Private model M8 Bluetooth smart Bracelet exercise meter step heart rate blood pressure electronic Bracelet Fashion Gift recommended good table

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Product model: M8
Strap material: TPU
Product weight: 50g
Battery capacity: 90mah
Screen size: 0.96inch
Interface: USB2.0
Wireless distance: 5m (included) – 10m (included)
Fuselage memory: 32m
Sensors: optical heart rate sensor, 3D acceleration sensor
Compatible: IOS 9.0 or above / Android 5.0 or above
Adaptation mode: it can be used independently or simultaneously with mobile app
Language: it supports multi-national and different language information reminders
Main functions: exercise meter, distance calculation, calorie, heart rate monitoring, blood pressure monitoring, blood oxygen monitoring, sleep monitoring, call reminder, information reminder, sedentary reminder, multi movement mode, intelligent alarm clock, hand up bright screen, looking for bracelet, looking for mobile phone, remote photography, QQ reminder, wechat reminder, seven common chat tools reminder in other countries.

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Black, Blue, Pink, Sliver

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47 Reviews For This Product

  1. 47

    by Kennedy

    I bought this fitness tracker for my 10 year old son in order to track his sleep because he complained of waking too much and not sleeping well. I downloaded the app on my phone. The app is great. About 15 minutes after he wakes, I am able to see how is night was. Some nights I have wondered if he really fell asleep as late as it is saying or if he really took that long to fall asleep, but I believe it’s probably correct and the rest looks accurate. He has worn it a week and has been very motivated to be more active and competes with his siblings and friends. I am happy with the purchase and am buying another for my other son.

  2. 47

    by Thomas

    Great way to keep track of your fitness and to reach any goals that you’d eat for yourself. Wish it came with other options for straps but still able to go with any outfit. Accuracy seems to be off sometimes but nothing too major. Easy to learn how to operate and live the extras that comes with it.

  3. 47

    by King.M

    I didn’t realize you had to take band off and charge the device through a USB port. Is a pain and inconvenient. For that reason. I’m returning it. Beside that it’s very nice..

  4. 47

    by Maddox

    I really do like this water a lot, it’s comfortable i can wear it when sleeping. I like that it tracks how much i sleep and how much deep sleep I get. I workout about 3-4 times a week and I wanted to see how many calories I burn and it definitely track all of that. The only thing I dislike is that there is not one option to track calories. You can choose between swimming, cycling, running, etc. Theres about 9 different options and its great to have variety but I generally do resistance workout or yoga. So I wish there was a general workout button. I, also, like that it connects to my phone to let me know when someones calling.

  5. 47

    by Leon

    Fitness tracker comes with a nice little setup booklet, app is easy to use, and watch it easy to setup. You can change the units and watch face quickly. Charging is simple, it uses any USB port. It does put it at a weird angle so it needs to be out of way. You do need to work on the calibration just a little because my steps were off at first. It also sits almost 3/4 of an inch off your wrist so it does sometimes hit stuff. Overall, it works great after a little tweaking.

  6. 47

    by Maynard

    I was really confused whether I should spend money on expensive fitness trackers. Finally I decided not to spend heavily for those and chose to buy this one. It looks good on my hand and records well. A few times, I had some doubts on the accuracy of the number of steps, but most of the times it was perfect. Except heart and blood pressure measurements, it is an overall good option for this price.

  7. 47

    by Jackson

    Great watch and very affordable. Why pay so much for a Fitbit when this does so much! The app is very easy to use with lots of options on how to track your health. The battery lasts for days before needing to be charged and I like how I don’t need cords and charging stations to charge it. Very simple! The accuracy of steps I feel is off sometimes but for the most part I think it’s accurate. It has a lot of features and easy to use. Even my 10 year old likes using it!

  8. 47

    by Hart

    I really have nothing to compare this too as it is my first ” fit bit” that being said I really like it. It works great, has lots of functions and I am happy I bought it. My only wish is that it would alert you when you battery needs to be charged. I wear it all the time and will notice that the battery has died and I have no idea for how long. It does hold a charge for 5 days or so, so that isn’t that big of a deal. Buy this! Totally worth it!

  9. 47

    by Lewis

    This tracker works great. Tracks steps and sleep accurately and charges fast. My daughter wore it in the Pool to test it’s waterproofness and it did great. I only wish there was a way to clip it on vs always having to wear it around my wrist.

  10. 47

    by Davis

    I have gone through 2 Fitbit Charge 3, I was only using it steps and heartrate. My sister purchased this one and I was like I sure miss my Fitbit, she showed me hers and this one also does blood pressure and sleep, I am pleased with this purchase and I would recommend it to anyone who is looking for a Fitbit.

