Popular 001 wireless Bluetooth headset sports running binaural stereo headset

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Product Description:
MTK stereo earphone solution
1. Support Bluetooth 4.1 + EDR protocol
2. Support A2DP v1.3 and AVRCP v1.5
3. Support HFP v1.6 and HSP v1.2
4. Support spp protocol
5. Integrated 48mips dual MAC DSP processor
6. Built in charging IC
7. Support noise reduction and echo cancellation
8. Support voice prompt,
9. Support UART and I2C interfaces
Chip function support
1. Bluetooth 4.1 stereo Bluetooth headset;
2. Volume adjustment;
3. Selection of upper and lower curves;
3. Voice prompt;
4. Call number broadcast;
5. Point to point connection;
6. IOS system power display;
7. Answer / reject incoming calls;
8. Replay of last number;

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Black, Red, White

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104 Reviews For This Product

  1. 104

    by SteveWA_Rvw

    I love this Bluetooth.

  2. 104

    by Rhea M

    Impressed with this one.. very good sound

  3. 104

    by Sourabh

    Ease of use is excellent!

  4. 104

    by Sourabh Jain

    The sounds quality is great.

  5. 104

    by Knotyurz


  6. 104

    by Cari

    This little mic has worked very well.

  7. 104

    by YUJL

    Happy with the purchase.

  8. 104

    by Nicole

    The sound is better than I expected I would recommend this Bluetooth.

  9. 104

    by shirode

    Earphone soundproof effect is very good, when running, take music not too loud, otherwise can not hear car sound.

  10. 104

    by VZ

    The sound quality is super good.

  11. 104

    by Breeze

    This has been the most comfortable, reliable, full function headset I have ever owned.

  12. 104

    by Mommypopson

    I bought this hands free Bluetooth for my husband and he loves it!

  13. 104

    by Customer

    I had bought a couple other bluetooths and had to return them because of sound quality. I am very happy I found this one because it is loud enough that not only can I hear it when I am walking down the street, but I can hear it in my loud vehicle. My only preference would be if I could get it better positioned in my ear, but it is just fine for me to hear. I am very happy with my purchase.

  14. 104


    It easily paired with my iPhone.

  15. 104

    by a girl

    I found it easy to operate. Overall it’s useful for me and I am very happy with my purchase.

  16. 104

    by Shadrack Vork

    I have small ears and it’s very comfortable

  17. 104

    by Felipe

    I recommend this!

  18. 104

    by Julmom

    This is small yet powerful device. It has got a great sound quality, very light weight so your ears dont pain even you wear it for couple of hours and decent battery life. I am using for my office meetings and its solving the purpose!

  19. 104

    by Jenny

    Product appears to be well made.

  20. 104

    by Jenny Hayes

    I love the features it has, making it easy to use. Charges pretty quickly, and stays charged quite a while.

  21. 104

    by magicalwhispers


  22. 104

    by Michele M. Thielke

    This is perfect for me, it will fit any ear!

  23. 104

    by Nam banh

    It is amazing and a tremendous bargain!!!

  24. 104

    by Sourabh

    My husband is very satisfied with the purchase.

  25. 104

    by Bloody_Breeze

    My new Bluetooth has everything and the battery lasts a long time (18 hours).I used it all day and still didn’t have to recharge it, and the next day I used it all day.

  26. 104

    by Randy Akmenkalns

    I work in construction 6 days a week, with all my movements and activity I never worry about it getting dropped because it hugs your ear so nicely, and not to mention that is definitely the most comfortable earpiece I’ve ever used!

  27. 104

    by Cuica

    I was greatly surprised, the quality of this Bluetooth headset is amazing pretty slick and shiny, great sound and easy to connect and setup! It comes with a magnetic charger for more versatility. Highly recommend, great product and great price. If you are in search of a Bluetooth, choose this one, you won’t regret!

  28. 104

    by Summers

    Overall I really like it. Didn’t realize the charger is unique meaning can’t use any phone charger too like my old set. I do really like how it fits on my ear, can’t feel it at all. I’ve got sensitive ears and inner ear issues so a winner for me.

  29. 104

    by Customer

    It’s fully charged, fully functional, and the battery’s still good.

