Cross border exclusive earplug type wireless business Bluetooth headset single ear invisible sports running listening to music button PP bag x9

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Model: x9
Bluetooth version: v5.0
Transmission range: 10M
Earphone battery: 50mah
Talk time: 300 minutes
Applicable models: Bluetooth mobile phone models of various mainstream brands
Standby time: 110 hours (mobile phone displays Bluetooth power)
Earphone size: 21mm * 16.5mm * 12.9mm

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Black, White

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103 Reviews For This Product

  1. 103

    by ColbStar

    I absolutely love this earpiece. Easy to work, and have no complaints from people I’ve been on the phone with. Though main reason I got this was to use in my pickup while driving, I actually use it at home while cooking, chores etc. It came with extra pieces, an a case.

  2. 103

    by Weinberg

    I was told that the battery life is up to 24 hours of talk time and a huge standby time: It has now one weeks in operation without issues, the battery still has long remaining time.

  3. 103

    by Massey

    Nice bluetooth for reasonable price.

  4. 103

    by Catfish


  5. 103

    by Melloney

    This works great as a hands-free phone while driving or around the house. Clear sound quality and the microphone picks up voices while doing a good job of screening out noise.

  6. 103

    by Johnston

    Very good quality, long last battery, very stable to ware. All in all, it’s a nice earbuds.

  7. 103

    by Customer


  8. 103

    by Customer

    The battery life is, no joke, 24 hours or longer depending on how often you are using it. The microphone is so good it can pick up the neighbor farting in their own house! I loved mine so much, I purchased a second one and sent it to my brother who is now enjoying the hands free life of gabbing on his phone.

  9. 103

    by Lyndsey C.

    Thumbs up for this little Bluetooth. I have purchased numerous Bluetooths literally and this one is by far the best one of all I purchased. For the price the quality is unbelievable. The only con for me is the in-coming calls are not voice identified. Not a big issue just one of my preferences. Reception is excellent. Have had complaints in the pass using other brands that the other party could either not hear me or the sound was muffled. Have had no complaints or problem with clarity. The battery life and range are great. Happy with purchase. Best of all it didn’t break the bank.

  10. 103

    by susan

    I have used it several days at work, my ear is not painful anymore when I use it , It is a light weight and comfortable to wear ! The sounds quality is excellent!

  11. 103

    by Lili

    The sound quality is way better than I expected, and I barely have to charge it!

  12. 103

    by Jimothy

    For someone like myself who is completely blind I rely on apps on my cell phone to help me get around Chicago so the most important thing for me was a Bluetooth earbud that can actually last of the day without the battery going dead and I really didn’t wanna spend a lot of money this his work perfect for me it’s very clear sounding it’s comfortable to wear on the year and that battery lasts

  13. 103

    by Island

    Very comfortable long lasting battery

  14. 103

    by Marbler

    The sound quality seems to be really good. I use it with an android phone.

  15. 103

    by H. Thompson

    The battery life is excellent as well as the sound.

  16. 103

    by Zach Mathews

    This is great

  17. 103

    by Melissa

    The quality is amazing…

  18. 103

    by Juan

    Simplicity, clarity, endless life

  19. 103

    by Barbara

    I have bought 3 different brands of blue tooth headsets to use while driving and this is my favorite. The design is easy, the connection is good and they are louder than the other 2 brands I have tried. They will pick up all the surrounding sounds around you, so whoever is on the phone can hear everything around you.

  20. 103

    by Jules

    The battery life is unbelievable!

  21. 103

    by Zach

    It’s super comfortable.

  22. 103

    by Alley

    Great product really like the extra ear piece for the other ear to listen to music or hear people in stereo also not bulky and light weight

  23. 103

    by Aaron Dennis

    I have recommended this product to everyone I know, and the ones that have gotten it, have been more than satisfied with it. And the carrying case has a clip, so I can put it on my keys and not lose it when I go out somewhere.

  24. 103

    by anonymous

    I seriously never give reviews but I’ma say this thing was the best thing I’ve ever had in forever.. quality is great the person hears me and I can hear them.

  25. 103

    by Azin

    The headset is very light and most of the time I forget I am wearing it.

  26. 103

    by David_De

    I am very happy with this purchase. My only complaint (and this could be different for everyone) is I find it protrudes out of my ear more than my other earpieces and it was a little comfortable at first. Overall I think this was a great bang for my buck.

