M-E8 bone conduction wireless business Bluetooth headset hanging ear type

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——Support caller ID, support battery display

——Support multi-point connection, one-to-two function, that is, one Bluetooth can connect two mobile phones at the same time

——Wind hole Bluetooth solution

——Support Chinese and English switching

Bluetooth version: Dual horizontal Bluetooth V4.1 ultra low energy consumption

Supporting agreement: A2DP1.3/hfp1.6/hsp1.2/avrcp1.6/d11.3

Bluetooth band: 2.4GHZ

Bluetooth transmission distance: 10 meters

Battery capacity: 90mAh lithium battery

Standby time: 160 hours

Call play time: about 6 hours

Charging time: about 1.2 hours

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Black, Gold, Gray, Rose Gold, Silver, White

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53 Reviews For This Product

  1. 53

    by All

    works perfect.recommend seller and product

  2. 53

    by uk

    It’s not very good?but I like it

  3. 53

    by Maximus

    I always have problems with ear buds not fitting or even staying in my ears…..this ear hook is PERFECT!!! I’m soooo glad I bought it

  4. 53

    by Lawrence

    I love the ear hook design. The other in ear bluetooth headphones I’ve used always make my ear pain. This is great for talking and listening to audio book.

  5. 53

    by Dick

    Directions are written very small but was able to figure out how to use. Easy-to-use and great sound!

  6. 53

    by Hannah

    I was looking for something I could use while wearing my hearing aids, this is it! Light weight, comfortable and easy to wear, with or without the aids. I can also carry on a conversation while still listening – much better than headphones when walking.

  7. 53

    by Ishtar

    I use this to watch shows on my computer and still be able to hear everything going on around me. I have been using expensive bone conduction headsets for the past few years, but they are not always that comfortable. With this little guy, though, I can barely tell I have it on. The sound quality is not the same as if it was an earbud, but that is expected. The battery life is also very decent. It is cheap enough that I will order a second so I can have one charging while the other is in use.

  8. 53

    by Alonso

    This is an awesome product! If you’re looking for something to listen to music and hold a phone call this is perfect… However it isn’t for the BASS HEADS!! With that being said, good job on the design and quality! I’ll continue to shop with you. I would like to have a pair that I could sync for stereo sound.

  9. 53

    by Michael

    Excellent product! Easy to wear! Nice battery life! Does not interfere when driving, can still hear. No different than having the radio on! Would recommend!

  10. 53

    by Kelly

    I?ve bought a few versions of these Styles (the ear blades) – these are hands down the best for the price.

  11. 53

    by Carlos

    I purchased d/t not being able to use small earbuds. This works great and allows me to use a bluetooth without the hassle of it always falling out

  12. 53

    by Nick

    I could not be more pleaesd with this earbud if I tried. It doesn’t set my ear canal on fire like the ones that snuggle in my ear. I can move it from ear to ear when I’m watching a movie on my Fire tablet and turn to my other side. Pairs easily with all my devices. This may just be my go to stocking stuffer for my kids and grandkids.

  13. 53

    by Jacquelyn

    The ear hook fits comfortably with my glasses on, has good sound but volume is adjusted by phone volume control. I like that it doesn’t go inside my ear so I can hear outside noises while driving, but it comes with a rubber sleeve to direct the sound into the ear if someone needs it. I can sit it on my desk, turn up the volume a bit and use it like a speaker. I got it today, charged it for about an hour or so and have been using it constantly for more than 6 hours and still going strong. The LEZII is a very good investment. I would recommend

  14. 53

    by Alfredo

    I have recently discovered audiobook at the library that can be downloaded to my phone. I am one of those people who can’t put down a book and now I can clean, go shopping, anything, without stopping my story. I tried all sorts of headphones. Cords don’t work, earbuds hurt and get lost easily, but an ear hook is perfect! I love this ear hook! It is comfortable, easy to find if I drop it in my purse, great sound, and easy to recharge. Other Bluetooth ear buds and hooks need a special charger, but this one uses the same charger cord as a tablet or Android phone. Now running errands is no longer boring. I always have my ear hook ready for action!

  15. 53

    by Andrew

    This is the third one we’ve bought so we’re would have spares laying around. These are great!

  16. 53

    by Agnes

    Love that you can hear the music very well and can still hear what is going on around you! Would definitely recommend for any activity like driving, working out, or to use at work. Quick shipping. Arrived in one day! Wish it had a little bit more of a Bluetooth range. works about 20-30 feet however, which is standard for most Bluetooth devices.

  17. 53

    by Alexander

    Works great & stays on your ear! I needed something to listen to music while at work & this is perfect. It charges quickly & easy to use.

  18. 53

    by Lindsey

    I enjoy listening to music but hate buds in my ears. This product just sits near the ear canal & you hear the music perfectly.

  19. 53

    by Irene

    The sound is just fine, yes it is loud enough even with other room noise, talking or TV on. It allows the safety of both ears to be open to surrounding sounds. It is barely noticeable, so I can easily wear it on the job and listen to audiobooks while I work.

  20. 53

    by Frederica

    Nice device so far. No problems got it the next day

  21. 53

    by Easter

    I was skeptical that this would not fit my ear which is the case with most products like this. Well it does fit and stays in place. The sound quality is great as well as noise cancellation. The battery life is good so far. For someone with small ears this is the Bluetooth for you.

