M165 Bluetooth 4.1 Headset Ultralight Wireless Earphone Hands-free Earloop Earbuds Sports Music Earpieces IOS Android

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Basic parameters
1. Model: S6
2. Bluetooth version: v5.0
3. Material: ABS + pcabs + electroplating + food silicone ear cap
4. Effective straight-line distance: more than 10m
5. Horn: copper ring 8mm
6. Battery: headset 80mah, charging compartment 300am
7. Playback time: 6-8h
8. Standby time: 180h
9. Full charge time: about 1 hour

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Black, White

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102 Reviews For This Product

  1. 102

    by Proctor

    I feel good on the whole.

  2. 102

    by Arlen

    It is very convenient, easy to carry, clean and of good quality, so it is very valuable.

  3. 102

    by Melo

    I am very happy to have such a headset. It’s really worth recommending!

  4. 102

    by Lexia Dorr

    se escucha mas alto perfecto para cuando estas en lugares con mucho ruido y se estas en un lugar muy silencioso le bajo el

  5. 102

    by Mysterious

    Very comfortable and I love the fact that I can swivel it and switch ears in seconds. The adjustable ear hook let me swap between the left and right ear easily. This device is perfect whether I am driving, having a meeting or even doing sport. The most important thing is that there is no uncomfortable feeling. Five out five it worth the rating.

  6. 102

    by Anna

    So many things that my last ear piece lacked, the most impressive was the noise reduction. No distorted sounds and comfortable fit. I am thoroughly satisfied.

  7. 102

    by John Turk

    It can be used for a long time with full charge. I like it very much.

  8. 102

    by Ferari

    Nice one

  9. 102

    by Burkett

    Pretty light weighted and sound quality is excellent.

  10. 102

    by Heffelfinger Gerald

    I love a headset with a boom mic – while new Voyagers might be “the best”, I had a refurb and it lasted a very rickety, buggy month or so before dying. Nice. Anyway – after reading reviews on similar headsets, I decided upon this one. It plays my music pretty well, and the sound is crisp. I called a few people and asked them how they could hear me and while I was driving on the highway, I was told that they could hear me crystal clear with no background noise. All of the buttons make it very convenient. The best thing I liked about this product are the features. One can control almost everything related to calling features from this headset witout touching the phone.

  11. 102

    by Melon

    The earphones are beautiful and the colors are lovely.

  12. 102

    by Blair Burkett

    I have bought some of the other bluetooth headset previously but my ear feel hurt after wearing for several hours. But this one will not give me this feeling and I feel good with this headset.

  13. 102

    by Cindy

    Crystal clear sound for BOTH sides of the call, better than anything I’ve tried before including wired buds with built-in microphones. Very comfortable & easily swivels for use on either ear.

  14. 102

    by Allie


  15. 102

    by Cindy Antonio

    En mi opinion es bueno, ya tenia uno anterior con ese modelo pero otra marca que no recuerdo, este lo supero en calidad, es mas lijero o sea pesa menos que el que tenia anterior

  16. 102

    by Migliore

    I highly recommend. Thanks.

  17. 102

    by Stranger

    It’s perfect for answering and making calls because it has a small microphone and has a good pickup effect! In a noisy environment, the other party can hear me clearly

  18. 102

    by Dan Cecil

    A very good Bluetooth headset, it is very comfortable to wear, and it is also very strong and not easy to fall off. The sound quality is also good. I like it very much. I will continue to buy it if I need it in the future

  19. 102

    by Sarah berry

    Sound is good – but noise cancellation is even better. I’ve worn it while bike riding, and both the listener and myself could hear clearly. Nice performance!

  20. 102

    by Larry

    This device works much better than the more expensive ones I’ve purchased in the past. It is very clear and the battery time last. (of course if you talk for long periods all day it may be different) I would definitely buy it again.

  21. 102

    by Atsalis

    Volume levels are good and connection quality is excellent.

  22. 102

    by JESUS


  23. 102

    by Angela

    I have tried several different products. This is the best so far. Good battery life. Comfortable.

  24. 102

    by Jesse Barry

    The sound quality also is great. I love these and hope they continue to last a long time. Love this easy to use easy to set up… And work great with my ear fit right.

  25. 102

    by Michael

    The price is attractive

  26. 102

    by jack

    I’ve only had this a few days but am extremely impressed so far. I bought this to replace an older earpiece and the difference is staggering. Everyone I have spoken to on the phone have said that I sound much clearer than before so that is massive plus. On my side it is very clear and the volume buttons are easy to use and adjust at a good rate so there isn’t a great jump in sound if you turn it up. It was very easy to set up and I like the verbal confirmation from the earpiece when you are turning it off as an example.

