New TWS wireless Bluetooth headset sports business comfortable to wear 180 ° rotation mini digital noise reduction

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Product features:
–Jerry 5.0 low power chip
–All directional microphone design for face-to-face clarity.
–Chinese and English voice broadcast, incoming call broadcast
–10mm composite diaphragm horn with bright high pitch and thick bass
–High capacity battery, long endurance, 180 days standby
–The call lasted about 36 hours
–Built in DSP noise suppression and echo cancellation function (cvc8.0 dual noise reduction technology)
–Skin friendly material, 180 ° rotation, left and right ears, painless wear

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94 Reviews For This Product

  1. 94

    by Emma

    For this price there are no claims, from my xiaomi hybrid little than different, the battery holds more than 3 hours

  2. 94

    by Arlene

    Headphones for their price are good. Work stably. The sound is good. With replaced ear pads, the bass is good.

  3. 94

    by Sibyl

    Fast delivery. Best product in this price range. Battery timing is upto 2 hours. Good bass and sound. But the mic on call is not that good. Overall i m satisfied and going to order another on for me. Thanks

  4. 94

    by Adela

    The headphones came in 22 days. Made qualitatively. Thank you very much to the seller!

  5. 94

    by Belle

    This was an amazing bargain. Pairs without issues. Sound quality is great. Very well designed – not a cheap looking set.

  6. 94

    by Joyce

    Excellent headphones, the package came a little wrinkled but nothing was damaged inside, delivered quickly, there are no problems.

  7. 94

    by Dominic

    Super satisfied with these Earbuds. Better than expected. Bluetooth works perfectly! Very Happy

  8. 94

    by Mandy

    Ah been one of my best shopping sounds of the best. Comparing quality and price is very good item

  9. 94

    by Valerie

    Fast shipping. Everything works. My recommendations. Sound …. Well, not at music lover, but what are you waiting for for this money. Listen to the news, watch the movie. Answer the call. It’s for you.

  10. 94

    by Cynthia

    Cargo arrived intact without problems. The product is great I highly recommend. I think two people can use the most beautiful feature is the only product but the headphones can use two people by connecting them to phones separately I use them with my wife.

  11. 94

    by Valentina

    Perfect, product exactly like the advertised, fast shipping and perfect operation, pair to 1 in 2 min and the sound quality very good and isolate from outside noise, with three different size replacement, come on, i recommend them without hesitation

  12. 94

    by Yvonne

    Excellent product, was very satisfied, the battery lasts and the sound quality is very good, already did the purchase more than 2 units.

  13. 94

    by Diana

    Headphones perfect. High quality finish and sound quite balanced, well average, treble and bass. THE volume, for me, is high enough, but not those burst ear. For those who like bass accented, it does not offer this (think for this preference the ideal would be larger headphones). Are small, fit perfectly on the ears and not fall at all. Even the case being opened, have magnetic fastening and not Falls box. Fit in pocket along with the case without much volume. Too worth, still more value.

  14. 94

    by Griselda

    Excellent headphones, ordered for a friend. According to him and volume and bass he has enough. Delivery fast, product and seller recommend.

  15. 94

    by Queen Ajah

    My favorite brand for earpieces. I buy this same one every couple of years. It’s long lasting and durable. Sound quality is great and pairs easily. I love being hands free especially on 18 hour days.

  16. 94

    by Alan A.

    This tiny bluetooth ear bud is fantastic. Battery life is much better than expected. I spent time trying the different sizes, and I think that helped because it never falls out. I wear this while biking, running, cleaning, etc. The sound is loud, to the point that I usually never go over half way up, which is much better than my previous wireless earbuds. Thus far, I cannot rave enough about this ear bud more. If you’re on the fence, just go for it.

  17. 94

    by Mack

    The quality of the musical sound is excellent

  18. 94

    by Alex

    The best sound, clarity, and reliability of any Bluetooth I’ve had. This is my third and it is the best one. All BT hurt my ears after a few hours of wearing, and this one is no exception, but the quality of it makes up for it. OH! And I thought it was a gonner when I realized I’d left it in my pocket of my jeans as I was pulling my pants out of the DRYER, (which meant they’d been though the WASHER and the DRYER!!) but I was wrong. It STILL WORKED! Amazing. I highly recommend this.

  19. 94

    by Meg

    Simple to use and set up. I like that the on/off button is on the side and easy to to use when the headset is in your ear. Very comfortable to wear and great clarity. Talk time is 11 hours and every time you turn on the headset you get an update on how much time is left etc.,

  20. 94

    by Cassidy

    Very cool headphones. Immediately connected without problems) thanks.

  21. 94

    by Amy

    This is my first bluetooth earpiece. So far, it works great and comes in handy! The only complaint I have is it seems to pick up background noise, but that may be an issue with all of them, I don’t know. Overall, I am very happy with it!