  22. 53

    by Beck

    I love the design, with my daith piercing, I don?t like an earbud. I use it at work for my breaks so I can listen to my phone and not bother others. The battery life is great and the sound is awesome! Thank you!

  23. 53

    by Adam

    For me, the sound coming from outside the ear canal is more pleasant. I can be aware of my surroundings and feel confident I won?t miss a call or message. At work I can slip it off my ear and into my shirt pocket in a second. It lays flat and needs no delicate handling. In another second it?s back on. And if you do get one, and for a moment can?t find it. Check behind your ear. It?s that comfortable.

  24. 53

    by Kay

    These are great for what they do. They are essentially a little speaker near your ear, the sound quality is pretty good for what they are. I use them in my office when I need to be able to hear my environment as well as for resting my ears from regular headphones, as they are not at all intrusive. I would definitely buy them again.

  25. 53

    by Leon

    I really liked the price and the quality of this device! Fairly well hidden especially when I wear my hat.

  26. 53

    by Larissa

    This product is lightweight, effective, and comfortable. A truly great buy!

  27. 53

    by King

    I love this earbud. It fits great and I can hear everything perfectly.

  28. 53

    by Caiden

    I really love it! I bought a couple more. Be aware that sometimes the assembly of the ptoduct should improve.

  29. 53

    by Benedict

    I have used a few different bluetooth earpieces and this one is by far my favorite. Easy to operate and sound is loud and clear!

  30. 53

    by Linda

    Easy to use and connect. The battery last longer than expected. I use mine in the office and works really well.

  31. 53

    by Gj

    Just fine

  32. 53

    by Bert

    It works great, good sound quality, battery last long, I?m very happy with it, will recommend

  33. 53

    by Gina

    Sound quality is clear, as long as you keep it charged. I would have to say the the battery life is fair—I think I went a couple of days without charging before I had issues. The only problem I really see with the device is that you can only be a short distance from the device which you are connected; however, I do not find it to be an issue for myself. A fantastic purchase, so happy I bought it.

  34. 53

    by Lilith

    Purchased this and the sound quality is excellent. Also very impressed with the battery. I have connected it to my android phone and ipad and can easily listen all day without issue.

  35. 53

    by Laura

    I got this earphone and I can say, boy, am I happy. it’s lightweight and conforms over the ear and not just in the ear. it doesn’t bother my bone. It charges fast and stays longer. wore it almost a full 24 hours without really knowing and then slept with it. even laid on it and it didn’t bother me. I’m shocked because I really didn’t think this would be a good thing. I am really glad I bought it. highly recommend

  36. 53

    by Hilda

    Just purchased this item. I was surprised how easy to use. Really like that it goes over your ear. The tiny ear inset is good. For me this is much better than other bluetooth earphones I have purchased. I would recommend this item to others

  37. 53

    by Chelsea

    Fingers crossed if I ever need a replacement they stand behind the one year guarantee. But for the price and ability to discretely listen to anything you want anywhere – yea it?s 5 stars.

  38. 53

    by Albert

    I love the way it hides behind the ear, I wish it was louder I?m a little deaf and sometimes it?s hard to hear out of it

  39. 53

    by Customer

    Packing do not say good. A miracle that the box did not crumple on the road (it was important, because. Headphones took as a gift to my mother).

  40. 53

    by Louise

    It is so comfortable to sleep in and the sound quality is great, plus no bright flashing lights like my previous bluetooth headphones. It is perfect for listening to music at work discretely, no one can see it under my hair and I can still hear conversations with the other free ear. I would love to have another one to keep one at home and one at work!

  41. 53

    by Kennard

    Love this ear hook earphone. The over-the-ear design allows you to listen to music while still being able to hear your -surroundings, so I think this is perfect for use in an office: you can listen to music or podcasts discreetly yet you aren’t completely ‘tuned out’ to everyone else around you.

  42. 53

    by Justin

    This is so easy to use and comfortable

  43. 53

    by Diana

    It works great when you want to be able to hear your program yet also need to hear ambient noise and conversations

  44. 53

    by Joyce

    It’s the best, comfortable and I don’t have to put anything in my ear

  45. 53

    by Customer

    The product is exactly as described, beautifully gift packaging.

  46. 53

    by Alex

    Excellent Bluetooth headphone, neatly packed, comes with an extra silicone earplugs, very intimate. It sounds great to listen to audio books and podcasts. Talking is also ok.

  47. 53

    by Blanche

    Very light product and great price

  48. 53

    by Tankard

    It’s lightweight, very easy to carry, the place in around your ear. long battery life, perfect. quick charging. very easy to pair…A MUST.

  49. 53

    by Regina

    This Bluetooth ear hook earphone works great!. Just what I wanted/needed at a reasonable price. Paired with my phone the 1st try & every time since. Sound is clear & mic works well (other end of call can hear & understand me). I use it mostly during exercise, no wires in the way & I can hear what happening in the background too. One overnite charge lasts me all week. The single button control is friendly.

  50. 53

    by iiD

    With the phone connected quickly

  51. 53

    by Bryant

    Comfortable to wear, I’m not a fan of earbuds, so this was the perfect solution for me.

  52. 53

    by kj

    Headphones came quickly in 15 days

  53. 53

    by fhbh

    like it

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M-E8 bone conduction wireless business Bluetooth headset hanging ear type

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