B980BL magnetic in ear v4.2 bleutooth earphones wireless headphones with control cable 16g standby 200 hours for sports

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  • Plug Type:Wireless
  • Function:For Mobile Phone,For Internet Bar,for Video Game,Monitor Headphone,HiFi Headphone,For iPod,Sport,Common Headphone
  • Wireless Type:Bluetooth
  • Waterproof:No
  • Communication:Wireless
  • Active Noise-Cancellation:Yes
  • Support Memory Card:No
  • Is wireless:Yes
  • Support APP:No
  • Sensitivity:103±3dB
  • Model Number:B980BL
  • Line Length:None
  • With Microphone:Yes
  • Connectors:USB
  • Support Apt-x:No
  • Style:In-Ear
  • Resistance:16Ω
  • Volume Control:Yes
  • Frequency Response Range:20-20000Hz
  • Vocalism Principle:Dynamic
  • Control Button:Yes


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52 Reviews For This Product

  1. 52

    by Graham

    The earphone is light and easy to carry, and the sound quality is clear without noise. It will bring you more happiness when you run!

  2. 52

    by Franklin

    These Bluetooth headphones have been amazing for when I am exercising and just out shopping. My son uses them in the car while playing his games. They?re so convenient to have in my purse for when I need them. Sound quality is great and the price is a great selling point. Battery last a long time too.

  3. 52

    by Cain

    Easy to carry, easy to carry, safe, suitable for outdoor running.I can enjoy my favorite music while running, and I don’t have to worry about sweating.

  4. 52

    by Foster

    This is my first pair of Bluetooth headsets. It is too simple to use. It can be quickly paired with the phone. It has good sound quality and is comfortable to wear. I use it to connect my mobile phone to listen to music, watch movies, I like it.

  5. 52

    by King

    Before these cheap headphones I used many others. Some of them cost more than 100 usd. Now I use only VKUSRA Bluetooth 5.0. Battery keeps some days, quality of sound qood enough. thank you dear seller for this super item!

  6. 52

    by Carey

    These have a very good fit and stay in place while I work out. I am VERY satisfied with the sound quality and consistency of the connection. Once paired, if I keep my phone within a reasonable distance the connection is excellent.

  7. 52

    by Duran

    They stay in your ears and there are several different ear pieces to choice from. I have my daith pierced and some head phones wont fit but these worked great.

  8. 52

    by Foster

    Love that this came with a variety of tips to adjust to my ear.

  9. 52

    by Jackson

    I like these earplugs.Perfect for ear hangings, long enough to wear.Put the wire around your neck and you can start your business without ever getting tangled up.I sit on noodles and wear them while listening to music or a book.

  10. 52

    by Harris

    I’m highly impressed with this product. Sound works perfect and I have no issues with this product. Highly recommend buying this item!

  11. 52

    by Maynard

    I brought it for my wife, she wears it all the time when she goes to gym. The quality and design is good, she told me it?s quite comfortable when she is running.

  12. 52

    by Dawson

    The sound quality of earphone is very good. Headphones hanging around your neck are not afraid of losing.

  13. 52

    by Hart

    Very good sounds. They fit my ears well. Easy to pair to my phone

  14. 52

    by Young

    It will not fall down when you run, even run fast! The music quality is good. It doesn?t have any noise. And it?s pretty design!

  15. 52

    by Gardner

    These headphones are very nice and the sound quality is very high quality I would recommend these

  16. 52

    by Stuart

    I like to listen to audiobooks while I?m doing yard work, doing housework, or cooking. As wireless ?ears? became available, I was so excited that I would no longer have to have my iPhone tethered to the phone jack. Well, easier said than done!

  17. 52

    by Patterson

    I had different headphones before but my dog came to them and of course they were destroyed.I’m glad I went with them because they were so comfortable!I can wear them for a long time of exercise and they won’t scratch my ears!Real clear sound, good noise reduction effect

  18. 52

    by Combs

    So happy with these wireless ear buds. Came fully charged and paired with my phone effortlessly. Great sound & bass! I had been looking at the BOSE ear buds but came across these and trusted the reviews. Glad I did! Very happy with this purchase!