  27. 102

    by Cory

    I work from home and use a headset all the time, but only need to charge my headset every few days.

  28. 102

    by Doc

    Simple design

  29. 102

    by gcdtubfdrg

    It’s more than enough to use on the subway or on the bus. It feels like being isolated from the world. There is no noise. It’s easy to answer the phone. It still has electricity after a day. The effect is very good.

  30. 102

    by Austin

    Logistics delivery speed is very fast, and the packaging is particularly exquisite, very like the product~

  31. 102

    by Greta M.

    The sound quality of the headphones is very good.It’s very comfortable, the ears are very comfortable, the Bluetooth connection is fast, the sound quality is very good, the headphones are really good, the call quality is very good, no dropped calls happen.

  32. 102

    by Blair

    It is lightweight on my ear and I have no issues of wearing it all day, for the price you cannot beat it. Definitely would recommend giving this a try.

  33. 102

    by yturyu

    The quality of this Bluetooth earphone is very good.

  34. 102

    by Martin

    I was looking for long battery life WITH good audio, previously with Bluetooth headsets I got one or the other. But this one! I honestly don’t know how long the battery can last because I don’t need anything more than 12 hrs straight. At which point it’s at 40%!!

  35. 102

    by Ware

    The sound quality of this headset is superior to many other premium brand headset, so long as the device you are connected to supports the advanced Bluetooth version of this headset.

  36. 102

    by Scott

    It sits well and pretty stable to the point that It doesn’t slip off. I like the product very much. I will recommend buying from this brand.

  37. 102

    by Diana

    I tried this Bluetooth headset once in my hand. The connection speed is very fast, and the voice is very clear without any noisy sound.The most important thing is that after I put it on, I forgot to take it off. I didn’t find it until It was time to go to sleep, because it hardly felt comfortable.

  38. 102

    by Andrew Barr

    Im in phone sales and need a great Bluetooth handfree headset daily. This headset is a definite buy!! It’s very comfortable! Not heavy, fits perfect on your head and it doesn’t even hurt your ear, perfect hearing and noise cancellation is great, I love this brand and the quality,worth buying!

  39. 102

    by Cquintgreen

    Comfortable and works well. Filters noise extremely well.

  40. 102

    by Gonza

    Very awesome; secondly, the brand is trustworthy. It is very satisfied from the workmanship, product texture, and experience. The charging is fast, the wearing is comfortable, there is no noise when listening to songs, it is worthwhile, and the overall satisfaction is very good.

  41. 102

    by Heffelfinger

    I love the independent on/off switch! It’s so much easier than holding down a multi-function button for 3+ seconds to turn on/off like most of the units required.

  42. 102

    by Kerrie

    I was excited when my package came with the new Bluetooth headset. It is very compact with great attributes for a terrific price. It’s lightweight and hangs over the ear with a small mic that can be rotated away when not in use.

  43. 102

    by Customer

    The battery life on this is astounding, and it is also pretty comfortable to wear. The noise cancellation is incredible. I tested it by call others while at a very noisy bar where a band was playing.The folks I called could not tell where I was. They thought I was at home.Just to be sure I called myself at home and left a message on my answering machine.Listening to that at home later confirmed it…..all I could hear was my self speaking. That bar at the time was so loud I could barely hear myself speaking during those calls.
    All that noise was cancelled out.

  44. 102

    by Mt.Rainier

    In my opinion , from using it ,I think that this is probably the best on the market in any price range. These units usually last for 1 1/2 to 2 years of daily use for me. The clarity of reception and transmission is amazing. I am a truck driver and have no trouble hearing who I’m talking to, and on the other end I’m told that there is no background noise coming through. This is a great Bluetooth earpiece and I highly recommend it, it is also comfortable to wear, you’ll forget you have it on .

  45. 102

    by Sara

    This definitely works great and you can’t even beat the price absolutely nothing to regret!

  46. 102

    by Gerald

    I’ve used the unit on standby mode for 8+ hours with frequent calls throughout the day for 6 days straight and it’s still showing 60% remaining. At this rate, I’ll likely only need to charge once every couple of weeks, and it only takes a couple of hours to fully charge.

