Earphone With Microphone Noise Reduction sport for iphone xiaomi Mp3 Player Headset runing

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  • Function:For Mobile Phone,for Video Game,HiFi Headphone,For iPod,Sport,Common Headphone
  • Waterproof:No
  • Support Memory Card:No
  • Connectors:3.5mm
  • Plug Type:Line Type
  • Wireless Type:None
  • Sensitivity:105dB
  • Support APP:No
  • Style:Ear Hook
  • With Microphone:Yes
  • Resistance:32Ω
  • Support Apt-x:No
  • Volume Control:Yes
  • Communication:Wired
  • Active Noise-Cancellation:No
  • Vocalism Principle:Dynamic
  • Frequency Response Range:20-2000Hz
  • Model Number:E-S2
  • Is wireless:No
  • Control Button:Yes

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Gold, Silver

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46 Reviews For This Product

  1. 46

    by Andrew

    Great simple earbuds. Noise reducing works great. Very good volume for the price. Would buy again.

  2. 46

    by Brandon

    Earbuds work great. When I try to use them with my newer iPhones (using the adaptor) they do not work. Makes sense since they are not compatible with those phones but just in case someone intends to use the adaptor, they should know up front.

  3. 46

    by Isabella

    I bought these just for when I’m traveling and dont wanna use my bluetooth ones, or if I’m just laying in bed. I know these are cheap. So I knew not to expect much. I just wanted something.

  4. 46

    by Liam

    The sound is good and the fit is good for walking. Durability is a question. After 1 month of use, the white sleeve where the wire goes into the silver plug is starting to crack.

  5. 46

    by Luke

    I’ve run 14 marathons and these headphones have held up. They do not slide out, even with sweat/water dripping down. They fit snuggly in my ears. They are not meant to cancel noise, which as a runner, you do not want the noise of your surroundings cancelled for safety reasons. The music is always crisp and clear. I’ve never had a sound quality issue. The cords did not twist or tangle easily, if at all.

  6. 46

    by Grace

    I thought I had a defective pair, so I put in for another. I was really happy with the audio quality, but I was getting an odd audio anomalies when using it on my phone. For whatever reason, it’s fine now. I don’t know what was causing the noise, but it’s gone now and all is good. I figured I would keep them both.

  7. 46

    by Joseph

    I bought this earbud around 3 months ago and I’ve used it every day. What I like the most from this earbud is its durability. I fell asleep while wearing this earbud several times, but it’s still perfectly fine so far. I’m pleased with this product. Besides, it also has a pretty decent sound quality for this price.

  8. 46

    by Samuel

    Good product. Good sound. I do not get why some folks are not happy. Mine worked well for long enough (given that I use it all the time, and everywhere). I have it in my bed, in my pocket, in my car, in my skating bag… First pair just got torn after months and months of heavy use. I just started second pair yesterday.

  9. 46

    by Elizabeth

    I love these earbuds. I have nephews and sometimes they are so loud that I can?t even hear myself think and with these they drown out the noice without me having to bust my eardrum from the volume being up on my phone. It has a mic so you can talk when your phone rings and everybody saids they can hear me crystal clear. I have some in the past that didn?t work like stated but these truly do.

  10. 46

    by Sarah

    I have a hard time finding earbuds I like. I have sensitive ears. I decided to try yet another pair and am so glad I did! These are awesome. I can choose the size I want and the fit is comfortable and snug. That is important so it cancels out the extra outside noise. The sound is clear and not runny. I will be purchasing a few different pairs to keep in the car, purse, bedroom, ect. I can afford to with the great price that these are. I highly recommend!

  11. 46

    by Christopher

    This little package packs a great punch. The sound quality in these earbuds are excellent. Great treble and bass quality. They were also very lightweight and comfortable to wear. They come equipped with a built-in mic which are great for phone conversations or recording notes.

  12. 46

    by Ethan

    These are great ear buds. They fit in my ears perfect, sound great and seem to be well constructed. I haven’t listened to a ton of music with them, as I bought them for listening to audio books, but they are very clear and crisp.

  13. 46

    by Olivia

    I wouldn’t use these for audio recording, but it’s been 2 months and they still do what I need them to do. I use them for listening to music and to answer phone calls hands-free. The sound quality is good so far and they fit in my ears comfortably (and stay in place). The wiring moves a little easier in its casing than in some of the other earbuds. A speaker cover came off at one point – I had to stick it back in and pray for the best

  14. 46

    by Oliver

    The sound quality of these earbuds is amazing! The bass is very good as well. They come with several different sizes of silicone earpieces, and they are very comfortable. My ears never get sore when I use these. The remote on the wires always works perfectly, and is easy to get to. You can turn the volume up and down, pause and play, and skip tracks using the remote. The audio where the earbuds plug into the phone is very strong and sturdy, and feels like it will hold up to a lot of use. And for the price you can’t go wrong with these earbuds!

