Explosive 400-in-one handheld Retro fc nostalgic retro game console cross-border game box arcade

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Dimensions Product size: 12.3*8.2*2.5cm

Packing size: 16*11*6cm

Weight: about 197g 

Packing list: Retromax handheld*1 Charging cable*1 Manual *1 Packing box*1

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Purple, Red

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100 Reviews For This Product

  1. 100

    by Garcia

    I bought it for myself but my son has been playing it more than I have. I love that you can do two players. I love that you can plug to Tv to play. I would purchase again.

  2. 100

    by Lena

    A B buttons are ok for kids but too small for adults recapturing their childhood.

  3. 100

    by Doris

    Love it ! Takes me back to my childhood !

  4. 100

    by Kama

    Great and a lot of games, Light brite, good for all ages.

  5. 100

    by Vanessa

    I purchased this for my 4 year old grandson. He loves it, as does his aunt & myself! Very fun & nostalgic. I will be purchasing a longer AV cord, but overall we are all extremely happy with it!

  6. 100

    by Spring

    A little piece of retro heaven right here

  7. 100

    by Gladys

    Ordered one for my daughter and I couldn’t leave it alone. So I had to order one for myself. She absolutely loves it and so do I.

  8. 100

    by Log

    For the price this is a great unit! Has a lot of my favorite childhood games “adventure Island!!”. Whole lot of nostalgia is this little unit. Battery life is great and it is very well built. I have used this aggressively as anybody who owned a Nintendo will attest to how forceful one uses the controllers. Great all around unit for the price!

  9. 100

    by Elaine

    Love this hand held game. My grandchildren love it!

  10. 100

    by Mag

    Me and my mom even played tetris 2 player.

  11. 100

    by Aurora

    Wow I need more than one now

  12. 100

    by Brayd

    Awesome handheld video game with all the old school Nintendo games. Reliving my childhood with these games and introducing them to my kids. Great nostalgia! Can also plug in to tv and use 2nd controller for 2 player games. So far has held up to the kids using it and battery has held up good as well. Good value for the price!

  13. 100

    by Celeste

    My autistic sister will love the product we purchased very handy and battery life last awhile.

  14. 100

    by Elaine

    Great product! Love all the games available.

  15. 100

    by Gustave

    Awesome game system. Very affordable with lots of classic games. Highly recommended to anyone who likes games. Small and compact, but is comfortable to hold. Great color screen !

  16. 100

    by Winni

    the item is very nice, and i bought it for my sister she likes, i am satisfied with the order in this store, thank you

  17. 100

    by Angela

    I really love this game console it is easy to carry and the battery lasts a long time. This has all the 400 games. I can’t stop playing with it. Me and my friend play it. There are so much games I haven’t played, but they all sound so fun. I would DEFINITELY BUY THIS PRODUCT!

  18. 100

    by Madeline

    I like the variety of the games included especially the ability for the two-player. My nephew had fun playing the games. With that said, I did not like the RCA cables that came with it (TVs these days have HDMI now). I could even try to figure out an adapter, however, what irked me the most was how short the RCA cable was in the first place. If there was one thing that ruined the experience it would be the short RCA cables as it’s not practical to connect to a TV and play

  19. 100

    by Norma

    This is a really fun little game system at a great price. You could play one new game a day and it would take you over a year to get through all of them. The unit is very lightweight and compact, and set up is as easy as selecting your preferred language. It’s fun to go back and play some retro games from childhood. Once you start playing you might lose track of time!

  20. 100

    by Florence

    The games including Mario Bros, Ninja Turtle and others.

  21. 100

    by Dora

    Great product for the price. So far all the games my son has tried work and the volume goes loud .

  22. 100

    by Darlene

    The retro game player is a thing which can you make feel like you kid again. First, the quality looks very good, I tested everything and everything works. It really has 400 games but I think I will need only 10 of them from my childhood. Battery life looks enough to enjoy couple hours of playing with no breaks. It is super small and I can take it anywhere with me, it fits to my small pocket inside the backpack! So, my conclusion is: the game player is awesome to play games from 1980-1990, I feel so good of all my memories. Thank you

  23. 100

    by Heather

    This is a fun little game system to have around. The games are not full length but for the price it’s hard to complain. It saves high scores so you can compete with your friends. The attachment for the tv is cool too so you can see a bigger display. Overall I’m very happy with it and enjoy playing it all the time!

