New bone conduction stereo non ear hanging business dolphin wireless Bluetooth headset

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Model: Dolphin Bluetooth headset
Package type: Official Standard
Standby time: 20 days
Service time: 10 hours
Charging time: 1.5-2 hours
Monaural and binaural: bilateral stereo
Bluetooth version: 5.0
Transmission radius: 10M
Vocal tract: left and right ears 360 °
Function: support music / call / one drag two

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Black, Blue, White

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105 Reviews For This Product

  1. 105

    by Leila

    Arrived quickly, well packaged .. Work well. Superb sound quality. I recommend this seller.

  2. 105

    by Mark Skeeverz

    Very comfortable to wear. I usually prefer an earpiece that inserts into the ear, but this one rests against the outside of the ear and I am still able to hear the caller even in noisy environments.

  3. 105

    by CJ

    The product arrived in good condition.

  4. 105

    by Sandra

    Headphones are good, connect without problems, play very worthy.

  5. 105

    by Tina J. Garcia

    I have been using this Bluetooth for several weeks. I have to say that I am really satisfied with it. I drive a cab, so I am using it almost whole day. Thanks to this brilliant lightweight noise cancellation, I can wear it all day without issue.

  6. 105

    by Sandy

    Headphones are just awesome in principle and for their price so much less, the seller umnichka, i’m very pleased))))

  7. 105

    by Sarah

    Thank you, now everything works. Thank you for explaining how to connect

  8. 105

    by Sabrina

    Normally everything, i thought the sound would be a little better

  9. 105

    by Selina

    flight is normal, sound is satisfied.

  10. 105

    by Serena

    Very Top. such as mandated in description. The sound quality is great. Arrived in 20 days Angola. very satisfied. Recommend.

  11. 105

    by Sharon

    Enjoyed. As in the description. Super recommended. Made 20 days to get very good.

  12. 105

    by Sheila

    WOW, really excellent earbuds.. What a value for money. Good bass sound. Highly recommended!

  13. 105

    by Vanessa

    Come quickly! For its price just fire! One minus-with youtube video slows down

  14. 105

    by Vicky

    Easy pairing, good sound

  15. 105

    by Victoria

    In the kit there is a manual in english and chinese, a usb cord, a pair of ear liner sets. Sit in the ear tight, comfortable.

  16. 105

    by Rhodes

    Product rather nice works very well my son is very happy.

  17. 105

    by david W arnold

    This was so easy to set-up. I hadn’t used a wireless headset before and I was very pleased with the audio reception and broadcast quality. I hadn’t wanted to let go of my tethered Plantronics ear piece that I had used in business for years. Now, I can’t imagine why I waited so long to switch. I have only used it for three weeks but I have roamed around my office and never lost a signal. I have used this in town too and it filters out background noise very well when I am on the street. I completely forget that I have this on a few seconds into using it.

  18. 105

    by Vivian

    All good , product

  19. 105

    by Wendy

    Looked reviews, read reviews, everyone says that the headphones are very good for their money (this is really true), but after listening to their hours 15 (after charging naturally) noticed, that they were much quieter to play than they were originally

  20. 105

    by Winnie

    Headphones sooo good, loud, when talking a little muffles the sound (but still audible). Walked 2 weeks, very light.

  21. 105

    by Yvette

    Very good device, and for your money just a bomb, i recommend

  22. 105

    by Yvonne

    Great earphones. Good sound. Good outside noise insulation. Very comfortable. Well worth the price.

  23. 105

    by Lan Da Man

    I have had this Bluetooth device since it first came out. This Bluetooth headset kicks all of them in the backside. Pairing is easy, voice quality to and from is excellent.

  24. 105

    by Zoey

    Cool. The sound is super. Connected in a second. Delivery two weeks. thanks seller

  25. 105

    by Regan

    I got everything, thank you! Quality goods corresponding to the description! Fast shipping and shipping! Reliable and responsible seller!

  26. 105

    by Michael

    It’s work and I’m very happy with the seller… Thank you

  27. 105

    by Noad

    Super Product and Quality, I’ve not expected.

