IP790 mobile phone K song singing headset headset with microphone male and female universal headset single plug headset

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Headphone type: headphone

Headphone output audio source: PC computer

Plug diameter: 3.5mm

Whether wireless headset: wired headset

With or without microphone: Yes

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45 Reviews For This Product

  1. 45

    by Baron

    Purchase this headset to replace another headset that was much more expensive and supposed to be better quality. This item far exceeds our expectations for gaming and has worked very well. The quality appears to be good and the sound quality and microphone are very good. We?ve had no issues with the wireless connection or battery life.

  2. 45

    by Bing

    I?ve used plenty of headsets in my time of gaming and these blow plenty out of the water. Especially when it comes to comfortability. The material is great and so is the sound. One of my favorite features is the addition of being able to choose the 3.5 mm jack or Bluetooth as it almost guarantees that it will be usable for next gen, whatever that may be. I use it on my ps4 and it?s been perfect. Battery life is amazing and the ability to detach the mic is underrated for sure. My only gripe is style of the headphones. Having something with a better style design or even an option to choose color would go a long way in my opinion. But at the end of the day it?s a very small issue relative to how much these headphones have to offer. Definitely worth the purchase

  3. 45

    by Arnold

    I packed up my yeti, removed the DAC from my desk, and now I?m using this headset as my daily driver. It?s not going to deliver the crispest audio ever. It?s not going to be the best recording quality for your voice. It is quite useful for hobbyist gaming. Do recommend.

  4. 45

    by Andre

    The headset sounds pretty good if you don?t have the mic attached. As soon as you do you start to get this faint squealing/popping white noise. It?s not bad enough to be distracting but you will notice it enough to leave the mic detached most of the time. I don?t know if this is just my unit but I?ve read other similar complaints and heard the response was they were looking into it.

  5. 45

    by Atwood

    A really good headset but there are a couple of small issues I have with it. First, I know I shouldnt expect much battery from a wireless headset but it woupd be really convenient if I could have my headset plugged in while using it. Ive forgotten to charge it before going to bed and found myself having to wait for my headset to charge. Second, the mic could use some touch up. Its nice quality but pretty soft unless its up against your mouth. And finally, the volume button is way too loose. I often find myself bumping it by accident and having it change volume, some tightness would make this much more convinient.

  6. 45

    by Basil

    I went with these over the Razer Man-O-War headphones and I’m so glad I did. The HyperX headphones are much better quality with even better sound. Unfortunately there is no software or battery indicator included. The battery life is so great that I forget that it doesn’t have a battery indicator. I charge them once a week after daily 4 hour uses. It’s also great that you can turn the LEDs off to save battery.

  7. 45

    by Barret

    You’re trading wireless convenience, for audio. Wireless is great, audio isn’t as good as for example cloud 2’s wired. Battery is decent. Not super impressed. Would like a button on the headset to talk to people when i’m in the kitchen etc.

  8. 45

    by Hulda

    Amazing quality but I am not an audiophile so dont assume these are professional quality. Being able to walk around and leave the room and keep the headphones on is wonderful. The sound is great and I can locate other players in online games based on the sound. They are very comfortable and I find myself wearing them to watch netflix or other tv shows when I am alone. The battery holds its charge very well and charges quickly. The noise cancellation is great because I can never hear when my roomate comes home and am always taken by suprise. Just hope its not a robber one of these days. I would highly recommend these.

  9. 45

    by Brook

    Bought this after the hyperx cloud alpha II. Both are great, but this is a step above. Sound is better, sound isolation from external noises are way better, microphone is equivalent. This will really last 30 hours on one charge (not at full volume). Max volume on this is much louder than the wired cloud alpha, so no need to run max volume unless you don’t like your ear drums. If this failed, I would absolutely buy another one, amazing headset.

  10. 45

    by Caesar

    This is the third Hyper X headset I have purchased over the last five years for myself and family, there customer service is amazing for example, I lost my mic during a move and email them to purchase a new one, guess what! they sent me one at no charge at all. Don’t pay any attention to the other negative reviews, I go multiple days without the need to recharge and the clarityis amazing. Totally recommend!

