Electro-acoustic 326 computer cf wired desktop headset headset music notebook single hole subwoofer computer headset

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Model: DX326

Type: headset

Headphone type: Headphones

Wearing method: head-mounted

Headphone output source: PC

Plug diameter: 3.5mm

Plug type: straight type

Whether wireless headphones: wired headphones

With or without a microphone: Yes

Sound principle: dynamic

Frequency response range: 20-2000 (Hz)

Impedance: 32 (Ω)

Sensitivity: 45 (dB)

Wire length: 2.3 (m)

Horn diameter: 30 (Φmm)

Uses: game audio and video headphones, MP3 headphones, mobile phone headsets, computer headsets, voice headsets, sports headsets, music headsets, ordinary headphones

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Black, White

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100 Reviews For This Product

  1. 100

    by IVE

    The box is slightly wrinkled, but everything works fine Headphones worked 2 hours, during this time did not turn off Came charged at 100% Delivery fast

  2. 100

    by Muriel


  3. 100

    by Yolanda

    Fast shipping and nice product. Everything’ s alright 🙂

  4. 100

    by James

    The quality from the M165 is really good. It will connect to anything via Bluetooth and has great range (of course that also depends on your phone). The one knock I have on this one is that the ear piece doesn’t fit great in my ear. I’m a smaller person, and I’ve tried the smaller ear piece as well but none of them really fit that great in my ear. Sometimes I’ve just had to give up on it. Other than that, it’s been a great hands free device.

  5. 100

    by Vezza Rose

    Packed perfectly

  6. 100

    by Sebastiane

    Delivery is very fast. Headphones work. For its price, quite normal.

  7. 100

    by Sutton

    Price quality is just off scale. Excellent headphones. I took them because the cat-gavnyuk likes to gnaw the wire at the headphones, and then there is nothing to gnaw) the sound is excellent, i like it!

  8. 100

    by Makay

    Quite a good option for your money. Notifications in english. Battery indication sound and light. The volume is good, the pairing is instant. My little ears don’t fall off. The seller is sociable. Let’s see how long will live, but for now all hood!

  9. 100

    by Willis

    I bought this headset because it had some promising reviews. I can hear clients clearly, although I do wish it would amplify my own voice like other headsets do. I wear reading glasses and the pressure of the headset on the other side of my ears is creating a slight pain and a lot of discomfort. The headset puts pressure on the glasses which in turn is hurting behind my ears and becomes quite uncomfortable within just minutes of wearing them.

  10. 100

    by Gaming

    Arrived very fast

  11. 100

    by TDaley

    Perfect, good product. Fast shipping.

  12. 100

    by Warren

    Despite never contacting their support and having already returned my headset for a refund to seek a better alternative. I was sent out a replacement which I tried out for several days before updating my review. It is holding up much better and both panels feels secure unlike the last one. The only negative for me is my ear will start to ache after prolong use and I have to reposition my eyeglass and headset for comfort. My thick plastic eyeglasses frame contributes to that, but it’s not a big enough issue for me. Regardless I am bumping up the rating.

  13. 100

    by Gilmore

    I’ve been using this headset for a bit over a year. I had gotten them because I had broken my leg, and I had to work from home for a few months. I needed a plug-and-play headset that wasn’t crappy. I’ve since kept the headset for any time I have to work from home (we have tons of Skype meetings), and it’s always done a great job. Today, the microphone stopped working so people can’t hear me. That’s not a product complaint! Frankly, I think I accidentally ran over the boom with my chair. No visible damage, but that mic is as dead as anything.

  14. 100

    by Webb

    This headset is quite comfortable. The sound quality and mic seem to work well for the price. I utilize this when I’m working from home and have to do conference calls. I have also plugged it straight into my phone with similar good results. I am happy with the purchase and have purchased another MPOW audio product based on the positive experience with this headset.

  15. 100

    by Zoe

    Good sound Easy to use Already load when it arrives.

  16. 100

    by Flynn

    I bought this headset to use it in my office for taking Skype meetings. I was looking for an over the head model with better cushion for ears as I use to have meetings for 4-5 hours daily. This one looks comfortable and found some better reviews on Amazon, so I ordered it for my office use. The headset is strong and looks great over the head. It has a better cushion as I am not hearing any outside sound when I wear it in my ear during the meetings. The mic is very flexible and can be adjusted for better audio.

