Aluminum alloy case charger 5V2.4A dual USB interface smart car mobile phone charger with light

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Input parameters: 12 (V)

Output parameters: 5 (V)

Type : Car Charger

Charging current: 2400 (mA)

Battery type: lithium battery

Indication function: There is an indication function

Interface : USB

Product Certification :CE FCC

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Black, Gold, Red, Silver


Android & IOS

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45 Reviews For This Product

  1. 45

    by Chloe

    I was amazed by its size when I received and opened the package. It is very compact with sturdy uni-body aluminum alloy construction. It fitted into the 12V outlet port of my car very well. I used it to charge an iPhone 8 Plus and my wife was streaming live TV with LTE for the entire road trip from LA to Palm Springs. The charger maintained a constant 100% battery level of the phone throughout the entire 3-hr trip. Nice job HUSSELL mini charger! Highly recommended!

  2. 45

    by Willa

    I was skeptical about this little charger at first. It just too small to have two quick charge three ports. Well, it works just like they said it would. It charges everything except the iPhone 11 pro max fast. But that is because Apple is limiting what third party chargers can do (bad Apple). It has a very small print. Compared to my others. I got one for each one of the 12 v ports on my Sierra, since who even uses those anymore. I had them for a couple of months and they are still working as hey should. I Highly recommend this charger.

  3. 45

    by Esme

    I like the fact that this adapter sticks out just about the perfect amount from the socket. The one it replaced protruded about 2 inches from the adapter and pushed the cord too far away from the dash. This one sticks out about 1/2 inch or so and the cord now hugs the dash going up to my phone and stays out of the way of the shift handle. It seems to be good quality and well made. Time will tell but I have had two phones plugged in at the same time charging and it didn’t get hot at all…

  4. 45

    by Maisie

    This is the fastest car charger I’ve ever had. I’ll give it five stars for now and edit if I experience issues later.
    Seems like a winner though. I like that it is very low profile and sits nicely in the dash. A lot of car USB adapters stick out and I don’t like the look. These are sleek and low profile. I bought two: one for the front seat and one for the back for rear passengers. I do most of the driving for my band and tow a trailer so I like to provide the guys a way to keep their devices charged up especially for long rides.

  5. 45

    by Imogen

    Excellent value. Excellent performance. Would recommend to a friend.
    We’ve used this in our motor home for a few weeks now to run a phone and a GPS at the same time. Other chargers we’ve used didn’t even maintain the charge in the phone or GPS throughout the day; by afternoon they’d be down to 20% or less. This charger doesn’t only maintain the state of charge, it actually charges the units while they’re in use. And the illuminated rim is a help when connecting.

  6. 45

    by Adah

    First off. The seller is great. Her communication and willingness to help buyer is amazing. Charger is compact and does what is should.

  7. 45

    by Freya

    It stayed all the way inside the cigarette socket without movement, very good quality.

  8. 45

    by Eleanor

    Love this car charger. Super fast charging and low profile so it doesn’t get in the way. Works with Samsung’s fast charging. Great buy!

  9. 45

    by Jane

    This is the real deal. I purchased and it’s give me a QC on Redmi Note 8 Pro.. I’m not a phone snob and this phone serves me well. Don’t know the specifics like charge time etc, but I get alot faster charging than before.. Around 1hr for 50% full charge for me.

  10. 45

    by Evelyn

    I really dislike charging my phone, most of the time at home it just sits there next to me, and I don’t plug it in unless its 99% dead, but I know that on the road I need it fully charged so my wife convinced me to buy this cellphone charger and it just makes a world of difference when it comes to charging speed. I have a LG G7 and this charges it up at least 50% in about 20 minutes or so. Now I don’t have to bring my extra battery and it solves my problems.

  11. 45

    by Amelia

    Works fantastic. Using it with my phone mount so I have quick charge. It’s a solid little device.

  12. 45

    by Cora

    Good product, I checked it with iPhone X and it goes super fast. I don’t really need the second port but I guess if I’ll have people in my car I can share the charger with them. I like the idea of the LED light because it can fool people to think that I have an alarm on my car. Plus it comes with a year warranty which is good to know.

