Mini Bluetooth Headset Portable Wireless Earphone Headphone Blutooth In-Ear Auriculares with Microphone for Mobile Phone

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  • Plug Type: Wireless
  • Wireless Type: Bluetooth
  • Communication: Wireless
  • Active Noise-Cancellation: Yes
  • Is wireless: Yes
  • Connectors:None
  • Support APP: No
  • Volume Control: Yes
  • Function: for Video Game,Common Headphone,Sport
  • Support Memory Card: No

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50 Reviews For This Product

  1. 50

    by Customer


  2. 50

    by Customer

    thanks seller fast delivery.

  3. 50

    by Clara

    Love this ear piece! Very comfortable, good sound quality.

  4. 50

    by Cicely

    We bought these for our kids PS Vita’s and they work great. The colors are nice because it makes it easy to tell who’s is who’s. We have not had any problems with the straps fraying or the lock malfunctioning. So far it is a great product.

  5. 50

    by Hacke

    Basses in general almost no

  6. 50

    by Chrystal

    Exactly what we were looking for. Lost or repurposed the original wiimote straps so needed to buy new ones.

  7. 50

    by Claire

    Lost the original straps that came with the product. Gave the console to the grandchildren and I needed to make sure that they had the safety straps. These were a perfect replacement.

  8. 50

    by Lauren

    I use these with my smartphone case and never have to worry about dropping it! They are thin enough so you can thread them through any port hole without displacing the case enough to make it come off.

  9. 50

    by Clementina

    These straps have the tighteners that clamp as opposed to the ones that just move along the strap. This is key for anyone using them for active games like Just Dance, or with kids like mine who chew on the other kind so they don’t slide anymore. 🙂

  10. 50

    by Claribel

    attached to phone case while traveling – felt very secure the whole time even when i needed both hands for other things.

  11. 50

    by Laura

    These straps are definitely like the original Wii remote straps in design. Will they hold up for the same amount of time with decent usage? I’m not sure yet. Either way, the lock mechanism works just as expected. Hopefully as I attach these straps to my various electronics and occasional non-electronic objects (so far my Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge wallet case, Nintendo 3DS and plastic water bottle), I can trust these straps to not give out for quite some time. Also, the colors are just as vibrant as the picture, and the loop is fairly long so it’s definitely easy to attach to anything.

  12. 50

    by Freda

    I ride a lot of roller coasters, and I’m not crazy enough to try and take photos on the ride (most of the time), I constantly worry about my phone sliding out of my pocket. But I’m also worried to hold it in my hand. This solves the problem. I can keep the phone in my hand without worrying that I’m going to accidentally lose my grip. Absolutely no issues with the plastic breaking or the string wearing down. The sliding clip is nice for those of us who have very small wrists too.

  13. 50

    by Faustina

    It is not very comfortable in my ear, the rubber piece seems to big or something it bothers me a lot & I have to keep switching it from ear to ear every so often

  14. 50

    by spa

    I haven’t tried it much, but it connects well, although it’s very plastic, for the price you can not order more

  15. 50

    by Lacey

    Clear sound nice blue that isn’t gawdy. They include a varioys selection of ear clip sizes and styles and rubber tip sizes.

  16. 50

    by Cora

    Very easy to use and lock down on the right length, This is a 5 pack and I was able to pretty much use them all between my 3ds and my wii and cell phone.

  17. 50

    by Cindy

    I was looking for straps for my Playstation Move Controllers and couldn’t find any. I saw these and thought maybe they would work. They work great and the best part is the different colors. Now when the kids are playing and take a pause there’s no confusion which controller they were using.

  18. 50

    by Faye

    Works well, easy to wear and sound quality is good. Great price point.

  19. 50

    by Fernanda

    I worked perfectly with my single ear bluetooth device

  20. 50

    by Latonia

    We’re happy with these straps so far. They look nice and the snaps do lock very tightly. My only concern is that the little loop part that holds the strap onto the Wii remote is considerably thinner than the originals that came with the remotes. And considering I had to order these because one of our original loops on a strap broke, it makes me a little nervous. If I had known they were so much thinner, I probably would have shelled out more money for thicker ones. This is all that is keeping a remote from flying into a very expensive TV, after all, and I naively assumed they’d all be the same. So I think 4 stars is fair for now, and I’ll update based on how they perform in the next year or so.

  21. 50

    by Clarissa

    Given the low cost of this wrist strap combo pack I was a little skeptical. Turns out there was no need to be. These are well made, work just fine with our Wiimotes, and the colors are accurately represented in the image.

  22. 50

    by Florrie

    For the price this is a really good ear piece. I love that I can listen to music with no wires and if I get a phone call it pauses and I can talk and then start back the music. It makes talking easier if driving or working because it’s hands free. For the price it’s not bad at all. It’s my first one so I can’t compare it to the more expensive ones.

  23. 50

    by Francie

    I do not care for the bluetooth that you wear around your neck… these work perfectly for me. Only drawback is the distance away from your phone isn’t that great.