  28. 105

    by Israel Schmidt

    Pleased with this – having broken or lost a few more expensive ear pieces in the past, then searched two days and found this headset. I have read full description and know understand this headset well. I appreciate how detail they told me. Never had complaints from people on the other end of the line who all say they can hear you clearly. Good sound, fast connection, wearing design is very ergonomic and does fit inside the ear. So it won?t fall even though you run fast. I wouldn?t hesitate to purchase again.

  29. 105

    by GC

    So happy to have this one, call quality is very good , but charging is a breeze and the call receive button is in a better spot. There are a few other nifty features (you can use your voice to say ‘answer’ to pick up a call or decline as one example), definitely a great purchase. The charge lasts 7 hours for this unit vs. the VP+ getting 6 hours, so a nice little bump there too.

  30. 105

    by Jacob

    Very good product. Sound very good or at a very good price

  31. 105

    by Ethan

    Hello my friends I received my package in 15 day’s… Quality is high…. Shipping fast…. Is compatible with my cellphone … I recommended it again

  32. 105

    by William

    great quality and the sound is great. would purchase again

  33. 105

    by Christopher

    Came quickly 16 days to kostroma, everything works,

  34. 105

    by Kodilyn Forcucci

    Very light and comfortable (it is totally forgotten, even wearing glasses). Its perfectly clear. Correspondents receiving calls in a very clear way as well, even when happend under a noisy environment.

  35. 105

    by Aiden

    Excellent. I ordered two and it came in time

  36. 105

    by NOOT

    Wow is the easiest thing to say about this headset! I dont know how it has been out as long as it has and I haven’t heard about it. I work around semis that are very loud and it cancels the noise like a champ. People on the other end never complain about to much back ground noise now! I have had a blue patriot and this beats that by a long shot!! The hardest thing is to get used to it in your ear and how to push it in. I got the charging/carting case and that is very handy.

  37. 105

    by Selma

    works very nice 🙂

  38. 105

    by Jayden

    Great product! Easy to pair with my IPhone 7. Good sound quality on making phone calls. Also good sound when listening to music. No delay in sound when playing videos. Battery life very good. I am extremely happy, I use them every day. Arrived in the Netherlands within two weeks after I ordered them.

  39. 105

    by Mabel

    I liked the sound.

  40. 105

    by Joseph

    Working. With the phone connected. Sound quality suits. Everything’s fine.

  41. 105

    by Samantha

    works fine. not as good a sound quality as high quality wired headphones. but, for a price, I like it.

  42. 105

    by Bentley

    Excellent item, fast delivery. The seller is sociable.

  43. 105

    by Howard L. Sheppard

    Every bit as comfortable as the previous Voyager. Even better battery life (6-7 hours of streaming audio or talk time!!) Crazy fast recharge time

  44. 105

    by MobileMommie

    I’m very pleased.

  45. 105

    by Shirley

    Awesome, it?s working perfect and I got this product 17 days advance then scheduled. Thank you.

  46. 105

    by Jennifer Smith

    Definitely a high-quality earpiece for a low price. I lost my other earpiece and needed one ASAP because I use it for work. The earpiece was shipped quickly, already charged, a hot second to pair with my Android and I was back in business. I have 10 dogs in my yard and this earpiece cancels their barking out (I tested it by calling my mom when they were barking). If I lose this one, I would definitely buy this one again. I honestly can’t ask for anything more.

  47. 105

    by Real Name

    Good headphones.

  48. 105

    by GregT

    It works just the way expected. I have trouble getting many of the headsets that I’ve used to stay put, and some of the ones that do become uncomfortable during long phone calls. The Voyager Legend fit comfortably on my ear and stays put. I haven’t really stressed its abilities to cancel wind noise yet, but I’ve been happy with its performance.

  49. 105

    by Gary T

    This is an excelent value. music and callers sound very good and it is pretty comfortable although I haven’t had any luck using the ear hooks to keep it in place but that’s not a big deal for me since it fits well.

  50. 105

    by lee

    * Audio quality seems much improved from my old one * Mute button placement is IMMEASURABLY better * Call button placement is better * Voice control works well * Battery life seems better

  51. 105

    by David

    Works so perfect and very good Sound. very satisfied. Thank you yet again

  52. 105

    by John M. Clause

    The sound quality is very good. I would recommend this device.