  11. 45

    by Berger

    Sound quality is amazing for the price. Friends always recommended me this particular model for wireless headsets. I have a laptop I use while in bed or around the house so the mobility is definitely needed. When it comes to gaming, there is no delay on the headset at all. Directional sounds for FPS gaming makes it easy to detect where enemies are. I bought a month ago and have only charged it once the entire time I?ve been using it.

  12. 45

    by Blake

    I first bought a headset that was twice the cost and on every top 10 list – it was horrible and rock hard. This one is a dream! I highly recommend trying it out and the audio quality is great. I also usually have them on anywhere from 2-10 hours depending on gaming/homework and have had them I think almost two months

  13. 45

    by Bertram

    I use these for both console gaming and pc gaming and for some reason they don?t sound as loud on console as they do on pc. Before purchasing these I used the Steelseries Arctis 7s which work a lot better on console in my opinion while the hyper x cloud flight is simpler to use and better on pc. The hyper x does feel extremely good while wearing them and the battery life is good as well. I?ve used them anywhere from 4-6 hours a day and never had battery life issue

  14. 45

    by Bevis

    I wear glasses, and tried a few other headsets looking for one that didn’t cause pain around my glasses. This set is lighter than others (Logitech 533, for example) and has enough padding to avoid pain for at least 3 hours. I stretched them out for a day before using them, so take that into consideration. I would prefer a better/larger volume control, but overall, I am pleased with this purchase.

  15. 45

    by Alvin

    these are insane quality and the sound is high quality and comfortable and adjustable light weight and doesn’t hurt head after long periods of time. The charge time is 30 hours or so without LED lights on. I highly recommend these headphones for gaming or general use as the convenience of wireless, great charge time, and high quality sound. This is the best wireless gaming headset on the market. Good luck finding anything better.

  16. 45

    by Allen

    Short of active noise cancellation, these work really well. They are comfortable for long periods and even fit over my big fat head. The sound quality is very nice, no complaints there (games, movies, or music).

  17. 45

    by Berton

    Pretty decent for a wireless stereo headset. Not great for big heads. It is on the ear instead of over the ear, so if you wear glasses you’re going to feel some angst after a bit. Fantastic battery life, but you can’t turn off the LEDs on the cups to increase battery life or reduce obnoxiousness. Also, no simulated surround sound for PC. It’s pretty minimal and overpriced at $100+ for what it is.

  18. 45

    by Bradley

    For gaming, I love this headset. Comfrotable for long periods, good sounds and microphone quality, and no cord needed. However, I record how-to videos for different things, and this headset has an auto-shutoff feature (that tech support has confirmed can’t be disabled) if the headset is not receiving audio for a period of time. If it is a VOIP call, you should be fine, as there is audio coming in. However, if you are recording your screen and only recording your microphone (with no other audio playback), then it will turn off after a while automatically — which is super annoying when your’e trying to record a video. Hyperx – please do a firmware upgrade or give us options to disable this!

  19. 45

    by Angelo

    Really emphasizes quality of everything your listening to this is perfect for those open world games or even br’s also great for competitive shooters, the only complaint is the max frequencies had to lower the Hz on quality wise because the headphoves would admit a static noise over everything so i wish they would go higher but regardless i love these headphones music is about 10x better for me upgrading from some a10 65 dollar headphobes i can say im impressed qould recommend these for anyone going or already on pc but not so much on console unfortunately the USB doesn’t work on xbox but on pc i can hear my surroundings WAY better.

  20. 45

    by Broderick

    I previously owned the HyperX Cloud II before upgrading to the Cloud Flight. Personally, I like the more minimalistic design of the Cloud Flight than the Cloud II. If you had the Cloud II and enjoyed the comfort of it, you will enjoy using the Cloud Flight as well. Very comfy. As far as sound quality, it is very similar. Very good bass and treble. However, with the microphone, I did find that the Cloud II has better quality than the Cloud Flight. But that doesn?t mean the Cloud Flight is bad, it?s still great for what it is. Overall, I purchased these headset for the conveniency. No wires attached and I love every second of it. Highly recommended.

