HTC data cable v8 new smart phone charging data line GB copper micro USB data cable

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Interface: USB, Micro USB

Length: 1m

Number of tap connectors: single head

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47 Reviews For This Product

  1. 47

    by Finley

    Bought this to also use my PS4 controller on my PC. Cable is nice and flexible. It’s not a stiff wire and feels durable. I also liked how it was packaged. It was rolled up loosely and not in the smallest loop you could make. That made it unwind easily and not have any curves in it when I took it out of the package.

  2. 47

    by Wilson

    Fast shipping, works as expected. Good product so far…… just hope the prongs on the micro-usb side hold up. The last cord i bought (different brand, different seller) worked great for a month or 2 then prongs wouldnt hold. (That is the reason for trying this brand. ) i hope it works out.

  3. 47

    by Simmons

    This 15ft micro USB works fine. I don’t know how durable it will turn out to be, as I have had it for only a couple weeks. for the price, it’s a good deal and works as expected. Can’t really ask for more than that.

  4. 47

    by Ingram

    Works fine as a charge cable. I purchased this to extend the HDMI breakout box for my PSVR and it did NOT work. Regardless of what port I plugged it in to on my PS4pro, it would reject the cable. Replacing the cable with any of the other shorter ones I have in my house and it works fine. If you’re just using this to charge devices it should be fine. My phone started charging immediately with this cable, but like I said, if you’re using this to extend out a PSVR, it likely will not work.

  5. 47

    by Berry

    Kids, you can’t go wrong. This cord is great, it doesn’t fall out, it can be stepped on, and most importantly it actually works. I bought this originally because batteries are a waste of money since these controllers seem to gorge on them. The length of the cord was an added bonus because it isn’t a tripping hazard when it’s plugged in; it’s so long that it lays in a pile on the ground while I’m playing. Safety first, then teamwork!

  6. 47

    by Fitzgerald

    Product was sent because a product we bought was supposed to have included one and didn’t have it. The original product was a gift and we just passed the replacement cable along and haven’t heard anymore about it.

  7. 47

    by Adkins

    This cable works with Arlo 2 Pro camera. Have tried other cables and they did not fit into Arlo 2 Pro due to bulky design of the cable end. The 10 ft long allows to connect the outdoor outlet to camera mounted beneath the roof.

  8. 47

    by Murray

    The charging cable that originally came with my PS4 was too short to both sit on my couch and continue my gaming session once the battery on the controller got too low. I would need to get up, walk over to the console, and plug in the controller to let it charge. Too often that would spell the end of my game time, as I didn’t feel like sitting uncomfortably on the floor to continue playing, or being so close to my TV.

  9. 47

    by Graham

    Got this cable to because for some reason XBox controllers need batteries to function. Thought it was rechargeable like the PS4 since it came with a cable for a USB port but it is not. I don’t know about you, but I’m not going to waste money on batteries. So, I needed a cable long enough from my T.V. to my couch. If you have a big house, this is the way to go. If you have a regular apartment, I’d recommend finding a 10 ft. I have regular apartment and 15 ft. was actually pretty long. Lol

  10. 47

    by Gibbs

    I bought this because I wanted to use this instead of the car charger included with my new dash cam. The 15? length was perfect so that I could run it from the camera around the lining in my car to my cigarette lighter.

  11. 47

    by Hess

    Love this extended cord way longer way better than the one which came with my PS4 can play while charging without having to be in front of the screen

  12. 47

    by Gamble

    These work great. I bought 4 of these. My kids sit in the back of our SUV and there’s an adapter in the back, so I had to find a long enough cable to allow them to charge their tablets. These work great.

  13. 47

    by Byrd

    The length is great for the price, needed one for my rig and 6-10 ft cables were too small. It is loose in the USB port on the PC and the xbox controller but still works fine. Had it for about a month.

  14. 47

    by Davis

    It was packaged well, it was marked as being 15 ft. long, the ends fit my existing plug and other end fit my phone. Tried it last night and it charged my phone with no problems. It will be a year before I can tell how it holds up. This is a backup cord when I go on vacation and have spare cord and plug to take with me. At this point very satisfied.

  15. 47

    by Welch

    I got this cable for my son’s Playstation 4 controller. It is perfect for when he needs to charge while he is gaming. It is a good length which allows him to move freely. The cable is pretty thick so I have no worries or concerns about the durability of it. It even worked with my Samsung. Great purchase with regrets!

