Headphones Mini Wireless In Ear Earpiece Bluetooth Earphone Handsfree Headphone Bluetooth Stereo Auriculares Earbuds Headset

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Plug Type: Wireless

Wireless Type: Bluetooth

Communication: Wireless

Active Noise-Cancellation: Yes

Is wireless: Yes


Support APP: No

Volume Control: Yes

Function: for Video Game,Common Headphone,Sport

Support Memory Card: No

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45 Reviews For This Product

  1. 45

    by Nana

    I?ve been using these for a few months and have no complaints! Sounds is great, easy to charge, last long enough for my workouts!

  2. 45

    by Adara

    This just got here the contents were spilled all over the box and most of it was gone.

  3. 45

    by Beatrix

    I love how comfortable the headphones are like you don?t have anything in your ears. The sound is amazing too

  4. 45

    by Aiyana

    I like the wireless headset. It is very convenient when use it to go to work out. It is wireless and design very good! It has a good appearance. Easy to connect to the phone. And I like this more the the one I have. This one is completely wireless as separated to two parts. I absolutely recommend this. Since its design is awesome!!!

  5. 45

    by Nance

    Good headphones for the price. Easy fit. Easy to pair. Definitely a good purchase for a decent set of headphones when you don?t want to spend a lot. Sound quality is good. Can use just one or both. Would buy again.

  6. 45

    by Alvina

    These work really well! I?ve noticed the battery lasts for a long time and it still maintains the sound quality even when they get low on batter power.

  7. 45

    by Arnice

    I listen to music pretty frequently, so having a way to listen to music that is convenient and cancels outside noises is really important to me. These do just that! It was really simple to connect these to the Bluetooth technology my phone has. And the best part is, since they are Wireless there’s no cords!

  8. 45

    by Asisa

    Great headphones with great sound. Got four hours of life out of the first charge.

  9. 45

    by Allura

    I like that the charging box has shown the battery level. I like to keep both earplugs active. So you should know

  10. 45

    by Nanette

    I tried this out now for quite some time, and have decided that I really love this set of earbuds. These earbuds have great sound quality, they feel comfortable in my ears, they stay with they?re supposed to, and they last for a few days after I charge them!!! I love that my music can be listened to without bothering those around me now too! I can have private conversations as well!

  11. 45

    by Nannie

    Loved these for my recent red eye flight. I needed something that would not fall out of my ears, and would have good sound quality to drown out all the airplane commotion so I could sleep through my red eye. These worked like a CHARM but did cause discomfort after sleeping with them for 6 hours. That happens to me usually because I have some piercings in my ears, just made me feel bruised and uncomfortable. But that?s better than going without sleep all night. I also wore these to the gym. Left my phone in the back of the room and was in the front of the room in a workout class, and my connection was still perfect. Even when running on the treadmill or doing burpees these stayed in my ears. Love them.

  12. 45

    by Tabitha

    Nice package, Great Earpods, sounds very clearly, comfortably fix on the ears, long lasting about five hours, light weight, I used it almost everyday. A+ Product!

  13. 45

    by Tania

    I recently purchased these earbuds for personal use. The build quality is great, sound is very surprising, and the charging case is a big plus. These are small enough to thrown in your pocket and carry them with you anywhere.

  14. 45

    by Thea

    The battery life is actually great so far- they last all week with just putting back in the charging base after use. After about a week, I need to charge the base, but that is simply since I have a car charging port. The base takes less than an hour to fully charge; only thing time will tell is if the battery remains this good or if it depletes. Otherwise, I LOVE these headphones. So long as the battery life remains, I would absolutely recommend these to anyone wanting something like ear-pods for less money.

  15. 45

    by Tanya

    I really like this earbuds, easy to use when i need to listen music on cooking time . Love it!

  16. 45

    by Theodora

    When I put them in directly, I even thought I had earplugs. The sound quality is good. When I turn them on, the sound is very loud. The battery seems to work very well. It’s really good. I will definitely recommend these to my friends and family. I’m going to buy some for my two daughters.