  27. 103

    by Liz

    This thing is awesome, I can adjust the volume, walk a distance from my phone and still have a good connection.

  28. 103

    by smith

    I highly recommend this thing. I’ve been very pleased with it!

  29. 103

    by Theresa M. Tomlinson

    The quality is super clear when I talk to them while using this. Super happy!

  30. 103

    by Helen Williams

    In conclusion, buy this if you want a lot of features and adaptation for the dollar, but not for exquisite sound. Its strictly best for calling not music listening. Does not initiate a call using SIRI very well, but all else is perfect.

  31. 103

    by Peggy Johnston

    Considering everything and especially the price, I’d say that this is a great Bluetooth earpiece to buy.

  32. 103

    by Dale

    Would recommend.

  33. 103

    by Donisha

    I’m so glad I chose this particular brand. I felt I was taking a chance but it was rated well and within my budget. All good!

  34. 103

    by Catfish

    Absolutely as advertised. Ive gone a couple days without charging, i use it all day at work from my cellphone to listen to audiobooks, podcasts, and other media.

    on high quality bluetooth devices it sounds great! people i talk to say it sounds great even in a moving car on the freeway with windows down!

  35. 103

    by Cauffman


  36. 103

    by janeyjan


  37. 103

    by Aaron Jones

    Noise cancellation isn’t bad, but I have seen better. As far as I am concerned its the best deal out there for the money.

  38. 103

    by Dana V

    Long battery life, easy to pair to a device (mine is iPhone), fit my small ear well

  39. 103

    by R. Goebert

    I’m very satisfied.

  40. 103

    by Herman K

    The battery life on this is great

  41. 103

    by William R.

    This is the least expensive of them all and I have to say the best. I don’t like the effect of earbuds because I can’t hear anything around me and I hate to try to talk to anyone even on a call because it’s the equivalent of having ear plugs in. All you can hear is the muffled sound of your own voice. And it is very comfortable. I can hear everything around me while at the same time, the sound quality is exceptional and if I want to listen to music, the included earbud sounds great as well. The noise cancellation could be better but is still very acceptable. For the price, you simply can’t go wrong!

  42. 103

    by Derick

    It fits my needs.

  43. 103

    by Dee mother of sons

    This Bluetooth is the best I’ve ever had!

  44. 103

    by Namaste

    I like it and I bought another one so I could have it for a backup or give as a gift later.

  45. 103

    by Jose


  46. 103

    by Peter

    This headset has a nice design and in a good usage condition. The charging is easy and battery can be used for the entire day. I like the feeling that use the bluetooth headset to make a call without a cable.

  47. 103

    by Faith G.

    I love my New earpiece. lightweght, easy to pair, comfortably soft behind-the-ear hook. My favorite go-to earpiece. And it lays close to my cheek!!

  48. 103

    by Peter Saliba

    I ordered this because it was cheap and said it provided long hours of use. IT DOES!! I charged it for 3hrs when I recieved the ear piece. I then used it to stream music for the remaining 8hrs of my work day. I receive many calls during the day and it was still at 90% battery. I did not charge it and used it for 2 more days. Approx 28hrs of music and calls. I charged it before it was drained.

    I also drove with my windows down going on the highway and my calls could be heard clear and the callers could not hear the wind noise.

  49. 103

    by Aaron

    fair price, amazing quality and nice communication with seller. strong recommend.

  50. 103

    by ollie girl

    I’m very pleased with this USB in-the-ear headset. I work on a construction site and wondered how well it would work with equipment and other noise sources around. Well, it works great!

  51. 103

    by Aaron

    I am very happy and surprised with the battery life.

  52. 103

    by Tina

    Great product at a great price. I’ve been using it a few weeks now. I only use it in my vehicle while driving, so I have gone several days without charging it, and the battery has not run out. No issues with hearing or being heard over the phone, and it fits comfortably in my ear. It paired quickly with my iPhone the first time, and automatically pairs each time I get back in the vehicle. It’s much more reliable in this way than serval other Bluetooth products I’ve used.

  53. 103

    by susan smith

    I have had this ear peice for about two months now. Overall, I really like it.

  54. 103

    by Akbari

    A great headset, just wish it were a little more comfortable for my ear.