  53. 105

    by Alexander

    It came in 2 weeks somewhere. Packing is not crumpled.

  54. 105

    by jacky

    Just got my 3rd one in 4+ years. I use and abuse these for hours every day. Have accidentally dropped one in the driveway in the rain and found it in a puddle 2 days later (dried it and it worked fine.), left them in a hot car for days and generally treated them badly. This is a simple model that won’t drive you crazy with complexity you don’t need or want. Operation is simple and not easy to make errors. When it starts to fail people will tell you that you sound far away but only on some calls. When that starts it is time to replace it. I have never had one just stop working. I think an average of 2 yrs is a very acceptable lifespan for something I use 4-7 hrs M-F. Battery lasts 7 hrs approximately and recharges way faster than my phone. 20 min to 1 hr is normal for me. Would definitely buy again. (I already have).

  55. 105

    by Simon

    I am very satisfied. Everything works very well. The sound is very good. The headphones are very good in the ear. I recommend this seller. Thank you.

  56. 105

    by M and C

    The sound is CLEAR for caller and receiver.

  57. 105

    by John

    Not a bad product for its price. Very convenient to use. Quality is certainly not perfect

  58. 105

    by JAYE

    Pros: Sound: very crisp, no static or crackling sounds. No complaints from the other end of the line, even when outside. Comfort: very comfortable and very light. I don’t even require the plastic hear hook to keep it in my ear. Ease of Use: Totally simple and no-brainer. Durability: Seems to be a quality product. Connection: It took a try or two to initially pair it, but once I did, it connects immediately. Noise Cancellation: Cannot honestly comment since I have not been in a windy or loud area. Price: Unbelievable budget price!

  59. 105

    by James

    Excellent. Second day of use and everything works perfect

  60. 105

    by Rachael

    My husband and I have owned I think 4 of these in the last 4 years. I have had to buy him a few more over the years because he was not putting it into the charging case and they can break easily over a period of time. I have bought these as gifts for people too for them to be able to drive hands free. One of the nice features is you can answer the call by ‘saying Answer’ Instead of looking at your phone. I highly recommend that when you purchase this that you purchase the charging case too.Plus I have 2 phones. One work and one personal and I am able to pair them both!

  61. 105

    by ss2985

    – Super comfortable. I can wear these all day. – Incredible noise cancelling on the mic (I heard it doesn’t block out wind too well but hasn’t been much of a problem for me since I don’t drive with my window open or anything)

  62. 105

    by Ryan

    Immediately i can say, wonderful headphones! No complaints, only good notes. Assembly of both headphones and boxing is good, matte plastic is pleasant. The sound quality is fine, and high and low are present.

  63. 105

    by Barnett

    Very xcellent headphones. A little seem big, but easy to get used to. The sound is gorgeous.

  64. 105

    by Paula

    The sound of music is excellent

  65. 105

    by Jake from DC

    I don’t need much from a Bluetooth headset, but it has been surprisingly hard to find one that just does the basics well. After five others that all lacked something essential, this one is perfect. It can easily keep it charged. And, finally, it’s cheaper than some headsets that don’t work as well. I’ve had this for eight months now and can’t think of a single thing to criticize. It just works, flawlessly. Highly recommended.

  66. 105

    by Tiffany

    Everything works fine, a small loss on one earphone is present… so while everything is ok, later i will add a tip…

  67. 105

    by Travis

    Wow! Headphones are excellent. Sound good! True battery is not long.

  68. 105

    by T. Simmons

    This is the first earpiece I’ve purchased to use with a smart phone. It was a snap to get going. I unboxed, snapped the plastic earpiece that holds it on your ear into place, turned on bluetooth on my phone (Android OS), turned on the earpiece (hold button for a few seconds and it lights blue) and bam, my phone found it! I then put it on my ear and called my phone. It announced the caller’s number and all you do is say YES! and it connects. NO and it hangs up. Amazing, really. I put my phone in another room and it works fine. Sound quality is good but not great. Then again, I do audio for a living but it could be a little clearer, if you ask me. It works, sounds decent, doesn’t get loud loud so if you are in a loud environment… may not work well for you. I’m really pleased with it. I can walk around the house and the earpiece … you hardly can feel it’s there. I should have bought one of these years ago to limit the radio waves from blasting my brain cells but better late than never. I did walk out into the garage while talking on it and it disconnected so the range on this seems to be limited to maybe 50 feet or less if you have too many obstructions. I’m sure it says the range in the specs here on amazon. So, I’m happy with it. Gets my cell phone a little bit farther away now and that makes me happy.