  30. 104

    by Scooter

    It fits comfortably in the ear ( has a choice of ear fittings ) set up was very simple and easy to use. Music sounds great as sound quality in my opinion was crisp and clear.
    I recommend this item!!

  31. 104

    by Kerry K.

    I really love this headset because it is lightweight and I don’t feel it in my ear

  32. 104

    by K Valle

    I would definitely recommend this bluetooth, it’s a great buy at a great price too!!

  33. 104

    by Keith(K.C.) Knutson, Jr.

    It is also nice to hang on the collar of your shirt when it’s not in use.

  34. 104

    by Thomas

    Love my new bluetooth headset its really comfortable and I can hear everything very clearly

  35. 104

    by AG

    I have gone through a lot of headsets and I think I have found the best one ever!

  36. 104

    by George David

    The headset is very good. Bluetooth is easy to connect. Their ear is very comfortable.

  37. 104

    by Chad Summers

    Very lightweight and good sound quality.

  38. 104

    by Julie W. Fullmer

    I gave 4 stars

  39. 104

    by Christina Brannon

    It is actually very cool.

  40. 104

    by GHY

    It is very comfortable

  41. 104

    by A4AZ

    Purchased this headset for use during driving. The connection to cellphone was easy to set up. Sound is clear and loud.

  42. 104

    by Thomas C Cookv


  43. 104

    by LDM00

    These headsets are excellent for the money.

  44. 104

    by Williams

    Nice headphones. Love the color.

  45. 104

    by Clarence D. Tate

    Very satisfied.

  46. 104

    by Customer

    This is a very good headset.

  47. 104

    by Knutson, Jr.

    It looks sharp, is comfortable, and the magnetic charger is pretty cool.

  48. 104


    I love the sound quality on this. I can hear everything perfectly – which is truly saying something, I have to ask people to always repeat what they are saying. Everything is clear, with no static.

  49. 104

    by Kerry

    The sound quality is clear as a bell… superb!

  50. 104

    by Customer

    What I didn’t expect was the great sound quality, ease of pairing and comfort of the unit. It arrived almost fully charged. I finished the charge and used the unit all day.

  51. 104

    by saurabh shirode

    It’s awesome. The sound quality is very good. It’s worth it to get that sound quality for that price.

  52. 104

    by UIYK

    The microphone is pretty good and picked up my voice when I was speaking very softly but didn’t get blown out when I spoke loudly.

  53. 104

    by Customer

    I’m working from home, as many of us are and my job means I’m on the phone virtually all day. I also have to type on the computer while talking so a good hands free headset is important. This was super easy to set up, and I was up and running within no time. It sits comfortably in my ear, and I was able to make it even more comfortable by changing the ear cup things that came with it. The battery life lasts a while work day and then some. I only got this yesterday but I started using it immediately and so far so do not regret it.

  54. 104

    by Customer

    I love this Bluetooth and it fits perfectly, thank you.

  55. 104

    by Aaron

    I like thid headset very much!

  56. 104

    by Bî-Mia C. Reid

    The sound quality really surprised me, I honestly didn’t expect this great sound quality coming out from this small, comfortable and efficient device.

  57. 104

    by P & J

    Love it!

  58. 104

    by Jess Pete

    Sound quality is pretty good on input and output.

  59. 104

    by Cara Timerding

    The battery lasts long too and the charging doesn’t take too much time.

  60. 104

    by Customer

    I must say we are pleasantly surprise for the price, the quality appears to be very good.

  61. 104

    by Irene Moore

    The headset is very adjustable to provide an excellent fit.

  62. 104

    by Garza

    Doesn’t have any issues with the noise. They are loud enough

  63. 104

    by Jim

    I was really worried about buying this one. I have bought so many Bluetooths that have received excellent reviews only to be disappointed because they are not comfortable or they won’t stay in my ear. This one stays and is very comfortable. I can hear well and it’s not so loud that it hurts your ear. I wear this thing ALL day and it usually last me 2 days before I have to charge it.

  64. 104

    by Joy

    This headset actually surpassed my expectations. Versatile adjustments for a very compfortable fit.

  65. 104

    by Customer

    Price is totally reasonable.

  66. 104

    by K.

    I love it!!

  67. 104

    by ,jik

    This seems to work well so far!