  15. 46

    by Cameron

    I needed some headphones to bring on a trip and ordered these for the long plane ride. I used them on two ten hour flights and they were great. Everything I expected and more for the low price. I used them on the flight to listen to music, and for movies. For both, the headphones sounded great. An added plus is that they did drown out the sound of the plane engines. They felt comfortable enough that several times I fell asleep with them on! Now I’m home and continue to use them for music. I’m really happy with this purchase. The sound is great, and the price is low!

  16. 46

    by James

    I wanted a pair of earbuds in the same style as the Apple earbuds, but with a 3.5 connector. I did not want to pay for Apple earbuds. These fit in my ear the same as my Apple earbuds and they connect to my desk speakers.

  17. 46

    by Benjamin

    These are nice sturdy headphones. They fit well in my ears and have a great sound. These stand out from the rest as they are metal instead of plastic. They have a sturdyness that I have not found in other headphones. My only complaint is that they did not include a case.

  18. 46

    by Abigail

    Previously my favorite inexpensive earbuds were the Sansa in ear headphones and the Apple earbuds. I like an earbud that just rests in my ear and that has good bass response. I?m a music producer so good clear sound is important to me. When I?m seriously listening I use my AKG k12 reference headphones, but when I?m walking around, I need something I can afford to lose or break – cos that?s going to happen. These are perfect for good clear sound that need not be accurate. The fit tho? , I can tell is not for everyone. We?ll see how sturdy they are.

  19. 46

    by Dylan

    I love the sound from these ear buds! They are made well. I like the quality. The metal connections are the key I believe. I will be ordering these as stocking stuffers this year.

  20. 46

    by Chloe

    I bought these because they were advertised as noise canceling. They are not. They are fine as earbuds and the sound is good but don?t buy if you are looking for noise canceling

  21. 46

    by Zachary

    But not what you would get from Samsung headphones, especially in the noise cancelling area. I think these are roughly comparable to Apple headphones. They do not have the silicone covers so they might not fit quite as nicely and securely as you want but they do have a long cord, which helps for tall people or longer distances. I think any headphone with an added port will help to cancel noise, but those like Samsung with a 3rd port do better at noise cancelling, and provide a much better crisper sound. I use these mostly for TV watching not for music so weigh that also.

  22. 46

    by David

    The sound is very good.. But they were too big for my ears but i kept trying to use them as i didnt want to waste my money.. and they hurt after having them in for a couple minutes… so i gave them to my son.. which loves them 🙂 says they fit him well and the sound is awesome 🙂

  23. 46

    by Michael

    I hoped that they would be more comfortable and fit better to the ears kinda like apple ones but they aren’t very comfortable at all but they work fine to do the job but I can’t imagine running or walking with them they would keep falling. If you are just sitting they are fine.

  24. 46

    by Emily

    I have been using these last few days they are comfortable and I can hear what I am listening too perfect. These are great made I love them.

  25. 46

    by Aiden

    I really like this style of earbuds because the ones with the plastic nobs don’t stay in my ears. These fit perfectly and they stay in. This particular brand is excellent and more durable than all the all-plastic ones I have ordered before in packs. I think they do dull noise, but I wouldn’t call them noise canceling. The sound quality is really good and the cord is thicker than cheaper earbuds; it seems durable. Really happy with them.

  26. 46

    by Noah

    I love these headphones! You do not need to spend a lot of money to get comfortable, good quality headphones because these fit the bill! I usually have a hard time finding headphones that are comfortable and fit in my ear properly. These headphones fit perfectly, the sound quality is amazing, and the price is just fantastic. This would make a perfect gift for music lovers. Will definitely buy again.

  27. 46

    by Natalie

    These headphone are very comfy. I love how comfy the feel. They don’t aggravate my ears like most headphones do. They really do cancel out noise. If you are looking for some nice headphones, I would recommend these. They are great!

  28. 46

    by Ava

    I had a set of old iphone earpods (the wired ones not to be confused). And those were the first earphones where the shape worked in my ear so I actually liked them. They finally died after about 7-8 years of hard service so I wanted replacements. These have the same shape so the comfort level was good for me. The audio quality is not as good as the iphone ones used to be but I use these primarily at work for casual music listening or podcasts so for me they were good enough. They do not noise cancel at all, but I wouldn’t have expected them to at all. Ok technically maybe a little but that’s just because you have this thing shoved in your ear.