  22. 94

    by Zach

    Purchase for my mother and she loves it.

  23. 94

    by mike

    Really light weight. Simple to set up.

  24. 94

    by Terrell Griffin

    I was pleasantly surprised at this tiny little earpiece. Actually, fits well in my ear (I usually have issues with earpieces being uncomfortable). The sound impressed me as it was eq’d to compliment my preference in music. Battery life has been great so far with several hours of standby (hasn’t run out yet). Calls were clear due to the fact that it fits your ear so that outside noise is reduced.

  25. 94

    by Cassondra Gilbert

    I use this for listening to music during light therapy at dermatology. The signal is fantastic, and the sound isn?t terrible playing music during those 10 min + sessions. Seemed a cheaper item to replace than risking those UV rays ruining my $800 phone. I?ve forgotten it?s in my ear a time or two, and wound up answering a phone call by pressing the little button. The USB charge stick is very convenient and even bends! The little carrying case is perfect for not losing this in the abyss of my purse/gym bag. This is not super expensive and works wonderfully without swallowing my ear in size or being too heavy to stay in or hurting my ear (there are alternative sizes for the ear bud part). Couldn?t be happier!

  26. 94

    by Gregory L Dimitriadis

    Only complaint is that you have to hit both the volume up and down buttons at the same time in order to play/pause. Not a huge complaint but still a usability thing.

  27. 94

    by beckytalk

    Have had for years, has been reliable, audio is crystal clear and doesn’t hurt my ear. I bought a cheap hard case the houses contact lenses from our local grocery/department store and the bluetooth fits inside perfectly. Otherwise difficult to keep track of without some sort of case.

  28. 94

    by Pen Name

    Eeeexxxxxxcellent for the price! And I?ve had mine for about a yr now! Actually bought a couple for Christmas gifts!!!

  29. 94

    by Tim

    Great volume and clear and fits nicely in my hear without having to use the over-the-ear hook

  30. 94

    by Denny

    Everything is super. Delivery is fast, and the headphones work)) thanks))

  31. 94

    by Daniel Olesiak

    Great bluetooth. Good battery life. Long range. Good audio. Able to connect to two devices at a time. Not too expensive. Comes with high quality charging cable. Comfortable to wear.

  32. 94

    by Cassandra Watson

    I’ve had two of these so far. I managed to lose one (I wasn’t using it for a bit and then couldn’t find it), so I reordered a replacement. At the price, it really wasn’t a big deal. It’s small, fairly inconspicuous, and works really well. I can listen to music/podcasts/audio books for hours, and if you wear a beanie, nobody even knows it exists. Additionally, it does’t block out all sound in the ear it is in, so if someone is trying to get your attention, you aren’t lost to the world. The sound quality is pretty good, about what you’d expect from any set of cheap to medium priced earbuds. I listen to music with it quite frequently, so I’d like to think that that is a decent recommendation of the audio quality.

  33. 94

    by Awesome

    I love this Bluetooth headset. It was available at my local Walmart but then they stopped stocking it so I?m glad I found it here on Amazon and at a great price. I?ve purchased several of these and recommend them to anyone who has a cell phone. Bluetooth is the way to go.

  34. 94

    by J. Powell

    I like the size. I tried a few other brands, but some of them seem too bulky for me.

  35. 94

    by Pamela

    Amazing earphones. The build quality is top. Highly recommended.

  36. 94

    by Ernest

    Wonderful headphones, came quickly, the sound is excellent, i’m happy with everything.

  37. 94

    by becky estep

    Gave these out as gifts. They were a HIT! I needed them for people who need their hands free but have to be on the phone constantly. I gave one to a nurse who is my friend. She needs to keep in tough with doctors in the nursing home where she works. She uses it as an emergency tool. I gave one to a contractor who is also a good friend. He has to hold tools all the time and is not able to talk to his other clients unless he is hands free. This way he can contact them and they can find out when they can expect him. I got one for my truck driving brother who needs this as much as I did. I am so glad that I was able to get one for my sister-friend because she is an accountant and do taxes all year around. she needs to get in touch with her clients and this was the thing that made that easier for her when she is driving to and from places.

  38. 94

    by moniquz

    I have only owned the earbud for a few days, but I love it. I saw some reviews that warned that it would fall out of the ear easily, which concerned me. I have had it fall out twice, but both times I placed it back in my ear and made certain it was firmly placed. I then wore it for several hours without any problem.

  39. 94

    by Amanda L

    I absolutely ADORE this little headphone! I use it to listen to audiobooks and podcasts while I do chores or take my son to the park or play places (I can ‘read’ while keeping my eyes on him, and one ear open, which is great!). The sound is stellar, the battery lasts a good amount of time (I’d say I get at least 5 solid hours of use, but it honestly is probably more, I’ve never run it down over the course of one single day so I lose track). It pairs perfectly with my iPhone.

