Wireless bluetooth headset 5.0 binaural sports running in-ear bluetooth headset

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Transmission range: 10 meters
Function: call function, support music
Channel: Mono
How to use: earplug style
Whether single or double ears: unilateral hands-free


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Black, White

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97 Reviews For This Product

  1. 97

    by Little River Knitter

    Second one and love them. The only reason I had to get this is because my first one went through the washing and the dryer and so it died… 🙁

  2. 97

    by MegH

    Great bluetooth. Good battery life. Long range. Good audio. Able to connect to two devices at a time. Not too expensive. Comes with high quality charging cable. Comfortable to wear.

  3. 97

    by Gail B.

    Noise cancelation seems to be excellent have had no complaints. Battery life is also very good use it all day every day never have any problems. This is my 2nd one comfortable in the ear.

  4. 97

    by Christine C-P

    Great ear piece,clear audio and plays both music and can hear and talk to someone. This is the best headset for the price.

  5. 97

    by Bonnie

    Really light weight. Simple to set up.

  6. 97

    by cevan1967

    SURPRISED….this item surprised me greatly…..it has VERY clear sound…..no dropped calls…..and talk time up to 11 HOURS!!! I was so impressed with this item I purchased a second one…..one for home use…..one I keep in my computer bag.

  7. 97

    by ChilinMichael

    Love my Bluetooth earpiece. It makes talking more convenient while driving or doing just about anything. Hands free talking is awesome The recharge time is excellent. Will look into getting another one for back up. Would definitely purchase this again and recommend it to my friends.

  8. 97

    by Nurse Elaine

    This is a very good earpiece and I recommend it highly. AND it’s relative low cost means you can buy as many replacements as necessary if you, as do I, lose them with regularity.

  9. 97

    by JPStales

    This is the best one too of the line my 2nd one and I need more lol

  10. 97

    by Private

    I like this Bluetooth earbud. I use it every night listening to music as I fall asleep without disrupting my wife?s sleeping. I recommend this earbud. ??

  11. 97

    by smartz

    I guess I was the last person on earth to have a blue tooth headset. I am glad I selected this model, it is lightweight, maintains a charge and sounds great. Highly recommend!

  12. 97

    by Lisa

    It works just as good as more expensive bluetooth devices. It has cheap interchangeable parts that are easy to replace when they wear out. I do not leave it in my car in Texas in July with the windows up all day.

  13. 97

    by Texas Bruce

    I can use it to call a number from my phone without touching my phone while I am driving. Had one before but used it till I exhausted it, so good quality.

  14. 97

    by Barb

    This was a replacement for one lost. Easy pairing and long battery.

  15. 97

    by Kitten

    I love this blue tooth, great sound quality, connects easily with phone. I have had now 3 of these models, only reason I keep having to buy new one’s is my dog’s eat my other 2. Lol

  16. 97

    by Jessica N

    I am very very satisfied with the product Thank you very much thank you

  17. 97

    by VanNewkirk

    Very happy with them very clear very comfortable on the year I forgot to take them off when I went to bed slept all night with them on I didn’t even feel them on their lightweight and excellent quality

  18. 97

    by Andrews

    I have bought a few more for family and they all like the product. You will not be disappointed by buying this unit. delivery is as promised and will buy more !

  19. 97

    by Spidernonymous

    Very happy . For me, the phone can be upstairs and I can be 1 floor down and it will remain connected. The answer button on this unit is better than my previous unit. The unit is solid and so far after a couple months of use I have had absolutely no problems. **This package does not come with a charger, but does have the usb cable.

  20. 97

    by Samantha

    I love this bluetooth and its simple & very cute. Only think is the guard around the ear peice hurts the inside of my ear after a short time of using it so i take it off from time to time. However, i can hear much better with it on because the fit is more snug. When i take it off, it’s not as secure.

  21. 97

    by Licotto

    Excellent purchase! I gave it to my husband who works in food delivery and he works with his cell phone in average 10 hrs p/day so this bluetooth is an excellent tool. Its battery lasts a lot between each charge. My brother in law bought it too and is pleased! Totally recommended!

  22. 97

    by elana hokin

    Works perfectly!! Sound is very clear on my end and also to the person I’m talking to. Very happy with this purchase!!

  23. 97

    by Gregory L Dimitriadis

    I highly recommend the Bluetooth. No complaints.

  24. 97

    by Mom of 6

    I have tried a number of headsets and I liked this one the best. Even better than the more expensive ones. I am not a techy person, I just know what works for me.

  25. 97

    by charles mccoy

    work nice, pick up everything

  26. 97

    by Ed

    This earpiece fits great and is comfortable, won’t fall off. Great sound and super easy to use.

  27. 97

    by Mary R.

    Purchased for my wife. She loves it. Happy wife, happy husband.

  28. 97

    by BobnAnn

    I love this thing. It’s probably not the most technologically advanced device on the market but it’s a solid performer for a bargain basement price. The comfort, features and just plain usability far exceed what I expected for the money.

  29. 97

    by J. Powell

    I bought this for my mom, I have had mine for quite some time. It fits great. Still works… My hubby even tossed it in the washer (had to drain the water out) it still works!!!

  30. 97

    by Phillip Alston

    It works fantastic! Great sound quality, great microphone! Best of all, it ACTUALLY fits in my ear without needing to use the over-the-ear piece!! FINALLY!!! In buying an extra one for when this one finally goes bad, then I’ll know I already have another good one!!

