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Model: DT-2102

Type: headset

Headphone type: Headphones

Wearing method: head-mounted

Headphone output source: PC

Plug diameter: 3.5mm

Plug type: straight type

Whether wireless headphones: wired headphones

With or without a microphone: Yes

Sound principle: dynamic

Frequency response range: 20-2000 (Hz)

Impedance: 32 (Ω)

Sensitivity: 45 (dB)

Wire length: 2.5 (m)

Horn diameter: 40 (Φmm)

Uses: game audio and video headphones, gaming headsets, computer headsets, voice headsets, music headsets, professional customization, ordinary headphones, audio-visual headphones


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46 Reviews For This Product

  1. 46

    by Padro

    I just bought another pair and will be buying 3 more in the next month. They are greatness! Santa will deliver since the other kids loved their brothers set so much. Worth it!! I bought these for my kid for a birthday. They fit great & feel comfortable. I was surprised by the sound quality! They’re pretty good. I thought these were for kids, but the sound quality says adults too. Pretty good purchase for price. No regrets

  2. 46

    by Pacer

    I like these headphones. I used them often, both when ‘reading’ a book and when going to sleep. I sleep on my back, so rolling over is not an issue. But a wire seems to have broken already. I’m disappointed. It worked last night, not tonight. I wish it had held up, it was helping me go to sleep! I was contacted by the Rockpapa people and they replaced them immediately. I look forward to using them again!

  3. 46

    by Kameryn

    These turned out to be worth much more than the $12 I paid. They are sturdy, comfortable, and have good sound quality. I use them plugged into my PS4 controller when I play games. My only complaint is that the volume seems to be preset?unadjustable by changing the TV volume.

  4. 46

    by Paloma

    I purchased one of these headphones nearly a year ago for my grandson for when he comes over to visit. After trying them myself, I found the sound quality was BETTER than a pair of headphones that I used that cost over 3 times as much. I began using the headphones when my grandson wasn’t here and loved them. This last weekend those headphones got a broken wire when they were inadvertently subjected to a hard pull. I bought two of these headphones to replace them.

  5. 46

    by Kandis

    I bought these for my 10 year old sister as a Christmas present, they arrived today and I pulled them out of the package to check them out, and they actually surprised me. Didn’t expect the sound quality for such a low price. I can’t speak on how durable they are but they feel solid. Lord knows she will put them through the tests. If I find any problems I’ll update. But until then. I say 4 stars.

  6. 46

    by Pable

    Love them! The sound is great and they are so much more comfortable than the tiny earbuds.That said I keep them on so much that sometimes it feels good to remove them because they fit almost too well and I have a smallish head!

  7. 46

    by Kaori

    I ordered this when on vacation because I didn’t have a headset along and the price was right. I am a person who doesn’t like ear buds so I tend to use headsets for listening to music, hands-free cell phone, etc. I used this at my relative’s house for a headset when I was on my cell phone or playing a game on their guest computer. It is soft and comfortable to wear but I wish I had paid more for a set with a noise cancelling feature as there was a lot of background noise. I was a little surprised that outside noise was not muffled at all.

  8. 46

    by Kamilah

    As you can see I changed my stars. The seller sent me another pair and they are still working, now, 10 months later. I would highly recommend these because my autistic child has drug them to heck and back and they work great still. We taped the plug side a week ago, but it was just a bit bent from daily use. Great item.

  9. 46

    by Kalila

    Great packaging and great price! My son started using iPads in his school and he chose these headphones. Ended up getting my other son a pair. These are awesome and the boys love them!!

  10. 46

    by Kaloosh

    Excellent headphones for the price for what I ordered them for, which is to watch t.v. on my chromebook. Stylish and comfortable, the only thing they are lacking is no noise cancellation AT ALL.

  11. 46

    by Kaley

    There are perfect for the price and quality is pretty great. These headphones works really well. If you’re look for headphones under 20.00 these are the ones you need don’t hesitate they work perfectly fine for the price

  12. 46

    by Kaleb

    My son needed headphones for a couple of his school classes. He loves set. He said the cushions for the ears are perfect. It is adjustable to stay on your head and the sound control is great. It didn’t hurt that one of the options was University of Tennessee colors either.

  13. 46

    by Paisleigh

    I bought two of these for my kids and they just love them. I like them because the kids are quiet and so are their devices, but best part is at night when I get to use them. Super nice fit for young and old and the sound quality is amazing. Great buy for the price.

  14. 46

    by Pablo

    Got them for my 7 yr old for a plane ride from Miami to California. He used them the entire time without complaining. He used to have on ear and always complained they were uncomfortable after 10 or 15 minutes. I saw these were over the ear and yes, they cover his entire ear. Very comfortable and he loved them. I even used them and they cover my adult ears. I would say the only negative was they are not foldable so not easy to carry in backpacks. But for the price you can’t beat it.

