Popular xg12 Bluetooth headset TWS dual pass 5.0 stereo headset wireless sports mobile phone universal

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Product Name: XG-12 Bluetooth TWS dual headset color: Black
Horn specification: 8 Li real copper ring rubber coated horn impedance: 16 Ω
Horn frequency response: 20Hz ~ 20kHz horn rated power: 3MW
Speaker 1K sensitivity: 98dB talk time (medium volume): 3H
Music time (medium volume): 3.2h standby time: 120h
Bluetooth chip: (Zhongke Lanxun scheme) Bluetooth version: 5.0 + EDR
Transmission distance (m): 7-10m power consumption: 18-22 Ma
Input power: 93mw headset battery capacity: 55mA
Accessories: Manual + data cable + ear cap

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Black, White

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102 Reviews For This Product

  1. 102

    by Customer

    This is a great headset

  2. 102

    by Andrés E.

    They are really good. For the price, they are seriously the best earbuds you could get.

  3. 102

    by Jacob Marshall

    They are not quite what I expected but work better than I expected.

  4. 102

    by TRiP

    Great set of Headphones

  5. 102

    by Yankees98

    Good sound quality

  6. 102

    by DesertDawg88

    Great product for the money.

  7. 102

    by Jag Kahlon

    Comfortable for long periods of time

  8. 102

    by Carlo

    The only constructive feedback I have is that it isn’t as loud as other headphones but the quality of the sound is great and makes up for it.

  9. 102

    by Audiophillic

    They sound good

  10. 102

    by Customer

    The sound quality is pretty good and well balanced for the price.

  11. 102

    by Customer

    Charges quickly

  12. 102

    by Alexandria

    I am very pleased with this bluetooth earbud headset.

  13. 102

    by Customer

    Good sound quality and comfortable. Use at the gym with no issues.

  14. 102

    by T. Putnam

    Battery life is as advertised, perhaps even better than advertised.

  15. 102

    by Customer

    They have had no issues

  16. 102

    by Customer

    They sounded great and worked well up

  17. 102

    by Mo M.

    Strongly recommend.

  18. 102

    by Blacksher

    I bought several wireless earphones in the past few months. So far these are very good.

  19. 102

    by Stan L. Riggin


  20. 102

    by Dianne

    I mainly use my Bluetooth for phone calls and listening to shows at night. The music quality is not as important to me. Callers say they hear me well, no strange sounds. The battery last a surprisingly long time. I don’t use it for workouts so I can’t comment on that. I can leave my phone in the house and go further away from my phone than with any other head set I have owned.

  21. 102

    by MawraYah

    This is the second pair I bought, liked the first so much. Great battery life! Very comfortable, great for workouts, and call features easy to use.

  22. 102

    by Michael Friddell

    Battery is nice

  23. 102

    by Woody

    Bought a pair because my wife already had one, and I had been using hers. This style is little better, more comfortable on the ears. Sound is still great. Added bonus are all of the size options for earpieces.

  24. 102

    by Christopher Nguyen

    Came charged, paired immediately with no fuss, super comfy.

  25. 102

    by Randi

    Battery life is definitely as long as it claims

  26. 102

    by Big Woody

    I haven’t gotten any complaints about sound quality when I speak on the phone as I have with other devices. Definitely worth buy. And for the price, it’s a win win.

  27. 102

    by tom

    I have been using them for the past couple of weeks and they work great

  28. 102

    by Marshall

    Quality is good

  29. 102

    by maria

    Very comfortable for the most part

  30. 102

    by BadPanda

    Epic-awesome-amazing earbuds!!!

  31. 102

    by J. Ariza.

    My ears are on the smaller side these just would not stay in at all. I tried all of the tips and they kept falling out every time I would start to run. I am big on running and this is why I got these. Unfortunately, they did not work out for me.
    My boyfriend has the same ones and he loves them though.

  32. 102

    by Warren

    I was very dissatisfied with the sound quality at first- a lot of the harder music I listen too was VERY distorted and muddy, but after reducing some of the lower frequencies in Spotify’s EQ, it’s now crystal clear.

  33. 102

    by Espriu

    These earbuds, don’t get me wrong, are awesome for music on the go.

  34. 102

    by Jamison

    Way better than the last bluetooth earbuds.

  35. 102

    by Thenny


  36. 102

    by Cop_that

    Great sound, I didn’t have to turn volume all the way up to receive great sound.

  37. 102

    by Moriah

    Bass are not bad, not great, but enough.

  38. 102

    by Kevin Huynh

    They were great.

  39. 102

    by Rick

    For the price point and quality, you can’t beat them!

  40. 102

    by BigDaddy

    The sound quality is very good.

  41. 102

    by Jeffrey Long

    Great value.

  42. 102

    by Customer


  43. 102

    by Dave

    I don’t dish out 5 star ratings lightly, but — while audiophiles probably won’t sing their praises in terms of sound — I couldn’t be more impressed for the price.

  44. 102

    by Hector

    The sound is very clear and can get pretty loud.

  45. 102

    by Dar

    Sound is good and easy to pair and operate.

  46. 102

    by CDub

    These are good quality ear buds.

  47. 102

    by S. Dowlen

    Seller sent a replacement without me even asking. Replacement arrived today and works great! Awesome customer service! Would buy from again! 😎

  48. 102

    by Joe Sheltrow

    I wish I would of purchase these earbuds instead of the other earbuds. Yes, I would purchase these again.

  49. 102

    by Customer

    It’s very good considering the price.This is the best headphones I found for intense sports, and battery life is amazing. would buy again anytime.

  50. 102

    by Autumn Knight

    Extremely satisfied with this purchase.