  24. 50

    by Clarinda

    These were a great price and we’re still using them on our Wii remotes. They have lasted well.

  25. 50

    by Claudette

    It feels and looks like the original straps. Great product!

  26. 50

    by Laurel

    The connector piece for the other ear plugs into the same port as the AC connector and I lost it while charging the Bluetooth device. Was glad to see I could purchase a replacement – with accessories – inexpensively and without a problem. Am back in business and enjoying the stereo sound again as I take my long walks and listen to music or talk on my smartphone.

  27. 50

    by Cinderella

    It might be a nice idea to replace the dirty old gross ones with these every once in a while.

  28. 50

    by Customer


  29. 50

    by Farrah

    I got a used wii and the old white straps were pretty disgusting. So I bought these to replace them. I am incredibly pleased with them, especially for the price! Now I don’t feel so gross when I use them. Plus, I like how they are different colors so I can keep track of which controller is which.

  30. 50

    by Claudia

    Worked out great. Using on Wii controllers fior seniors. Keeps them from flying from your hand.

  31. 50

    by Ferne

    The strap that came with the remotes had been washed so many times, it was time to get new ones. This Wrist strap pack was perfect. They were adjustable to the wrist just like the strap that came with the remotes were. Now every one had there own remote by color. These wrist strap are made of good material, in which this made them very safe to use.

  32. 50

    by Lana

    They’re sturdier than you would think for being little pieces of fabric and plastic. It’s a good price for all of those colors as well. I have been using the same strap for months with no issues whatsoever.

  33. 50

    by Cleopatra

    I love it and it speaks English I say that bec I got a Bluetooth that spoke Chinese and I didn’t know until I got it lol but this one it’s great

  34. 50

    by Felice

    Now I won’t kill my TV when I decide that monsters are not dying fast enough. Also perfect for strapping your phone to your hand when you have had to much to drink. Great for ensuring you don’t drop your camera over the side of a cliff.

  35. 50

    by Colette

    I actually just needed the earpiece covers but the pack has extras. The earpiece covers just don’t stay on well, this is not the problem of the replacement set just the design of the earpieces/covers in general.

  36. 50

    by Colleen

    The colors are the same as in the picture. The Red, Pink and Blue are the perfect shades. They’re different lengths: the pink being the longest and the white being the shortest. But regardless, it gets the job done. Your wrist can still fit through with a lot of space left to adjust it to your liking. Love the colors it came with and it’s durable.

  37. 50

    by Lara

    Works great. Looks good. Hard of hearing and it is loud enough and sometimes I turn it down.

  38. 50

    by Fay

    We have a really old Wii, and the wrist straps were dirty and falling apart. We bought these so the kids would stop flinging the Wiimotes around after the clips broke off. They are great, sturdy, look pretty much like the real deal, and the kids like choosing their own color. All in all a great deal!

  39. 50

    by Fallon

    This is my third earpiece in this style and the best one yet.a Beep will notify you if you go out of range and a voice tells you when you have reconnected. It is EXTREMELY easy to connect to your phone – just turn earpiece off and then on after you ask your phone to search for it and it will immediately connect. Voice announce the no that is calling you. very very comfortable to wear. I recommend it.

  40. 50

    by Clarice

    Super compact, light, and comfortable to wear. Plus you get additional ear attachments.

  41. 50

    by Felipa

    Battery life could be better but it?s sufficient , on/off switch in bad location hard to operate with a sausage fingers.

  42. 50

    by Faith

    They work…they are wrist straps…they are pretty…they aren’t expensive…what more could you want

  43. 50

    by Constance

    Works terrific! A bit smaller than original, but hasn’t been an issue for us. If you have very large hands, you might want to look further for ease getting strap on and off. If you have large hands and have patience, you’ll have no issues! The Lock is terrific, never slips!!!!

  44. 50

    by Francene

    These are great little handy things. My wife needed one on a wristlet pouch of hers after the original one broke. I’ve also put these on some little flash lights to keep them handy. Also replaced the old one on my little camera. Love the slider lock to make sure the band stays secure on my wrist.

  45. 50

    by Claudine

    Product works great and is good quality for a lot better price than the actual Nintendo replacement ones. Love that they come in multiple colors!

  46. 50

    by Fannie

    Excellent Bluetooth.

  47. 50

    by Fanny

    I will only buy the locking the straps. I dont have to keep fiddling with them when I’m playing. They stay tight! The different colors was an added bonus. I would recommend these to anyone that plays Wii or has small kids that play. My niece plays and the locking straps are great for her as well they dont slip.

  48. 50

    by Fiona

    Works well made well charges well

  49. 50

    by Flavia

    Work just as they’re supposed to! I actually used these to attach to our company’s shareable USB’s. It allows us to keep better track of where these go when they’re borrowed.

  50. 50

    by Flora

    This Bluetooth is powerful.. I highly recommend

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Mini Bluetooth Headset Portable Wireless Earphone Headphone Blutooth In-Ear Auriculares with Microphone for Mobile Phone

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