M165 Bluetooth headset wireless in ear m163 car sports unilateral Mini Wireless gift

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Full set of standard configuration: 1 m165 Bluetooth headset, 1 ear hook, 1 charging cable, 1 manual,
1. Support Bluetooth 5.0 + EDR protocol
2. Support A2DP v1.3 and AVRCP v1.5
3. Support HFP v1.6 and HSP v1.2
4. Support spp protocol
6. Built in charging IC
8. Support voice prompt,
9. Support UART and I2C interfaces
10.6mm * 6mm qfn40 package for business Bluetooth headset

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Black, Glod, Red, Rose Gold, White

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102 Reviews For This Product

  1. 102

    by Rick T

    I use it daily when I walk my dog while I listen to audiobooks. One ear is a must as I need to still be aware of my surroundings. The battery last plenty long for me and I love the magnetic charge so much. The only issue that I have is that I loose them easily… hence purchasing a handful of them. Sucks to loose them but they are small and I can’t seem to be careful with them.

  2. 102

    by Elizabe

    very good seller, very good quality, making for the fourth order. well done keep the brand!

  3. 102

    by Elma

    I love these. TThe bluetooth connection stays solid even across a large gym. The battery-charged case is an awesome feature.

  4. 102

    by Doreen

    After several days of use, they sound better and better. Adaptation and attachment to the ear is quite good and do not feel upset. For that price there is no doubt that it is a great purchase.

  5. 102

    by Laura

    Thank you very much for the speed, quality and communication. Super in quality, i will still order. I advise the seller. Thank You

  6. 102

    by Riley

    I liked it. came quickly. i recommend it

  7. 102

    by Nichol

    Such a value for money piece of Bluetooth earbuds. Nicely cancels any wind noise inside the motorbike full face helmet. Connection stable and fast reconnection if connection drops. I’ve got the Funcl Bluetooth earbuds as well and that doesn’t sit as flushed as this QCY QS1 in the ears. Overall, comfy.

  8. 102

    by Natalie

    it sounds better than I thought. I’m very pleased with it.

  9. 102

    by Lillian

    Good packaging, as a first impression… loud and good sound, all functions work well.

  10. 102

    by Chloe

    The sound is good, the bass is enough, through the wall hear the phone on the bluetooth

  11. 102

    by Evelyn

    Wonderful headphones, convenient charger case. The sound is not even bad. Liked!

  12. 102

    by Honey

    Great Quality. Fast Delivery. Just as described. Great Fit. Thank you.

  13. 102

    by Kay

    Product description beautiful small As Fast connects smoothly arrived about 15 days

  14. 102

    by Adela

    Very impressed with the earbuds, fit well in the ear and don’t feel like they will fall out. Setup is easy and pairing works every time without trouble. Sound quality is very good for the price. The charging case is compact and the earbuds will not fall out by themselves as the magnet is very strong. The button controls are also very useful.

  15. 102

    by Mildred

    Good Product with Perfection condition. Quick delivery (12 days).

  16. 102

    by Hedy

    Great! great! They also have micro so they can talk on their mobile. Very happy so i will place another order right now! It took 12 days to arrive

  17. 102

    by Hunt

    The goods arrived quickly, tracked all the way. Play not very loud, but the quality of the sound is davolno not bad.

  18. 102

    by Beryl

    The sound is actually very good, they don’t sound so loud but it compensates for its isolation, when talking on the phone you can hear the call with both headphones, the little box iman is pretty good, they won’t come out alone with rough moves, connectivity is amazing, they parate very fast, And they don’t give interference, they have very good range of range.

  19. 102

    by Sabrina

    These ear buds were bought for my brother in law since he has been wanting some for sometime . He paired them with his s8 and they worked great.

  20. 102

    by Louise

    The product seems to be the quality I want I’ll just use it and write a review again alone product everyone said it comes in 15 days in 7 days but it came to me in 1 month I was surprised but it’s not bad for now

  21. 102

    by Nina

    Came quickly, the seller respect. satisfied!!

  22. 102

    by Trinity

    His good and hold well in the ears very satisfied

  23. 102

    by Katheri

    Good headphones. No delays. If you happen to disconnect the ears, 4pda to help you.

  24. 102

    by Selena

    The sound is good, the bass for such small headphones is not bad, it is audible well. Uses them husband, while satisfied.

  25. 102

    by Gustave

    All the rules. Working.

  26. 102

    by Sheila

    Delivery mega fast! about 2 weeks. sound for me so normal

  27. 102

    by Erica

    It took just 10days to deliver. Everything is good as described. Just one thing, no indication of left/right on the earphone (no indication on the description, too.)

  28. 102

    by Old and in the way

    Item was good. Sound quality was good. It also arrived in Ghana very fast and everything works perfect. I recommend

  29. 102

    by Maud

    this stuff is excellent. thank you for it. they work good

  30. 102

    by Prima

    Excellent headphones! I order already third, myself, a friend and my girlfriend. I recommend the seller!

  31. 102

    by Jessica

    Super headphones! The sound is clean, without wheezing, the bass is present. Made qualitatively.