  19. 52

    by Lane

    I use these when I’m on my treadmill connected to my computers Bluetooth. They always stay in my ear, which is nice and the sound is A+. The best part is the battery last a long time even if you don’t leave it plugged in. I also have airpods, which are cool and all but if you leave them out the battery is dead when you don’t even listen to them. Plus the sound on airpods is garbage. These sound good and are way less expensive.

  20. 52

    by Potts

    Came in less time than quoted. Ear buds, different size buds, carry bag, clip and ear holders also included.

  21. 52

    by Richard

    I really like them they sound awesome I just wish the battery lasted longer. I use them at work I do a 10-hour shift Monday through Friday they maybe last around 5 hours on low volume the charger cord is really short too

  22. 52

    by Davis

    This headset is very good in quality and sound quality.I like it very much.Recommended purchase.

  23. 52

    by Martin

    I was looking for something cheap to use for running and these are great. very comfortable to wear and quality of sound is good enough, better, than I was expecting. Very pleased with this product and would recommend it to anyone, who wants them for any type of exercise.

  24. 52

    by Thomas

    I bought it mainly for use in gym. Like it’s sporty design and sound quality is pretty good! Very good deal for this price.

  25. 52

    by Fisher

    Quality sounds , comfortable for my ears, Battery last longer like 7-8hours , good price

  26. 52

    by Wilson

    Perfect! I really like the cord so I don?t lose them. Great sound quality!

  27. 52

    by Lewis

    Charges quick. Lasts for most of an evenings use. I use these to listen to TV at night without disturbing girlfriend. Wish the volume could be lowered a bit more but otherwise very happy so far. Don’t know anything about the moisture wicking.

  28. 52

    by Gilmore

    I just got these yesterday to listen to my audio books and I?m already in love. They are comfortable, lightweight and the sound is excellent! My last pair of headphones started to cut out when I was 2 rooms away from my cellphone. I walked all the way through my house and into the basement and these headphones were still working great.

  29. 52

    by Jacobs

    Really like these headphones! They are very light. You can even feel them while you are wearing them. They synced with my Galaxy S8 with no trouble and I was up and using them within 30 seconds of charging them up. Sound is pretty decent for headphones that are not real high end and expensive. Really easy to use while biking or doing yardwork. Delivered quickly in nice packaging.

  30. 52

    by Steve

    Overall I?m happy because I only use them to listen to music. It if you intend to use them for phone use, you will be disappointed.

  31. 52

    by Freeman

    I like its design. It easily and comfortably fit into my ears.

  32. 52

    by Gates

    I have seen plenty of Bluetooth headsets that are over $100 dollars so I was a little hesitant when I saw these for under $20, but these are great. The synced to my phone easy as you would expect with any Bluetooth device. The sound is good and they stay in well. I used them when I am doing work around the house and they work great for me

  33. 52

    by Vera

    Sound quality is okay but doesn’t standout. Moderate distortion at high volumes. Limited bass. However it is acceptable for outdoor/workout use. Microphone quality is borderline poor. I have had multiple people have trouble understanding me if there is any background noise on my end. I wouldn’t recommend this if you primarily are looking to make phone calls with this headset.

  34. 52

    by Fox

    Nice overall build…. love the magnet to hold on to each earbud for storage… A+

  35. 52

    by Jean

    I finally bought a pair for myself since I ordered one for my husband 1st. He likes them but eh I don’t only because the right side sounds louder with more bass than the left side. Overall, they do last long and is cool for the most part but not good enough for me. Can’t expect much for $20 So I’ll just stick to what I know and get some other headphones I know is a lot better.