  55. 103

    by trevino

    Just like any other headset at this price point and this design. Comes with a bunch of hoops and earbuds to get a good fit. Perfectly acceptable.

  56. 103

    by Rene Warren

    Works exactly as it says.

  57. 103

    by Josue


  58. 103

    by Barbara Moseley

    Lightweight. I really like the rubber ear thingy that keeps the unit in the ear without a hook. No flashing blue light so it is discreet. Sound quality on my end is good, although that was never a problem with any unit that I used in the past. No complaints so far from listeners on the other end. I am considering using this device as a microphone in zoom to keep the sound from fading when not facing or stepping away from my computer. Recommended.

  59. 103

    by Ronda L

    Last over 24 hours. Charges within an hour and a half from completely dead. Doesn’t talk, I only get tones. Goes from one end of my house to the other before it gets static. I bought one for my trucker as well so we will see how it does on the semi.

  60. 103

    by Catfish Head Hunters

    Pros: Everything is awesome.

    Cons: You haven’t bought one yet.

  61. 103

    by Allen

    This is a very good device, the battery is long-lasting, sound quality is good for a single ear device, and the device is as tough as nails. I had my first one for almost a year and a half and I put that device through hell. The only reason it broke was, it dropped and then was ran over by an office chair. So I bought a new one without hesitation. This quality is usually seen in devices that are 3 times the price so I have zero complaints.

  62. 103

    by Tamara F.

    Para el precio súper bueno nunca se le termina la carga funciona muy bien

  63. 103

    by Azin Akbari

    Most impressive battery life of any device I have ever owned. Simple connections that never drop, sound is great, microphone is great. A steal for this price.

  64. 103

    by Jared

    Good sound. No complaints that I’m not being heard or of extra noise. Stays in place in ear. I would like it if the piece that goes over and behind ear was sturdier but I’ve had no problems with the one that came with earpiece. I would purchase again.

  65. 103

    by MN

    I absolutely love this Bluetooth Device.

  66. 103

    by Shawna

    Very pleased with this and would give it six stars if possible.

  67. 103

    by Williams

    This is a fairly lightweight stylish headset.

  68. 103

    by Beth Liberti-McCray

    As respect

  69. 103

    by Aleesha P

    5 Stars

  70. 103

    by Peggy

    Very happy with the purchase. I can listen to audio books, music, and even synced it with my laptops Bluetooth for video conferencing. The best part is that battery lasts for days in between charges…… not kidding, DAYS.

  71. 103

    by Troy w

    Really good. Fit me well and good quality. There are also enough backup accessories. The sound quality is good too. Very convenient!

  72. 103

    by LJABQ

    The battery last very long am surprised at it and the quality is good too for the price you get what is even better than some 14$ Bluetooth headset

  73. 103

    by Customer

    Love it

  74. 103

    by Ronda L Cauffman

    Nice little earpiece.

  75. 103

    by Jared

    Happy with this product. I would definitely recommend this earpiece.

  76. 103

    by Hairy

    Really great product!

  77. 103

    by HairyCatsNetwork

    Well connecting with my iPhone X and Mac and good keeping within my ear. Besides, to me, I have a high-quality experience online class via this earpiece.

  78. 103

    by Billy

    This Bluetooth is amazing for the price! It works better than some $60 and up earpieces I’ve had
    Easy to, use pair and looks nice.

  79. 103

    by Donisha Moore

    Bought this for my Husband to use at work. It charges pretty fast. Hes had it for about a month now and the only issue he has is sound. Sounds a little distorted at times when hes not in anrea of interference. Other than that, it works

  80. 103

    by Customer

    Works great, no complaints. Battery life really good.

  81. 103

    by Faith

    These are really great.

  82. 103

    by Akbari

    Quality device. Very cofortable fit. Only one problem. I need some of the accessories that came with it and I cant find it anywhere.

  83. 103

    by Kat

    I didn’t have to charge it until a almost a week was up and it wasn’t completely dead when I did. The volume was better than any earpiece I’ve had.

  84. 103

    by Alley Kat

    This is a great product overall. Easy to charge, just plug it into your USB port with the small attachment that comes with it.