  11. 47

    by Gray

    It’s surprisingly accurate. I think the distributor has updated the software and it’s an improvement with accuracy, so be sure and check for an update from time to time. Blood pressure and pulse readings are on par with my Omron cuff; good! I’d also like to commend the vendor for their responsiveness to an issue I was having. They were prompt, thoughtful, and thorough in their response; so I believe buyers can be confident in their purchase.

  12. 47

    by Harper

    I am editing my previous review. Originally i thought it was missing a charger. But what it was missing was instructions to charge and the charging block. The watch band comes off and the unit plugs directly into a charging block. Took be a few days to figure it out because of lack of instructions. But once i did fogure it out i grew to appreciate the value of this watch.

  13. 47

    by Stuart

    Easy step counter, blood pressure monitor, sleep recorder, watch, phone extension. I really do like to easy touch tap scroll feature. Syncing with iPhone was super easy! Allows me to handle phone less. I was looking for a step monitor to collect the true data since I don’t always carry my phone around the house and office. Charge lasts for days and I am logging so many more steps than I knew from just health app on the phone. The unexpected bonus is now when my phone rings I can see who it is!

  14. 47

    by Harris

    If you’re looking for a great option for a smart watch on a budget, you’ve found your fit! This watch integrates well with my iPhone 6 and has been a huge help for tracking fitness throughout the day.

  15. 47

    by Hicks

    This is a simple, easy to use fitness tracker. The battery life is good – I charge it a couple times a week and you don’t need a special charge cord just a USB port. It does keep track of steps, heart rate, blood pressure (I do not know how accurate it is as I do not have anyway to check it), distance, calories, call and text notifications. I do not wear it at night for sleep tracking. This is a great value compared to other more expensive fitness trackers.

  16. 47

    by Carey

    This is a great watch for my granddaughter who has been wanting one that has heart monitor Etc. It does everything and has nice clear display. She’s going to love it

  17. 47

    by Ballard

    I’m not usually a watch person, but this has been very easy to use and I don’t even notice it’s there. It has a slim design that doesn’t look or feel bulky. I love having a step counter on my wrist because I don’t carry my phone everywhere with me, so this is a lot more accurate than the phone counter for me. The heart rate monitor seems to be very accurate, and I like that I can look in the app and see trends and compare heart rate alongside the activity monitor.

  18. 47

    by Dawson

    If I could recommend this fitness tracker to everyone I would. It is an amazing price for all that you get in a small device, because it tracks your blood pressure, pulse, hours of sleep, distance stepped, ran, swam, etc. It has many features that make it easy to get back into your fitness routine. The battery lasts a while and is easy to plug in to charge.

  19. 47

    by Foster

    Pros- I love this tracker. It does everything a higher end Fitbit does, and in my opinion does it just as well, for a tiny price. The packaging reflects the price and is very minimal, but the watch itself feels like a quality product, which is what is important. I love the period tracking feature. The heart rate seems pretty accurate. I haven’t had a chance to test my blood pressure independently but it gives me a number in line with what I usually get on Dr visits. I’ve used the sports tracking for both indoor and outdoor runs and bike rides and it works very well and I can check my real time heart rate at a glance. The steps seem accurate and it isn’t overly sensitive. Battery life is good, I have been using for 2 days now and still have 3/4 battery showing even though I have it checking my heart rate and bp at regular intervals.

    Cons- the instructions are hard to understand as a native English speaker. I figured it out, but it would be nice if they were clearer.

  20. 47

    by Stokes

    I bought this tracker to replace my lost Fitbit. Specifically, I was interested in its ability to register and track my blood pressure. I did not see how it could work without using a pressurized cuff. If you keep the band tight, the blood pressure readings are similar (plus or minus 2-3) to what I get from a BP cuff. The device is holding a charge for nearly a week so far. I especially like the connection to my android phone. I was missing calls due to having the phone on vibrate and in my jacket pocket. Now the fitness tracker alerts me.

  21. 47

    by Parker

    I finally got a fitness tracker and am loving it. I’ve been on a weight loss journey for 5 weeks and this watch is helpful in more ways than I expected.
    I’m not good with technology, so I had to get someone to help me set it up and explain how to use the app. Although I haven’t mastered it yet. It is nit as difficult to navigate as I thought. I do like being able to track heart rate when I work out. It has so many functions, I doubt I’ll figure out all of them, but thrilled I can track what I can without help.
    And i forgot to take it off when I went swimming and it still works fine.

  22. 47

    by Parker

    This fitness tracker has a really cool usb charging device. Just plug it into a phone charger base and charge. It charges quickly and has an indicator light. Simple touch interface. Easy to understand instructions. Flawless app integration. Links easily with Google Pixel 3a. It keeps track of heart rate, blood pressure, steps, calories burned, and sleep quality.
    Put the tracker on your wrist one finger above your wrist bone and tighten it so that it doesn’t restrict blood flow but doesn’t move around too much.
    Easy to use, lot’s of information. Helps you make informed health choices.