  16. 47

    by Carroll

    I was surprised with how well made this cord was. It was alot longer than I expected and I had to return it due to that. (That was completely my fault though). I would definitely recommend this product. It was well made, fast charging and arrived quickly.

  17. 47

    by Hubbard

    I bought these as a present for my boyfriend for Christmas for our PS4 controllers. He somehow has taken them over for charging cords for his phone as well. Not only has he stolen both of them for charging his phone, his bluetooth speaker, and his wireless headset, but luckily I bought a charging dock station for those controllers otherwise we would never have them charged. He is so happy with the quality and I am so happy I have my USB ports back on my computer lol. I literally was not expecting such great quality and they really are super freaking long.

  18. 47

    by Foley

    This product does exactly what I needed it to. The only issue I have is in regard to the plastic surrounding the micro USB end. It needed to go into a port that was recessed, and it was too bulky to fit. I had to shave it down in order for it to fit my device appropriately.

  19. 47

    by Matthews

    this cable is the best, you know why ? because its sooo looong. it can be used for all my devices that have the same usb type as well. I especially like that it’s so long so I can just chill in my bed or couch or at work or anywhere and it will reach and leave some wiggle room. I use it for my phone, my headset, my ps4 controller and it’s perfect. it even comes in my favorite color, black. if I really wanted to I can use it for jump rope, why would I use it for jump rope you ask? I wouldn’t but I am emphasizing how long it is, and I’m 5’5′ tall. get it for you or your loved ones! tired of your cables ripping or getting finnesed by loved ones who ‘need to borrow it for a bit’ they ‘ve got a save and subscribe option! what a deal.

  20. 47

    by Carver

    There isn’t much to say about this cable other than it is just awesome! The length is amazingly useful for charging any micro usb devices such as phones, controllers, or any other device you can think of. Very cheap and affordable, and seems pretty sturdy as well. If you’re looking for any lengthy cables for such a widely used port, then this is a great cable for the task.

  21. 47

    by Keith

    Good length for a ps4 controller…plus it stays attached to the ps4 controller like it should. We haven’t had the cable very long, but so far, we are happy with the quality.

  22. 47

    by Dillon

    I got this for the use of my ps4. I just like being able to be ‘wired’ in. However Sony does not send a long enough cord that fits my needs. This cable does, awesomely. I can sit clear across the room and play double dutch, and game at the same time. Epic.

  23. 47

    by Patton

    The Micro-B USB Cable works great on, most, if not, all Android phones. I love that this Micro-B USB is 10 foot long and is Gold Plated on both ends for maximum speed and performance. I mostly use the cable for a charger, so, I can use my phone and charge it at the same time without, having to strain to do so. Don’t pay a high price for a 10 foot long Micro B USB cable any more. Go gold for your longer cables. Hint: There is a difference between Mini B and Micro B, they look the same from the pictures but they are not the same.

  24. 47

    by Ball

    I knocked one star off because it fits a little loose on the mini end of the cable, whereas my OEM one does not. However, the price is right with this one and it’s 15ft long instead of 3ft. The value is good enough for me.

  25. 47

    by Robinson

    Works great. I needed a longer cable for when my controller needed a charge and I didn’t want to stop playing. The short cables that come with the PS4 are useless for anything but charging.

  26. 47

    by Pickett

    I bought an LED sign to have in my den. When is got here I decided it would look better over the door so I needed a long USB cord to power it. I bought a shorter cord like this once before and it seemed good so I bought the 15-footer for $7.99. It was long enough so I can hide the cord behind the molding around the door. Great product and it was right there when I needed it!

  27. 47

    by Nixon

    The cord works, although I haven’t even had it a month and don’t use it very often. It’s seems like good quality. My only complaint so far is the amount of emails I’ve gotten from the seller pressuring me to write a positive review. In the first week I got at least ten emails from the seller, and it didn’t stop there. I’ve never had any other seller on Amazon harrass me about leaving a positive review to this extent.

  28. 47

    by Kirk

    This cable was just what I was looking for when it came to replacing my lost micro-USB cable. I can’t really find many 15ft cables out there in stores, let alone for a decent price, and the cheapest ones generally tend to break pretty quick.

  29. 47

    by Rogers

    Why didn’t I get this sooner? I had a cord that just barely reached my sitting area and I had to sit on the edge of the sofa and sometimes it yanked out. This one has a thick quality cord and the length is superb.

  30. 47

    by Riggs

    Well, my husband has it on a business trip and always complains where the outlets are, so I decided to go with this 15 ft cord. I will update my review when he returns from Grand Prairie, Alberta, Canada

  31. 47

    by Stephenson

    Great buy! Get the full charging current and voltage! I bought another one and it took literately hours to charge my phone. Super soft, it coils up easy unlike the other brands. Very Happy!