  29. 46

    by Sophia

    I am pleasantly surprised that a sub $20 set of earbuds sounds so crisp . The ear buds seems to be made of a metal casing and uses quality materials all around. No overwhelming bass ,but overall just decently good sound. Only caveat is they will not stick in your ears as well as rubberized buds with interchangeable tips. I personally prefer these due to the fact that they don’t have to be shoved in your ear canal. Fishing out a loose rubber tip out of your ear canal is not fun..I speak from experience.

  30. 46

    by Anthony

    These are some very nice looking pair of earphones and they feel nicely sturdy for the long run. My last ones where some Samsung AKG that I used daily and regularly that finally gave out, these hold up nicely sound wise compared to them. Also these come with everything, pouch, clip, different size buds, and also some memory foam buds for when you really wanna drown out everything else.

  31. 46

    by Lauren

    I am very pleased with the quality of these headphones. Surprisingly, they feel as if they will last. Metal. Sturdy. Have good clear quality sound. Well made.

  32. 46

    by Alexis

    My daughter purchased this pair of headphones & I borrowed them one day & liked them so much that I purchased a pair for myself. Provide a very similar comfort in the ear as the apple earbuds. I have tiny ears & always it challenging finding a pair that fit & are comfortable but these provide both. Sound quality is great! Would recommend to anyone looking for a reasonable pair of earbuds with great sound quality.

  33. 46

    by Daniel

    These ear buds are pretty comfortable. The sound was amazing, without having them stuffed deep in my ears. I like that I can shut them ?off? to carry on a quick conversation, but was a bit disappointed it isn?t a volume button.

  34. 46

    by Jack

    Love the have different size silicone adapters to fit ear hole, very comfortable and clear in quality.

  35. 46

    by Hannah

    I have used several of these kinds of hearing devices and I have to say this one is really the BEST IVE USED! I can hear crystal clear and when listening to music and singing on apps that I like, it is very good. These are one thing I will not regret buying . I would love to get these for a gift or give them to someone as a gift . Let me say this again THE BASE is wonderful you hear just like they are in the same room . Sounds like a concert but better. I really like these and the way they are made. Like s doctor’s stethoscope, that makes its. Sound BOOM!! Bought again for bff!!

  36. 46

    by Ryan

    These ear buds are perfect! I have sensetive ears and dislike the ear buds that go inside your ear drum but these sit exactly at the right place. Sound quality is excellent! Talking on the phone I dont have to repeat myself!

  37. 46

    by Madison

    Best ear buds I have ever had. Really excellent sound quality, blocks out unwanted external noise very effectively. I can close my eyes and the outside world falls away, it sounds like I’m in the concert hall, or sitting with the musicians playing the music. TV and movies are crystal clear and intense. Very beautiful and we’ll made, several different ear tips included so you can get the right fit. My ears are small, so for me the ear peice could be a little smaller, but I wear them all the time and often sleep with them in (on my side) and never have any discomfort.

  38. 46

    by Alexander

    I have a teen so I’m constantly buying ear buds. She received these and has actually held on to them for a few days because she likes them very much. The sound is great and they are very comfortable. Many sizes to choose from. Great price for the quality.

  39. 46

    by Emma

    I bought these for my husband for when he games. We have a few over the ear ones but these work better to block out background noise. (When he?s playing and the kids are loud) none of the crackling, static or echo you hear with other ones. He loves thin they are his new go to

  40. 46

    by Amelia

    What I like most about these is they don’t get all twisted up like some do. The sound is great and the earplugs are comfortable. Very good value

  41. 46

    by Samantha

    I was actually impressed with these! They have a richer and much-fuller sound than lots of ear buds on the market in this price range. They stayed in my ears pretty well, too, even while doing some heavy cleaning! They’re comfortable and lightweight amd would make a great primary OR backup pair (like in a bug-out/prepper bag or emergency kit in your car.)

  42. 46

    by Jessica

    First, The Good: The sound quality on these is good, particularly for the price. The bass is a bit soft, but everything is crisp and clear. And really, what do you expect at this price point. Furthermore, I found them perfectly comfortable for extended wear.

  43. 46

    by Matthew

    These are great for my ears they fir nicely and don’t fall out. Waterproof too so that really helps while doing outdoor things like fishing, jogging, walking I am really pleased with the sound too.

  44. 46

    by William

    The headphones are great! I think they’re very comfortable and have awesome sound quality. When I use them I don’t hear a bunch of static or background noise like I do with other earbuds

  45. 46

    by Taylor

    Was surprised at how comfortable they are, as I normally do not like these kind of ear phones. Highly recommend.

  46. 46

    by Ashley

    These earbuds give clear sound and block out noise well, the fit in my ears well, and work with my iPhone adapter.

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Earphone With Microphone Noise Reduction sport for iphone xiaomi Mp3 Player Headset runing

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