I can be sure that you will be satisfied with the iPhone. usb wall charger has a film on the outer ring, which is very smooth after being torn off.

  35. 47

    by Alexis

    It is what I wanted as I can attach two usb cords to one charger. I had given some of mine away so needed some replacements.

  36. 47

    by Samantha

    I have charging cubes in every bedroom, with lightening cables. The double plugs let them use laptops also. Some walk off and some get broken somehow with grandchildren and dogs. Always need spares.

  37. 47

    by Cameron

    Lets face it… I lose my bricks all the time or they never seem to last. So to find three of these 2 port plug with 2.1 is kind of a steal. Yea I would of liked them to be higher than a shared 2.1 but at the price its worth it. I actually tend to use just one port anyway so was not a huge deal breaker.

  38. 47

    by Aiden

    “What percentage are you on?” is literally the most infuriating response to “Give me my charger back, I need to charge my phone.” This has cut the odds of me catching an assault charge in half, I’m honestly upset with myself for not seeking out a solution to this little annoyance years ago!

  39. 47

    by Elizabeth

    Love how you can have two plugs in at a time. My kids would take the plug and never return it so I know have one plug in every room., especially nice if they have more than one device to charge.

  40. 47

    by Victoria

    Initially, I thought this a great price for three adapters. But I guess you get three because they die quickly. I’m on my last one after less than 2 months. They just quit charging randomly.

  41. 47

    by Jamie

    They came today so I can’t vouch for their durability but I tested all three and they worked well enough.

  42. 47

    by Alyssa

    On the theory that you can never have too many wall chargers (especially with two charging ports) this purchase suited my needs and I was even able to share with a friend and give one away. The quality is great and the size is exactly what I expected; easy to pack and carry with me.

  43. 47

    by Arie

    No issue and as advertised. Do the trick and charges well. Small and compact for travel or using behind furniture.

  44. 47

    by Ollie

    I plug them into an extension cord. They are just a little too wide to fit two of them next to each other.

  45. 47

    by Charlotte

    Very useful with the amount of chargers for the price and having 2 usb slots each is awesome. They charge everything I’ve used them to charge great, from flashlights, phone, drone batteries and more. Thank you much.

  46. 47

    by Sophia

    Its a good value for your money but these things shriek. As in they let out an incredibly loud, incredibly high pitched noise when they charge. My sister and I can hear it no problem but our dad cant seem to. Unplugging whatever you’re charging stops the noise but it is painful nonetheless. The two port is very convenient though, especially when you only have one outlet.

  47. 47

    by Taylor

    My kids misplace chargers all the time. I bought this pack so I can have a stash hdden from them. They have two usb slots, making each charger doubly useful! They charge quickly, as well

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5v2.1a mobile phone charger, fast charging, dual usb smart universal power adapter, 2USB charging

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