  13. 45

    by Isla

    Just received it looks like made of great quality not like typical plastic ones sold all over the place. “Fast charge” capable which means it charges about 5 times faster than regular chargers do and priced the same as slow ones. Def a good buy! Thanks

  14. 45

    by Posie

    I had a different car charger before (different brand) and I was not satisfied with it, it kept getting disconnected and wouldn’t charge all the way. I was looking for a new version to replace mine with and found this one by Bestrix and I’m happy to say it works as it should and keeps us with my charging needs

  15. 45

    by Eliza

    This charger fits my ideal just about perfectly. To begin with, it sits about as flush with the face of the power port, so it consumes much less space than some options. With 36 watts of power, you should be able to charge the most modern devices with easy. The blue LED ring around the upper surface is enough to tell me that the device has power, without being obnoxious. While many modern cars have USB ports already built in, most of those are restricted to lower power levels. This unit is an inexpensive way to upgrade your current ride and keep it relevent.

  16. 45

    by Genevieve

    This item is compact and convience with two charging ports. Now my husband and I can charge our phones in the car at the same time.

  17. 45

    by Nora

    Arrived quickly and is working like a charm! This is an essential device for road trips and long drives, especially if you use your phone for navigation and it takes up all the battery and with this charger, it just sits snuggly in the cigarette lighter fast-charging my new Samsung S10E at the same time it regular-charges my wife’s old Samsung phone..

  18. 45

    by Thea

    Truly is a turbocharger and so nice to be able to charge two at a time in the car!! It also isn’t loose like my last lighter charger. Nice snug fit! We love it.

  19. 45

    by Adelaide

    Small, and very useful to charge a couple devices at once in the car while on the go. Accepts two standard USB connections.

  20. 45

    by Amara

    I purchased like 5 of this kind from different sellers so far this one is the only one that did what it suppose to do, thank you!

  21. 45

    by Lyra

    Very strong construction, I don’t think I need to worry about this one (actually two) falling apart for many years. There was a coupon in the box for a free second charger, the second one showed up even quicker than the first! Impressed!

  22. 45

    by Violet

    Working exactly as advertised. Charges quickly. Appears to be well made. A bit hard to plug in but that could be my vehicle’s socket problem.

  23. 45

    by Anna

    I have been driving in many places in the last couple of years and bought probably 30 of these chargers, they usually don’t hold up and lose power real quick, I’m used to tossing them after a month or so, but this one has been steady and I think it’s gonna last. Plus, the nice lady, Nina, sent an email telling me that I get a year to replace so that’s handy! Now I just need to see how long I can keep up with this one. So far so good.

  24. 45

    by Eloise

    The 1st one was defective. Returned it and the replacement was here the next day. This one works great. Very happy about the return/replacement process.

  25. 45

    by Elodie

    At first it didn’t seem any faster, then as it learned what was being charged, it got better. Glad I upgraded.

  26. 45

    by Astrid

    Used it once and on a long 8hour trip and worked great. Charged four iPhones in no time

  27. 45

    by Rose

    Received on time. It was packed well and so far its charging fast as I use it.

  28. 45

    by Maeve

    the dual 4.0 ports are awesome. really charges superfast . excellent product

  29. 45

    by Phoebe

    This little charger sure is powerful! It can do fast charging on my iPhone XS Max which is great. If my power is low, I can plug directly into this and by the time I’m home or at the gym, I’ve got full power again.
    It’s ultra low profile, can charge 2 devices at the same time and doesn’t stick out like most of brands QC chargers do!!
    Highly recommended

  30. 45

    by Adeline

    I do not rate this appliance with 5 stars due to i had to change the first one because it didnt work. I used amazon return and they send me a new one, this time works perfectly!.. I love this car charger!.. it is what i wanted!. 100% Recommended

  31. 45

    by Alice

    The charger works great for my Android phone. A car charger is something I don’t use too often but this one came very handy the other day when I forgot to charge my phone before leaving. It did a great job charging my phone with a cable I had lying around.

  32. 45

    by Arabella

    Actually, I haven’t used the charger yet. I purchased the Mongoora on the advice of my auto mechanic who indicated that inferior, plastic car chargers can release stray radio frequencies (rf) that can disrupt sensitive electronics in newer cars. This charger has a metal case that shields the release of stray rf’s. The blue led ring is a nice touch. I’ll probably have no way of knowing if any maladies are avoided with this protection but I trust my long time auto mechanic and I’ll just enjoy a little piece of mind.