  23. 47

    by Young

    This watch is easy to use and has more features than I need, but I really like it. During exercise, the accuracy of the heart rate monitor is not very high, and it can move a little during exercise. It can track sleep well, but even if I notice that I am awake, this is very strange, but it will include the time I woke up in the middle of the night to my total sleep time. Overall, it is a good watch, if you are looking for relatively basic things, I suggest you do so.

  24. 47

    by Gates

    I normally wear a mechanical watch but was looking for a light weight watch to use while I hike and do other outdoor stuff.

    I like the fitness tracking, and compared to my phones pedometer it seems accurate. I don’t always carry my phone while walking so it is nice to be able to track steps with a light weight device.

    I tried the notifications and seems to work fine. I think the vibration motor is a bit much. It would be nice to be able to turn it down a bit.

  25. 47

    by Marks

    I really like that I can get a fitness tracker in a $30 range, and it does the job. It has all functions to count your distance, kcal, steps, blood pressure, heart rate, and also you can set up alarms in it. All you have to do is download an app and you are also set. There are no extra cables since the tracker has an inbuilt charger slot in it. Having a fitness tracker motivates me to run which is helping me get healthier 🙂

  26. 47

    by Freeman

    The overall appearance of bracelet is simple,awesome and beautiful.It basically meets my daily needs and gives me enough power. I like that sleep test very much. I can monitor the sleep quality every night. With the app of exercise health in my mobile phone, I can study how I sleep every day. It’s very good for the health test, and it’s easy to use.

  27. 47

    by Martin

    This is for my daughter and the battery life is really good. It’s very easy to use so it doesn’t require much of my help 😉 One of her friend got this and you know kids have to have the same thing! It’s very affordable so I am fine with her getting one…

  28. 47

    by Ford

    We ordered this for my wife as she wanted a combination of a watch to tell time and have other features to Step Count, Measure Heart Rate, etc.

    Very, very easy to setup with the mobile app. Right out of the box this was an easy task setting up. Unlike a couple of other sport bands we have tried in the past.

    The band is comfortable and it has a good look to it. Both things were paramount to us.

  29. 47

    by Foster

    This small fitness tracker is great value for money. So far, it has lived up to its demands. Compared with other devices I use, the tracker seems to be very accurate in tracking steps, distance and clothes consumed. The heart rate graph on the app can give you a good understanding of your exercise and help you stay within the correct heart rate range. I have not used the sleep tracking function. I have used it for 5 days and have not charged it yet.

  30. 47

    by Wilson

    This is a great watch for the price. It is quick to charge and the battery last for a while. My favorite feature is having my phone call notifications show up on the screen.
    It’s also nice that you can set step goals.
    The watch is comfortable to wear and looks pretty sleek.

  31. 47

    by Herring

    It tells time. I like that it give mail and socials notifications. Doesn’t not accurately track steps, sleep, or heart rate. I woke up this morning and had walked over 200 steps already… It is also says I’m getting 7.5 hours of sleep and not waking up in the middle of the night when in fact my cat wakes me up every 2 hours or so to say hi. Yesterday my heart rate was at 102… while I was sitting down documenting client info at work. So this is a great watch if you want socials updates and want to know the time. I wouldn’t trust the features it’s actually most attractive for.

  32. 47

    by Gilmore

    Its one very decent looking watch. Installed app. Charged the watch. Placed straps back. All this was fairly easy. It does count the outdoor steps properly. It wont count steps if waving hands in air while sitting. So walking and sitting distinctions are clear.Once app is installed and paired, Date/Time is auto corrected. It does give bpm rate and blood pressure but both the ratings are not accurate enough. I tried it back to back three times and got different results with significant varying values.

  33. 47

    by Roman

    I bought this in October of 2019 and now, June 2020 it is broken. I think it is only because I would bet that I charged it too often. You have to twist the band off of the body of the unit. since I didn’t want to lose any steps, I would charge it each morning while I as in the shower. All that twisting ultimately broke off the bit that gets plugged into the outlet. I would imagine had I not done all that twisting it would still be functional

  34. 47

    by Gardner

    I like this fitness tracker, it’s great at tracking steps, sleep, heart rate and blood pressure. It does everything fitbit would except it’s way cheaper.
    It’s also great that this product does not require a special charger which makes it easy to charge this product anywhere without having to bring special equipment around.

  35. 47

    by Burke

    This is my first fitness tracker. I like it very much! Like all the functions. It’s perfect for keeping up with my pace and exercise in a day. The tracker is both fashionable and practical; the design is smooth and shows the time. Compared with the pedometer function on my mobile phone, it can track my steps accurately

  36. 47

    by Phillips

    I needed to keep track of my pulse and blood pressure to give to my physician. I had my blood pressure checked by my doctor and entered the information into the watch and then my blood pressured was monitored every hour. The watch s comfortable and so easy to read and to charge. I find the charge lasts 7 days and takes about one and a half hours to charge when low. The sleep monitor, blood pressure, and pause monitor have proven to be quite accurate. I wish they had bands available in more colors like some other brands. I would recommend this watch.

