Bluetooth Earbud Wireless Earphone Earpiece Stereo Music Earphone for Smart Phone Iphone

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Line Length:None

Is wireless:Yes



Volume Control:Yes

Control Button:Yes

Support APP:No


Function:For Mobile Phone,HiFi Headphone,Common Headphone,Sport,For iPod

Wireless Type:Bluetooth


Support Apt-x:No

Support Memory Card:No

Plug Type:Wireless

Active Noise-Cancellation:No

Style:Ear Hook

With Microphone:Yes

Vocalism Principle:Dynamic



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Black, White

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100 Reviews For This Product

  1. 100

    by Liza Ortiz

    Tested these by calling a relative I’ve tested a lot of Bluetooth headsets with over many years, and she thought at first that I was not using a headset at all. She also sounded better to me?more balanced, open, and airy, and much less muffled

  2. 100

    by Review4U

    I will buy these agin when I need to 🙂 I bought mine in Dec 2017. It is now May 2019. They still work great. Occasionally, when transitioning from wifi to cellular, they loose connection – but then it picks right back up Every other pair I’ve ever purchased have not come close to lasting this long. Usually these things don’t work for more than a about 3-6 months. . Best for the price for sure!!!

  3. 100

    by Electronic and Computer engineer

    I live in Georgia where they (finally) just passed the hands free law and it will be mandatory for your phone to not be anywhere near your body during operation of your vehicle. Didn’t know why I waited this long to get one of these. Love this headset for the price it is offered at. Starts off with a great amount of battery life after about 2 hours of charging and lasts me all day. Since I have purchased, about 1 week ago, I have not had it die on me in street. Very durable for its light weight design. The magnets keeping the earbuds in place are pretty sturdy and clicks right back in place after use. Call clarity is average. Nothing stunning or out of this world but is clear and the mic. works really well. Doesn’t pick up ambient noise as much. Bluetooth connectivity is great and links to my LG V20 without hesitation. Volume rockers are sturdy and responsive. A hidden feature i did not know that was included was the ability for the headset to turn off after about 5 minutes of not being connected to anything thus saving battery life. Cons: None I can think of other than not being able to tell how much battery life is left on the device.

  4. 100

    by Tony

    My dog chewed up my old headphones, which were super comfy. I bought so many pairs from local stores and none of them were particularly comfortable (maybe I just have weird ears, but many earbuds HURT the inside of my ears) and most had super short battery lives. I finally tried this set out and I was pleasantly surprised. The earbuds are super soft and comfy, yet stay in place when I?m walking my dog or cutting the grass or doing housework. The sound quality is perfect and the battery life is a true 10-12 hours with a fairly quick charge time. I?d highly recommend these.

  5. 100

    by MoniCat81

    Thus far, call quality is good both ways, sound quality is good. Ear buds are a little boxy may not fit all ears well, it doesn’t show it but the ear buds are angled to fit into the canal and block external noise, which it does pretty well. From full charge and fairly regular use whilst driving lasted about a week before needing to be recharged. Vibrates loudly when turning it off and on which is weird, the notification voice is British female which is nice. It’s not very heavy and controls work pretty well. Overall totally worth the money.

  6. 100

    by C. Patterson

    Bluetooth signal: it takes a few seconds to link up to my devices but once connected does not drop connectivity for the entire day! If I do step away from my device far enough to lose connection it will reconnect automatically provided I return to my device within a few minutes. Much appreciated after spending hundreds more on other name brand units.

  7. 100

    by mfp

    very happy with the customer care

  8. 100

    by CFinTops

    The battery lasts forever! The sound quality good. The bass isn?t the best but it?s definitely worth the price of this product!

  9. 100

    by stewartt

    Sound quality is great!

  10. 100

    by Customer

    I love these. Great audio… solid microphone and the battery life is amazing. I have never once had them run out of juice as long as I remember to charge them now and then. They will run for well over 8 hours of constant use on a charge. Really happy with them.

  11. 100

    by Morriganne

    This fit my need just great. I’ve listened to a little music on them also which has been good. For me they aren’t the type of earphones I would use for working out and they won’t overwhelm you with bass but I was surprised by the good music quality.

  12. 100

    by Dave k.

    Owned 1 week. Pros Light and comfortable . Good sound. Range is not bad.

  13. 100

    by Megan Masterman

    So far these have been as good or better than the name brand I have been used to. They are crisp and clear on both ends. They have pretty good sound canceling.