  15. 46

    by Padraig

    Showed up first thing in the morning the day after I bought it. They are pretty comfortable and sound quality is good. It could definitely be better but it?s not too big of a problem since they are for a child. I did not like how unsturdy the side adjusters are. One adjustment too hard and I?m sure it will be broken but hopefully I?m wrong. They are great for children but wouldn?t recommend for adults

  16. 46

    by Paddy

    I really like these headphones a lot and for the money better than expected. They do fit over the ear so you can barely hear any other noises or even people talking. The level of volume is only adjustable on your device but at full power these headphones give great sound quality. I like listening to music on them because of the bass boost. Movies are very clear. They do get a bit tight after an hour or so but I just move them a bit and it feels ok again. Very cushy on the ears. Adjustable headband so you can put them on a child or an adult. Great buy.

  17. 46

    by Kanya

    This is a Christmas gift for my grandson he loves watching videos and listening to music. These fit perfectly against his little head and will adjust as he grows added along with the memory foam cushions on the ear pieces makes these that much more amazing

  18. 46

    by Packard

    My 8 year old loves them and so do I. He needed something to put in his pad so he could use it while in the living room so he wouldn’t be causing to much noise. They are very sturdy and they fit his ears and head perfectly. They are not noise counseling but they are good for an 8 year old

  19. 46

    by Pasco

    We bought these to save our sanity…er…allow the boys (8 & 10) to play with Garage Band on longer trips and to have while camping. They tend to burn through earbud-type headphones and thought the bright green color as well as the size would help them stick around. We were right. And, bonus, the boys thought they were cool. On a recent 11-hour drive, the boys wore them for most of that time without complaint, so I’d rate them as very comfortable. There was no sound bleeding so they stayed secure on little heads.

  20. 46

    by Paislee

    These are really good headphones. I’ve had a lot of headphones in my life. But these have to be my favorite. The material it’s made out of seems to be really good material and strong. But I’ve said enough good things let me get out some things I didn’t really like. First the noise canceling isn’t the best but it’s better than a lot of others. Second there’s not really any volume control. Except for turning the volume up or down on your phone. But in general these are really good headphones and if I ever need to buy new headphones I’ll buy these again. As well as recommending these to friends and family.

  21. 46

    by Palmer

    I got these for my 9 year old son who has the head of an adult (he wears an adult sized bike helmet). He loves the color orange and he needed ear buds or headphones for his school supplies this year. They are very soft on his ears and aren’t too big and don’t squeeze his ears either. He loves them and is sad they have to stay at school. We will likely be buying a second pair for at home!

  22. 46

    by Palma

    If you’re looking for noise cancellation – this is not it. However – if you’re looking for decent sound in a low price, this definitely meets the need. They are very comfortable. I use them on airplanes for movies and stuff – they are very useful

  23. 46

    by Parson

    Great set of headphones. bought them for my son who is 5 for his school computer lab. The last set I purchased was just a bit small… okay…. he’s got a big head. they would have probably been okay on another child. These had much more adjustment and the pads are much more comfortable. He loves them. The cable is removable, so it can be replaced with a shorter or longer cable as needed. It also works as a great safety device when he decides to hop up and walk away without unplugging. They should certainly get him though a couple years of class.

  24. 46

    by Kanoa

    So far so good. My 8 year old daughter who has special needs wanted these but I was afraid that she wouldn’t wear them because she does not usually like anything on her head even a hat!!! She asks for them and wears them. Appear sturdy. Love the purple color, too. Very stylish.

  25. 46

    by Kanga

    Have purchased a lot of earphones and not been able to wear them for too long because they were uncomfortable. These not only have been used nonstop since th day they arrived and the sound is amazing. Am 83 yeas old and use them for computer, cell phone and Kindle. Great product and highly recommend it.

  26. 46

    by Kandice

    These headphones have really good sound and fit my adult female head well, although it’s on the small side (all brain, tho ?). The cord is hardwired to them and is the same color as the padding. I’m very happy with them!

  27. 46

    by Padraigin

    great set of headphones for reasonable price; i’m sure the crazy expensive ones are super fancy and drown out sledge hammers etc, but for a regular set of everyday headphones, these are great. i bought them for myself initially to listen to a book or watch a movie while my wife was sleeping, but they have since been co-opted by our 3 y/o who likes to use them with the ipad for long trips. for an adult, i found the ear pieces were a bit small so they would press on my ears awkwardly after long wear, but for a short time or for kid-sized ears they are great

  28. 46

    by Kailey

    I liked the first one so much I purchased another. I am grateful they have a max decibel level allowed to protect young ears. My son uses them daily and says they are comfy.

  29. 46

    by Kamden

    I really like these headphones. The only thing I have trouble with is keeping them on my head. But that’s any headphones of this style, not just these. The adjustable headband is nice, and it helps, but I have to keep adjusting them. It must be the shape of my head, ha ha ha. All in all a great product.