  33. 45

    by Hazel

    I needed a charger for my phone when I travel. I decided to give this one a try because of its metal construction. I was very pleased with the design and the way it charges my phone. I only have been using it for about 2 weeks now and it has worked flawlessly for my needs. I have used other car charges in the past which was mostly plastic design and within a few months they always stop working. While it is still relatively new I’m hoping this one will work better than those that have used in the past and so far I have been pleased with my purchase.

  34. 45

    by Aurora

    Works great. Just Remeber to take the clear plastic protector off before using!

  35. 45

    by Ophelia

    Love my new fast charging charger! It gives me a quick charge when I absolutely need one.

  36. 45

    by Lucy

    Really great charger, does it what it promises to do, quick, quite, great look, easily taken in and out, and works with 2 devices at the same time. I charged my phone, my tablet, my gps with it, I’m only taking one star off cuz I can’t charge up my laptop with it. I know it’s a heavy duty, but other than that, its all good.

  37. 45

    by Elizabeth

    It’s definitely fast and charges my note 10+ just like it was plugged into a wall outlet. Also very low profile so if you have problems pulling or even arthritis in your fingers you might have a problem pulling the charger out of the car outlet. But works and looks good for me.

  38. 45

    by Penelope

    Our phones never seemed to charge when plugged into the onboard usb. I tested the connection and we were getting very low charging amps, not enough to actually charge the phones. So, we ordered these fast charge adapters. I tested it when we got it… about 3 times the charging amps. And, these fit firmly and flush in the cigar lighter outlet. They look good, appear to be good quality and definitely do the job. Recommended if you have slow or no charge problems.

  39. 45

    by Aurelia

    This is an actual 4.0 Super Charger. Works great with my LG V60 ThinQ. Arrived in great condition and have had no problems with it. Was reading reviews of other car chargers that claimed to be 4.0 but were actually 3.0 chargers, so was worried I would pick a mislabeled one, but that was not the case with this one.

  40. 45

    by Josephine

    I just purchased a new automobile (same model as the old one) and found that one of the USB charging ports had been removed from the car, hence a search for a car charger.

    This charger is metal, does not look like it will melt, and has a smaller footprint than the chargers of the past. Coupled with the Qualcom quick-charging ability, this charger was selected.

  41. 45

    by Charlotte

    I enjoy that it’s sturdy, so you don’t have to worry about it breaking easily. My complaints are, it’s hard to take out of the connection, thus you need a bit of force to take it out. Secondly it doesn’t charge as fast as it could my OnePlus 7T, which is a shame.

  42. 45

    by Elsie

    Works great!
    I’ve used many other car chargers, but none except the expensive ones from phone shops ever work well. Last year I paid like $60 for a car turbo charger. At $11 something, this one actually charges my phone faster I think.

  43. 45

    by Clara

    When I opened the box I was surprised by just how small it is. It feels very solid and well made. It was packaged carefully so came out flawless. As to how it works? Just as well as my original device chargers in the house. We charged two samsung phones at once and they both received full, fast charging. I’m very pleased because my old charger couldn’t stay ahead of me using maps and playing music during a road trip. I’d always end up with a barely charged phone when I arrived at my destination. I’m very satisfied and highly recommend this charger.

  44. 45

    by Olivia

    I bought this one for me and my wife so we could use them in rental cars, it’s so easy to just pop it in and out and you can just put in in your pocket and not have to worry about it. These chargers do the work in rapid speed and probably do it faster than my cable one and with 2 devices at a time, it just save a lot of time. I tried others but this one is my choice.

  45. 45

    by Maia

    For some reason the charger that came with the aftermarket bluetooth receiver for the car was triggering the TPMS light to go on. This charger however didn’t have that effect on the TPMS system and we are able to continue to use the aftermarket bluetooth receiver powered by this charger. This charger is low profile and doesn’t stick out as much and is very well built. So far, we have no complaints from using it. Just a little pricy.

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Aluminum alloy case charger 5V2.4A dual USB interface smart car mobile phone charger with light

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