  17. 100

    by Qui

    Definitely good

  18. 100

    by Wood

    I’ve had these headphones for five months and all I can say is Wow! I never expected a $20 pair of headphones to be so good at cancelling sound that i can’t even hear the phone ringing right next to me. I’ve worked from home for several years and I’ve gone through at least six pairs of headphones to find one that would cut down on the noise from my neighbors’ lawn mowers and leaf blowers.

  19. 100

    by Ayers

    This would have received a 5 star if I was only looking for sound quality. For the price, sound quality is amazing! Problem I have is with the microphone. It does not cancel out any of the background noise. I use this on my computer through the USB and another issue I am having after 2 months of using it is that my calls have started to go in and out. Sometimes it is so bad, I am having to plug in my old headset so I can clearly hear my clients.

  20. 100

    by Fletcher

    they work great but they should mention that they only fit children. They are so small that they are hurting my ears. I couldn’t wear these for more than 20 minutes before I would have to take a break from the pain. But, if you have smaller ears – it works good.

  21. 100

    by Peterson

    These are okay…Windows 10 recognized them as soon as I plugged them in…so…no setup required. However, if you are a serious writer…don’t rely on MS Word’s dictation tool…get something like Dragon Naturally Speaking. The headphones worked right out of the box…my software recognized my voice and accurately produced text from speech. For the $20 or so that these cost…these are a pretty good deal. They look nice…feel like they are made well, and work as advertised. I’m sure you can buy better…so choose according to your needs and budget. The click box on the cord works and is very easy to use… the learning curve is almost nonexistent.

  22. 100

    by West

    Works good. Good seal around ears, padding is perfect soft-firm. Comfortable. Sound ends up being good due to the seal. Could do without the LED on the button, but I just keep it upside down. Wish the microphone bent away better. It’s not bad just awkward because it still has to come down a bit and u-curve up. It’s not a big deal at all, definitely not worth going for a different model. I would def get another one of these if these break.

  23. 100

    by Frost

    I use this for Dragon dictation and it works great. I also just use it to videochat or phone friends, sometimes for hours at time… and it works great for all of it! Dependable sound quality (people have no problem hearing me) and the comfortable headphones are pretty effective at blocking out any surrounding noise. My only qualm is that I widh that there were a way to fold the microphone portion upward toward the rest of the headset so it isn’t always sticking out. But that is a small detail.

  24. 100

    by Phillips

    As a remote worker that often works from coffee shops I need good headphones with a mic that can pick up my voice well in a somewhat noisy environment. For the sound and the mic quality these headphones are excellent and I would have a 5-star rating if the headband had not broke in multiple places.

  25. 100

    by Farley

    Mine lasted until just this week, about 1 year and 7 months at work using almost daily. Finally one of the earpieces just broke off, dangling by the wire. The plastic is clearly cheap and brittle. I knew this going in from reading other reviews but I decided for about $20 I would be very gentle with them and see how long they would last. For this amount of money I’m not complaining. But you do need to treat them gingerly if you want them to last.

  26. 100

    by Shaw

    The only reason I give it 4 stars is because the noise cancelling is so good I cant hear myself talk or thru the speakers soI have no idea how loud Im talking and I got this for my job. I absolutely love the sound board with the option to shut off the speaker therefore muting the person talking to me. Im in love. This was exactly what i was looking for and will settle for the less-than quirks.

  27. 100

    by Abbott

    I little late but right after I wrote this review, their customer service reached out to me and sent me a brand new pair for free. Thank you so much! So I changed my review back to 5 stars since I do love the headset and their customer service is amazing! I definitely recommend buying these!

  28. 100

    by Watkins

    I’ve been looking for a good set of USB headphones with a microphone for awhile, to use with my computer. I wanted a set that also had a 3.5mm connector so I could use it with my mobile phone too. This set has both. There’s a 3.5mm connector on the cord, and when you want to connect to a computer, you plug that into the control box, which has volume up, volume down, volume mute, and microphone mute, and another section of cord with a USB connector on the end.

  29. 100

    by Wheeler

    I had a cheapo headset that I used when I was talking to people on the phone and I needed my hands for other things. Usually it happens when I’m talking to a tech and have to use my keyboard. I bought this in January and I’ve used them three times since and they’ve worked like a champ. I keep them hanging in a cabinet near my desk when I’m not using them. Today I took them out and happened to notice the ear pads were coming apart.