  14. 100

    by rabbitz

    these are just amazing. They cancel noise so well, when I’m playing volleyball, I can’t hear anyone trying to call for my ball, I have to hope I feel the vibrations in the floor to know that someone is coming. Tunes everyone out.

  15. 100

    by Julia Nice

    Absolutely love it, so far it?s been way better that the previous similar style headset I had. I?m a delivery driver with a city route and am constantly on the phone or listening to music. The battery lasts about 3/4 days without charge if I just take a normal amount of calls, without being on the phone for more than 10 mins. However if I use it longer obviously the battery lasts less. Would definitely recommend.

  16. 100

    by Tj

    Got a friend a set last year, he raved about them. Decided to get my own set. Comfortable, lightweight, nice rich bass and tone. I wear up to 9 hours a day, music is often being played during this time. These didnt come w any cables or chargers, but I’ve got dozens here so it wasnt an issue at all. I like the case they arrived in, it’s not a hard shell case but will suffice me keeping them protected after work.

  17. 100

    by Matt

    The battery life is awesome.

  18. 100

    by greg g.

    Customer Service is amazing.

  19. 100

    by John W. Hagler

    The sound quality is excellent, and it connects to my phone with no issue.

  20. 100

    by Justin

    Great Quality headphones. I own a landscape company and wear these for roughly 8 hours a day. I have put them through help and back. They get yanked off by tree limbs and land on the pavement. The quality of sounds is great. They greatly reduce the sound of my mower. Bass mids and highs all sound great. There is no tinny sound. By that I mean highs sound distorted. Volume is loud enough to drown out about 80 percent of my mowers noise. These are hard to beat for the price and quality.

  21. 100

    by Bob Campbel

    he call alert works great and battery life gets me through a 9 hour work day with heavy use.

  22. 100

    by Riane Holt

    I was first introduced to this product line at work with issued equipment (phones, tablets, headsets, etc) it was so easy to use and sync that I decided to get one for my personal life. I was not disappointed even after it flew off and landed in the road (It is so light I forgot it was on my neck when I took my motorcycle out) still works like a champ. Battery life and sound quality are excellent.

  23. 100

    by Trent Trennepohl

    Wow. What can I say? These are absolutely stellar for the price. This is my first pair of this particular style of headphones and I’m blown away by the quality from this brand that is new to me. The build quality is on par or perhaps slightly better than products of more costly. The sound is excellent for phone calls and music and the default ear buds fit my ears perfect. Included were two additional sizes… a smaller pair and a larger pair. I would strongly recommend this for any budget-conscious shopper looking for a the best bang for their buck.

  24. 100

    by Sheryl Ann

    I am pleased with the design and durability of these headphones

  25. 100

    by Enough Already

    I wish the range was a little longer, I can’t go into the next room without interruption. still very good headphones, earbuds stay in throughout workout. I would recommend.

  26. 100

    by CBee

    I started taking long trips and talking on the phone at home for extended periods of time. These are great earbuds. The Bluetooth feature worked flawlessly and I haven’t had any complaints from others regarding their ability to hear me or the background noise. Its also great for listening to audiobooks/podcasts/music while driving or working out. Battery life seems to be very good as well. The device itself is large enough that I can’t lose it but small enough to be portable and somewhat hidden as I wear it. Plus the design of the case fits nicely in the door of my car or in the bag/purse I’m carrying. I love the handsfree talking. This is an excellent value for the money and I wholeheartedly recommend this product!

  27. 100

    by Joseph M. Gates

    these are awesome at this price point.

  28. 100

    by Joshua

    I was very pleased with this product

  29. 100

    by Lisa

    This is a nice little Bluetooth? I would definitely recommend this product.

  30. 100

    by Mark Cohen

    I?ve had these headphones for a few weeks now. Using them while exercising. They work well. They seem to tolerate sweat well. Good sound. Comfortable. They reliably link well to my phone.

  31. 100

    by Amber Lukacs

    This headset is everything I hoped for and more. Very high quality. I am on the phone for hours a day and was suffering with muscle tension in my neck. This Bluetooth has given me freedom to move about, a neck that isn’t sore at the end of the day and after asking my friends and customers about audio quality on their end, they were all surprised I was on a wireless headset. Zero background feedback and earpieces are very comfortable and band drapes easily around the neck and is lightweight and very flexible. I tested this item for a few weeks before reviewing and I highly recommend this headphone set!

  32. 100

    by Gary W Smith

    The battery life is great. I can listen to music/podcast/etc when connected to my phone for 12+ continuous hours and it won’t die.