  36. 52

    by Cherry

    These are very comfortable to wear. They fit my ears pretty well especially with the different size earbud covers and ear hooks that come with them. I love that they are magnetic so they stick together around your neck when not in use. There is volume up and down buttons along with a play button. The battery lasts plenty long and charge fast. Sound is perfect

  37. 52

    by Jacobson

    1. sound quality is too good. 2. does not hurt the ear lobes , fits perfect 3.Has magnetic head so it does not fall when we use it around the neck 4. the charging point is impressive….comes in the volume control panel…which is very small and helps with overall look of the headset 5. noise filter is awesome

  38. 52

    by Levy

    Easy to setup/pair. I am very pleased with the sound quality. Good Bass!!! Answering phone calls are easy and reception is very clear. The battery life is longer than any of the earbuds i have owned. Great for workout and traveling, especially waiting for the flights and in the airplane. When I am ready to take a break, I can just let it hang around my neck and don’t have to worry about where to put them and where to find them! The magnetic design is the selling point to me! I thought it’s a very smart idea. I highly recommend this earbuds. Great price for the value!

  39. 52

    by Johns

    Good phones. Easy to use. Easy to install. Good battery life. Good sound.

  40. 52

    by Waller

    Very good sound quality, fit for me,I like it.

  41. 52

    by Walker

    For this price it is so worth $15.99 Bluetooth headphone. Sound is good and battery life is better than wireless one.

  42. 52

    by Gray

    Like the magnetic fold function , the ear plug fit to me. Microphone is closer to collect voice easily that?s the best part for me, cause my last Bluetooth wasn?t a good voice collector.

  43. 52

    by Andrew

    They are not the best sounding in buds, but they get the job done. I use them running and working out and at my desk at the office. All and all i would recommend these just cause they sound decent and the price point is not that bad for some throw aways.

  44. 52

    by Ford

    I use this blue tooth head set instead old style one,no more annoying cable,i’m use it everyday for running.

  45. 52

    by Parker

    I really enjoy the long battery life. I have taken several phone calls while using this Bluetooth, and everyone says they can hear me clearly. I drive CDL equipment for a living if I can hear clearly and people can hear me clearly over a loud deisel engine, that is impressive sound quality!

  46. 52

    by Marks

    It has long battery life. The product is very compact, comfortable, and fit very well in my ears.

  47. 52

    by Gonzalez

    The headphone is good quality for its price and really light weight. Ease to use and I have been using it when I?m running. It?s really convenient with the strap to prevent it from losing.

  48. 52

    by Roberts

    Good quality sound, easy to set up and nice battery life. Pairing was simple and straight forward. Took these on long walk and really enjoyed the noise cancelling clear sound that these produce.

  49. 52

    by Daniel

    Bought then for my bf and he loves them. However, they’re really short so you cant just hang them loose around your neck. You have to have them attached to each other – with the magnet in the back of the buds. Other than that, they’re ok.

  50. 52

    by Johnson

    I bought many Bluetooth earphones in the past, ranging from expensive one, such as Bose SoundSport to lower one. Recently my Bose broke after 1 year warranty. As old my Bluetooth fell off on the ground unintentionally, I searched and this headphone has a great feature on this especially with magnetic on the pod, where I can attach both pod together, then to circle around my neck, so that it won?t fall off. The sound quality and bass are better than I expected. I feel very comfortable and enjoy quality music. This is really great while exercising and walking. This built-in microphone to answer calls is a good deal with this low price. If you have budge-control, this is a great buy for you!

  51. 52

    by Matthew

    These earbuds are great! My only wish is that I could lower the volume one more degree – in my office, it is still pretty loud on the lowest volume setting. Otherwise, they are comfortable, have a good sound, and easy to use. Great earbuds!

  52. 52

    by Maddox

    This bluetooth headphones is a gift I bought for my boyfriend. He likes it very much, he said he wear it when he go to gym, the sound quality is very good, it won’t fall out in his ear, and easy to clean up.

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B980BL magnetic in ear v4.2 bleutooth earphones wireless headphones with control cable 16g standby 200 hours for sports

$35.99$71.95 (-50%)

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