Micro USB Cable Zinc Alloy Flat Ultra Durable Data Transmission Android USB Cable for vivo Xiaomi Huawei oppo 1M

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  • Type:Micro USB
  • Applicable Models:Micro USB Cable for  vivo Xiaomi Huawei oppo 
  • Compatible:Smart Charging for vivo Xiaomi Huawei oppo 
  • Compatibility:Data Sync Charger Cable Cord for Most Android Mobile Phone Devices
  • Features:Original Durable Falt TPE Line and Zinc Alloy Plug USB Cable Cabel
  • Function:Device Phone Charging, Data Sync Transfer
  • Type:Durable TPE Line and Zinc Alloy Plug Micro USB Cable Cord
  • Color:Black White
  • Version:Micro USB 2.0 Charger Cable Adapter
  • Connecto:Micro USB to USB Wire TPE Line Cable

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47 Reviews For This Product

  1. 47

    by Beasley

    This is the best charge cable that I have ever purchased. It provides turbo charging to my Moto g7 phone and also transfers data. Having all three tips, micro usb,usb c and iphone is fantastic. I highly recommend it.

  2. 47

    by Sophia


  3. 47

    by Burns

    Love that there are 3 different end detachments so you can use single cable across devices. Basically the detachable end portion can be kept plugged in to devices and single cable can be used to charge across devices. Love it.

  4. 47

    by House

    I use this in my car to have a quick and easy way to connect my phone for Android Auto use. The cable works perfectly, and Android Auto works perfectly with this cable. Also, due to the oval shape, it is usable with many/most cases, unlike the circle shaped magnetic charge adapters!

  5. 47

    by Murphy

    The lightning cable piece would not charge my iPhone unless it was put into the port a certain way. Other than that, the cord seemed pretty decent for the price. UPDATE: The seller was kind enough to reach out and send me a new replacement cord. Amazing customer service!

  6. 47

    by Cherry

    Perfect addition to my charger arsenal. I actually carry this one in my purse. I often find myself surrounded by people who need a charge. It is very easy to change the ends. The magnet is very strong and I don’t worry about it coming unattached. It charges fast and I love it!

  7. 47

    by Knight

    Great concept. Cord falls out of whatever it?s used for if it?s not completely still. But for stable objects it works great

  8. 47

    by Bella

    I’m using the cable as way to plug into my car USB port to charge my phone.

  9. 47

    by Hailey

    I love this product have been using it for a month. seams to be very sturdy.

  10. 47

    by Shepherd

    I’ve already had my stylo phone replaced once because of a loose port. I love using this. It keeps my port from excessive pushing around, the magnet stays in place and the phone charges fast. Def happy with this.

  11. 47

    by Emma

    The plug fit perfectly.

  12. 47

    by Thornton

    This is definitely not an inferior product. I was aware of several expensive brands of magnetically-detachable charging cables available in the market. I purchased three of the Essager cables based on the advertised features as well as product design quality. I was not disappointed at all. The charging and data transfer works perfectly for all my purchased cables. Furthermore, the port to be inserted into the phone/tablet was well made- it fit snugly and had wedged edges so that I could easily remove them with my fingertips. Overall, I am very satisfied with the cables and will definitely buy this brand again.

  13. 47

    by Joyce

    They work. What else can I say.

  14. 47

    by Jessie

    These cables are very high quality. They fit exactly right – not too tight. I connect USB to my USB powered monitor and this cable does the trick. I also use this cable to connect my samsung note 8 to my PC for sync and power. I like the flat braided style because they rollup and are easy to store. You will not go wrong buying these.

  15. 47

    by Jennifer

    Bought this as part of a modification to my Oculus Quest headset, perfect length to reach from the charging port to a battery pack strapped to the back as a counterbalance / battery life boost As a bonus, it came as a two pack so I gave the other one to my brother who I also bought a Quest for

  16. 47

    by Pugh

    Ruined my last phones USB C port just from charging it every night so this had to help with that. and it did. No more plugging it in every night, Just get the end of the cable close and snap! it’s connected and charging. As a wise redneck once said ‘Doesn’t Git Any Better Than This’ Got it done!!

  17. 47

    by Maddox

    Works good but magnet not as strong as the ad is toting. Like the fact when phone drops my cord doesn RIP out. Also great for when driving and having to charge

  18. 47

    by Rhodes

    Great product. Charging is fast and cables are sturdy and a good length. Really impressed with it so far. No more worn out charging ports plus data transfer is good. I like how easy this product is to use and the multiple tips and extra cable it comes with makes it versatile for all my devices. The stronger magnet and the cord appears to be very durable as well. I love the fact that one cord will charge android and apple devices since the heads stay in the devices. Highly recommended.

  19. 47

    by Marian

    Works great for connecting to usb ports in cars with a door over compartment, door can still close

  20. 47

    by Sarah

    The quality for this is exceptional. I love how premium it feels and packaging is simple, That?s a plus. I use this for my Nintendo switch and have not has any problems yet. Great product for the price and comes with 2.

  21. 47

    by Hunt

    This is such a convenient charger to have. I keep this in my car because whenever I give somebody a ride they don?t always have the same type of phone as me. Sometimes they have an android and sometimes they even have one of those older ancient Annedroids. I keep this in a little pouch in my center consul and that way I can always accommodate my guest.