  32. 102

    by IslandMommy

    It’s okay. Came quickly , Work perfectly

  33. 102

    by Alberta

    These work great and have amazing sound quality. They focus on the sound and let nothing else in. These work amazing and recommend them to anyone that likes music or anything that you would use your headphones for. five/five

  34. 102

    by Belle

    Quality headphones, pairing was able to install quickly. The charge is kept well, the sound is wonderful, the main earpiece is right. At a distance of 5 meters, the sound without interruption, through 2 walls takes perfectly. Packed securely, shipping fast, track tracked all the way. Thank you very much to the seller!

  35. 102

    by Ingrid

    Good sound quality. Overall recommended. Not recommended for audiophiles.

  36. 102

    by Thomas

    Headphones are very good, play clearly, delivery is 18 days

  37. 102

    by Philipppa

    On the account of headphones: i liked it very much, connected immediately, everything works, the sound is good, when you talk, you can hear me. While all on 5 + recommend. I will add a review.

  38. 102

    by Trinity

    good item. definitely will come back and buy from you.

  39. 102

    by Dani

    The sound is normal for me. i took it for jogging, let’s see how it will stick in my ears.

  40. 102

    by Dyl

    Chic headphones. Take will not regret

  41. 102

    by Andr

    Good seller, product came as described ! Very NICE !!

  42. 102

    by Mary

    I have received the brand new product and both ear buds are working fine.

  43. 102

    by viktoriya

    it take approximately a month to arrive in lille, frensh it looks great, later im going to test it and add an additional feedback for the performance.

  44. 102

    by Mandy

    good ! thank you !same as pictures

  45. 102

    by UnRuh3

    Everything is fine, thank you seller

  46. 102

    by Naomi

    These headphones are great! The sound quality is really not bad, they are easy to use. They can actually charge your phone, you can answer a call. The sound totally immerses you. I highly recommend them!!

  47. 102

    by Andrea

    Comfortably sit in the ear. Full equipment, everything is super.

  48. 102

    by Gabri

    Just perfect, nice full sound, case and headset feel solid!

  49. 102

    by Anna

    Very good item, the quality is super. delivery fast. I like. all as in the description. I recommend the seller.

  50. 102

    by Brayd

    Excellent headphones. Good enough sound and volume. In the ears stick well. Comes in a box.

  51. 102

    by Zona

    Arrived quickly with DHL. Very good battery life, did almost 2 weeks without recharging the case. Sound is good too. For calls it works good in a quite room, not very well on the street as it picks up some noise.

  52. 102

    by Emily

    Very fast delivery! the order arrived within 12 days!

  53. 102

    by Ruth

    It took a very short time to arrive, 15 days. They are very practical for both talking on the phone and listening to music.

  54. 102

    by Sar

    Cargo arrived intact without problems. The product is great I highly recommend. I think two people can use the most beautiful feature is the only product but the headphones can use two people by connecting them to phones separately I use them with my wife.

  55. 102

    by Modesty

    Took a little bit to figure how to sync both, but finally got it and they work!

  56. 102

    by Liz

    received the product we ordered . long shiping time , but we knew it takes time . we are satisfied .

  57. 102

    by Cheryl326

    Headphones. Good. The sound is beautiful. The video is in time. Charge holds for a long time. Basses at altitude. For such a price, this is the best option. A huge plus. The interlocutor is audible. The microphone works. There are nozzles. And usb wire included. Running is convenient not with falling.

  58. 102

    by Gabriel’s Dad

    Sound quality is fine for me, I use them mostly to listen to audiobooks, and occasionally for phone calls. For the price I didn’t expect much, but love the size and simplicity, and find that at least so far (had them about 4 months) they work well.

  59. 102

    by Jenny

    I got the neutral color so it’s not conspicuous or stands out when I have it in my ear and people hardly notice it. Also, it last a good full day on a full charge.

  60. 102

    by Customer

    To me $14 to make my job enormously more entertaining is an incredible bargain, I recommend !!

  61. 102

    by Mazduhz

    This earpiece worked fantastic for a few weeks. I used it all the time! But now it doesn’t hold a charge so its useless. I’ve tried charging it with both the home and car chargers. It lights up blue for a few seconds then the light goes off. I’ve left it on the charger for hours and it still wont turn on.

    EDIT 5/2/2017: I received a replacement earbud and it is working great! Hopefully it continues to take a charge because I really do like this earpiece.

    A+ customer service!

  62. 102

    by Dylan

    Like it 😁

  63. 102

    by TiaAnder

    The battery life is pretty good

  64. 102

    by KeepNitreal

    Very nice way of charging & music sounded a bit better then expected.

  65. 102

    by DSVHJ

    Just as comfortable and secure in the ear.

  66. 102

    by Customer

    This thing is worth it’s weight in gold.

  67. 102

    by Lifelong Book Lover

    I think they held up pretty good since I use them everyday for at least 8hrs at work.

  68. 102

    by beat counter

    The sound quality is great — no one has complained about the clarity when we talk and I use it to listen to podcasts & music while washing dishes.