  30. 100

    by Stewart

    Straightforward set of headphones with mic that can be used for just about any application. Good sound quality for games, but can’t perform as well on bass as more dedicated types are. Still, I purchased these mostly for using with Dragon Naturally Speaking, Skype, and Rosetta Stone. For all of these, it performs PERFECTLY. No issues at all.

  31. 100

    by Ward

    the company was kind enough to send me new headphones after seeing my bad review. The second pair were much better. The sound quality isn?t bad, the lows could be lower, and the highs can be tinny, but since I use it for chats for work I can?t complain too much. The mic still pics up more than I?d like, but for the price this is really good.

  32. 100

    by Wilcox

    This was the second brand headset I bought to use with our Rosetta Stone software, after having too many failures with the speaking part with a different brand’s model (Altec Lansing). It was very discouraging to have to repeat the pronunciations over and over, failing time after time just to repeat the words back that the program had just spoken to me. I almost gave up the program altogether thinking it was my tongue that was just never going to get it, but decided to give a different headset a try and OH BOY what a difference!

  33. 100

    by Stevenson

    I purchased this headset for my husband and upon one dropped it broke. Mpow reached out to me and replaced the headset and I’m so happy they did because my husband really like this headset. Before Mpow reached to us out we purchased a Mpow EG3 headset which is a gaming headset. Heavier, more robust. I was happy to see that we did not have to chase them down. They reached out to us. THAT IS CUSTOMER SERVICE!! A+++

  34. 100

    by Foley

    As stated before in previous reviews this headset does eliminate outside noises significantly. I was listening to some music recently and pulled them off to talk to someone and forgot I was listening to music. When I put them back on the music was still playing and I cold not hear the music coming from the headphones while it was laying on my desk. I use it mainly for Skype meetings. True you can’t really hear yourself while talking so you have to trust yourself that you are speaking loud enough and resist the temptation to shout. Feedback to me is the people in my meeting say I now sound better than ever.

  35. 100

    by Vega

    This headset works well with Win 10. After installing (the headset loads drivers automatically after plugging into USB port), I looked at settings in Windows control panel/sound as per the instructions. Both mic and earphones were setup well (good volume). The small control module attached to the USB cable allows muting mic and/or headphones and adjusting headphone volume. You can also adjust sound levels via normal Windows audio device settings.

  36. 100

    by Fleming

    I’ve been using these for over a year and a half. Love them. Both the quality of the mic and sound is truly phenomenal. I cannot imagine paying hundreds of dollars for a headset and thinking the sound of my recorded voice or the sounds that come to my ears being appreciably better. I mostly use them for voice calls and video conferencing, but do occasionally listen to some background music while I work.

  37. 100

    by Spencer

    I purchased these to take conference calls from home some days and so far they’re exactly as described – good sound quality and the mic is clear (according to the other folks who are listening to me). The price is great, and the mute/volume controls being part of the set turned out to be super convenient over reaching for my computer all the time. Best of all though, they are comfortable;

  38. 100

    by Fitzpatrick

    I have used this headset several times a week for the last year and a half. I generally use it for conference calls so have not tested much with music for example. Pros: Audio quality has been very good for me (again, typically voice quality on calls). The earphones block out a lot of outside noise. I love that it has options for both USB (on my computer for example) and the 3.5mm stereo plug (which I typically use on my smart-phone). The volume controls and mute are only on the USB portion and those work great.

  39. 100

    by Rosa

    The best feature it can be used for PC/Laptop calls and also directly to your cell phone. I use Skype to make calls and plugs in via USB. My laptop had no problems downloading and can pick to use for mic and speaker. The controller allows to mute and volume And when on the road making/taking calls I plug directly to my cell.

  40. 100

    by Wallace

    I work at home as a support person for a tech company and need to have a headset that fits my ears well, has a mute/volume control on the headset and has great sound quality. This headset fit the bill. Some days I am on the phone with our clients for hours on end and these really are comfortable. The sound comes through crystal clear and for me, personally, I love being able to have the control piece for muting, volume right on the headset because I also provide demos and do not want to disrupt the screen sharing by messing with my volume controls so that extra control piece for volume and muting comes in VERY handy.