  32. 47

    by Fox

    Judging by the looks of this cable it should hold up to wear and tear. Does what it is designed to do.

  33. 47

    by Garrison

    I thought this might be to long, but it actually comes in more handy then I would have imagined. I plug this into a Belkin travel surge protector when I’m out of town in a hotel room. There never seems to be enough plugs and the length makes it easy to keep my Android Phone charged and near the bed. with it plugged in I can keep the phone on either side of the bed or on a desk.

  34. 47

    by Burgess

    Cord works well. I got it for the afterglow controller for my Xbox One. I don’t have any issues with the cable.

  35. 47

    by Dorsey

    it’s a tough cable. use it for my ps4 controller when i’m low on battery. use it when I am playing a long VR game. very thick and long it’s worth the money plus also charges my Android.

  36. 47

    by Hicks

    I recently purchased an Avantree Priva III to add Bluetooth capability to my computer but it came with a pretty short set of cables. This 15ft. Micro USB Cable allows me to get the Priva III up out of the way of my desk and to a spot where there is less interference from obstacles and walls to get better bluetooth range. It seems to be well made and should be durable all at a great price for 15ft.

  37. 47

    by Ware

    Bought this a few months ago for my PS4 controller so i can sit at my normal distance while its charging. Works great so far and the connector seems sturdy enough that it wont break after multiple uses.

  38. 47

    by Saunders

    My old phone charger died on me, I was stuck with a short 6 inch cable. Not good enough. I ordered this because I said, ’15 feet. Yeah that’ll do’ and sure enough it’s more than what I need. But the best part is, I’ll never have a stretched out cable again.

  39. 47

    by Oliver

    This 15 foot micro USB cable is great. My phone came with a really lame 3 foot cable. Couldn’t reach the table from the wall, and was just plain annoying. I can’t believe I waited all this time to get a normal length cable. I didn’t even know they made 15 foot charging cables. Buy it now! You can sit across the room and still charge your phone. I love it!

  40. 47

    by Garner

    I purchased this to replace the broken cable for my dash cam. I wasn’t aware that I needed a ‘power only’ usb cable for the dash cam to function correctly. This cable, because it is for both data and power, made my dash cam think it was connected to a computer and would not drop into the dash cam mode without pressing a few buttons. My mistake aside, I decided to keep this one since it seems to be rugged and durable.

  41. 47

    by Elliott

    Doesn’t show it charging on screen but it does work really well. I love the length of the wire and so does my cat, but its great to whip it from one side of my bed to the other to get it away from him. Actually locks into controller and ps4, all the other ones I have were too short and slipped out of place way to often, can actually lay in bed while playing instead of sitting on the edge hoping it doesn’t pop out. Great buy and shipped fast.

  42. 47

    by Tyler

    This cable is perfect for allowing me to leave my PlayStation. In the cabinet and still charge my controller when it runs low on battery. The cable feels like a quality cable, not like those that you can just hold in your hand and know they are cheaply made.

  43. 47

    by Bennett

    The cable didn’t work with my Samsung S3. It worked well enough that my computer knew that a device was trying to connect, but couldn’t figure out what it was. I swapped a couple of other cables back and forth to make sure it was a problem with the cable. I’m wondering if the crosstalk between wires is really bad. The company gave me a full refund, including postage, but it was still a waste of time.

  44. 47

    by Rice

    The cable is very long so it was able to reach the full length of what I needed. It’s durable and charges well. My cat has accidentally knocked rubber controller out of my hands and it didn’t damage the cable or bend the plug. Definitely recommend for all ps4 players.

  45. 47

    by Pollard

    I’ve had this cable for about a day. I noticed immediately that it would not fit my device with the gel case on due to the design of the Micro B USB port. The cable is too inexpensive to bother sending it back, as it would probably cost more in postage than I originally paid for the cable. I ended up taking an exacto blade to the Micro B end to cut the plastic of that adapter to fit the port of my device with the gel case on. (See photos…)

  46. 47

    by Haynes

    White doesn’t necessarily go hand-in-hand with BlackBerry design aesthetics, but it stands out against my car’s black interior, so the cord is easy to see, even at night. And the price is right.

  47. 47

    by Rose

    I needed a short one to charge my phone in the car. This was fine and reasonably priced for that purpose.

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HTC data cable v8 new smart phone charging data line GB copper micro USB data cable

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