  69. 105

    by Anthony

    It came before the estimated time. I was worried about the packaging because it came in a small box and a thin bubble wrap. But the product was fine, and it works well.

  70. 105

    by Singletary

    I definitely love this bluetooth and use it whole day. I wasn’t a fan of the hook around the ear, so I gave up looking for such kind of earphone and picked up this one. It fits great and is comfortable. I accidentally washed and thought it was gone and I can’t believe it, but it still works! I don’t suggest doing this LOL, but that just let you know the quality of the product.

  71. 105

    by Wanda

    Very satisfied with the headphones, in the ears sit well. Use on mi8 and mi5s. There are no delays in the sound when watching the video, neither there nor there, despite the different versions of bluetooth.

  72. 105

    by Dominguez Heath

    This product is one of the best Bluetooth headsets I’ve ever owned. It fits well and is very comfortable. I can wear this headset for over 8 hours without it hurting my ear or being uncomfortable. The sound quality is great. I like the fact I can listen music on it (avoiding me having to change to earphones). I would definitely recommend this headset.

  73. 105

    by leslie

    This headset is phenomenal! Very comfortable to wear for long periods of time, has great sound quality, and easy to use headset buttons/adjustments. It holds a great charge and is also a very nice size- small enough to be extremely compact and large enough to easily pick up to place on ear. Definitely worth the price!

  74. 105

    by Melayda627

    I arrive all good conditions and fast to the country, it is delayed in customs and mail unnecessarily.

  75. 105

    by Marcadimus

    I hate talking on the phone, but I LOVE listening to my phone. Podcasts, streaming video, youtube, radio, etc. I have gone through a lot of bluetooths as I am rough on them. I have tried some motorolas, some of brands, and the shark MPOW. While I prefer the motorola boom to all the others, they are NOT cheap. I don’t need a top notch caller, I need a long lasting easy to use good sound quality piece. This one checks all the boxes. I have been using for a month or so almost daily and don’t have a single complaint. Well, just one. You turn on by holding down the button instead of a switch. It has not been an issue but in a pocket or bag it is possible it could get turned on without you knowing and drain the battery. But really a minor complaint.

  76. 105

    by Maggie

    The headphones came in 12 days. Made qualitatively. Thank you very much to the seller!

  77. 105

    by Logan

    Already third headphones people are delighted pts conveniently sound level like wired for the same money.

  78. 105

    by Ashley

    The product is excellent i recommend the seller fast delivery!!!!

  79. 105

    by Blessed and Favored

    So this headset is very small and I find it easy to use. It always says the charge level and the connection and whether it is currently on or off. Voice quality is good on both sides as a caller and a called party. Have not heard anything negative.

  80. 105

    by Nathan

    Great headphones for the price!

  81. 105

    by Armand

    Fast shipping did not test it yet, will update my feedback then.

  82. 105

    by cherry

    The product really recommend super quality to get

  83. 105

    by Beautiful sunny SW Florida

    *it has a volume control that is far easier to toggle – the loudness of the volume seems to be far greater than the previous headset (using the same phone) – the disconnect button is better located so as to not hang up on callers when merely adjusting the headset – the verbal notification of stand-by and talk time is nice – it?s slightly smaller and lighter weight and fits better on a Small female ear like mine – the ear dome material seems to have a better hold

  84. 105

    by Mike West

    this Wireless Bluetooth Headset has been working great Things that you learn to work with o talk time is about 7 hours, so watch out for music on hold o practice with the PLT_Legend controls, such as mute and answer a second call, etc. before you need to use them in a live environment

  85. 105

    by Angel

    I love this earpiece and use it for my driving time. The size is good for me and the volume buttons are super easy to press on/off. The sound quality and mic are excellent! I recommend it absolutely.