  68. 104

    by UIYTU

    Pleased with my purchase so far, though!

  69. 104

    by ZC

    The price of earphones with super good sound is really cost-effective.

  70. 104

    by VFGJG

    There is no noise. The link is very fast.

  71. 104

    by VFGJG

    The connection is continuous and the call is very clear ~ ~

  72. 104

    by Customer

    I love the battery. I cannot attest to how long it will hold up, because I have never had it run out. I have used it for up to two hours at a time.

  73. 104

    by Valentine

    Charging it is a breeze.

  74. 104

    by Renel

    I am sooo happy with my purchase.

  75. 104

    by Renel Gibbs

    Awesome headset just what i was looking for

  76. 104

    by Joy Whisenhunt

    I will buy this excellent headset again!

  77. 104

    by Tom

    I wanted a Bluetooth headset similar to the headset I wear with my landline. The unit is comfortable, lightweight, and the sound is very good. I did make a test call and the person on the other end heard me very clearly. Happy with the unit so far but haven’t had it long enough to test the battery life.

  78. 104

    by G. Garza

    Bluetooth headset great for somebody that does a lot of traveling like I do and always on the road so you can talk hands-free without getting a ticket in some states it has excellent sound quality and there is no noise canceling so you do not have to worry about the person you’re talking to you not being able to hear you highly recommended nowadays to make your travel and safe

  79. 104

    by M

    It fits well on my ear

  80. 104

    by Timerding

    It’s the best Bluetooth earphone that i had so far.

  81. 104

    by Tina

    Sound quality is very good.

  82. 104

    by Akmenkalns

    This Bluetooth earpiece is of super high quality and I highly recommend it!

  83. 104

    by Randy Akmenkalns

    I highly recommend this product to anyone/everyone who needs a Bluetooth in their daily lives!

  84. 104

    by Austin

    The sound quality is immaculate

  85. 104

    by Bronson

    The incoming sound quality is really good and have had comments that the noise-canceling quality is excellent.

  86. 104

    by Chilson

    The sound quality is great!!

  87. 104

    by Tim & Megan Chilson

    The ear piece is very comfortable and he loves the blue color and style too! A surprise cool feature was how easy it was to charge

  88. 104

    by Precious

    I really love this headset

  89. 104

    by OIOP

    Bought two of these, one for my wife and one for me. Quality is good, sound quality is phenomenal, light weight, easy to use.

  90. 104

    by Customer

    Glad I got a new headset.Thanks!

  91. 104

    by Customer

    Wow, what can I say, the battery life on this product is unbelievable. I start work at 6am and the device gets turned on. I answer calls all day (some last for hours), listen to music and after 12 hours I am only down to 70%.

  92. 104

    by CJR

    I really like the headset!

  93. 104

    by Felipe Cuica

    I like how easy this is to pair with my phone. It is comfortable and doesn’t bother my ear. It stays put. The sound quality is good. It has good noise cancelling, so you can hear without straining. Overall it is very good quality and value.

  94. 104

    by Customer

    Sound is great and they we easy to connect.

  95. 104

    by Tamzy00

    Initially I thought this was just another Bluetooth until I figured out that it could go in either ear and how clear my calls were. Great sound and NO noise. It also comes with extra ear pieces that you can use to adjust the ear fit. Great buy!

  96. 104

    by Customer

    This product is very well designed.If I ever lose or break this product I will definitely re-order.

  97. 104

    by Dalphne

    Nice headphones. Love the color. Take very comfortable, go for a run, also won’t drop

  98. 104

    by saurabh

    Bluetooth signal is stable, answer the phone is very convenient, much better than the previous purchase

  99. 104

    by Randy

    Was expecting a cheap product, really good volume and music sounds good. phone calls are crisp and clear and it’s so easy to get used to the button controls. Will buy again whenever mine breaks

  100. 104

    by Irene Williams

    The sound quality is good

  101. 104

    by KZ

    It is very comfortable to wear.

  102. 104

    by Tina

    Very please with all around quality and construction.

  103. 104

    by J Cakora

    The battery life is fantastic.

  104. 104

    by Patricia J. Kennedy

    Recommend to friends looking to get a nice & affordable Bluetooth.

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Popular 001 wireless Bluetooth headset sports running binaural stereo headset

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