  17. 45

    by Nathalie

    Brought for my husband and he seem to like it. He says is comfortable, great sound and is easy to set up

  18. 45

    by Thalia

    I am very satisfied it works well, sounds great and stays charged longer than the specs state. Sound quality is very impressive, comfortable, lightweight. I would recommend this product for the price

  19. 45

    by Aadan

    The packaging is beautiful and well detailed, each pair is for each ear, very portable, sound quality is amazing , pairing is fast and efficient ,no interference in connectivity, I’ve worn it on different occasions like during exercise, at work, driving, it stays in place .The touch controls are easy to use,battery life stays longer.

  20. 45

    by Bona

    The product is good. The one that I received played great for the first week. Then it starts to double beep on me and stops working altogether not allowing me to listen to my music or audiobook, even though the headphones are still connected to the bluetooth.

  21. 45

    by Afshan

    The sound is great and the connection is very good, easy and stable pair, oncetime I went to the bathroom, but my cell phone was on my desk, t’s a little far away, but it can still listen to music and not disconnected. This earbuds are the best truely wireless earbuds I use. The sound quality is amazing, and you can sync the two separate earbuds to different electronics according your need. It is light and has a long battery life, which makes the earbuds more convenient and portable.

  22. 45

    by Natalia

    Sound is fantastic, great tremble and bass! Comfort is good, was a little weirded at first out but the extra piece it has that goes a little deeper in your ear but it makes the sound better and also makes for a snugger hold, they do not move much. Lastly battery life is great so far, charged them once and so far have lasted me 3 days. Granted I only use them for the gym but still convenient.

  23. 45

    by Abelard

    I use the product when I?m running, it?s not convince to use a wired one. This item address what I need

  24. 45

    by Thelma

    Easy to use and nice sound quality. No matter you making a call or just listen the music. it has a excellent sound performance. And the charging box is useful.

  25. 45

    by Teresa

    I have been looking a wireless earbuds like this seen I tried my friend ?s air pods , it looks like air pods but a lot cheaper . when you take out the wireless earbuds from the charging case,you can find It in the Bluetooth list of your cell phone,then connect.The shape of this earphone is very fit to human earphone structure, not easy to fall off, perfect for running, yoga, camping, hiking, business, driving, Gym Exercise etc

  26. 45

    by Abdul

    These look a lot like a much more expensive product…but work even better. I was able to get amazing sound quality for 20 feet. After 20 feet the connection was interrupted. Battery life is simply amazing as I was never able to kill the battery even on a few long listening sessions. A++

  27. 45

    by Nancy

    I bought these headphones about a week ago for the sole purpose of going to the gym and they?ve proved to be sooo helpful. I am running and lifting weights, sweat all the time and they did not fell off a single time. Also the sound quality is amazing, it?s not delayed or anything like it happens with other , I?m honestly so impressed. The battery lasts long too, i only had to charged them 1 times so far and I would say i use them for 2-3 hours daily. I highly recommend them

  28. 45

    by Tessa

    Sound quality is superb. Treble and bass is good. Try it to believe it. Using it as a headset works very good as well. I can clearly hear the person I?m talking to and vice versa. Earphones is very comfy and it stays on my ears even when I run.

  29. 45

    by Natalie

    Not going to lie, was a little unsure of what to expect from these wireless headphones for the price. Both of my kids have airpods and they love them but I was not going to spend the money. Honestly..these are just as good if not better!