  47. 102

    by Lamar taylor

    So far I like this Bluetooth. I am VERY happy I can still find this model bluetooth headset. Battery life is great. 1.5 hours on full charge. Sound quality is the best I have had in a headset. While driving in the car the person on the other end do not realize I am in the car and often comment how great the sound quality is for a headset in the car. No comparison. I wear glasses and it fits fine with them. I work construction and have exposed it to heavy sweat and even rain and had not had a problem.
    I will buy it again…

  48. 102

    by julia

    Take very comfortable, go out to run, also won’t drop, earphone sound insulation effect is very good, when running with music can’t be too loud, otherwise can’t hear the car sound.

  49. 102

    by Customer

    The headset has way outperformed anything else I have tried (and I have tried many) in the same price range.

  50. 102

    by Bridgette

    Very easy to use and great sound quality.

  51. 102

    by George

    This was very easy to pair with my phone. You have to press the button for 30seconds, then the blue and red light blinks that is visible on your phone to pair. The battery life is wonderful.

  52. 102

    by Ron and Linda Bucher

    Quite happy with this product. I’m a truck driver, I received one as a gift, It saves my time and helps me a lot. I loved it, and then purchased another one to give away. I have been happy with mine and the person receiving this one is happy with his’s. I’m a happy customer! Thank you!

  53. 102

    by Jesus

    I wear this headset all day, no less than 8 hours, so whatever I chose had to be comfortable. This unit is surprisingly comfortable. Multiple sizes of ear buds were included, so I tried most and found one that worked best.

  54. 102

    by Laura Flores

    The effect is very good, and I like it very much

  55. 102

    by Michael Marotta

    Its OK

  56. 102

    by Billy

    This is my second time purchasing this bluetooth headset. I am very pleased with the quality!

  57. 102

    by Peter Jauregui

    The clarity of the audio and the outstanding processing of my voice in noisy environments makes it the perfect unit for me. I often have to work with both hands in electronic racks while talking with other engineers. So I need a hands-free earpiece that will pick my voice out of the noise and send it reliably to the other end. No matter the noise this thing does that job admirably.

  58. 102

    by Customer

    On the great side is the sound quality and connectivity with phone is excellent. Ear bud has great life. Extraneous noise is minimial. I highly recommended them

  59. 102

    by Bose


  60. 102

    by Deyton


  61. 102

    by Andrew

    Great sound canceling…great audio, really comfortable to use, it doesn’t hurt my ears like my past ones. It came really nice plastic box… overall my favorite bluetooth headset..very happy with my purchase, it will also make perfect gift!!!

  62. 102

    by Épicure de la vie

    no complaints. Not a single person has asked if I’m using a headset or complained about background noise, but disclaimer, I have only used this in an indoor office setting, so no wind or other noises are competing with this headset.

  63. 102

    by berry

    Many of my friends could not tell that I was on a headset, and I have even forgotten a few times that I was wearing one! It’s very comfortable.

  64. 102

    by Jensen

    I like it

  65. 102

    by Bianca

    I bought two of these, one for my brother and one for my husband. They absolutely love them! They’re comfortable on their ear and has great sound quality. My brother absolutely loves the fact his Google assistant works through the headset. I tried it on my I have small ears, but it was definitely usually just hard to keep on my ear because of the large back. However, the guys love it! I would definitely buy again if these ever wear out!

  66. 102

    by Mary

    The headset unit works great.

  67. 102

    by Mary Ware

    I love this headset.

  68. 102

    by Antonio

    I have this in my ear 8 hours a day and forget its there. Very good sound quality and people cannot tell that you are on a remote microphone. This is my second headset, the first on (another brand) did not like repeated falls onto the concrete. Unless something bad happens I would recommend this highly.

  69. 102

    by yti6i

    Love it

  70. 102

    by Cher

    tiene buena calidad de sonido puedo escuchar muy bien a las personas que me hablan y segun ellos dicen me escuchan bien con claridad y no escuchan mucho sonido de fondo que este a mi

  71. 102

    by Nelson

    This Bluetooth headset is excellent and as communicated it is 100% noise cancellation. It has a very good battery life and it’s charging time is also less. Overall, I am very satisfied with this purchase as it has made my work life very easy, and I can attend my office meetings while walking or doing any other activity. The sound clarity is also excellent. Nice product at a very affordable cost

  72. 102

    by Tyler Nelson

    I received this head set the price was great I have paid a lot more for this type of head sets that battery life is 6 hours this one o got it was at 80 % I charged it used it the first day still at a 100% second day of use down to 80% am looking forward to see how long the battery 🔋 lasts as for the talk its clear, fits good in the ear came with several types of ear fittings as well, if your tired of your headset only working half the day before your have to charge it I highly recommend this one.

