5v2A mobile phone charger, fast charging,usb smart universal power adapter, 1USB charging

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[Powerful USB Splitter] 1 USB charging ports, 100-240V wide voltage, can be used in 90% of the world.

[Advanced Safety Built-in Smart ICs can detect the best charging current of up to 2.0A per port and provide high standard overcurrent protection for your device voltage, overheating and short circuit. 3C certification, environmentally friendly materials, heat resistant and drop resistant.

[Compatible with all USB powered devices, including iPhone X / 8/8 Plus, 7/7 Plus, Samsung Galaxy S8 / S7 / S7 Edge, Nokia, HTC, LG, etc.

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47 Reviews For This Product

  1. 47

    by Julie

    Purchased this to go with my AUKEY Rechargeable LED Bedside Lamp. My lamp is always charged!

  2. 47

    by Daniel

    The plug prongs fold over when you are trying to plug it in, which can be annoying. It works great.

  3. 47

    by Alice

    Only wall plug adapter for Samsung Galaxy Watch Active2 USB charger. Works great. Now the charger can be free of my computer. Samsung does not even offer the wall plug adapter. Highly recommend.

  4. 47

    by June

    Works well for USB power applications.

  5. 47

    by William

    Works with the portable battery bank I bought for my phone. It’s small enough to fit it and the bank and cord in a small pouch to put in my handbag. It turns the USB cord into a regular cord I can plug into an outlet.

  6. 47

    by Bonnie

    I do not have anything to complain about this charger. It works well and has a good small size. It do not perform a super fast charge for my portable music player, for which I bought this charger, but it is fine, since the specifications indicate that this is a 1A charger, not a 2A one.

  7. 47

    by Sophia

    It’s a plugin adapter… So far so good. I thought it was a little expensive for what it is, but I needed one so I purchased it.

  8. 47

    by Julia

    Perfect! Durable and perfect size. Definitely charges faster than Apple default chargers! Get this now!

  9. 47

    by Rachel

    Very simple process. Ordered, received in two days exactly what I ordered. Maybe a little o overpriced.

  10. 47

    by Steve

    I needed a USB wall charger to charge my Kobo Clara HD eReader (which needs at least a 5v, 800mA wall charger). This fit the bill perfectly. Product is well-made (in China) and seems durable. Came in a small plastic bag with a piece of paper containing contact information. What I like about it is that it’s simple and to the point; no bells or whistles or lights.

  11. 47

    by Denise

    Works good, nice and compact, doesn’t interfere with other plug in outlet.

  12. 47

    by Sandra

    Had to order it in order to use a pricey facial cleaner for black heads. No review requested for the cleaner.

  13. 47

    by Ruby

    I like it, and it dose what it saps to, and a good value for the money.

  14. 47

    by Diane

    Used to power a USB device full time. Works as advertised and no problems.

  15. 47

    by Christina

    I bought two of these for a couple of small alarm clocks that didn’t come with power cords. So far they have done their job. Price was good.

  16. 47

    by Edith

    it works with the Star Projector, didnt need it for traveling

  17. 47

    by Carol

    As advertised. Works perfectly.

  18. 47

    by Virginia

    Purchased this for two reasons, it is 1A and UL certified. Why 1A, b/c your phone battery will thank you in the long run. Why UL b/c it is safer then the knockoff products. The peace of mind for the additional fees for family members using this is well worth it.

  19. 47

    by Kathy

    I’ve been using this USB charger to replace non-working usb chargers that originally came with my automotive rechargeable work lights. It charges at a slow rate and has worked well with no problems.

  20. 47

    by Gina

    I tried this adapter with a usb 5.5×2.1 cable on my Sangean PR-D18 radio. I works like a charm.

  21. 47

    by Elaine

    I needed a power source for a micro-USB-powered gadget, and so I ordered this. It looks well made, and so far it has been well-behaved. I will update this if it breaks.

  22. 47

    by James

    Exellent product for digital to analog converter for wireless headphones.

  23. 47

    by Sandy

    How does one review a basic charging plug ?? It works !!

