Headphone type: headphone Headphone output audio source: PC computer Plug diameter: 7.1USB Whether wireless headset: wired headset With or without microphone: Yes

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Headphone type: headphone

Headphone output audio source: PC computer

Plug diameter: 3.5mm

Whether wireless headset: wired headset

With or without microphone: Yes

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46 Reviews For This Product

  1. 46

    by Dorothy

    This is my first headset for myself, the only other headset I have tried was my sons, which were very high end. This particular headset for me is great! The games I play aren’t over the top in detail communication but when required seem to do an excellent job. Gets hot on the ears after a few hours, but the detail of sounds, comfort and huge fan of flexibility on mic location is a huge plus! I had a hard time getting it to work initially, but then realized you have to remove the compatibility wires that are preset on delivery for whatever platform your using. Just pulling the end unit out and plugging in to my PS4 controller fixed everything. I’m putting a small rubber band on the foam/mic as it easily falls off.

  2. 46

    by Vicky

    I bought this headphone set for my son?s 16 birthday. Now let me tell you something…he absolutely enjoys his headphones. He came up to me with the biggest smile and said, ?thanks mom. These are better than all of the headphones that you?ve ever bought!!!? I felt so good because I bought them because they were affordable but he let me know that they were GREAT quality. I?m excited about my purchase and I?ll definitely be buying more to hand out for Christmas presents to my nephews.

  3. 46

    by Lois

    I have had several different pairs of gaming headphones over the years, but nothing compares to these ones. I absolutely love these headphones. They can be turned up so loud and cancel out all other noises. They are perfect for gaming and the quality of sound is off the charts. I recommend these heasphones to any and all gamers.

  4. 46

    by Christina

    I purchased these headphones for two reasons; covered cable and the unique glow – both were exactly as I expected. The headphone cable is a favorite of my cats to chew, so having a nylon cover means that the cats cannot get to them. The Glow is pleasant (not overly bright) and perfect for gaming in a darkened room. The sound quality is great and I really like the in-line remote control. Overall, a great set of headphones that didn’t break the bank!

  5. 46

    by Janice

    These are very nice headphones especially for the price. The sound is very clear, talking with the mic is one of the best I?ve used and it does cancel out all outside noise. The only thing that I do not like about the headphones is they are not wireless and if you don?t look in the description you would not realize they have a cord that needs plugged in. They can be used to listen to music not just for games.

  6. 46

    by Diane

    My son loves these headphones! He needed a new one since his last ones broke within days of using. These have held true so far and are comfortable for him to wear. The microphone moves around so he can adjust it to his liking and move away from his mouth to say something privately without his online friends hearing. Good sound and great value for the price.

  7. 46

    by Jessie

    Not only are these headphones very sturdy the audio is amazing and they are noise canceling as advertised my husband loves them(a little to much) since he gets to ignore my screaming daughters when they argue lol but overall really pleased with these headphones he keeps bragging to his friends how good the headphones are!

  8. 46

    by Elaine

    The headset itself is comfortable, It also has noise cancelling and makes everything around you quiet. The sound is really good it?s very 3D and good for shooters like COD and Fortnite the headphones also play music really well and the bass is amazing that’s why I give it 5 stars. Overall this headset is perfect and pretty nice. This gaming headset has excellent sound quality. This headset is by far one of the best I have ever used. The cushioning is very comfortable and so far the headset seems very durable. Excellent product. Extremely universal headset, works on all of my gaming systems! They seem really well made and durable but also very comfortable. The sound quality is superb which brings to mind they adjust well to fit almost anyone. Another thing I like is the volume control on the headset, very convenient to quickly adjust the volume. I would definitely recommend this headset to anyone looking for a quality gaming headset.

  9. 46

    by Doris

    Just bought this for my son and he’s loving it. Uses it primarily for PC gaming. Sound quality is strong and he loves the way it looks and feels when he’s playing online games with his friends! Headset can fit him (10 years old) and expands to fit an adult head too. Solid buy…

  10. 46

    by Bonnie

    Are they Bose, of course not. Are they worth 24 bucks hell yeah. These headphones are well worth more. Plugged them in and had to turn on the lights on them. The sound is quite awesome, my daughter had to scream at me to even hear a peep out of her. The bass and overall sound is quite impressive, I was really immersed in my game. Love these, I?m sure I?ll only have them for a bit before my son steals them from me but would even buy another pair.

