FineBorn P8 Handsfree Wireless Bluetooth Headphone with Mic Voice Control Business Wireless Earphone Headset for iPhone Samsung

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  • Function:For Mobile Phone,Sport,Common Headphone,for Video Game,For iPod
  • Support APP:No
  • Line Length:None
  • Communication:Wireless
  • Waterproof:Yes
  • Support Memory Card:No
  • Vocalism Principle:Dynamic
  • Is wireless:Yes
  • Support Apt-x:Yes
  • Control Button:No
  • Plug Type:Wireless
  • Sensitivity:123dB
  • Frequency Response Range:20-20000Hz
  • Volume Control:Yes
  • Model Number:P8
  • Active Noise-Cancellation:Yes
  • Connectors:USB
  • With Microphone:Yes
  • Resistance:32Ω
  • Style:Ear Hook
  • Wireless Type:Bluetooth
  • Package:Yes
  • With Microphone:Yes
  • Bluetooth version:4.1
  • Bluetooth range:10 meters
  • Standby time:12 days
  • Phone time:6-8 hours
  • Music time:6-8 jours
  • Charging time:<2 hours
  • Time to market:2016

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51 Reviews For This Product

  1. 51

    by Marcia

    It looks like someone already used them. Shabby and scratched. And so everything is OK, work, for their money is quite good.

  2. 51

    by Tess

    for the price it’s worth. recommended seller

  3. 51

    by Cindy

    Great sound quality. Long battery life. A great value for the price

  4. 51

    by Karina

    I really like the fact that this headset is versatile enough to be used with the bluetooth on my laptop. Working as I do from the laptop, and using Skype or a SoftPhone software – it works great for taking calls. Sound quality is great, and I do better having one ear open to the world, than having both ears plugged up – my speech sounds much more normal since I can still hear myself from the uncovered ear.

  5. 51

    by Lydia

    Miracles do not happen, the sound is mediocre, but work. In the ears sit well, was packed in bubble polyethylene, without box.?

  6. 51

    by Abigail

    I really like that this blue-tooth actually fit my ear, and did what it was advertised, to do, with noise callenlation, sound, and battery life.

  7. 51

    by Wagner

    It works very well with my iphone. And the best part I like is the case which it’s easy to bring with.

  8. 51

    by Cynthia

    I love this unique bluetooth headset. I was shocked by the exquisite and unique design at first sight. I have been wearing it since l bought it from amazon three weeks ago. And it fascinates me like a beautiful poem.

  9. 51

    by Emily

    close to Plantronics Voyager Legend, and it’s perfect for me! It pairs so easily with my iphones and easily walks me through what i need to know. So glad to purchased it.

  10. 51

    by Kaiser

    I absolutely love this. It was super easy to figure out how to use and to link to both my tablet and my iPhone For a good price, these headphones work really well

  11. 51

    by Jacqueline

    This unit works better than any I’ve had before.

  12. 51

    by Louise

    The battery lasted me all day and sound quality is great. I’ll recommend it.

  13. 51

    by Lorraine

    I love the clarity of sound. The device is lightweight and connects easily without aggravation. It is so much better than any other bluetooth I’ve owned, and if you’re in the market for good quality, this is your device!

  14. 51

    by Kaiden

    The bluetooth can be worn on either ear. It came with 3 sets and three sizes of ear rubber buds making it easy to adjust. it fits nicely and doesn’t flop around on my ears. The price and quality is unmatched. I can hear very well in loud lobbies, and person on the other end can hear me clearly. It holds a charge all day at work on a 12 hour shift.

  15. 51

    by LJanet

    Perfect fit for me. The voice quality and listening quality great. The design and style are wonderful for my active life. My teenagers fight over who is going to use it next. Great sound and the case is wonderful.

  16. 51

    by Carrie

    Love it! I have found over the years that the stereo Bluetooth headphones, EarPods, etc… all do a great job with music, but the phone call and talking part never seem to be very good. Across the board this has been an issue for me with many brands. So when I need to make an actual phone call, I never quite had one that I was confident in using until now.

  17. 51

    by Marian

    this product is very comfortable to wear unlike its other competitors with stiff ear pieces. The sound is also great and the best part is it?s hands free!

  18. 51

    by Karen

    This product sound quality very Good??clear voice,no noise. Good standby time?love it ?at the same time, I can connect my iPhone XS and Samsung Galaxy 9.

  19. 51

    by Florence

    Good product, good quality works well, I recommend it.

  20. 51

    by Anne

    So far it?s been a great Bluetooth headset. I?m happy with my purchase.

  21. 51

    by Marjorie

    It seems that they were used

  22. 51

    by Kalon

    The only thing l didn’t let is that it goes in the left eat, which is wired for a person who usually uses their right side. This product was well packaged, and my bluetooth found the item right away. The sound quality is good, and the battery last for a long time. The casing is perfect. You will beable to keep it safe, clean, and secured. I would recommend this product.

  23. 51

    by Jennifer

    I have no problems at all with this headset. The sound quality is excellent with no static feedback or audio delay. It is very comfortable on my ear and includes multiple earpads for various ear sizes and shapes, (i use the smallest one). The build quality is solid and the design is sharp. The controls are easily accessible and volume is good. The included case will be perfect for me when I travel on business. Having owned several of these types of headset over the years I can say that this one is as good as any that I have owned.

