Bluetooth earphone wireless bluetooth headphone sport headset waterproof bass with mic for android iPhone

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Function: electric display, voice control, call function, support music, multi point connection

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  • Plug Type: Wireless
  • Wireless Type: Bluetooth
  • Communication: Wireless
  • Active Noise-Cancellation: Yes
  • Is wireless: Yes
  • Connectors:None
  • Support APP: No
  • Volume Control: Yes
  • Function: for Video Game,Common Headphone,Sport
  • Support Memory Card: No

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53 Reviews For This Product

  1. 53

    by Customer

    I love this head phones, hands down. After reading all the great reviews about this head phones I still didn’t want to believe the hype. I decided to buy it because of the price and I love the quality of sound, now I’m buying a second pair for my brother. ?????

  2. 53

    by Martha Fox

    Fantastic! I waited a month before writing this to make sure all worked well and I LOVE these! Worth the money. Battery lasts a long time, sounds is great, comfortable ear pieces. I wear these more than my $300 beats. Lol I will certainly buy more of these! Thank you.

  3. 53

    by Just somebody

    They’re convenient, light weight, blocks alot of background noise, great range, love the magnetized pieces & the variety of ear piece sizes that come with it.

  4. 53

    by Calnan

    sound 8/10, material feels nice and sturdy, battery life seems good, sleep tight knowing if something happens customer service has your back, plenty of accessories, connects to my phone pretty fast

  5. 53

    by Melanie R

    When price is considered, these win hands down!

  6. 53

    by Customer

    Well packaged and shipped promptly. They were a gift for my daughter and she says that she loves them and that they work great! Thanks so much!

  7. 53

    by Ann VH

    Highly recommended! For $30 you can’t beat these wireless headphones. They stay in place, sound great, and came with several extra sizes accessories, plus a warranty. They charge up fast and paired right up with my phone.

  8. 53

    by Pam S.

    I have used them for a short workout, and for listening to podcasts in the kitchen while my kids are watching a show in the other room. They aren’t bose quality noise cancelling, but still work great for blocking out the sounds around you for the price.

  9. 53

    by bigreader

    This is a great set of earbuds. Great sound and love that they are magnetic. Customer service is also great. I had an issue with my headset shortly after purchasing and they sent me a new set. They were very prompt to reply and fix the issue. I love my !!!!!

  10. 53

    by Lester Lamar

    These broadcast my podcasts right to my ears. I bought a phone without an earbud jack. I found these and decided to get them rather than an adaptor for my phone. I still carry the phone but I no longer have ear to phone wires that get caught during yard work. The twisty end lets you screw in the ear plug so it stays.

  11. 53

    by Customer

    I am really amazed! Price is great 5/5 Sound quality is great 5/5 Battery life is great 5/5 Comfortable 5/5

  12. 53

    by Roe

    I??e purchased many wireless ear buds over the years and decided to try these. I listen to music throughout the day and they quality was awesome! The microphone is exceptional quality! So good I purchased a second set for my husband.

  13. 53

    by Barbara

    Love these!

  14. 53

    by Mary A. Vermont

    Since I listen to a wide variety of music, I wanted an earbud that’s good for all types of music. I was so happy with these I purchased this. So glad I got these.

  15. 53

    by Angele

    I love these! The sound quality is great and the battery life is what they say. They are very comfortable. I’ve tried the necklace-type of earbuds and this style is much more comfortable. It comes with a little travel pouch as well which is very handy to store both the earbuds and the charging cable. I highly recommend these.

  16. 53

    by Dora

    I had to modify the little rubber nipples so they would fit far enough into my ears to hear the base. I had to reinforce where the plug becomes the wire with a little piece of rubber hose so that they don’t fail prematurely right there. I hate that they put the little on-off &volume control right where it snags on my collar. they are very comfortable and durable.

  17. 53

    by Carolyn Shearlock

    Truly amazing earbuds. These are extremely comfortable with sizes that should fit any ear. My left and right ear canals are different sizes and I can fit these into each ear. strong magnets with deep, rich base. They say in my ear during any exercise.