  30. 46

    by Kamari

    I bought these to use on my work pc since we can’t have a mic or Bluetooth there. They are more of an on-ear than an over-ear headset. Maybe if you have small ears then they would be over-ear. So far they work for what I need and once I have them on the office ambient noise level drops significantly. They do start to hurt my ears if I wear them for an extended time. I think it’s because they are right in between the on and over-ear fit so my ears are half inside the cup and it puts pressure on them.

  31. 46

    by Pascale

    These work great. I have three pairs. One did crap out on me in a few weeks. I contacted the seller and he was super great about sending me another pair quickly. Then 5 months later my child lost one of the covers for the headphones and I contacted him and asked about buying a cover and he helped me out!

  32. 46

    by Pascal

    The one pair I did have to replace was almost a year old and the new puppy got to the cord so definitely was not a quality issue! This year my son’s school required ‘quality headphones’ as one of the school supplies items, so I bought an extra pair to send to school with him and the teacher loves them too. If I need another set any time in the future I will definitely purchase another set of these, they really are worth the price, actually I would pay more for them knowing how great they really are!

  33. 46

    by Kamil

    Went with these as husband kept getting ear problems with basic ear buds. Now he is the trend setter at his dialysis unit. Others are buying them. He said they are comfy and sound quality is great

  34. 46

    by Kana

    I bought these for a recent trip I was taking, and I am very pleased with the sound quality. Do they perform as well as a $200.00 set of headphones? No, but they are very good. They are not sound cancelling, but because they fit over the ears so well they do block out much of the outside noise. They are comfortable and do not give me ear aches like other sets I have tried.

  35. 46

    by Kalinda

    These are over the ear headphones. For my 8 yr old, that means they cup her ears completely. This means she can hear stuff on the tablet or play her piano undisturbed and at the same time keep focus. She says they are VERY comfortable for her. She definitely recommends them 🙂

  36. 46

    by Kairos

    For the longest time, I have been buying and using the $5 cheapo headphones with the foam ear covers from Walmart for my headphones. Fed up, I bought these to meet my needs and they work! Great quality sound.

  37. 46

    by Kaili

    Ear bud hurt my ears and they always fall out so I needed a set of headphones that I could wear over my ears. These are very soft and comfortable. I use these all the time so I can watch videos without disturbing everyone in the house. They work great. In the summer I plan to use them while I’m doing yard work. I would reccomend these to anyone.

  38. 46

    by Kahlil

    They sound good and are comfortable to wear . I do video editing and these get the job done . They are adjustable and the cord is long enough to allow me move around while working .

  39. 46

    by Kandace

    Nice headphones…was honestly surprised by the sound that came out of these! Impressive! Bought them to take on a plane. Be aware, these are noise ‘isolating’ NOT noise canceling! But, I knew that before purchasing. Regardless, they still did a nice job.

  40. 46

    by Kandy

    I purchased these for my son after buying him probably 50 headphones over the years! Somehow he finds a way of breaking them shortly after. I never really bought expensive ones because he can be careless so I gave these a try. Plus the price is unbeatable! So far so good! They are sharp looking and sturdy. Even my destructive son hasn’t managed to bust them yet!

  41. 46

    by Kaitlyn

    These no longer work, I expected them to blast longer than a year. These are an extremely nice pair of head phones for the price. They adjust easily and sound great. As an added bonus they match my little guys kids Kindle fire perfectly.

  42. 46

    by Kaiden

    Wow 🙂 🙂 ……. These purple/ black Headphones are the greatest, I love them : Really Excellent theater quality sound with 1/8 ‘ plug Update : I picked up another pair for a good Friend to use with his flat screen TV – That has a headphone jack on the back

  43. 46

    by Patience

    Pros -The sound quality is decent, but nothing special -It has a decent cord length -It has a comfortable headband -Noise Isolating to a certain extent, but nothing special Cons -For an adult user they might feel kind of tight on your earlobes, and may feel uncomfortable when used for long periods of time. -The headphones do not go over your ear (this part of the product description is incorrect)

  44. 46

    by Paige

    We got these headphones for my kids as a Christmas gift. They use them every day during (limited!) individual screen time, during family vacations, in the plane, in a car, etc. They’re often crammed into backpacks or put in drawers, and they held up really well. It was also good to get them their own version of the same product – everyone has their ‘color’, but no one’s headphones are substantially different, so they can’t argue about who has the better pair. They all like them a lot.

  45. 46

    by Kaeden

    Each of my kids has a pair of these they use in school. I have no idea how great the sound quality is, but it?s the only pair we have had successfully lasted the whole school year. One pair going on it?s 2nd year. So glad I found these.

  46. 46

    by Patti

    Well, the product is in my favorite color. For the first time, I used it in a busy, noisy environment and it was perfect. The noise cancelation was great, the sound quality was great and the comfort of the pads was ok. After wearing it for six hours, working on a project, it began squeezing my ears but, six hours was really a long time. I would recommend these definitely.

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