  22. 47

    by Fitzpatrick

    The ease of connecting this is great. The end can remain in my phone and the magnet easily attaches to it. I purchased a 2nd one for my upstairs so I can leave the adapter in. My husband has an iphone so he can use that adapter with out removing it and makes it really convienent. Charging adapter is not combersome so it doesn’t impact leaving it in the phone.

  23. 47

    by Dudley

    I love a lot of about this cable and setup. The magnet is strong, never had a problem with it coming off, even in my car. The cable is super soft and flexible and it’s really nice that it comes with all 3 of the common USB connections. The LED on the end is also nice so you know it’s plugged in and getting power. I think I’m going to have to get a couple more cables, at least one for my car and one at the office.

  24. 47

    by Lambert

    great charger

  25. 47

    by Benton

    This is the first time for me trying a magnetic charger. I’ve seen a lot of different ones and decided to finally give it a try. This charger works great on all of my android devices and charges really fast too! The magnet is so strong that you can hold up a phone by the cord and swing it back and forth without it coming detached. I just need one everywhere I might charge my phone so I don’t ever have to take the phone part out. I’m very surprised and happy with this charger!

  26. 47

    by Greene

    These cables are cool but unless you buy a bunch of them you often find yourself pulling out the plug as you move around throughout the day. For example I don?t yet have one in my car or at my office and I don?t always want to carry a cable around from place to place. Also while the magnets are strong it?s very easy for it to become disconnected as you hold your device in various positions.

  27. 47

    by Best

    in a few words, this cable works great and charge fast. Only issue is that is not compatible with ipad pro 12.9, but is compatible with my other ipads. using it for two months to charge my 9.7 ipad and a rechargeable battery and WORKS like a champ.

  28. 47

    by Amanda

    I’am very impress in how fast this cable charges my phone. I have other types of Type C to USB cables and this cable blows every cable out of the water. Feels very durable and it has a heavy feeling to it. I love this, down side is i only wish i had gotten the longer cable, but its cool. I’ll keep it in my car or on the go for quick and easy charge.

  29. 47

    by Stella

    These seem to be high quality cables, with a surprisingly nice design. They seem durable as well. I tested them on my cell phone, and even after adjusting angles I didn’t lost connection. Packaging was more than adequate.

  30. 47

    by Daniel

    Got this for my husbands car. He said he likes how easy it is to connect to. Makes getting in and out easier. Keeping his phone charged with less hassle.

  31. 47

    by Tucker

    Nice product. The cable feels high quality. The magnetic plug head is always plugged into my phone. I simply touch the cable to the piece in my phone and it holds strong to charge and transfer data. No more risking snapping the plug end inside my phone.

  32. 47

    by Bentley

    Switching between iPhone and Android has never been easier. Don’t have to carry multiple chargers. Great invention.

  33. 47

    by Conley

    I bought these because my daughter is known as ‘The Destroyer’ in my house. With this cord, she doesn’t break them because they will simply disconnect and fall away if bent. One of my better purchases this year!

  34. 47

    by Phelps

    Chrome piece around part that is on the piece that goes in the phone fell off and I lost it. Remove it before taking phone protection off and on to avoid this problem. I didn?t so it?s on me.

  35. 47

    by Gilmore

    Arrived early and the quality was better than the original.

  36. 47

    by Edith

    Seems like a nice cord but it is a trickle charger. Takes FOREVER to charge.

  37. 47

    by Maxwell

    Got these to permanently keep in my phone to quickly charge it on my workplace, while I download torrents with it. Works very nicely, really happy with the purchase.

  38. 47

    by Larissa

    Have hadso mant break and so far this one is doing great!!!!

  39. 47

    by Myers

    Very easy to use and is saving the port on my Kindle device. The light is pretty bright which makes it easy to find in the dark but it is a distraction when trying to sleep.

  40. 47

    by Anne

    These cables arrived on time today! I like the length and the connection points feel strong and solid.

  41. 47

    by Wood

    Great magnetic charger and design. Love the separate attachments. I can charge my phone and my daughter can charge hers in the car with one cord.

  42. 47

    by Ashley

    Very durable and supports fast charging.

  43. 47

    by Lorraine

    These didn’t last long…..

  44. 47

    by Chelsea

    Having multiple devices with Type-C charging I needed a long cable and the SUNGUY 2-Pack Flat Braided cables worked perfectly. I have been using it almost daily now and it works without an issue. What a deal on a quality cable that otherwise would have cost 2-3 times as much since it is still a newer technology. Well done making a durable cable with no noticeable speed difference over the length. I ordered these via Amazon Prime 2 day shipping and they were delivered promptly.

  45. 47

    by Loren

    I specifically bought this charging cable because it looked durable and it is. The cable and the ends are both sturdy .

  46. 47

    by Caldwell

    This magnetic charger is so handy to have. The magnet is really strong and I like that I don;t have to worry about damaging my charging port with constantly taking the plug in and out. It came with lots of adapters and fit my phone great.

  47. 47

    by Colin

    These are what they say they are – USB C cables Do what I need them to – Charge my Note 8, and it does that well. Solid connections fit nice and snug and the cables are thicker and high quality, and along with a braided cable, these are some awesome cables, Would definitely recommend.

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Micro USB Cable Zinc Alloy Flat Ultra Durable Data Transmission Android USB Cable for vivo Xiaomi Huawei oppo 1M

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