  73. 102

    by ftuhrt

    The earphone is very exquisite and has texture.

  74. 102

    by Jacqueline

    It is very comfortable to wear on the ear, and there is no pain after wearing it for a long time.

  75. 102

    by Kamelia

    It has to be said that the sound quality of this headset is very good, and it also has bass effect!

  76. 102

    by Chelby


  77. 102

    by Morgan

    When you run in the gym, you can be a little louder, and the world is all about you, very awesome.The sound quality is so good that it’s worth the price.It’s fully charged, you can enjoy it, and the battery is good.The Bluetooth signal is stable and it’s easy to answer the phone. It’s much better than what I bought before

  78. 102

    by StrangerFWE

    I’m satisfied with the connection speed. I’m very comfortable to wear.

  79. 102

    by Arlen Mata

    It is compact and invisible with earphones. It is very convenient to carry.

  80. 102

    by tyut

    My husband is a truck driver and it cancels out the nose really well on his side. My ears are tiny and I wear glasses so didn’t really work for me.

  81. 102

    by Tina

    Pairing this device to my phone was quick and easy. The sound quality is clear, people can hear me even when I am outdoors and it doesn’t drop my calls like my other more expensive devices that i have.

  82. 102

    by Susan M Staples, Ms

    The first time I use noise-canceling headphones to listen to songs, the sound quality is good, especially in a noisy environment, the sound quality is the same as in a normal environment, and the sound quality will not be damaged. It is comfortable to wear and has a strong battery life. It can also be worn and decorated. It is very satisfying. shopping experience! Praise

  83. 102

    by Mike

    Great product so far. I like that I can pair 3 phones at the same time and stream audio. Battery life is good, charges quickly. Only complaint is the instructions are very hard to understand.

  84. 102

    by Warren S.

    Better range and noise reduction than my previous similar headset.

  85. 102


    This is very exquisite, cost-effective, smooth, meticulous, comfortable to wear, fit, not easy to shift. The sound quality is very satisfactory, the timbre level is clear, the bass is mellow, and the treble is clear and not harsh. Bluetooth connection is very stable, easy to carry, worth this price, strongly recommended!

  86. 102

    by Abrego

    It is easy to operate.

  87. 102

    by Monica Abrego

    Bluetooth connection is fast and it is working great.

  88. 102

    by Barry

    The battery life is long, and it can be charged for seven or eight hours at a time.

  89. 102

    by Tifdhyr

    Everything about this device is great.

  90. 102

    by Bntou

    Best I have so far.

  91. 102

    by zombiemom76

    I am impressed with the connection and sound quality.

  92. 102

    by Dr. Benitez

    It is comfortable, and has great sound quality and astonshing battery life.

  93. 102

    by Richard Miller

    I use these headphones everyday at work.

  94. 102

    by Jacqueline

    I am so happy I purchased this device again! It has great sound quality and all features function. Buying another BT headset as soon as I finish this review. GREAT PRODUCT!

  95. 102

    by Ashley

    This kind of earphone has good sound quality.

  96. 102

    by Linda F.

    First of all, the appearance of this headset is very cool, and it is very convenient to use.

  97. 102

    by Customer

    I fell in love with its audio clarity and sound handling. It’s very stable when you carry it. Bluetooth connection with it is very fast, will not connect error!

  98. 102

    by Kale

    Love this little blue tooth headset, great price and value!able to connect to my my and pc at the same time.

  99. 102

    by UYOUO

    Great product, fits comfortably and good sound. The battery live on this one is amazing. It also fits well in my ear for even long hours of wear. People can hear me well when I have conversations. And the noise cancellation is good.

  100. 102

    by Mia

    It performs extremely well

  101. 102

    by Thomas

    The best headset I’ve had. Very nice packaged – nice case and seems well made. I am extremely pleased with this headset, it stays put with the ear ring and really comfortable. Sound quality is better than Bluetooth in the service truck. I can again speak softly! Crystal clear.

  102. 102

    by DF

    It’s easy to listen clearly if you use is product. I am happy I can still find this headset. The quality is excellent and the price is cheap. I will buy again if my sister needs it. I highly recommend it!

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M165 Bluetooth 4.1 Headset Ultralight Wireless Earphone Hands-free Earloop Earbuds Sports Music Earpieces IOS Android

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