  85. 103

    by Dale Dove

    I bought this earpiece a few months ago and it quit working. I loved the product so much I ordered a new one. My job requires me to wear an earpiece most of the day so quality sound and battery life are important to me.Its good !

  86. 103

    by F.

    love !

  87. 103

    by Island Hopper

    My fiance is a truck driver and he bought 2 of these that way we could talk to eachother more easily while at work. I also drive alot for work so this device ended up being very convenient for hands free calling for the both of us. It’s a good value in comparison to other trucker Bluetooth headsets and the sound quality is very good. It also has a very long battery life as I can wear it turned on for over 8 hours without it shutting down. The only downside is that when outside, background noises can be amplified at times however when my fiance is driving his noisy truck I don’t hear the roaring engine over his voice.

  88. 103

    by R. Goebert

    At I thought it was broken because it kept flashing blue and red. After consulting with the makers they informed me that I only had to charge for 3 hrs and the flashing indicated it was working . I love it. I haven’t had to charge it over 30 min since I don’t run it till it’s dead. I can answer my phone watch movies and play music and listen with it.

  89. 103

    by Gail S

    It charges fairly fast.

  90. 103

    by Gail Steiger

    A great tool for taking calls hands-free and for listening to anything on your cell, such as recorded books. Surprisingly good sound.

  91. 103

    by That Ain’t Working

    I am pleased to say that its volume is loud enough that I can keep the windows rolled down in my Jeep while driving and still hear and talk normally.

  92. 103

    by Poolman499

    I am happy with the purchase

  93. 103

    by D. Ginney

    The battery life is quite remarkable

  94. 103

    by Edward Weinberg

    The earpiece exceeds my expectations.

  95. 103

    by Juan trevino

    So for the money this is THE ONE.. I have owned two of these only because my dog ate one lol.. the battery life is what they say, plus it’s very loud so you can actually hear the phone call or music plus it comes with the attachment to hook up the earbud which is amazing for music and movies..

  96. 103

    by Moffa

    What a find. My sister was using this, and when she was out skiing or hiking I wouldn’t hear any wind or background noise when I would call her. I asked her for the link to buy and couldn’t believe the price. I bought two and am so happy.

    Noise Cancellation
    Instant Bluetooth Pairing

  97. 103

    by Warren

    Having had 4 or 5 Bluetooth Earpieces, this model is the best overall value of any I’ve had.

    Besides the standard ways to answer and make calls, this unit comes with extra earpieces as one might expect. However, it also comes with extra over-the-ear pieces in both clear and black plastic. This feature has already saved me from having to buy another earpiece.

    The battery life is excellent and charging doesn’t take too much time. Talk quality is good though the 10 meter distance-to-phone is generous.

    Overall, a great value.

  98. 103

    by Joskin

    It is awesome. People can hear me clearly ! All I have to do is make sure it is charged up and away I go. It important when in a noisy setting that I add the extra cord for perfect surround sound. I love it. I have had it for two weeks. I will give another review in a month or so. For now this is awesome. I have recommended it to my friends! Best one I have ever had. Its is easy to pair up!

  99. 103

    by Shawna H. Thompson

    Ordered two of these for my son and myself. He works outside around heavy trucks…the first thing he noticed was that he could actually hear a call even outside! So I tried mine…way to go! No noise, nice sound, and I didn’t even have to use the ear hook it fit my ear so well! Like talking to someone right in front of you…volume could be a little higher but overall I’d give this one 5 stars! Thanks!

  100. 103

    by Mathews

    I’ll be buying another so I have a spare. Great product at a great price!

  101. 103

    by Tina

    Great product, can’t beat the price. AMAZING battery life . Overall a solid device I recommend.

  102. 103

    by Melissa E. Brugh

    I’ve used many small earbuds and earphone. This one is the best so far.The fit is perfect and comfortable, doesn’t make you look or feel stupid, Combined with good battery life, excellent sound quality and it’s light weight makes a device I recommend .

  103. 103

    by TZxasd

    Please excuse the pun. The only reason it did not receive a 5 was it doesn’t cover both ears. It conforms to my ear quite well. It clings to the side of my head, unlike other models and it is easy to operate. The pickup works very well and sirree adapted to my voice quickly. I am still discovering new things that it can do so I shall return…..

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Cross border exclusive earplug type wireless business Bluetooth headset single ear invisible sports running listening to music button PP bag x9

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