  24. 51

    by Karlie

    These are great headphones. The sound quality is great Everything works very well. Used it to have many phone conversations, over 200 phone calls. Great for that. Easy to answer, easy to hang up, easy to lower-raise volume.

  25. 51

    by Kailyn

    This earpiece has the right features I was looking for. I dive a company car where we are not allow to use the car phone which is the most ridiculous policy, as it?s safe-tier than trying to use devices(not hand free) or connect devices which is a better option and the reason I got this unit. I paired to my phone and works like a charm. I drive more safe and I?m not using the companies car for communicating.

  26. 51

    by Catherine

    I bought this to use for our reception person to use answering the pones and then typing. She really likes it and says it works well and has a good range. Very light weight and more compact that the other options.

  27. 51

    by Edna

    Works really well. Great in cars but haven?t tried a semi yet. Lol Good price and good quality!

  28. 51

    by Kashton

    I?ve had a lot of Bluetooth headsets, and this one really stands out in design, and quality. The first thing I noticed, and the reason I bought it, was all the dedicated buttons. I have no problem doing finger twister on a one button headset where I have to triple press 2 times, and double press 8 times, to activate the trans-dimensional twiddle dink, BUT THAT GETS OLD. Having dedicated buttons that do just a few things feels SO GOOD compared to that nonsense.

  29. 51

    by Monica

    Very good product. Life is great. Even when you are exercising, it will not fall.

  30. 51

    by Marie

    Excellent value for money, better than the expensive quality I bought before.

  31. 51

    by Katie

    I have had the product a little over a month and it was well worth the price. I carry two cell phones with me all the time one for work and the other my personal and the headset connects to both phones at the same time I have tow ring tones setup so I can tell which phone is receiving a phone and it is also a great headset for listerning to music

  32. 51

    by Andrea

    Love the sound quality, love the case, love that it works great with my I-phone, love everything about it!!!

  33. 51

    by Kailani

    This product is very delicate, texture and feel are good, try the sound quality,clear voice,sound effect is good, no noise. Good standby time, complete accessories, very satisfied

  34. 51

    by Barbara

    First time having a Bluetooth this big and wasn?t sure if I would like it, but it is lightweight and very comfortable on my ear. Great sound, noise free. I am very pleased with it.

  35. 51

    by Stephanie

    contact my iphone X and Samsung Galaxy S9 and the same time, it’s works well, and sounds very clear, Thank you

  36. 51

    by Jenny

    This is something that I have needed for a long time, and finally got around to ordering this. It’s very comfortable in my ear…I forget I have it on most of the time. Hands free with this earpiece let’s me get so much more accomplished, and I can talk while I’m doing something, which I love.

  37. 51

    by Wendy

    Sounds great, battery last a pretty good while.

  38. 51

    by Kalon

    So far I’m very happy with this Bluetooth headset. It works as advertised and is light and easy to use. I like all of the features of it and I hope it holds up as good as my old Motorola set did for 12 years.

  39. 51

    by Lena

    Sound quality is very good, both through the microphone and speaker. It is comfortable and compact, and a good value for the price

  40. 51

    by Kalista

    Superior quality and beautifully designed. The charge time is not that long and it lasts me a full day,noise reduction is a must try to believe the quality as well as the sound. I love that I can pair it to 2 devices at once. The case it comes with is a plus for not loosing it when not in use and for protection with an assortment of buds. It has a very comfortable feel about it.

  41. 51

    by Joan

    I love the sound quality, and I use it as a hands free gadget when driving to enhance concentration and cordination

  42. 51

    by Elizabeth

    This bluetooth device is just like I said Nice and Smooth. It charges quick and holds a charge especially while being in standby mode. It has several different ear pieces so you can adjust it fit your ear. It is multi directional and adjusts to suit your needs. It charges with a standard usb cable and can plug in to a computer usb or a wall plug.

  43. 51

    by Judith

    This Bluetooth headset has been of great use. The speaker on it is clear, easy to use and comfortable around your ear.

  44. 51

    by Lucia

    As good as the Plantronics Voyager Legend Bluetooth Headset for less money. Very clear, loud enough. Works just great.

  45. 51

    by Debra

    The headset is easy to put on the ear and I dont feel almost anything, very smooth & comfortable and still hear around me which is good for security purposes while this doesnt interfere with people Im talking with…

  46. 51

    by Marilyn

    The controls are very easy to use, the design is unusual and very modern, the sound is very clear, once paired, it will be connected immediately when opened, the packaging is very good, the headphones are very comfortable, the battery life is about 8-9 hours, I bought This is a gift to the mother, he likes it!

  47. 51

    by Eudora

    Works perfectly. Fast sync. Good sound quality?

  48. 51

    by Kaison

    The color is very nice black it is convenient to use and good quality ,tks I will buy more soonly

  49. 51

    by Carolyn

    I have no bad things to say about it. Works fine and fits perfectly. A good product.

  50. 51

    by Lesley

    The sound is good, it works fine, but very flimsy wire, it seems to pull and everything is torn, before them were similar but there was a normal one,

  51. 51

    by Kathryn

    It?s a very practical product. After 1 week using, i like the great sound quality. I think it definitely helps reduce the noise. Comfortable to wear for a longer time.

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FineBorn P8 Handsfree Wireless Bluetooth Headphone with Mic Voice Control Business Wireless Earphone Headset for iPhone Samsung

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