  24. 100

    by Ursula

    My favorite games from childhood! As soon as I saw it was a gadget, I realized I will take it for sure. And I was not mistaken, my children are delighted and my husband and I. we play with the children in turn or at once together. Ideal for long road trips. This is the best purchase recently!

  25. 100

    by Novia

    Many fun 8 bit games that I grew up with in the 80s, hooks to a TV, and with the second controller its a lot of fun to play. Really believe I got my money’s worth on it for so many fun games.

  26. 100

    by Lindsay

    Super cool. These are just like I remember. Lots of games and good battery life. Some people complained that they are small but they are the size they should be.

  27. 100

    by Hedda

    Excelente Gracias

  28. 100

    by Nydia

    I remember the endless Hours that went into trying to pass some of these games and this awesome lightweight version features 400 of them!!!! That is absolutely nuts and such a gold mine!!

  29. 100

    by Annabelle

    Granddaughter loved this

  30. 100

    by Astrid

    I bought this for my son to introduce him to the games I grew up with, but ended up using it myself . It has all the games I like like Contra, Mario, Double Dragon, and adventure island. The buttons are responsive, so far it works great. You can navigate through the games from the front or back in 8s, but all the more known games are in the front.

  31. 100

    by Mackenzie

    No need to purchase nintendo. For this price and quality is awesome. Connectivity of tv is a great feature. My son and I play together. Since the games are old fashioned as 40 years old man knows almost all of them. Battery life is good

  32. 100

    by Monica

    It’s very light, all the games work, the size is perfect

  33. 100

    by Brand

    This is really cool. My kids all love it and take turns playing.

  34. 100

    by Octavia

    This is a super cool little gizmo that is jam packed with classic arcade games. The claim of 400 games is a bit of a stretch though. Many are simply different levels of the same game or minor variations of the game. Obviously, none of these are official versions. They are very cleverly programmed knock-offs that provide endless hours of game play though.

  35. 100

    by Samant

    Everything is great other than the fact that the wire is short other than that it is great.

  36. 100

    by Heloise

    I bought this console out of nostalgia. It is very easy to use, there is something for everyone when it comes to games, the battery life is more than adequate over 4 hours without recharging!

  37. 100

    by Darlene

    I recently purchased the 400 game 8 bit classic and am loving it! It is amazing how many games are in such a small unit. Also, the response time is very accurate to the original game!

  38. 100

    by Hulda

    It’s working pefectly.

  39. 100

    by Johnson

    I am having a blast playing this! Got my son one that he loves, but totally rocking the yellow one so that the whole household- husband included- can’t say they didnt know who’s they were playing! The screen has a better image than my vintage handheld, that’s for sure. Volume is easily adjusted and I’ve been playing on and off for days without noticing the battery going. The games ate fun and bring back memories. The menu is user friendly to navigate and the game options are great. For me, at least. Pretty pleased with something compact to carry in my nursing bag when I’m on lunch or between home visits. Sometimes I even have a spare minute to play at home in between taking care of the house, the hubs, 4 cats, 2 dogs, and 4 kids of different ages running in and out.

  40. 100

    by Caroline

    Bought this for my son, he thought it was cool. I liked that it has the Mario game in it. He can play for hours and not get bored.

  41. 100

    by Hazel

    This device has many games from my childhood. I loved to play that SnowBros game.

  42. 100

    by Crystal

    This thing was the perfect dupe for a gameboy! I really only wanted to play the classic super Mario bros and it has it as long with 300 other games? It says 400 but 100 of them were dups. The color sometimes glitches but it does correct it’s self as you keep playing. And honestly for the price I don’t expect it to be the best of the best. It is the perfect cheap toy for that nostalgic gameboy feel

  43. 100

    by Zacha

    kids are loving it. Easy to carry, and hold. Great sound effects.

  44. 100

    by Amy

    This console is just what I thought it would be! Directions were easy to follow . I love that you can play on the go as well as at home on the TV.

  45. 100

    by Payton

    Battery life exceeds expectations.

  46. 100

    by Madeline

    This thing is AMAZING!!! I love it. Works as described, all 400 games are there. Great seller!

