Rider driver general business driving wireless Bluetooth headset ear mounted sweat proof painless wear 5.0 low power consumption

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1. Product Name: t064e Bluetooth headset
2. Bluetooth version: 5.0
3. Call or music: 5-6h
4. Standby time: 120h
5. Charging voltage: DC5V
6. Charging time: 1-2h
7. Battery capacity: 40mAh
8. Product size: 60mm * 20MM * 14mm
9. Material: ABS
10. Connection distance: 10M

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98 Reviews For This Product

  1. 98

    by Robert L. Terlizzi Jr.

    So glad I found these headphones.

  2. 98

    by Ramon

    It is comfortable, pairs to devices easily, has been durable despite storing in a pocket with other things, and it works as intended pretty reliably.

  3. 98

    by LostDisciple

    I have no problem recommending these headphones.

  4. 98

    by Suzanne Duff

    I love the quality and am very satisfied with my experience

  5. 98

    by Badger

    Battery life seems to be fine, I’ve only had to charge once per week. However, I am not using these all day every day, just for an hour or two per day when I work out. I live in Texas, and it’s June, which means any time outside means you are sweating profusely. I have not had any issues with the headphones slipping out due to sweat. So that is great!
    I definitely think that I would buy these headphones again. They work exactly as described and were a great price.

  6. 98

    by Carrie Henry

    These are perfectly decent, and an incredible value.

  7. 98

    by NY Watch

    Basically I say these are worth every penny.

  8. 98

    by JAG

    The battery life is incredible for Bluetooth headphones. Good!

  9. 98

    by Ryan R.

    I was very impressed with this product. It’s packaging and accessories gave the impression of a more expensive purchase. The sound quality was great.

  10. 98

    by Alex R.

    Sounds good

  11. 98

    by Customer

    I definitely recommend

  12. 98

    by Jason W

    They are super rich and loud.

  13. 98

    by NY

    5 stars

  14. 98

    by LM_ATX

    Sound quality: pretty good.

  15. 98

    by Just A Warble

    Love them.

  16. 98

    by gaga

    Battery life was good. I just started charging them every night so I didn’t have to worry about it. I have two sets of headphones so that one is fully charged at all times because I use them a lot.

  17. 98

    by tessla

    Great job , and Thank You for offering such a great quality and yet affordable product!!!!

  18. 98

    by tessla varvel

    As normal Bluetooth headphones they work pretty decent.

  19. 98

    by drefh

    These make my 3rd pair of wireless Bluetooth earbuds. They are the best by far!

  20. 98

    by jill scholnik

    I use them running and there is no problem st all.

  21. 98

    by Benancio

    The headphones seem pretty sturdy and are light enough that you don’t really feel them while you’re running or moving around.

  22. 98

    by TSTERT

    If you have been looking for a good pair of headphones but don’t want to get screwed on price go for these. You won’t regret the purchase!

  23. 98

    by Lino Lule

    Sound quality is great and the extra ear pieces are great too.

  24. 98

    by Mel Bee

    I use these for running. I didn’t want to sweat on good headphones and wanted some cheep buds that would stay in. So far VERY happy with this purchase. With the amount of reviews on here I doubt anyone will ever read this anyway. I will update if my review changes though.

  25. 98

    by Micheala Lee

    Sound: Pretty solid. Not amazing.

  26. 98

    by The Nyah-ster


  27. 98

    by Kymaaera999

    They’re amazing! They’re the best headphones I’ve ever seen.

  28. 98

    by Andrew Kim

    So far the charge is pretty good.

  29. 98

    by ebuyer


  30. 98

    by M Baker

    These are great.

  31. 98

    by A. Anderson

    I don’t know if it’s good or bad when I can’t hear anything else when I use these earphones. lol. I guess if you want to drown the noises out, this product will not disappoint.

  32. 98

    by varvel

    They sound excellent.

  33. 98

    by SGER

    These headphones are a steal.

  34. 98

    by T2shay

    SOUND QUALITY: Considering the price and application, I give it a 4.

  35. 98

    by Suzanne

    This are great headphones! The only headphones my husband will use.

  36. 98

    by sharrell79

    I dont have anything negative to say about this product. I am hoping that these will last a while.

  37. 98

    by David Hostetler

    Alright, these are literally the most durable headphones I have ever seen.

  38. 98

    by Eman

    Sound, although not professional quality is better than other headphones in this price range and in many cases on par with headphones that are much more expensive

  39. 98

    by gjrtyf

    The range on the Bluetooth is excellent.

  40. 98

    by LostDisciple

    The sound quality is very good.

  41. 98

    by Bigworm420


  42. 98

    by Benancio

    Great item, great price, and prompt delivery. Two thumbs up!

  43. 98

    by Lule

    I recommended this headphones to so many people.

  44. 98

    by Kathy

    The sound is clear

  45. 98

    by Customer

    These headphones work “ok”, they have decent noise cancelling

  46. 98

    by Zee Lugo

    This headset REALLY does.

  47. 98

    by S. J. Wagner

    I had these headphones for about 9 months, and I was pretty happy with them overall.

  48. 98

    by Lizmarie Vaquez Ferrer

    Great headphones for the price. Sound great and fit great. I would definitely purchase these again.

  49. 98

    by SP


  50. 98

    by Mingypants

    I can’t be more happy with this set. Great products and great service.

  51. 98

    by JA

    I can not just wait to post a review about this Headphones. the Sound quality is great. if you’re looking for something like this and you do not want to pay more money. I highly recommend this Headphone. I love music a lot. so this Headphones makes me want to play music everyday

  52. 98

    by Westcott

    I am really loving these headphones.