  37. 47

    by Warner

    After having a rash of bad luck with my watches, I thought for its price point this would be a good one to try. So far as a watch, its working just fine. I think the battery life is as advertised and although its too cold to swim, I tossed in in my sink one night while I took my shower (as it discourages you from bathing with it on) and other than it being cleaner than when I threw it in, no problems.

  38. 47

    by Lane

    This is a great alternative to more expensive fitness trackers like fitbit. The app is easy to use and set up and pair with your phone. The tracker looks great, especially with the full color display. I found that it worked great, even with small wrists. The band pops off to reveal a USB stick that you plug directly in to a charger, so there’s no need for an extra cord – which i love since i already have too many cords.

  39. 47

    by Patterson

    I wasnt sure if she would use a fitbit and because of that, I didnt want to fork out the expense for one that will just sit around. I saw this one and it looks just like a fitbit, a great price, has all the features she needs, and has a purple band. That’s super important in my world – purple band. The other cool factor about this watch is there is no need for a charge cable. The way the band connects to the watch, is a USB port. Just pull the band off and plug the watch face into any available USB. Poof – good to go – no cable needed. The questionable part is whether my daughter will break off said charge port over time. We’ll see. for now, its a nice looking little watch and she’s been wearing it daily.

  40. 47

    by Walker

    Not too bulky, easy to read and operate.Great value for the price. BP & heart rate function seems to be pretty accurate.
    My only complaint about it is that it seems to add about 3 times the correct amount of steps. Not sure if this can be adjusted somehow but if that could be tweaked I would give it 5 stars across the board.

  41. 47

    by Combs

    This is a great looking fitness tracker with fairly accurate readings. For heart rate and blood pressure measurements, you will want to make sure that it is not worn too loosely. This is not to say that it must be worn too tightly either. Just make sure it’s a secure, comfortable fit and you should experience more accurate measurements. I can’t confirm how accurate the calorie counter is, but I know the step counter is accurate. Battery life is exceptional.

  42. 47

    by Roberts

    Used this fitness tracker watch for a few times. The screen is easy to use and able to read. I do have a negative complaint though. The HR is way off. Using specialized gym equipment to check my heart rate compared to what the fitness tracker said was way off. The gym HR stated 171 yet the tracker said 113. It’s good for notifications and to get your BP but the HR tracker and the sleep cycle is way off and not accurate. Get a Fitbit!

  43. 47

    by Johns

    This fitness and sleep tracker does exactly what it claims. It took a few days for tthe accuracy to match my old fitbit, but it appears to self calibrate and get there. It measures BP and heart rate (2 things my cheap fitbit doesnt do) and is waterproof. I have used it for a couple of weeks now and find it indispensible. The battery life is amazing and it is easy to charge and charges fast. I would definately buy it again instead of paying way more for a different brand.

  44. 47

    by Franklin

    Fitness tracker with many functions. My favorite thing about this tracker in particular is the USB charger that’s built in! It’s comfortable to wear for both myself and my husband with a larger wrist. Material is lightweight. I love that it syncs to my phone and tracks many different things. The heart rate monitor seems to be a little innacurate. Not sure if there’s a more precise way to track that. Great tracker for the right price. Highly recommend.

  45. 47

    by Johnson

    Overall I really like this fitness tracker. It’s simple to use & doesn’t have a ton of confusing bells & whistles, which I love. It’s sleek & to the point. Workouts are more fun & interesting. Customer service is great w quick response!

  46. 47

    by Cherry

    This bracelet is really good, with high sensitivity, accurate steps for walking, outdoor (loop, running, walking), indoor (running, walking), stationary bicycle, elliptical machine, hiking, stair stepper, swing machine, so many types of modes, Simple is not too perfect haha, the operation is very simple, just download an application software on the phone, the standby time is very sufficient, charging and convenient, I plan to send a friend who works out with me, I think he will like it very much.

  47. 47

    by King

    I will be using it in the near future for walking and biking, but I mainly bought it for checking my pulse and blood pressure. My wife (she’s a nurse) checked the blood pressure with a her cuff, and the results are comparable, fairly close. You can use ten different devices to measure blood pressure and get ten different readings, but I am pleased with the results. You can do a lot of things with it, more than I’ll probably use. I will be using it for walking, biking, and counting steps. Very easy to use and to pair with your phone, registers activity, pulse, and blood pressure automatically if you wish. I would buy again.

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Private model M8 Bluetooth smart Bracelet exercise meter step heart rate blood pressure electronic Bracelet Fashion Gift recommended good table

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