  18. 53

    by Linderlu

    I have had quite a few different headphones over the years. Love my music and it needs to sound good whether I am in the office, at the gym, or for a ride on my mountain bike. The sound is amazing and the bass is even better. Definitely consider these if you are looking for your next pair. No reason to pay overpriced products to get the same results these will give you. Now off to the gym to test them there.

  19. 53

    by Pat Johnston

    They stay in my ear perfectly and I never worry about them falling out.

  20. 53

    by Customer

    I bought 2 of these. It’s an amazing product. It has a good case as well. Absolutely worth the money.

  21. 53

    by Debra

    Just received these ear buds. Wow, packaging is great, quite a few different sizes of tips and fins to fit your size ear.

  22. 53

    by Teagan

    I really wanted to give this a 5 star but I can’t figure out how to skip to the next or last track. The manual (not included – had to find it online) says double and triple click. But that doesn’t work for me. It just pauses and restarts the music.

  23. 53

    by Lady Haase

    Great sound quality and the magnetic ends keep them in place on my neck when not in use. Best investment for making my gym time more efficient and enjoyable!

  24. 53

    by Steve

    I’ve had these about a month. So far, they have performed way above expectations. The sound quality is excellent, they are comfortable and very easy to use. My daughter has a pair of $100 Beats similar to these, and while i’m no audiophile, these sound just as good to me. Highly recommended.

  25. 53

    by Charles van Buren

    Incredibly comfortable, great battery life, easy to pair. Work extremely well for talking on the phone via bluetooth–much better than I’d expected. The audio quality is a little bass heavy, though.

  26. 53

    by Catherine

    Good sound quality and a comfortable fit. Bought so I can listen to tunes while mowing the grass or in the gym. In the yard I wear them under a set of hearing protectors with no problem. In the gym they fit snugly enough to stay on. The volume control buttons are too small to be useful to me and the little clip to hold them to your shirt fell apart after one use but that was pretty unimportant to me. For the purposes for which I purchased them they were a good value for the money.

  27. 53

    by Book Lover

    Easy set up – sounds great. The earbuds came with different size ear piece adapters, so they will fit comfortably in anyone’s ear. Also, great price for the quality.

  28. 53

    by Janet

    Avantree Wired Earbuds with Over-the-Ear Hooks: My previous headphones were pressing on the earpieces of my glasses and hurting my nose. These fit comfortably over the glasses, and the small covers fit in my ears, unlike standard ear buds. Stereo sound, pretty good quality. I use an extension cable from my TV, so my neighbors won’t be bothered by the volume.

  29. 53

    by Skye

    What I liked about this product is that you hardly feel it or rather you don’t feel it on your ears. My ears get numb and sore quickly from hard plastic or metal from glasses. This is so comfortable that I forget I have it on. The sound is crisp and clear but don’t expect any bass if your listening to music. This is perfect for regular conversation. Everyone can hear me clearly and I can hear them. It gets the job done. It doesn’t cancel out the noise so you’re still aware of the environment but you can still hear the person if you put the correct sized plugs in your ear. Another thing I like is that it has different sized ear plugs for your ears. My ear holes are small so the average plug cannot fit. I’m happy to have found these

  30. 53

    by Rodgersh

    This pair of headphones is hands down the best pair I’ve ever had. The sound quality is crisp and clear. The quality of the product feels and is on par. Also I really like the magnetic feature because it allows me to put down my headphones easily when talking to someone at school. They just go around your neck with ease. I think they’re worth it and the warranty helps out.

  31. 53

    by Katie

    Look, I don’t know about you but I feel like my losing or breaking earbuds is inevitable. I don’t quite understand why some people are dropping hundreds of dollars on wireless earbuds when you’re really not getting the best sound quality, and you’ll pry lose it anyway. For the price, you get a decent and comfy set of earbuds. I was hoping to use these for workouts more, and thought the clips at the top of the bud were solid and would hold tight in place. They are just soft rubber pieces that, in my opinion, serve no purpose at all. Maybe increase the base? I don’t know.