  41. 100

    by Fowler

    I am super excited about sharing this review. This past weekend I attended a 35 hour conference via livestream and used them for the entire time. I have two young children and they were thoroughly enjoying the weekend, full of energy and verbal expression. And they were all around me. With my face glued to the screen with the headset on, I barely heard them. And when I put the volume all the way up, I didn’t hear them. The cushion is super comfy and I felt extremely comfortable wearing it for such a long time.

  42. 100

    by Washington

    The dual function of using it on my phone or on my computer is appreciated. The frame itself has enough extension and big cushioned earmuffs that make it a comfortable fit when I wear it. I have tried it for business and gaming use and it has not failed. Once you connect the device in your computer the software automatically configures it and you are set to go.

  43. 100

    by Stone

    Audio has been good and they are comfortable. A couple of fractures have appeared after about a year with little use. I don’t expect it to hold together much longer. Nice headset, just not very durable.

  44. 100

    by IVE

    Realy nice earphones,good sound,mic is nit too Hood,but for Music is perfect, last 3-4 hour full charged

  45. 100

    by Frazier

    It had very good sound quality, and the mic was good enough, however it has fallen apart. The plastic band that connects the left and right sides together started cracking after just 6 months of use, and over time it’s been slowly falling apart. While it wasn’t the most expensive headset on Amazon, with it being as highly rated as this one was, I certainly expected to get at least a few years of use out of it. Disintegrating after just 14 months is shameful. Time to replace it with another brand….

  46. 100

    by Page

    I use this with my tablet to dictate reports of finding. Becase I am utilizing a tablet, I am unable to use the USB plug in remote shutter. It works fine without it, as the dictation application I am using provides the same control features. Voice pick up by the microphone is above comparison and the ear phones block out distracting background noise while I am working. I use this approximately 22 hours a week and am 110% pleased and satisfied. Will always recommend this for anyone wanting a superior quality product. I bought 2 other types including a blue tooth type and one with single sided ear phone. Don’t bother with lower quality. Purchase this item if you are looking for professional results.

  47. 100

    by Floyd

    This headset was purchased to use with a mac for softphone call center job. The mute feature works wonders. The mic picks up your voice quite nicely while canceling out all background noises (no one can hear my dogs barking in the other room, which is a blessing). The ear foam pads are quite comfortable and just the right size, I can even continue to wear my glasses with them on. The head phones even rotate at the ears a tad to make things more comfy.

  48. 100

    by Franco

    I got this because my old Plantronics headset died. After using this for two weeks, here are my impressions. First and foremost, the sound quality is outstanding! Also not sure what sound science happens inside the headset but I can listen on a lower volume setting on the computer and still get loud volume from the headset. Second, I’ve used this to chat online and my friends have commented that I sound better.

  49. 100

    by Reed

    It’s refreshing to see a company on Amazon that stands behind their product. I contacted the warranty department and they sent out a new set of headphones because the original pair broke within the warranty period. I still think the plastic shouldn’t have shattered after only nine months, but the product actually works well and the company’s service is excellent.

  50. 100

    by Finley

    In all my years of using Headsets with Windows PCs, I have not yet been able to get a USB microphone to work properly or at all. Now I’m on Win10 and thought I would give it a try again. Once again, the headset part works but the microphone does not, despite the fact that the Windows Device manager claims it’s working properly and correctly identifies the microphone by manufacturer name. Go figure! Bottom line, avoid USB audio devices for use on Windows PCs, regardless of any claims made by makers or sellers.

  51. 100

    by Francis

    I spend more than half my day on teleconferences and needed a new headset. My bad…I didn’t realize the mic is only on the left ear…I prefer the right side. I was actually looking for a mono headset but didn’t find any with good enough reviews—and so I can’t hear my own voice when both ears are covered so I feel like I am yelling. I also wish you can hang up from the in-line control. I have to hang up from my computer screen. The plug into the in-line control is also sensitive and if it twists just a little bit I lose the sound from the left ear. I have been told I can be heard without difficulty and the sound is pretty good. So….I will probably look for a different head set.