  69. 102

    by Deon Turley

    It’s comfortable and definitely loud enough.

  70. 102

    by helencopterz

    It’s very comfortable, the sound quality is amazing, and you can wear it on either ear.

  71. 102

    by Christina R. Green

    So far so good.

  72. 102

    by XDFS

    Don’t spend big bucks on an earbud, just get this one. Trust me, its just as good if not better.

  73. 102

    by Douglas B. McKay

    Quality good ,sound & especially longevity!

  74. 102

    by Oingo Righteous

    I have had several different types and brands of bluetooth earbuds. I never liked the weight of the ones that go around your neck. They get sweaty and feel gross underneath my hair. These earbuds are super light, stay in my ears without a problem, and have good sound.

  75. 102

    by Optimistic skeptic

    Fantastic for what I need! I listen to podcasts/books on tape when I am working alone. I have very small ear canals and this ear piece fits perfectly with the smallest attachment. It is a little difficult to set up, but once it is connected to your device it is fairly simple to use (press and hold to turn on/off, press to pause or answer a call).

  76. 102

    by David J Hertz

    The battery life is great, I get anywhere between 6/8 hours with mine if I pause during calls and charge during my 30 minute lunch break.

  77. 102

    by Andrew

    Great product at a great price.

  78. 102

    by Customer

    Battery life is a very reasonable 6 hours.

  79. 102

    by David

    Nice one

  80. 102

    by TCHGN

    Great sound, battery still holds the charge, sounds very good.

  81. 102

    by Customer

    Highly recommended.

  82. 102

    by VGHKGK

    I’m happy enough with this product to say that I’ll be replacing my earbud with the same model.

  83. 102

    by FGURFU

    The sound quality is perfect for audio books and podcasts but I haven’t tried to listen to music with it.

  84. 102

    by XZFVSDG

    Super nice

  85. 102

    by dfhdj

    5 stars

  86. 102

    by grdtj

    That said, this earpiece is awesome at being “camouflaged” when I’m wearing it, which is why I chose this particular one, though, I had no idea it’d sound so good! Listening to music with it is amazing across all kinds of music and frequencies. It’s even got real great bass, which is important for the primary type of music I like.

  87. 102

    by FHDH

    The battery life is decent. I go a few days between charges.

  88. 102

    by XFDSF

    I used it to listen to music and audio books while working in a factory, and was able to use this in one ear and a foamy earplug in the other without too much of a hearing differential. For the price especially, this thing is insane.

  89. 102

    by yiyh

    I can’t explain how much I love these. I have several; I wear them everywhere. I keep a charger in my car, in my office, in my bedroom. I listen to books, lectures, movies, and take calls with them. They work great for phone calls – the battery life is very good – six or seven hours. I always have charged ones on hand, so I just toss the dead one on the charger and swap it. I travel a lot and these are wonderful – small, not obvious, and I can listen to a book while waiting.

  90. 102

    by Tin

    There is no way to adjust the volume level. You have to adjust the volume on your phone. The volume of the earpiece is pretty low, so you will have to turn your phone volume all the way to the max if you are in a noisy environment.

    Due to its small size and smooth texture, I have lost several of these little buggers. When not in use, I keep them in my shirt pocket, and they slip right out if I bend over and not looking.

    Nowadays, I keep it in a felt pouch in my shirt pocket and that has prevented loss.

  91. 102

    by sderwe


  92. 102

    by Vince

    The sound quality is good and the microphone picks up my voice quite well. Battery life is outstanding-often 6-8 hours.

  93. 102

    by Lifelong

    The battery life is good. It attaches to the charger magnetically – quick and easy! I also like how fast the battery rechanges.

  94. 102

    by Tire Swing Woodworks


  95. 102

    by YD5

    No issues at all! Bluetooth stays in place & I LOVE how small it is!

  96. 102

    by Keisha Hawkins

    The instructions were clear & complete. It was super easy to pair, sound is clear for music, movies, videos & calls.

  97. 102

    by Mixamaster

    Very lightweight
    Discreet! Doesn’t poke out of the ear
    Good sound quality for spoken word/podcasts
    Nice magnetic charging base
    Excellent battery life

    None. really.

  98. 102

    by chdf

    I’ve had this little Bluetooth for almost month now and I love it. It fits my ear nicely.

  99. 102

    by laura

    I love this little thing. This is the second time I’ve purchased

  100. 102

    by barrow

    I can’t recommend this ear piece enough.

  101. 102

    by Melissa

    Great for all other purposes I’ve needed it for!

  102. 102

    by Meli

    I really live this! I’m a cashier at work so it gets boring af spending 6-8 hrs just there cashing out ppl , I also have anxiety , so the EAR PIECE DOES HELP, the only problem is IT DEFIANTLEY DOES CANCEL OUT NOISE LMAO SO ITS HARD TO HEAR WITH IT ON , but put it on low and you’ll be fine , I’ll just tell my customers I have bad hearing 😂😂 so they can speak up, but really I have music in my ears lol! I reccomend this the batter life is 6-7 hours I do love it!! 🙂

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