  86. 105

    by alan

    This is my favorite Blue Tooth headset. I have bought 3 of these so far. The first one I left in my shirt pocket while riding my motorcycle. It disappeared so I bought another one. About a 2 months later I was servicing my motorcycle and discovered the first one on top of my transmission just behind the rear jug in a puddle of water. I took a chance and charged it and my wife enjoyed it for about 6 months before it finally quit, so I purchased another one. Now my wife and I both use this brand of headset and we are both very pleased with its performance. I drive tractor trailers for a living and the inside of the cab is rather noisy. Everyone says they can’t hear the engine and road noise just my voice and its loud and clear. When I’m outside my truck with the motor running they sometimes hear a little background noise but I’m still loud and clear. That’s about as good a recomendation as I can make for any Blue Tooth headset.

  87. 105

    by Aaron F.

    I am satisfied with the product

  88. 105

    by Customer

    Excellent headphones.

  89. 105

    by ToeTruck

    I purchased this headset about 6 months ago. In the time I have owned it I have dropped it in water, dropped it off a roof, and flat out stepped on it. It has held up nicely in the hvac field with at least 6 hours of wear 5 days a week.

  90. 105

    by Nathaniel

    Sending fast, packing reliable, thank you

  91. 105

    by Steve

    It has been two and a half years. I have used this headset (the first year) all day every day delivering new cars accross three states for a car dealer. It facilitates use of Google maps, phone calls while driving, audio books while driving, all with comfort, clarity and great noise cancellation. Had it on for brief exposure to pouring rain many times. After two and a half years, it works as well as it did brand new. This is a very well made product.

  92. 105

    by Little Maddox

    Light, the sound is clear, the control is ultra-simple, practical use and within reach of everyone! I recommend this to all those who are tired of office job. Excellent wearing experience, I work hours in the office without pain feeling.

  93. 105

    by pattyoryan

    You sound like you’re on a real phone with the caller. It doesn’t have an echo or anything. Spend the money for this. I tried a cheaper one before breaking down and getting this. The cheaper one made it sound like you were talking to someone through a tunnel. It was awful. This one is great, easily paired, easy to charge, light and comfortable in your ear. I’ve walked out of the office, forgetting it was still in my ear.

  94. 105

    by Julia

    I think the design is ever so slightly a better fit for my ear – I find I need less adjusting when I’m walking down the street wearing it.

  95. 105

    by Joshua

    Good headphones. Decent sound for the price. Thanks.

  96. 105

    by Jaime Cruz

    I have to agree with that its sound is very clear, this one do well.

  97. 105

    by Samantha

    The sound quality for both parties is excellent. Noise cancellation is very good. The other party can’t hear most of my background noises.

  98. 105

    by Greg L.

    I’ve bought at least 13 of them and I recommend them to all of my friends and colleagues. The audio quality is excellent and with the new voyager there is ‘extra’ noise (that is, no car noise for the person on the other end of the line). I use the phone a lot, every day for hours and hours a day (not always my cell phone, I’m just saying I use the phone a lot). And so when I’m driving or outside and I want to place a call I like it if the other person doesn’t get bothered with ambient noise – with this they do not. I love it.

  99. 105

    by lynn

    My favorite Bluetooth and the only one I choose to buy now. It?s wonderful in every way.

  100. 105

    by K. Lorenz

    PROs: ? Crisp, clean sound ? Noice reduction for the person on the other end of the line ? Connects quickly and effortlessly EVERY TIME ? Charges quickly ? Exceptionally comfortable (sometimes forget its there) ? Doesn’t need to be ‘pushed into’ or ‘plugged into’ your ear canal ? Sweat proof & dirt proof ? Extra durable — been worn daily during construction work ? May be used on either ear

  101. 105

    by Valentin

    the sound is good.

  102. 105

    by Terrance

    good battery life. connection is good.

  103. 105

    by Garnett


  104. 105

    by Sandra

    superrrr products super bass super battery backup

  105. 105

    by Macy

    I liked the headphones.

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