  52. 100

    by French

    I am on calls all day for work– both on my phone and on skype. So I needed something so that I could work hands free during calls and have consistent sound (i.e. not cell phone speakerphone). The sound quality on these are great. They are pretty light weight and easy to use, no set up except plug it in. The only downside is that the ear pads are a bit smaller than would be ideal, or maybe they are a bit firm? In other words, after wearing these for several hours, when I take them off, the outsides of my ears are sore. And I have relatively small ears. I’m imagining if someone had bigger ears or wider ears it could be a little more uncomfortable.

  53. 100

    by Allen

    Before this broke, I was very pleased with the sound quality from the headphones, and feedback from my colleagues suggest that the sound capture quality from the mouthpiece is also good. The headset was comfortable to wear all day long. Hence, I’ll give high ratings for sound quality, but low rating for durability. From a sound quality and comfort perspective, these are great, but I will not buy these again.

  54. 100

    by Scott

    I bought it from this seller because i bought a different headset for my cell phone that worked great for over a year. I started to have some minor issues with that one and this seller was great enough to send me a new one and that one has worked great since. This really was a great headset. It’s comfortable and the sound and settings work great. I just went to put it on my head one day and this happened, so im not sure if it was just a random incident or what, but it’s totally unusable now.

  55. 100

    by Farrell

    Original review: This is easily the worst product I?ve ever ordered from amazon. I bought them for work so I could listen to music and make occasional calls. It plugs into my computer USB and works great for that purpose. Mic and headphones are fine. HOWEVER. Both sides of the headset have broken completely and I?ve had to tape them back together (I?ve been fairly gentle with them, they just snap like twigs).

  56. 100

    by Fitzgerald

    This headset provides great sound quality and creates high-quality recordings. I use them for Skype calls, online training, and recording training videos. They can be a bit tight on your ears after a while so for marathon calls I’m relieved to take them off. This headset has 2 earphones which I didn’t think I would mind, but I can’t hear how loud I’m talking with both ears covered LOL. The microphone mute, sound mute, and volume control on the headset wire is easy to use and convenient. I recommend these for any of the above activities as long as you don’t mind having both ears covered.

  57. 100

    by Franco

    I work from home and I was really hoping to find a headset that would block out the noise around me, like the trucks going by outside and my dog barking in the background. When I first got these, they seemed pretty good. As time has gone by, however, the people on the other end of the phone seem to be hearing the background noise just as much as they ever did.

  58. 100

    by Williamson

    I needed something I could make calls with on my cellphone and on my laptop. This is great. The sound is great and I’ve had no complaints from the people on the other end about background noise or sound quality. Can’t beat the price!

  59. 100

    by Wilson

    Fast shipping. Everything works.

  60. 100

    by Katherine

    They arrived in less than 30 days home, in perfect condition, were already loaded. I use them every time I go out and so far I don’t run out of battery, good sound for cost, super recommended

  61. 100

    by Simply Ursula

    The noise cancelling functions well. Once you wear it a day or so you forget that you have it on your ear. I have dropped it numerous times but it still works great.

  62. 100

    by Dermott

    It works extremely well with my phone.

  63. 100

    by QAAa

    Headphones came quickly, for 2 weeks. While the child is happy with them, the sound is good, loud, clear. Headphones came charged, well packed.

  64. 100

    by Ingrid

    The product fully corresponds to the description, the sound is good

  65. 100

    by James Neighbos

    Absolutely love it!

  66. 100

    by Jasmi

    Bought this for my hubby who drives all day for work and this Bluetooth i must say is really good. I recommend it!

  67. 100

    by Winni

    This should be a suitable replacement for me at work.

  68. 100

    by Daisy

    Connects easily

  69. 100

    by Lilith

    Great blue tooth device, this is my third one only because i keep losing them, but for the price its not a big deal. It works perfectly, all calls are crisp, clear and precise. Volume max is more than adequate, and the ovrall device is small and not too noticable, doesnt look like you have a satelitte stuck to the side of your head. I would recommend buying some extra ear pieces because these only tend to last about a year if you don’t take them off and if you take them off frequently like i do to clean them, they the silicone starts to rip.

  70. 100

    by Isab

    Works perfect with my Phone ?by far is the best one for me and my iPhone

  71. 100

    by UYHGN

    I thought this thing would be cheaply made etc. Well i was wrong .Being that this device is super light,you have a tendency to forget its on and hence,easy to lose.Which I did.It wound up in the laundry and was washed and ran through the drier.The kid found it,the wife charged it up ,and behold,STILL WORKS.After that from now on im stickin with a winner.