  40. 94

    by cevan1967

    This is the only headset I like mine first one went through the washer so had to get a new glad they still make them

  41. 94

    by Yvonne

    I like it so much I bought two more. I’m connected to my laptop and my phone without having to switch. The automatic connection hasn’t failed me yet, and when I pull it off the charger and stick it in my ear it starts working immediately. It’s great for Google Maps directions when I’m riding my bike, listening to lectures, podcasts, books, and of course making/answering phone calls. It seems to last all day with the volume down low, which is where I prefer it anyway. It’s very comfortable.

  42. 94

    by charles mccoy

    I have bought a few more for family and they all like the product. You will not be disappointed by buying this unit. delivery is as promised and will buy more !

  43. 94

    by Daisy

    The headphones are excellent, i really liked them, they sound better than my wired ones, they sit comfortably in the ears, they will not fall out when playing sports.

  44. 94

    by Roni

    It has decidedly better sound quality, functionality and durability than any other similar product I have tried!

  45. 94

    by srijane

    First of all, i have to say that I have been using Bluetooth for a pretty a long time, and I usually fo with the big brands….and do care about the design..or shall I say the ‘look’. But there is always a problem with pricing..heavy..battery runs out of power quick;y..and takes a longer time to change. so this time, I decide to go outside my comfort zone. I choice this. I wear and jump all day…It HAS NOT FALL, not even once. Plus..the Apple one is relatedly easier to drop …in my opinion ONLY. And guess what..it looks stylish and I love it. Not to mention the sound quality,,, very clear; even when I listen to music.

  46. 94

    by rico

    I got lightweight and single ear to use to listen to audio books and blogs while working. Some people play music in the office really low, I can listen in one ear (when doing the boring parts of my job) and still hear what’s going on around me or not look like I’m jamming with headphones. Subtle and perfect.

  47. 94

    by Dolores

    It came for 2 weeks, very quickly. good branded packaging. i recommend the seller!

  48. 94

    by Spidernonymous

    long battery light weight charges fast

  49. 94

    by greatest ever

    Great price. Works on both phone and music, video, cd, etc. Great bang for the buck!

  50. 94

    by MegH

    So, i had gotten the first one from work. Accidentally went through the washing machine and thought it was toast, so I bought this one. Out of curiosity, I plugged the original one in about a week later and found that it still works and still has great sound and battery life. Extremely happy with this blue tooth device.

  51. 94

    by Gail B.

    Love my Bluetooth earpiece. It makes talking more convenient while driving or doing just about anything. Hands free talking is awesome The recharge time is excellent. Will look into getting another one for back up. Would definitely purchase this again and recommend it to my friends.

  52. 94

    by Garzmax Travel

    Second one and love them. The only reason I had to get this is because my first one went through the washing and the dryer and so it died… 🙁

  53. 94


    I like this Bluetooth earbud. I use it every night listening to music as I fall asleep without disrupting my wife?s sleeping. I recommend this earbud. ??

  54. 94

    by Kalamity Flats

    Purchased for my wife. She loves it. Happy wife, happy husband.

  55. 94

    by Deirdre

    These are great! The sound is solid, no cutting out like I have experienced with a different brand. Shipping was speedy as well. Would definitely recommend this product and this seller.

  56. 94

    by Hartley

    Headphones came in three weeks. The sound is very high. Not enough bass.

  57. 94

    by Martina

    All kinds of awesome quality are taken at this price.

  58. 94

    by Farrar

    The order received very quickly everyone is satisfied, the sound is good and connect quickly!

  59. 94

    by Customer

    Most things we buy just don’t last but this has taken a beating and keeps performing. I have dropped it many times and it even went into the full mop bucket and it still works great. There may be more expensive wireless ear buds out there but this fit my budget and completely fills my need. I highly recommend this item.

  60. 94

    by BigBluRvrCat

    This is the second one I’ve had. I left previous one in a rental car at the airport. I’ve tried two other brands and they both were returned within two days. I highly recommend this Bluetooth. No complaints.

  61. 94

    by M. Ayers

    Comfortable to wear and efficient

  62. 94

    by Terry

    I have tried a number of headsets and I liked this one the best. Even better than the more expensive ones. I am not a techy person, I just know what works for me.

  63. 94

    by Sheila

    Simple, but tasteful. Headphones are not bad. Build quality is good. The sound is good for both bluetooth headphones. Tags changed immediately to their own. Arrived in 15 days. In general, i recommend the seller.

  64. 94

    by Pamela

    Super fast shipping!!! Respect the seller. Good quality headphones. In minus only a short charging cord.