  33. 100

    by Customer

    I bought probably four of these. You may think that’s a bad thing possibly, but I assure you it’s not. I have lost or misplaced 2 of them and the other one my dog chewed. I am now on my fourth one. Even though I have bought four of them it still didn’t break the bank! The price point is spot on. These headphones are easy to work, come with all the options you need, are comfortable to the point you will forget you have them on and built to last.

  34. 100

    by Pluto

    I have used the headset everyday for over a month and they have performed perfectly. They do not bother my neck at all. I often forget I have them on until they begin vibrating when I receive a call.

  35. 100

    by TanyaAD138

    This product is amazing. I?ve tried all kinds of headphones, but these are awesome.

  36. 100

    by Shari Higgins

    I’ve only been using these a week, but so far I am impressed. The best feature is the long battery life as I listen to music/audiobooks all day long.

  37. 100

    by sewIbake

    okay so first off, wow. I was extremely impressed with the quality and sound with these earbuds. For something so cheep I was expecting low quality. my favorite part of these earphones, however, is that the buds are magnetic! I know it’s something so small but it makes a huge difference not letting them dangle everywhere. I work at a place where I am constantly moving boxes and I often times lose my lose one of my ear bud sizes. The sound is super fantastic and you hear so much detail of every song you play. i will write again in hopefully 6 months time to talk about the longevity of these earphones and battery life.

  38. 100

    by Ko

    The best and most important feature is the comfort and very soft earpieces. I am very happy with the fit. NO PRESSURE, NO HEADACHE! Thank you!

  39. 100

    by K. Hawn

    Great battery life: I regularly used them for 10 plus hours at work. Total use may break down to 4 actual hours of use but the battery holds while connected throughout the day. Charging is fairly quick too, never timed it, but less than an hour I would say from dead to fully charged. You will get a voice warning when the battery runs low, from there you’ll have around 5 mins of actual run time before the unit powers off.

  40. 100

    by A. Wheeler

    I got to say the battery life is amazing they last all day even though it says they have 13 hours of battery life, they sound great, touch controls are very convenient, most importantly the call quality is clear on both ends. Five stars!

  41. 100

    by Customer

    the battery seems quite good. I’ve had this thing over a week, and use it about an hour or so a day and it hasn’t needed charging yet (bonus: it arrived fully charged so I was able to use it right away)

  42. 100

    by D. Johnson

    These are amazing. These headphones cancel noise by at least 50% and that?s without playing music. I initially got a pair for hubby for Christmas but when I heard how great they were I knew I had to order them for myself. I plan on getting my lil sis a pair next. They are perfect for every day wear and even better for gym wear. Big bonus they are stylish too!

  43. 100

    by Customer

    These Bluetooth headphones are used daily on a construction site for my husband to take calls hands free. He doesn’t listen to music on them, so I am unsure about the bass/music quality.

  44. 100

    by Customer

    Worth the price.

  45. 100

    by Grasser

    Good wirless earhones nice and clear sound used them for 7h straight worked fine. Easy to pair

  46. 100

    by Sister Rae

    I bought these almost 4 months ago. Battery life is great. I work 12 hour shifts and I listen to music a lot. I’d pause throughout the day and turn them off for maybe an hour. I’ve goten through two whole shifts before charging them. The sound is great. It sounds full and equal.

  47. 100

    by Agatha

    After having used them for a long time you can say they’re very good. They listen very well and when i have a call the other person hear me very well.

  48. 100

    by Beloved

    The assembly is very simple, connect the phone, everything is normal, the battery is charged, the seller is all well, communicate well, thank you very much, recommend the seller, wish him full success in business!

  49. 100

    by Taylor

    These are great! The sound is solid, no cutting out like I have experienced with a different brand. Shipping was speedy as well. Would definitely recommend this product and this seller.

  50. 100

    by jeremy

    Definitely recommend this headset.

  51. 100

    by Ruben

    It was great for the first few months, loved them!

  52. 100

    by C. Demas

    I have owned many earbuds. where them at work listening to music and audio book , listen to many things on my pc(gaming,VR,netflix,Fb and Youtube video). Basically everywhere. they have the best sound quality i have ever heard period.