  72. 100

    by Frederica

    The earphones are very comfortable and lightweight compared to the Q29 earphones. They don?t sound as loud as the Q29 earphones. But overall, this is a very good alternative for AirPods.

  73. 100

    by Beata

    Headset so just good quality recommend seller came very fast

  74. 100

    by Customer

    great headphones not too loud with bass when playing music. the sound is clear during phone calls. thanks great product

  75. 100

    by Mike

    Perfectly packed! Everything works.

  76. 100

    by Oscar

    Excellent product super delivery to chekhov mos. The courier works well

  77. 100

    by DFG

    For this money the headphones are very good

  78. 100

    by oel Whittenton

    Great value for the money.

  79. 100

    by Kt Silvestri

    This headset is awesome it is a life changer. The sound quality is great the noise cancellation is great. I have not used these for gaming. But this headset is a definite must and the price is great.

  80. 100

    by DFD

    Good product. Connects easily. Good for a range of 5 meters unobstructed.

  81. 100

    by Matthew

    Good shopping

  82. 100

    by Muriel

    This one is the best sound quality & features for the price. I can’t believe how inexpensive it is compared to it’s competition. I would buy another if I lost this one!

  83. 100

    by Flora

    Came quickly) perfectly packed! Everything works.

  84. 100

    by harm

    Item good. Fast delivery. Price and quality ok for me.

  85. 100

    by GRACE

    Delight, happiness… Very convenient. Well hold, hear well. Happy.

  86. 100

    by Jason

    Really good quality of sound, i?m musician and I?m impressed! Seem like Bass is not so powerful, but it has great balance between high middle and basses. Recommend!

  87. 100

    by uy

    Delivery is fast, track tracked. Super headphones!

  88. 100

    by Jasmi

    Everything is fine

  89. 100

    by WORK

    The goods ordered 15.04, and 29.04 have already arrived. It’s all right. After use, i will make the addition.

  90. 100

    by Irma

    Good product

  91. 100

    by Emily

    Very good! I have not checked yet. This is a gift to my son. I hope everything will work.

  92. 100

    by Erdley

    Came quickly days for 19, the sound is good, very happy

  93. 100

    by gigi

    I ran this bluetooth through the wash. Then plugged into the charger figuring it wouldn’t work, but oh well… Surprise! This little guy fired up & works. I’m giving 4 stars because the range is weak and the volume is not loud enough to hear Audibles when I’m sitting on the tractor. Just sayin’

  94. 100

    by Bb


  95. 100

    by hammond

    Absolutely wonderful in ear bluetooth. Super light, and with small earpiece, can barely tell have on, but stays rock steady in my ear. Great battery life, going a whole day on a charge with plenty of business length calls and podcasts filling the gaps. Everyone says it sounds clear from their end of call, and are surprised I’m on a Bluetooth headset.

  96. 100

    by Quinton

    I use this to listen to audio books downloaded from the library. If someone calls, the book stops and the bluetooth asks if I want to ANSWER or IGNORE. Goes back to book when call ends. About 15 minutes of charging lasts seven hours. Warning that battery is low WAY before it quits working – especially if not actually talking but listening to music, book, or video.

  97. 100

    by TDaley

    Iv’e had this for three months now and I am actually so impressed ?And call quality is excellent.

  98. 100

    by Ww

    I don’t write a lot of reviews here but I was so pleasantly surprised by this little device that I feel compelled to leave behind a few words.The pairing process was flawless and easy. The buttons on the headset are easy to use. And the thing is *tiny*. It’s so small and light that I barely notice it’s in my ear. The ‘multipoint’ feature is nice because I can take Skype calls from my laptop with it as well. The music playback quality significantly better than I’d expect from a tiny little like this. My only minor complaint, not big enough to drop below five stars, is that to mute, one has to hold the volume button too long to quickly cover a surprise cough or someone walking into the room making a lot of noise.

  99. 100

    by Gladis P.

    I’ve washed it 3 times in the washing machine, sent through the dryer once, was in my pocket when I went to far in my waders. lost it multiple times and found it but I think this last time I really lost it. Buying another one now!

  100. 100

    by Ford

    This is my second one of these . They work perfect . The reason I got a new one is the sound began to fade a little , wasn’t as loud as before . I love the ease of use , and the battery life is great .

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