  51. 102

    by James

    Definitely recommend

  52. 102

    by tay p

    Such a great buy at such a low price!

  53. 102

    by Nick D.

    Simple interface to use even while exercising, and they won’t fall out no matter how hard I shake my head!

  54. 102

    by Nichole

    I like them. Work great for work. Battery life also is very good for what you are paying. Would do again.

  55. 102

    by Customer


  56. 102

    by Hunter

    Battery life way longer than my last earbuds.

  57. 102

    by Nguyen

    It just works. The sound is awesome for the price.

  58. 102

    by Lizzie Africa

    I’m really liking these headsets and would recommend them. I will give it 5 stars for now and update if necessary in the future

  59. 102

    by Jag


  60. 102

    by McNally

    I honestly don’t like working out and always need the motivation to get up and be active. I recently switched jobs and found out that my building has its own small gym. I began going every day after work and realized that the headphones that were gifted to me 2 Christmases ago kept falling out of my ears whenever I went on the treadmill or leaned back in any sort of way. This made me cut my workouts shorter because I definitely needed to be preoccupied and distracted while working out. I did a lot of research and landed on this. I read so many reviews and looked through so many images! Once I received this in the mail, I was very excited. The case was kept together and the headphones themselves felt so comfortable. They’re basically noise-cancelling headphones if you play music or watch videos. My workouts are much longer and thorough now that I can listen to music and not be distracted by anything else. These are so wonderful and I would definitely recommend these to anyone and everyone!

  61. 102

    by Rich


  62. 102

    by Michael Hughes

    Note that they are big though still very light.

  63. 102

    by carnz

    Lightweight like a feather and low profile.

  64. 102

    by Kahlon

    The quality and look of them of them is great.

  65. 102

    by Shanandoa Upshaw

    They are nice and compact so easy to store without getting the neck strap tangled

  66. 102

    by Terry C.

    Good headphones. Great price!

  67. 102

    by jp

    Would absolutely recommend and buy again.

  68. 102

    by Timerd

    For the price you can’t go wrong.

  69. 102

    by Customer

    Ease of connection setup

  70. 102

    by Richard

    The ear holder is comfortable

  71. 102

    by Shanandoa

    They charge pretty quick and battery lasts me a few hours, probably 4+ hours so far

  72. 102

    by Ironman01

    These were exactly the headphones I was looking for. They stay in my ears when I go to the gym, and get sweaty. Water resistance is a bonus.

  73. 102

    by Customer

    Great Headset for the money.

  74. 102

    by Tom R.

    Mids and vocals are clear and crisp very impressive.

  75. 102

    by Bridta L.

    Those headphones are AMAZING

  76. 102

    by Jacob

    The headphones work great, have excellent sound quality and the new headphones work perfectly while I’m exercising.

  77. 102

    by Gabe Watson

    Ive been using these for about 3-4 weeks. They sound excellent and stay on my ears without any fiddling.

  78. 102

    by Friddell

    The over-ear hooks are very soft so they don’t bother my ears at all. They always connect to my phone and never drop. I have yet to run down the battery even after being on a conference call for three hours.

  79. 102

    by Alex

    Got these a couple weeks ago, they’ve gotten wet, no problems. I seat a LOT, no problems. Automatically connect when I turn them on, fit comfortably in my ears, seem big when you look at them but feel like nothing when I’m wearing them.

  80. 102

    by Kitt

    I absolutely recommend these- more so for the price

  81. 102

    by Quintessa D.

    These are the best budget headphones hands down.

  82. 102

    by Brandon R Blacksher

    The sound quality is excellent.

  83. 102

    by James McNally

    I am very pleased with them thus far. The sound quality is excellent as well as the battery life and the distance of connectivity.

  84. 102

    by wb5

    I was pleasantly surprised by how light these headphones felt in my ears.

  85. 102

    by Bear

    Very comfortable.

  86. 102

    by Sheltrow

    Sound quality is very good but I need to press the earbuds up against my ear canals to hear the quality.

  87. 102

    by Kyle

    I am really happy with these bluetooth

  88. 102

    by Christopher

    Sound quality and volume are great and controls are very easy to understand and use. Highly recommend it.

  89. 102

    by Gloria M

    The sound quality is good.

  90. 102

    by Bob Chapman

    These are good earphones and I would definitely buy them again.

  91. 102

    by Customer

    Comfortable and secure.

  92. 102

    by Tu

    Only complaint is that battery indicator is inaccurate. Your battery is go from 30percent to zero.

  93. 102

    by Van


  94. 102

    by MawraYah Yahawadah

    I have bought most the cheap earphones AND seem the most durable and best quality.

  95. 102

    by Bay

    They worked fine

  96. 102

    by T.am

    No connection issues and impressive range for the Bluetooth. Stay on very well.

  97. 102

    by Sierra

    They aren’t as good as my audio technica studio monitor cans obviously, but VERY impressive for wireless earbuds.

  98. 102

    by Sierra Warren

    I loved it. Easier to pair, more comfortable / better fitting.

  99. 102

    by AC

    Love them. They fit great. Sound quality is awesome. They come with a convenient carry case.

  100. 102

    by Bas

    Far above my expectations, they fit great, soundquality is unbelievable and the volume can go way up but it’s not needed. Compared to other headphones where you sometimes miss that bit of boost in volume.

  101. 102

    by Riggin

    It was excellent, but the battery life was somewhat limited to about 4-5 hours. That wasn’t enough for an upcoming trip

  102. 102

    by Thenny Dar

    I like it

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Popular xg12 Bluetooth headset TWS dual pass 5.0 stereo headset wireless sports mobile phone universal

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