  30. 45

    by Nettie

    I have this wireless headphone for almost 2 weeks, I use this headphone during work and I love it. The headphone last about 5 hours with one full charge. I usually place the headphone back to the case during lunch time, and I can use the headphone for the rest of the day without charging again. The headphone fit very well to my ear, the sound quality is amazing and the headphone did a pretty good job with the sound insulation, I don’t hear much noise after wearing this headphone. I will give this product 5 STARS, great quality, long battery life and good PRICE. I Highly recommend everyone to buy this product

  31. 45

    by Ackerly

    This wireless earphone is so cool and fashion. You don’t need to worry about whatever you wear. It will perfectly match your style. It’s also easy to use and pair together, you don’t need to worry connection between two earphones. The comfortable feeling is also over my expectation even you use it for several hours. In addition, it also can be used in the gym, when you are running, it will not drop. It’s very helpful.

  32. 45

    by Theresa

    These were beyond comfortable. After I got them in it direct even feel like I had any earbuds in. The sound quality was great, surprisingly loud when I turned them up. The battery seemed to hold up well, which was really nice. I would definitely recommend these to friends and family and I’m planning to buy some for both my daughters.

  33. 45

    by Nellie

    The pairing was super easy. As soon as I took them out they paired with both my phones. Turned the music on and the sound was incredible. Unbelievable quality for the price. Absolutely recommend it.

  34. 45

    by Tatum

    I love them. Ive been using rhem everyday at the gym, case is charging them also, battery holding long ( in fact, I haven’t charged them or the case since i have them 10 days ago ). They are Water / sweat proof and very very comfortable. I recommend the product and the seller. A+

  35. 45

    by Nadine

    It’s good for your money and it sound great

  36. 45

    by Tessie

    At first, I had a hard time pairing this earphones with my Iphone XS. It paired quick, but i can only use the one earphone at a time. I decided to reset them, Turn both earphones ON at the same time and pair it again to the phones bluetooth. It worked!! Everything went well after that.

  37. 45

    by Nell

    Very nice, I plan to buy some more for my friends.I?ve been through 4 sets of wireless ear buds and these are by far my favorite. Everything was packaged nicely, the design is sleek, the ear buds are sturdy and fit nicely. They synced easily, they power on and connect instantly when removed from the case. I?d really like this pair that last 5+ hours. I?ve only used this for music so I can?t rate the call feature but the sound quality is A+.

  38. 45

    by Ally

    The white earphones look great and the earphones are intact. The quality is good when used, the sound quality is very good, the matching is very simple. Wearing is very comfortable. The sound is clear and bright The connection is very fast, the connection is very fast every time. I enjoy wearing them in gym. Cool

  39. 45

    by Aadesh

    This Bluetooth headset is light and cool to wear, so don’t be afraid it will fall off. The headphones have a good sound quality, no current sound and have a long duration.

  40. 45

    by Nelly

    I love this earbuds, really good, price is fair and shipping is fast too.

  41. 45

    by Boshank

    I love the product, in fact I need to order two more because my coworkers saw with them on and now they want a pair!!

  42. 45

    by Ageeth

    I have been moving towards an active life style recently and I was looking for earbuds that I can use while running or walking. This set is surprisingly small, not sure how clearly you can make it out from the pictures I have uploaded. I carry the case in my pocket and I haven’t had any issue so far. The sound quality is good and clear. The functionality of the headphone is reasonable. I have tested it by playing music continuously and it lasted more than 4.5 hrs.

  43. 45

    by Nan

    they paired fast to my iphone and the sound is really great for not being a expensive to buy almost bought apples earbuds but thought i would try the cheaper ones first glad i did they work great and i have not had them long enough to know about the batteries’ life

  44. 45

    by Alverta

    Good sound, I can be in another part of the apartment, but the connection is not lost, which is very important for me. The battery holds for a long time, despite the fact that I talk a lot on the phone. I alternate them, it gives me the opportunity to charge them once a week.

  45. 45

    by Tess

    Bought this for my mother first, she gave me back a positive review. So i decided to try it out myself. Great sound quality, long battery life and great range of connectivity. Very comfortable while working out or out jogging. Money paid is worth spent A++

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Headphones Mini Wireless In Ear Earpiece Bluetooth Earphone Handsfree Headphone Bluetooth Stereo Auriculares Earbuds Headset

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