  24. 47

    by Matthew

    No faster than using the USB cable that came with my Kindle Fire HD plugged into my desktop.
    Save your money.

  25. 47

    by Frances

    Small, full power USB 1Amp charger that can be used anywhere there is an AC outlet.

  26. 47

    by Kathleen

    Works perfectly with my Fire TV Stick. Will update if I encounter any issues.

  27. 47

    by Pamela

    Great low amp brick for things that don’t work well with the standard phone chargers. Bought it for a figure with custom leds so the leds wouldn’t burn out with 5 amp phone charger.

  28. 47

    by Alma

    Perfect low voltage charging for my earbuds

  29. 47

    by Diana

    5 stars. Does exactly what it does. Has good quality construction. There isn’t much more to say for this, it works, it quality its a good price. 5 stars.

  30. 47

    by Ellen

    I bought 2 of these to connect to my power charging cords for my drones.

    The product appears to be well built, with a matte like finish. The USBs for my drone chargers fit securely in it, and they fit snug into a wall socket. Does pretty much what you would expect.

  31. 47

    by Betty

    I bought this charger for use in my car which requires the adapter plug to fit the car AC outlet. Works very well so can keep the phone nav system on for the trip without running out of battery. Need to buy a cable to connect to iphone.

  32. 47

    by Donna

    It’s a very high current charger. Great to quickly charge your phone.

  33. 47

    by Ella

    Just what I needed to power a small tv sound bar with usb connection

  34. 47

    by Dorothy

    Surprisingly good charger for the money. It has been able to charge a galaxy s9 active in the same time as the stock charger and a kindle fire in a normal amount of time.

  35. 47

    by Helen

    This plug works really well with all kinds of charging cables. I have a short one from Anker that I use with my portable phone charger (USB), a flexible cord cable for my bluetooth wireless, speaker and my room mate’s iphone6s (USB & Lightning tip), and sometimes I use the cable that came with my Samsung plug. Every time I use this plug it charges at similar speed to the Samsung plug and is great for electronics I need to use soo (like within an hour or two).

  36. 47

    by Richard

    Bought this USB charger for an iPhone 6s. It works. Looks nice. No issues.

    Was looking for a low capacity charger to slow charge my phone, which is better for battery life. Fills the bill.

  37. 47

    by David

    Pretty simple item. I needed a lower-power USB power supply to power my Micca OriGen G2, which feeds off of a 5v, 500mA source. Works like a charm and in conjunction with optical audio cable, eliminated the speaker static I was getting when powering from the computer’s USB.

    It will charge phones and tablets too, but today’s devices will take a long time with this low amount of current. You really want 2-3 amps minimum these days.

  38. 47

    by Hale

    I bought the Mpow h19 headphones and it only brings the usb cable but not the usb plug. Reading the instructions it says that they recommend that the usb plug be 1 amp. This usb plug has worked perfectly for me and without the feeling that the high amperage can damage the headphones.

  39. 47

    by Judy

    High quality wall power supply.

  40. 47

    by Jessie

    Good product, I use this as a power supply for a bluetooth dongle, and as a charger for other devices.

  41. 47

    by Charles

    It’s great for variety kind of USB that needs to be charged into the wall outlet!

  42. 47

    by Theresa

    I have a pair of bluetooth ear buds and the case came with an internal cord to plug into a usb charger. This works perfectly.

  43. 47

    by Van

    Works great, my daughter had lost her charger and I needed a replacement. This works perfectly.

  44. 47

    by Vicky

    This USB AC power adapter/wall wart is used to provide power to a digital-to-analog audio converter (optical audio from TV to Sennheiser wireless headphone base-station).

  45. 47

    by Timothy

    It fit my device that I bought it for perfectly

  46. 47

    by Sharon

    Works great, fast shipping and at a great price. Works for me!

  47. 47

    by Ashley

    The product worked perfectly for a wall charger that I needed to be able to recharge a knee massager from the wall, instead of from a computer.

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5v2A mobile phone charger, fast charging,usb smart universal power adapter, 1USB charging

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