  47. 100

    by Martha

    great buy easy to use and since my son kept loosing big ticket items this is perfect works great didnt even have to charge the battery reminds me of mine …

  48. 100

    by Queena

    This is the most perfect kid toy for road trips. Battery life is long! The games are as authentic as they can get. They have every childhood arcade game I can think of and some I completely forgot about! It’s perfect!

  49. 100

    by Giselle

    Fantastic, my husband was so thrilled to get this as a gift. He loves playing all the games from his childhood!

  50. 100

    by Hernandez

    I love this system! You can take it anywhere and it hooks up to the tv. I recommend this to everyone!

  51. 100

    by Sean

    Love this little gadget! Has all the great old retro 8 bit games of my childhood such as Mario Bro’s, Super Mario, Donkey Kong’s, Donkey Kong Junior, Burger Time, Paperboy, Galaxian, Pac Man & Space Invaders. Highly recommend this product.

  52. 100

    by Sean

    Your browser does not support HTML5 video.

  53. 100

    by Sean

    It is great product and love to play with 6 year old son.

  54. 100

    by Sean

    I bought one of these for myself and one for my 4 y/o nephew. I think it might be a little too much for my nephew but I want to commend Tom and his team on their customer service. I have had no problems with the product. but a few days after receiving the product, the Three Ducks guys sent me a letter to me and gave the direct email to the company. This was very much appreciated and I will be following these guys along/purchasing products as they succeed in the gaming world.

  55. 100

    by Sean

    It has 500 classic fun games that are really entertaining. I recommend this item, it is awesome. Now I have something to do on long car rides!

  56. 100

    by Sean

    I bought this for my 8 year old. My husband and I played these now retro games when we were growing up. So this is fun for us to introduce to our child! It is easy to use and I like that it’s rechargeable. I do wish it came with 2 controllers to use with a TV, not just one but we are very happy with this purchase! Thanks for allowing us to relive a piece of our childhood!

  57. 100

    by Sean

    My grandson is used to playing games on his xbox one with a 32″ HD TV for a monitor. I bought this for his birthday and he loves it!! Even on this tiny screen the picture quality is good and the assortment of games is great! To see the joy in his face was worth the small cost. Great product for a great price!!

  58. 100

    by Sean

    Seller was amazing, had an issue with the original shipment and they immediately sent a replacement. Thank you!

  59. 100

    by Sean

    Great little hand held game system, my grandkids will love it.

  60. 100

    by Sean

    Overall though, I have enjoyed this device.

  61. 100

    by Sean

    Great console! I have been following these consoles for several years and buying different one, this one is the best so far. The best game selection

  62. 100

    by Sean

    Love everything about it. Brings back memories. Will probably buy more for my other children. Worth the money.

  63. 100

    by Sean

    Nice handheld video game console for my 8 year old! My husband enjoyed it too because it brought back the old days of Mario!

  64. 100

    by Sean

    I ordered two of these for Christmas gifts. As soon as it arrived I opened it, and I hid in the bathroom to play for a good 20 mins before I decided to wrap it! I’m so excited for my son to play it!! It was such a great price and seems to work well! The color is great and all the buttons and games were working just fine.

  65. 100

    by Sean

    It’s a pretty cool product, I bought it for my dad’s birthday and he absolutely loves it. It very good for trips and curing boredom. Plus it reminds us from the older days!!

  66. 100

    by Sean

    It was a nostalgia for me, there were games of old times when we were kids

  67. 100

    by Sean

    I love this it has 500 great games that are from Atari, NES, SNES, and Sega. My kids range in ages from 1 to 12 and they all enjoy playing the games. I loved this product so much I bought a second one for my sister and her girlfriend and on Friday I am buying one for my mom! 10/10 would recommend

  68. 100

    by Sean

    For the price you can’t beat it. This game console has lots of the classic games for fun regardless of your age. It provides two player option and video that can be displayed on your TV.

  69. 100

    by Sean

    What a great product ! Don’t let the cost fool you. I was a little hesitant to purchase it but was really quite surprised . Bought it for my friends son who wanted a Nintendo switch but they weren’t ready to invest in such an expensive product . It will be such a great little stocking stuffer for the holidays !