  21. 45

    by Carey

    The wireless range was advertised to be up to 20 meter, but it feels like only 5 meters. My room is small, as soon as I leave my room, it’s already starting to sound distorted and cuts off if I walk any further. My brother can walk out of the room with his wired HyperX Cloud II further than I can with the Flight. It’s a little disappointing, seeing that I saw reviews of people able to pass 2 walls in their house without any drops (with what I assume is very close to 20 meters). The microphone on the Flight also isn’t all that great. Everything else is perfect for my taste; the audio quality, the comfortable padding, and the placement of buttons.

  22. 45

    by Boyd

    I retired a Sennheiser Game One + GSX 1000 Amplifier for the Cloud Flight as I was super impressed when I used them for the first time. I was kind of worried about sound output / quality as other wireless headsets that I’ve owned in the past just don’t have anything to them and I have some hearing loss, so these are great considering sometimes I have to turn the volume down. I mainly use these for PUBG, Hunt: Showdown, Black Ops, WoW and they have pretty decent surround as well. I definitely don’t think you’ll be disappointed.

  23. 45

    by Bernard

    Good gaming headphones. I love them. They fit comfortably and are very lightweight so I forget they are even on my head! They don’t have surround sound which sucks but they have high quality drivers. And they are big too so the sound that comes from these are really good. If you want a wireless gaming headset and battery is the most important thing to you then these are the best you can get. Battery lasts roughly 25 to 30 hours (LEDs off). Great sounding wireless gaming headphones with a great sounding mic. Very comfortable. Amazing battery.

  24. 45

    by Benson

    Coming from a pair of good headphones + a desktop mic and getting complaints from friends about hearing my background noise from games in Discord calls I got tired of hearing them complain and decided to get a wireless headset. As of right now, I don’t have any complaints about this headset, everyone says I sound good, they feel good, setup is easy, battery life is decent and you can use them as normal headphones if you’re wanting to.

  25. 45

    by Antoine

    This headset is as comfortable as any other HyperX, which is to say it’s very comfortable. The controls are simple and straightforward. The mic sound cancelling is incredible. I work in a room full of people on phones and it completely silences everything but my voice. You CAN charge them while using them. The battery life has been very good.

  26. 45

    by Alston

    Previous headset was a Logitech g933. That headset had lots of issues with the power button and that was the main reason I was looking for a new headset. At the time of writing this review I’ve been using the headset for about 2 weeks. I’ve been very pleased with this one so far I would say the sound quality is about the same, the range is a little bit better, and the battery life is much longer. The setup was easy and the headset is very light making it very comfortable. My only complaint so far is it’s not as good at noise cancelling. The microphone works okay for a headset mic but it’s nothing special.

  27. 45

    by Ansel

    Not too impressed. Sound quality is meh. Muting the mic is easy but nothing visible to tell you its muted. Just a single and double beep for off and on. The battery life is exceptional, they are comfortable in long sessions.

  28. 45

    by Antony

    This is my first set of over the ear wireless headphones! I have no complaints other than I wish the battery life was a bit longer. But with a larger battery could come a heavier headset so I will take the lightweight headset over a bit of battery life.

  29. 45

    by Archer

    I always struggled with finding lightweight headsets I can use for an extended period of time. These are perfect. They sound great (a lot better than the Sennheiser Game One headset I had, in my opinion). The battery can last you a solid 8 hours of gaming (I keep the logo on ‘breathing mode’ on my headset, it would last linger if you kept the logo off).

  30. 45

    by Burton

    – noise cancelling ear cups do exactly that. i cant hear any noise other than the sound from the headset. – amazing battery life i went 4 days 8 hour sessions or longer of non stop use before needing to be charged. (leds off) – headset is extremely comfor

  31. 45

    by Carl

    This version of head phones from HyperX is more comfortable than my Cloud Alphas. More earspace and I can go longer without ear irritation. Regardless of that, I was reading some comments about it working on phones. I was able to get it to work perfectly on my Google Pixel. Just popped on a USB-C adapter then the headphone’s receiver on it. You have to wait for the dongle to turn red (on), then power the headphone itself.

  32. 45

    by Bernie

    Sound quality could be better it’s mediocre but a decent headset at least is very comfortable and sounds very clear when I talk to my friends which is a huge plus! And when I’m just strictly gaming by myself that’s when the sounds is a lot better

  33. 45

    by Abel

    What I liked about this headset is the wireless aspect its forever annoying when you have a wire getting in the way. Pros: Great sound quality, comfortable fit around your head, great design, love how easy it is to mute also nobody has to hear the clicking when you decide to mute yourself, it’s just a great product all around.