  11. 46

    by Frances

    Yay! A headset that worked for me when I play on my Xbox and for my bf when he plays on his PlayStation. The lights worked and it’s actually a very sturdy headset that’s comfy to wear! Mic picked up sound well good overall sound quality for games like COD. Glad I didn’t spend 100 bucks on a headset when this was a great find in my price range!

  12. 46

    by Isabel

    I needed a headset to keep playing my XBox late at night without waking anyone up. I wasn’t expecting much from these because of the ridiculously low price, but I was pleasantly surprised by just how great the sound is. I had been anticipating muffled, muted-sounding audio however everything was crisp and clear. They have just the right amount of bass without being overly distractingly ‘boomy.’ The volume goes very loud without distorting the sound at all. I’ll probably never use the LED lights (I can’t see my own head while I’m wearing the headset so why bother) but I suppose they are a nice touch for someone who likes that kind of thing.

  13. 46

    by Julia

    I bought these headsets for my cousin who loves to play games. They are so apt for him and perfect around the ear. I am so happy and glad to gift him these. He uses them for laptop, Xbox… it was so easy to connect and the sound quality just exceeded our expectations. He says, the cushion around the ears is just what he was looking for. The cord is little heavy but i guess, thats how it is built for durability. The inline controls are very comfortable. All in all, a great product for a decent price. No regrets what so ever!!! He is loving it.

  14. 46

    by Paula

    Amazing sound quality from these headphones. The mic is noise canceling and others can hear me talk crystal clear. The headphones are very comfortable and does not feel heavy compared to other headphones. The cushions are very soft and feel great against your ears. I have used it with my PS4 and Xbox without any issues. This has now become my favorite headset. The light on the side makes it look super cool. Best of all is the price! It?s better than most of the name brand and more expensive models.

  15. 46

    by Brenda

    Good headset, especially for the price. The earmuffs are comfortable, the microphone stays wherever you move it, and the LED sides look cool when plugged in. It comes with a splitter in case you game on a desktop computer. Great sound quality, not sure about the microphone because I wasn?t on the receiving end.

  16. 46

    by Theresa

    I was looking for a headset I could let my 6 year old use when I wasn’t using it and this headset has an adjustable strap making it fit both of us perfectly. I’ve bought him cheap headsets before and after a small abuse they always break or stop working. This headset is well built and handles the abuse a 6 year old can dish out with its adjustable strap, flexible microphone arm, and strong metal band it has kept up well and I’m not disappointed in my purchase.

  17. 46

    by Nancy

    The sound is very clear for these headphones they are very soft they have like a vinyl strap on top unlike most out there the fit is very nice even for children They have LEDs on the side. As well USB and phono jacks for hook ups for different types of devices

  18. 46

    by Patricia

    they’re good headphones they are comfortable there nice to wear playing game sound amazing with the surround sound I will highly recommend these headphones anybody who’s looking for Quality headphones for a reasonable price thank you so much

  19. 46

    by Pamela

    My husband is a gamer but I’m a music producer. We both tried these out in the same day and he’s super impressed with the sound quality. He said the mic though is a little quiet. For me, I use it for song production quality testing. The best thing I find about this is that it separates each instrument that I use in my songs. My pro rose headset does not even sound that good! I was shocked and didn’t expect a gaming headset to work so well for this purpose.

  20. 46

    by Denise

    I got this headset hoping my boyfriend would like it. He?s very picky about gaming headsets. When he tried this headset he was unsure at first because it can be used for multiple devices. He kept going back and forth to see which one was better for sound effects and everything. Needless to say this headset was his absolute favorite. He?s been telling all of his friends about it and been recommending Them to get one.

  21. 46

    by Helen

    This is a great gaming headset. Its very comfortable to wear, the ear piece and headband are so soft. The cable is rope like and feels built to last. If you want the light up feature, you must plug in the usb poet. You can also leave the usb unplugged and everything but the lights still work. It?s much more convent that way for using with an Xbox, since the usb wire right next to the 3.5 mm jack. You would need a usb extender to be able to use that feature, other than on a PC.