  32. 53

    by Customer

    I really like these earbuds, primarily because of the fit and the lack of weight. When I first tried them I was underwhelmed. But I noticed that if I used my fingers to slightly push them into my ears, the sound was awesome. So I took a few minutes and unpacked all of the rubber ear tips and ear supports and experimented. There are 5 different ear tips and 3 different ear supports. After about 5 minutes of trying different tips and supports, I found the combination that was just like the sound I heard when I held them with my fingers. The music from my phone sounded better than it had in years. It was worth the 5 minutes I spent.

  33. 53

    by G. R. Gaugler

    Just got these, but so far I LOVE them! Excellent sound. They fit so well that they block out noise almost completely.

  34. 53

    by Kellee

    Product came quickly and was very easy to pair to my Phone.

  35. 53

    by DDB

    They have amazing sound and amazing Bass quality.

  36. 53

    by K. Brooks

    best wireless earphones I ever had.

  37. 53

    by Elizabeth

    I have had these ear buds for at least two weeks now and they have been a great buy for the price. Pros; – Light weight – Comfortable – magnetic – Battery life is great

  38. 53

    by K. Rice

    I’m give my review to 5 stars due to the great customer service!

  39. 53

    by Olszewski

    They pair so easily to all devices and very quickly. stay charged. I LOVE them.

  40. 53

    by Lady Haase

    The product was delivered quickly and I can hear beautifully.

  41. 53

    by Customer

    For the price paid (which was around $30), they are worth it so far.

  42. 53

    by Customer

    I listen to a lot of audible books and I travel a lot. These earbuds are great for traveling. I really like that I can take the earbuds out and the magnetic strip keeps them secure around my neck so I know where they are at all times. So I know I’m not going to lose them in the airport or on a plane.

  43. 53

    by Customer

    These things are amazing. I carry them everywhere I go, and they always fulfill my needs when it comes to listening to music. Since I carry them everywhere, I sometimes leave them in my pocket, and they end up getting washed with my pants or sweatshirt. I??e done it twice, and they??e still kicking just as good as when I first got them. I will recommend this to anybody who needs a pair of good earbuds.

  44. 53

    by Teresa

    These come with multiple size ear pieces so you can find the perfect fit for your ears. They block outside sound and provide great audio for whatever you’re listening to. I use them the most for running and working out. I will never workout with any headphones besides these. They are fantastic for comfort, sound and indoor/outdoor workouts.

  45. 53

    by Laura Molina

    Super nice! I’ve had issues with bluetooth headphones/buds in the past, but these are comfy, easy to pair and the sound is nice. I can listen to podcasts during work without bothering anyone. The buds are comfortable, even after several hours of use. Easy to charge during my lunch hour, too. Thumbs up!

  46. 53

    by Seriously

    work fantastic

  47. 53

    by L. D. Roth

    I’m very happy with these and found no audio delay. These will work with any bluetooth enabled device.

  48. 53

    by JAS

    I just got these and I’m very impressed with the songs quality. Pairing them to my phone was a snap as well I’m a musician and use in raft monitors at our shows. The sound quality from these are superior to some of the high dollar ear monitors I’ve used.

  49. 53

    by Jo Jeffreys

    Great sound for the price. I was surprised when I was able to talk on the phone with these headsets. I have no clue how to answer the phone using them but am happy to know if I have to answer a call while I am jamming during my workout I can.

  50. 53

    by Sally Lockhart

    Great value… quality wireless earbuds at a fraction of the price… Might get more bass response on other brands, but you will have less dollars in your wallet as a result of it

  51. 53

    by Katherine

    The fit is perfect and the sound for wireless is impressive. I?ve had wireless beats and the bass on these outdo those by a ton. Get these now bruh.

  52. 53

    by Customer

    Better sound quality than earbuds costing more. The magnetic feature is brilliant.

  53. 53

    by Remy

    wish it was just a few inches longer, at 6’3′ putting them under my shirt and phone in my pocket, when using the clip at the neck of my shirt to keep the cord from tugging on my ears, the cord is a just a hair short

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Bluetooth earphone wireless bluetooth headphone sport headset waterproof bass with mic for android iPhone

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