  65. 94

    by Nesbitt

    Comfortable and light! I recommend

  66. 94

    by Cheryl

    Perfect, good sound quality, the product meets your description, recommended seller Very fast package reception, only 11 days

  67. 94

    by Sheila

    I am really impressed by the quaity of this product, especially regarding its low price ! Realy good sound quality, fair battery life, easy to use. I did not test the microphone, i only use them to listen to music.

  68. 94

    by Mandy

    The headphones are amazing! Using them for calls and music, both without an issue. Have not tried calling outside on street (noise) though.

  69. 94

    by ShadowKnightX4

    Excellent earpiece. This is my 5th one (cats keep giving it to my pup.)

  70. 94

    by Juan Garcia

    I love this product. I just bought my 3rd one…Let me explain why… 1st one I had for maybe a year and lost it. Ordered a replacement. Yes, that good!…Mostly love the 11 hour battery. That’s super hard to find!…Had it for like 6 months…Then, I forgot it in a work pocket and WASHED IT ! Went thru an entire wash cycle before I discovered it. Immediately ordered a replacement, as I was sure it was a goner. It’s a MUST HAVE at work, as we are not allowed earbuds…But this goes unnoticed under my hair :=PPP… Brought it to work anyway and guess what!!??…The doggone thing powered right back up !!! Had to re-program and pair it again, but I’m still using it !…Next one came and I’m keeping it as a back-up in case I lose it again…Anything that can stand an entire wash cycle and still work is amazing in my book !!! :=)))

  71. 94

    by Marcia CJ

    Love this headset!! Great noise canceling and volume. Works on two different phones, it is great.

  72. 94

    by Myrna

    Packed perfectly, everything corresponds to photos and description. Thank you for your promptness.

  73. 94

    by Juliet

    Good product. Fast shipping. Thank you.

  74. 94

    by Doris

    Excellent headphones, quality, in the ear sit well

  75. 94

    by Susanna

    Chic headphones. Take will not regret

  76. 94

    by Diana

    Good headphones, reached yekaterinburg for 2 weeks. Instantly connected to honor 10, the sound on a solid four.

  77. 94

    by Nathanael

    I am very pleased with the headphones! ‘

  78. 94

    by Customer

    Good sound, very comfortable sitting on the ears.

  79. 94

    by Teresa

    Overall very happy with these earbuds. No connection issues, they charge fast as does the case for them. I can’t comment on how long the earbuds last as I only use them in short bursts and then put them back, but the sound quality is alright and they are comfortable to wear. Warm recommendation.

  80. 94

    by Belinda

    product arrived very quickly. its pairs quickly. no disconnections. very small and light so easy to carry, has many functions in the buttons, looks good.

  81. 94

    by Crystal

    has excellent sound. very useful

  82. 94

    by Debby

    I am very satisfied with the product. Nice sound quality. The battery holds the charge correctly. Phone calls are well supported. I highly recommend this seller.

  83. 94

    by Verna

    Headphones liked, came charged (and box and headphones). Connected to the iphone without problems, connected also to the computer via bluetooth adapter. The apartment was like in them, the iphone lay 5-8 meters through the walls, the sound did not disappear. The quality of the sound is medium, but it suits me.

  84. 94

    by Louise

    Thank you, everything is fine. Headphones are very good.

  85. 94

    by Teresa

    The headphones are cool

  86. 94

    by Christine

    I liked the sound, the frequency range is almost perfect. it seemed that the sound is not enough, but it can be optimal for the ears. thanks for the quality goods and fast delivery of all the people involved in this event!

  87. 94

    by Blanche

    Good seller! He arrived fast. The headphones look quality to me for your low price, they sound great!

  88. 94

    by Daphne

    Everything corresponds to the description, the ambyushura should be selected, which were on wired headphones fly off these, native spruce pulled, different diameter of the grooves, the sound is not as detailed as expected, compare with akg Y-20. with the reviews on youtube agree, as a whole satisfied.

  89. 94

    by Blanche

    Awww so nice fast delivery 15 day thank you very much seller remains that tested

  90. 94

    by Customer

    the headphones themselves-they were very comfortable during sports.

  91. 94

    by Nicole

    Very cool earphones. When in Tel APT-X play as wired 🙂

  92. 94

    by Anastasia

    Works well, no problem with connection, suprisingly good sound considering the price. Fast shipping. Absolutely recommended seller. Thanks

  93. 94

    by Natividad

    Excellent quality! Great seller! Everything is done quickly and clearly. Super fast delivery 16 days, the goods match the description. It’s nice to work with you. Seller recommend. 5 *****

  94. 94

    by Yvette

    Headphones are not bad. There are basses, but replaced ambitions with better quality. I recommend!

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New TWS wireless Bluetooth headset sports business comfortable to wear 180 ° rotation mini digital noise reduction

$17.99$35.95 (-50%)

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