  22. 46

    by Sandra

    Amazing product especially for your money at this price. Gave it 5 stars because obviously the sound quality could compare to headsets I’ve had in the past which were much expensive. You get more than what you pay for. My only gripe with this product is that the microphone and sound plugin cable are too short, so it doesn?t really fit my laptop. The solution is to use USB connection. They also should have made the USB cable 6-10 feet so that one can sit a reasonable distance away from the console/TV. Besides this issue I would highly recommend this headset to anyone looking for a pretty decent headset on a budget!

  23. 46

    by Alice

    These gaming headphones are well made and constructed. The sound quality is phenomenal. The Mic sensitivity is perfect. These worked with my xbox one controller without any issues. They are super comfortable and easily adjusted. The Mic is very easy to maneuver around your mouth or away from your mouth if so desired. I would highly recommend this set of headphones to anyone using them for gaming.

  24. 46

    by Linda

    I bought this headset to use with my PC and the value for money is unbelievable. I use the red lights as a notice to my roommate when I am gaming and to not be disturbed at the moment, I am told the sound quality from the mic is not the best but the sound coming the drivers is unbelievable for the price point. This is a fantastic budget headset for anyone looking to get into gaming.

  25. 46

    by Sherry

    So got these for my son bc his broke. Well he absolutely loves these ,so comfortable. Very loud ,and he can focus without constantly adjusting them like his old one . Great for the money the look and feel so expensive . Must have highly recommend!

  26. 46

    by Betty

    My fiance is a major gamer and prefers using this headset over his expensive Turtle Beach one! I was hopeful after reading all the reviews, and was very happy when we got it. The headset feels so durable, and has this stretchy part that adjusts automatically to the size of the user’s head! My fiance can hand them to my 10 year old daughter without any adjusting or anything and they fit both of them perfectly. We also have several different gaming systems and they work with no issues on all of them. I’m amazed at the quality and value of this product and HIGHLY recommend it!

  27. 46

    by Ellen

    It has a great stealthy look. Music quality is good. Comfort wise it is really good . I am playing music for almost 4 hours continuous and no Trouble whatsoever. Great value for money

  28. 46

    by Alma

    I really like the heavy duty-ness of this headset. It isn’t thin and easily breakable like others that I have bought. I have three boys and they are really hard on headsets so I’m hoping this one holds up better. I think it will since it seems to sturdy. I also like that it has an extra support strap for comfort and the boys like it too. It also has a thick cord, which is useful when you have kids using it. They like colors of course lol. They said that this is their favorite one!

  29. 46

    by Belinda

    This is probably the best gaming headset I’ve owned under $60. watch my video for more info. I would highly recommend.

  30. 46

    by Melody

    These headphones are genuinely very comfortable even during longer gaming sessions. Nice memory foam is over the ears and head which i really enjoy. It also didnt get too hot. The mic is decent quality for this price point and is really flexible and can probably be tied in a knot which is nice since it lets me bend it how I like and it stays. The LEDs are pretty cool if you like that. And the sound quality is fairly impressive for this price point. It won’t match 200+$ headphones but they’re definitely good especially at this price!

  31. 46

    by Jason

    I have a family of gamers, and well it was time to order a new headset. I tried these out of course before my child got them. Sound great. Noise cancellation is great. Quality of sound. Also great. So comfortable. Plus with the metal frame I feel confident that it won?t break in 2 days like plastic. Very happy

  32. 46

    by Rebecca

    this headset is awesome! i?ve been using these specifically for gaming the last few days, and the sound is really clear! it also cancels out background noise around you very well, making it so you can only hear the game. the microphone is great, i love that you can position it basically any way that you want to. i asked my friends and they haven?t heard it catching the noise around me, it usually just picks up my voice.

  33. 46

    by Kathy

    This headset is not bad at all! I do speech therapy online, so audio quality and long-wear comfort are INCREDIBLY important to me. The audio quality is good– I can hear my students clearly and they seem to be able to hear me quite well too. The mic is flexible and easily positioned and has a windshield, which I very much like. I would not really call these noise canceling, particularly. I can still hear doors opening, the heat come on, etc. They do muffle some background noise, but it’s nothing like silence.

  34. 46

    by Nicole

    The sound quality is amazing, the microphone cancels noise and for the price the headset is high quality and well worth the purchase. I would recommend it for everyone do not go and purchase expensive headsets when this one does the job. I am super happy with my purchase and will continue purchasing again. The color is nice, the packaging was perfect and the timing it was received was excellent! We all are able to use it as a family and the design is great!