  34. 45

    by Brandon

    Bought this after returning Steelseries Arctis 7. This doesn’t squeeze my head like the Arctis 7. Flight is very comfortable and can be placed at many positions. Works very well with FPS games, music, podcasts, and watching YouTube videos; however, I do wish there was an indication that the mic is on mute. Also, PS4 will shut off the headset if you are just using the mic and not the earpiece.

  35. 45

    by Beacher

    I absolutely love this headset. The bass is clear and punchy, the surround sound works great, and the battery life is incredible. With the amount of gaming I do (not a ton) I only have to charge these every 1 to 2 weeks. They are also super comfy and the wireless quality and range are great. When they need to be replaced one day, I?ll buy the same ones.

  36. 45

    by Calvin

    Bought these for better performance compared to cheap computer speakers. Sound quality is quite good, however isn’t extraordinary. I do not use the microphone, so it is nice that it is removable. Cordless feature is also a massive plus. The fact that they run on battery power has not been an issue after a few months of moderate use and periodic charging.

  37. 45

    by Benjamin

    Very happy with my purchase, I got this through Amazon warehouse I believe for around $70 and I think they’re worth it. Sound quality is great, for gaming you can hear footsteps I’m not quite used to understanding which direction the sound is coming from with a headset yet but if a sound is coming from the left or right you can definitely tell. I’ve watched a movie with these on the sound is also great with that.

  38. 45

    by Avery

    The most i’ve gotten on a full charge was 5 hours of use. However that does not affect how i view these amazing headphones. Great quality! Would buy again

  39. 45

    by Andrew

    What can i say, well very good in sound you can hear every foot step, bomb, gun fire So perfect you will not be disappointed. Noise cancellation on point. 30 hours of game play well lets put it this way i played for three day?s haven?t charge them. One thing i can tell you that if you have them on for hours you may start to feel heat and sweat on your ears. Nothing a cool room won?t fix lol enjoy. All in all very good purchase. I would highly recommend

  40. 45

    by Scott

    Sound quality is ok. Awesome portability and convenience for gaming, I can never go back to wired. Noise canceling is actually quite effective and muffs are comfortable to wear long hours. Definitely recommend for gaming strictly.

  41. 45

    by Bruce

    I got these for my partner as a birthday gift. Easy to say he loves these headphones. I did a lot of researching and reviewing. These headphones are everything I expected and more. He’s able to play so much better because of the sound clarity and location. They are comfy and completely cancel out outside noise. (Kinda sucks because now I can’t talk to him while he’s gaming lol) but it’s really great! I hope this review helps someone who is on the fence on which headset to purchase. I would suggest watching YouTube videos as well.

  42. 45

    by Baldwin

    A fantastic, decently priced headset that provides excellent sound while being wireless! I love this headset so much that, when I bought my girlfriend one for xmas, I tried hers and immediately bought my own pair. It is not very noise cancelling though so if that is what you are looking for maybe look at another model as my previous pair was super noise cancelling.

  43. 45

    by Bishop

    I went from a Logitech G633 to this and the mic quality is a bit lower but barely noticeable. And the wireless battery is amazing. Defiantly worth the upgrade. The only negative is that you should just a USB extender to move the USB adapter they give you to put it in front of your desk or somewhere visible not hidden to increase the range. Once I did that I was able to go everywhere in my apartment besides outside it with no issues!

  44. 45

    by Barnett

    I’ve got an Xbox, a PS4, and a PC so being able to use my headphones between any of these platforms is very important. For that reasons these weren’t for me, but they were comfortable and had excellent sound quality. If that restriction doesn’t apply to you, go ahead and enjoy.

  45. 45

    by Boyce

    Swapped out my Logitech G933 wireless headset for this. So far I love this in comparison. Sound is great, mic quality is better/clearer, and battery life last alot longer. Headset was plug and play which is nice in comparison to having to download the Logitech driver I’m used to. The mute button is nice, but wish there was just one customizable button so that I could map a push to talk button to my headset.

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IP790 mobile phone K song singing headset headset with microphone male and female universal headset single plug headset

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