  53. 98

    by Allen S


  54. 98

    by Customer

    I’ve only used these twice, once around the house and once for a workout. I can’t comment on the battery life yet, but overall I was pleasantly surprised at how comfortable they are and how they stay put in my ears.

  55. 98

    by Bethal2244

    They fit snugly and sound amazing.

  56. 98

    by Tanya

    Love Love Love these. 🙂

  57. 98

    by Thomas S.

    The sound quality is good (with solid bass performance), the pairing is easy as heck, and the customer service is very friendly.

  58. 98

    by Tixdgd

    The sound quality is superb.

  59. 98

    by MamaBear

    If you’re looking for comfortable, clear sound, reasonable volume, easy-to-pair, stay-on earbuds, these are great.

  60. 98

    by Lule

    I like the sound; yeah I have a pair of 80$ Senns that sound waaaay more realistic and handle separation along with vocals better.

  61. 98

    by Nonameneeded

    Feel good enough.

  62. 98

    by Joe M

    I work outside, year round. I work with lawn equipment, various power equipment, and in environments where ear protection is recommended. For some reason my phone has to be in absolute direct line of sight for these to work all the time. I have a cheaper pair from another manufacturer that will work anywhere up to about 20 feet away. My work shirts have a pocket on the left side of my chest and quite frequently the sound will cut in and out.

    I love the way these feel, the noise cancellation from work is amazing. And when it’s working, the sound is superb. It just gets really annoying for my phone to have to be so close and in line of sight of them when my other blue tooth devices are far more forgiving. Maybe it’s just the set I got. If this is a problem that’s been fixed, I’d happily try a new pair. As I said before when it works, it works great.

    So I bought this headset. The new set seems to stay connected better. That alone warrants the upgrade to 5 stars.

  63. 98

    by Austin

    These are an amazing product. Sound quality, noise canceling, fast charging and durability cant be matched by other earbuds in this price range. These are a must buy.

  64. 98

    by Alex

    I like that it attaches over the ear so if I want to workout, running, etc, it wont fall out of my ear. It took a little getting used to being in the ear for a long period of time but they are not uncomfortable.

  65. 98

    by JoannaJ

    Battery life exceeded my expectation. I can use it for at least 8hr straight on music.

  66. 98

    by K.S.

    Their sound is fantastic, bass is super rich (if too rich for you, use an equalizer to adjust that), battery life is fantastic, controls are simple, connection strong enough

  67. 98

    by Nimrod Westcott

    I like the sound quality. It is great for listening to music and talking on the phone. I use it for both and so far so good.

  68. 98

    by Kim

    The design is highly functional and comfortable, been wearing these for hours. So flexible too, I can take ’em off my ears effortlessly and back on quickly. If you like/need to fall asleep with music, you should look elsewhere cause the design is protruded and the earbud will dig in your ear canal uncomfortably when you apply pressure.

  69. 98

    by Suzanne

    I prefer them

  70. 98

    by EncryptedSoliloquy

    These bluetooth headphones are awesome.

  71. 98

    by Ca’Cherrie T

    Stays in your ears during even the most strenuous of movements

  72. 98

    by Jimilou

    Adding a 5th because of the great coustomer service.

  73. 98

    by Honey Badger

    Overall im happy with this headphones.

  74. 98

    by Customer

    These are great headphones for the price especially

  75. 98

    by Breezy561

    Sound great.

  76. 98

    by Rose


  77. 98

    by Don and Vesna

    It works pretty well, sounds nice, has a decent signal and simple button commands, and has a decent battery life (still using after almost a year).

  78. 98

    by Tasha

    Good value, good product.

  79. 98

    by Dreamlady

    The sound leakage is the one thing I don’t like as above 70% volume the people around you can hear what you are listening to so please be careful when in the office.

  80. 98

    by Customer

    The sound quality is great and they stay in my ears very well, even when I’m eating or laying down.

  81. 98

    by Lugo

    Well worth it!

  82. 98

    by Zee

    The ear pieces are super comfortable.

  83. 98

    by Alex

    Great product, I recommend it.

  84. 98

    by Foothill Woman

    These headphones offer an amazing value for their price.

  85. 98


    Nice one

  86. 98

    by Manny V.

    Love it

  87. 98

    by Customer

    These headphones are a steal for the price, and I’d highly recommend them.

  88. 98

    by Henry

    BUY these, you wont be sorry.

  89. 98

    by fhdhtdfh

    The battery lasts a long, long time.

  90. 98

    by TinFGTYHRT

    Overall, they sound great and the range is awesome, but they aren’t waterproof

  91. 98

    by ASFWET

    Great headphones for those who have small ears/ear canals!

  92. 98

    by SDWER

    These headphones have proven to be way better quality than the price they are asking. They are a very good deal

  93. 98

    by Tsewte

    It feels so good!

  94. 98

    by Customer

    I purchased these before and loved them.

  95. 98

    by gaga4ganja

    They are just terrific!

  96. 98

    by Taylor

    For the price, these are pretty good.

  97. 98

    by would like to comment

    The sound quality is really good

  98. 98

    by Randall

    I haven’t used them enough to comment on the battery life, yet. I think these are decent wireless earbuds for a really good price.

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Rider driver general business driving wireless Bluetooth headset ear mounted sweat proof painless wear 5.0 low power consumption

$16.99$33.95 (-50%)

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