  35. 46

    by Julie

    This headset is amazing! Fantastic for the price, it has a mute switch w/ USB connection and/or you can use the 3.5mm jack to plug right into your controller. The wow factor was the size, quality and also the lights are very impressive. Just by looking at this headset you would think it costs at least 3x more for what it costs. Definitely a great buy!

  36. 46

    by Rachel

    Nice quality! The bass in these is unreal compared to other headphones I?ve bought. Has a metal band on top with a stretchy band to hold it on your head, this makes them very comfortable. Nice quality and of course arrived fast.

  37. 46

    by Ruby

    The quality on these has exceeded my expectation. They are super nice and work perfectly for our PlayStation4. They microphone isn?t big and in the way like other gaming headphones I?ve seen. If you are questioning getting these don?t question it anymore! They are worth it

  38. 46

    by Carol

    These are so awesome mic is bendable, ear muff super comfortable, volume could be a tad louder but is crystal clear nice and punchy, loving the the red lights built in the headphones. the band is stretchable to fit head comfortably. Oh in the 7.1 that?s built in to the is fantastic took me by surprise.. Continue the great work and quality.

  39. 46

    by Gina

    I have been using this for a few days now and I love them so far. Haven?t had any issues and it does come with a little piece on the microphone which isn?t pictured in my picture. Love love love them and sound is nice and clear! My boyfriend games a lot and he liked the style and color of these. I?d definitely purchase this again in the future it?s not too spending and has great sound!

  40. 46

    by Anna

    I was surprised how large these headphones were when they arrived. I wasn’t expecting them to be well built at this price point, but I guess I will have to wait and see their durability. One of the first things noticeable is how comfortable they fit. The large size of the earmuffs have a good noise isolation effect since they cover the entire ear, making for a great gaming experience.

  41. 46

    by Judy

    This headset is GREAT for gaming. The color is a good feature too, but the oversized ear pads make it wonderful so you can immerse yourself into whatever game you’re playing. I highly suggest these if you’re on a budget and are looking for a good quality gaming headset.

  42. 46

    by Diana

    Very cool gaming headset, my daughter like to use it on her laptop she loves the red light on the side. And the sound is great and clear also the mic is super good

  43. 46

    by June

    Honestly when I purchased this headset I wasn’t expecting much given the price, man was I wrong. The fit is great, comfortable and doesn’t make my ears sweat, the surround sound is like you’re in a movie theater and talking on the mic is clear and not muffled. I’ve used a lot of headsets for gaming on my Xbox One and computer and this one blows all the others out of the water.

  44. 46

    by Donna

    Bought it for my 12 year old for online gaming. He says it works better than his Turtle Beach pair. Comfortable to wear. Clear sounding mic and good sound. No issues so far. Will update if I have any issues

  45. 46

    by Beth

    So I?m not usually one to buy brand new equipment and in the past have gone to my local gaming store and bought pre-owned headsets. After two of them completely breaking on me, after the return date expired mind you, I decided I?d buy something new. I?m very happy that I did. This is a little bigger then I expected but it is very comfortable. I?ve used it with my gaming system to play and also with my phone to listen to music. The sound quality is wonderful. When I tried them I was playing music on my phone and my boyfriend tried talking to me and I couldn?t even hear him! So you know the noise cancellation is great. It has adapters so it can be used for pretty much any device. The one downfall I would say is the cord is soo long. I guess for other purposes that might be needed but for gaming or your phone being right there I don?t see why it?s that long.

  46. 46

    by Teresa

    I have to admit, I purchased this for my son and to use with the XBOX ONE. he picked these out especially for the RED led lights on the earpieces. Have used it 2 weeks now everyday for a few hours and we love them. The lights look amazing! Totally worth it. The headset sounds great, totally immersive sound. Cord is fairly long but not excessive. Overall sound quality is great, mic works perfectly and they are comfortable. We use the headset without the XBOX ONE adapter so it is not necessary to make the extra purchase. All in all a great buy. I would recommend these for a friend and buy another if I need it for friends to use.

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Headphone type: headphone Headphone output audio source: PC computer Plug diameter: 7.1USB Whether wireless headset: wired headset With or without microphone: Yes

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