  70. 100

    by Sean

    I received the console quickly. Unfortunately it came without the battery, but still worked great when plugged in. I contacted the seller and they quickly sent out a new battery. I have not received it quite yet, but communication with the seller was quick, clear, and very much appreciated.

  71. 100

    by Sean

    We bought the handheld console for one of our boys and they love it. I think my husband loves it more because the games on the console bring back so many childhood memories for him. Thank you for console. I only wish we bought more for the rest of our boys.

  72. 100

    by Sean

    Great product so far. Brings back lots of memories from my youth. Has all the popular games like Contra, Mario, and many, many more.

  73. 100

    by Sean

    lots of fun

  74. 100

    by Sean

    We only started using it since Christmas but the product has worked great and is holding up to my 5 year old playing it!

  75. 100

    by Sean

    So admittedly it doesn’t feel like it’s made of the thickest plastic, but I’m 40 not 4 so i think I can manage to not crush it.

  76. 100

    by Sean

    I bought this gift for Christmas and my nephew absolutely loves playing the games.

  77. 100

    by Sean

    Product was as described. A ton of great games. Really great value for money. Small complaint is the battery life but definitely not a deal breaker. Would recommend this product to anyone.

  78. 100

    by Sean

    Great bang for the buck. Lots of classic games from yesteryear. Gives the little kids something to do when they visit.

  79. 100

    by Sean

    This is a great little game! Has everything you could think of and works great. Bought it for fun and for car rides. Works perfect!

  80. 100

    by Sean

    My kids love everything about it!

  81. 100

    by Sean

    I really liked that it allowed you play in TV. It was a gift and my cousin really enjoyed playing all the games.

  82. 100

    by Sean

    My son and I can play on our tv and I tell him about all the games we played when i was a kid

  83. 100

    by Sean

    My nephew is in love. He might even like it more than his dad!! So fun.

  84. 100

    by Sean

    Well made & works great. They so enjoy when connected to tv. Variety of fun games.

  85. 100

    by Sean

    Great product definitely would recommend, my niece absolutely loved it and it’s great for travel as well

  86. 100

    by Sean

    It is awesome and delivered fast! Thank you

  87. 100

    by Sean

    All classical video games.. Mario, contra etc.. love to play with my son.

  88. 100

    by Sean

    Loved it! It has the video games I used to play when I was a kid. It works great.

  89. 100

    by Sean

    A fun game for the family, it was a Christmas gift.

  90. 100

    by Sean

    Sorry for the dark photo my son loves his game!

  91. 100

    by Sean

    Much fun at a small cost!

  92. 100

    by Sean

    It has more than what it should in the capacity and its price. I would recommend this for everyone who would want to spend time playing games and save money from buying expensive devices. Absolutely worth the money..

  93. 100

    by Sean

    I have been enjoying it. Very nostalgic. Able to hook up to the tv and play with my husband . overall i do recommend. Thanks it was a great Christmas gift

  94. 100

    by Sean

    Got this as a gift. Kids are enjoying it. Great customer service

  95. 100

    by Sean

    My 2 nephews are sharing this game console and they love it si much.

  96. 100

    by Sean

    I purchased the handheld game as a gift for my son. He likes retro themed items. This console is small, compact, and easy to use. Comes with attachments for 2 players. My son likes the variety of old games to choose from. Ready to use out of the box.

  97. 100

    by Sean

    easy to deal with even sent a follow up letter!

  98. 100

    by Sean

    I recommend. Affordable and great for all ages!

  99. 100

    by Sean

    My son loves it. He is 10 and I want him to appreciate older games movies etc. Before he gets into the more advanced stuff. Gives him a broader view on things. Open to changes and differences in the world. Its awesome! The song during the game selection is annoyingly loud and distractingly fast. Other than that… good buy. Good stepping stone and reward for good behavior. He’s super motivated now and even my husband loves it!

  100. 100

    by Sean

    We have bought 3. They are great for kids during long car rides and got us through our international flight. My son plays with it daily. Many games, the same games I grew up with. My kids have had this handheld game for about 4 months at this point without any issues. At this price point you can’t go wrong. Great stocking stuffer! I’m buying a few more for Christmas.

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Explosive 400-in-one handheld Retro fc nostalgic retro game console cross-border game box arcade

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