  53. 100

    by natalie

    The headphones is perfect fast delivery thank you this seller

  54. 100

    by Nora J

    Works great. Sounds great, cool headphones. Fashion, without redundancy, with standard quality, you hear the interlocutor and me very well. Instantly and very simple,

  55. 100

    by kristi_dolll

    Exelent quality good material i will reorder baseus

  56. 100

    by Roberta

    Came from moscow for 10 days, were already charged. Very comfortable, sound quality is excellent

  57. 100

    by Odelia

    They sound great, they’re tough (i ‘ve already dropped a couple of times) and very comfortable. Inside the motorcycle helmet fit perfect and your voice sounds good enough.

  58. 100

    by Jessica N

    Easy to use

  59. 100

    by Ruby

    For such money just a find! I recommend!)

  60. 100

    by Oliver

    Very good product

  61. 100

    by Cynthia

    Shipping very fast, tested and work smoothly.

  62. 100

    by Kicker3d

    Great product

  63. 100

    by Kt Silvestri

    Good sound even on prolonged use and top price

  64. 100

    by PatY

    These are great!

  65. 100

    by Oscar


  66. 100

    by Ingemar

    I recommend it received within 20 days it is wonderful sound acceptable

  67. 100

    by Dahlia

    The headphones are bombs, the sound is cool, the charging box is soft touch type.

  68. 100

    by Phyllis

    Thanks great product

  69. 100

    by Flora

    The parcel came before expected. The sound is great.

  70. 100

    by Customer

    Everything works

  71. 100

    by Ingrid

    Love them. It was fast shipping Thank you. they both work and connect to my phone

  72. 100

    by Kendal

    They sound great, working easy, value for money

  73. 100

    by Rankin

    Wow the went but quickly all super Grandson glad

  74. 100

    by Kendal

    Everything is fine.

  75. 100

    by Penny

    Headphones are very pleased. Sound very Cool, for this money fire! In questions of answers there is an exact description of the interface. I did it.

  76. 100

    by Sebastiane

    Headphones in working order, delivery took 13 days to bashkiria. Look stylish. Sound is excellent)

  77. 100

    by AustinGirlie

    Everything is fine. Headphones are very good.

  78. 100

    by Yolanda

    Comfortable and pleasant to use

  79. 100

    by Hulda

    You don’t depend on the wires. In the ear lie well, there are replaceable drops you will pick up. Price quality super! I recommend!

  80. 100

    by Neil

    It came quickly, packed not very, but everything is whole. i have not tested yet, i will try to write more.

  81. 100

    by linda

    Super fast shipping!!! Respect the seller. Good quality headphones. In minus only a short charging cord.

  82. 100

    by oi

    Item good. Fast delivery. Price and quality ok for me.

  83. 100

    by Lindsey

    I’m so happy.

  84. 100

    by Nicole


  85. 100

    by Hannah

    Very pleased!

  86. 100

    by Mike

    The sound is good, the bass is enough, through the wall hear the phone on the bluetooth

  87. 100

    by Ulysses

    In quality/price is great

  88. 100

    by Juliet

    Excellent product, some are slow to arrive, only the company Post my country was delayed in despatch, the audio is good, and the pretty earbud earphones Except by pressing the BUTTON once stalls in the ear, it costs a little, otherwise excellent

  89. 100

    by Blanche

    Very good product. Arrived in 20 days, without fee 15 real mail.

  90. 100

    by Noah

    Excellent wireless headphones! Comfortable and pleasant to use, sound excellent, decent in appearance. Thank you to the seller, i recommend!

  91. 100

    by sese

    The product is excellent, sound quality is excellent, ease of use is excellent. Just because the microphone is too far away, the voice goes muffled while talking on the phone. Take it without thinking, it’s perfect for listening to music, and it’s not like htrois fell out of my ear, etc.

  92. 100

    by Everett

    this stuff is excellent. thank you for it. they work good

  93. 100

    by Za

    The external paper case damaged/wrinkled.But the earphones r ok and working pretty well. It looks good right now.

  94. 100

    by Jessica W.

    Everything is fine. The sound is good. Delivery is fast.

  95. 100

    by Nina

    Great headphones. The sound is good, the bass is there. Recommend.

  96. 100

    by Bb

    Good product

  97. 100

    by WORK

    same as showed in site.very good build quality and extraordinary sound quality. i am very happy with it.

  98. 100

    by Eunice

    Thanks to the seller. Very good product! I like the headphones. Delivery very fast, 10 days

  99. 100

    by Ss

    Came in 15 days was very happy!! THE device is perfect!! Ali me sponsors hahahah. Only the packaging came bad, but because of bad postal service.

  100. 100

    by ARDY

    order arrived pretty fast, working right out of the box. paired on second try. seem very good.

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