  31. 97

    by BigBluRvrCat

    This is my first bluetooth earpiece. So far, it works great and comes in handy! The only complaint I have is it seems to pick up background noise, but that may be an issue with all of them, I don’t know. Overall, I am very happy with it!

  32. 97

    by J Sanchez

    Comfortable to wear and efficient

  33. 97

    by alexandra karacostas

    Each charge last 11 hours!!!

  34. 97

    by Cassondra Gilbert

    I would buy this product any time

  35. 97

    by John Tye

    You don’t have to believe me but seriously i work night shifts I use this for 10 hrs straight it works like a champ <3 on the other end its to loud and Pic up a lot of nonsense some time it became irritated if you are in traffic or in a noisy place

  36. 97

    by Marcia CJ

    Simple to use and set up. I like that the on/off button is on the side and easy to to use when the headset is in your ear. Very comfortable to wear and great clarity. Talk time is 11 hours and every time you turn on the headset you get an update on how much time is left etc.,

  37. 97

    by DFD

    The headphone is lightweight, with the phone easy to touch on the Bluetooth, included in English instruction and wire for charging. Thank the seller, I recommend.

  38. 97

    by Olesiak

    I’ve owned this for 6 weeks and love it.

  39. 97


    I have received this item within 11 days. Sound quality is good. Battery life also good. But I don’t know how long this item will proved his best service.

  40. 97

    by rico

    this has excellent clear prompts and good voice quality with easy to use buttons.

  41. 97

    by Steve2121

    Me encanta!! Es muy comodo y se escucha perfacto! Cancela hasta el ruido de la licuadora cuando estoy en una llamada!!

  42. 97

    by Roni

    Most comfortable headset I’ve ever had. Can wear it for hours while listening to audio books. Bought a 2nd one as back up and a 3rd as a gift.

  43. 97

    by Peter Kim

    I love the way it works. Better than any I bought before it. Fantastic talk time. Great price

  44. 97

    by viktoriya

    sound is good… I really like and deliver within 3 weeks… thanks dr..

  45. 97

    by Jim

    Works perfect!!

  46. 97

    by pzee

    This is the third of this same ear piece that I bought. It’s a good price and had long battery life. Bought this one for a friend since all of her others never worked long. She’s pleased finally!

  47. 97

    by brian davis

    Ozm, amazing, goodqualitysound, Dolby atmos feel thank bases

  48. 97

    by Tom Barrister

    Great price. Works on both phone and music, video, cd, etc. Great bang for the buck!

  49. 97

    by Cari

    I’ve been getting this particular model and brand for many years.

  50. 97

    by Jim Bob Walton

    Excellent quality product. Long battery life, decent sound

  51. 97

    by ksh1350

    I bought a lot of different Bluetooth overtime but I’ll keep buying these. Not because of the part just because I lose them. I’ve been very happy with them!

  52. 97

    by Victoria Caflisch

    The headphones were well packed, came very quickly (for 9 days in railway) work properly, the sound is happy

  53. 97

    by Sofia

    Bought three pieces for the whole family. The seller quickly sent, to Kiev reached 35 days.-Germany kept for a long time. When connecting the charge was 100%, for 2 hours of music was 70%. Quite good, for such money I consider it chic, my family is satisfied!!! I’ll order more friends!Great store. Thank you!

  54. 97

    by K. McBrayer

    Super fast and good quality!

  55. 97

    by Meanjoe4202

    1A print very good. Quality serious impressed.

  56. 97

    by ZDFYRT

    Very useful.

  57. 97

    by Yvette

    It came quickly, everything works.

  58. 97

    by harm

    Come on time. Correspond to the description. Very easy to use. The sound for this money is not bad.

  59. 97

    by harmonyalaynaa

    Not bad

  60. 97

    by FSDF

    No problems yet.

  61. 97

    by Sofia

    Good headphones, very light. They’re still working. Very funny in the ears look

  62. 97

    by QAXRDT

    I’m very very Happy abt tis product….very good quality output sounds….I never expected tis from QCY Bluetooth headphones….thank u so much…

  63. 97

    by Kemp

    Headphones norms, but bass is not much medium.

  64. 97

    by Muriel

    Very funny in the ears look

  65. 97

    by Ophelia

    Cheap price

  66. 97

    by Jasmi

    Excellent product

  67. 97

    by Hermosa


  68. 97

    by Bruce Boyd

    Very good sound. It syncs very well. It took 11 days

  69. 97

    by Ivy

    5 must work at a greater distance than 4 blue tooth, and this de facto is not. Holds little. I do not recommend. If who knows how to determine whether the fifth bluetooth-write.

  70. 97

    by Ss

    It took a little longer than expected but it works well

  71. 97

    by Flora

    The product is beautiful and good quality. Youtube has little or no sound shifting. But the sound is clean and satisfactory cargo came to me in 25 days. I recommend.

  72. 97

    by Frederica

    Sound quite balanced, well average, treble and bass.

  73. 97

    by Audrey

    Good headphones. No delays. If you happen to disconnect the ears, 4pda to help you.

  74. 97

    by DFG

    Recommend. Fast delivery, goods consistent with the description

  75. 97

    by Newell

    It’s OK

  76. 97

    by Odelia

    Everything’ s alright 🙂

  77. 97

    by mily

    The box is slightly wrinkled, but everything works fine Headphones worked 2 hours, during this time did not turn off Came charged at 100% Delivery fast

  78. 97

    by KTW

    Very good very satisfied!

  79. 97

    by Nina

    Quality headphones, pairing was able to install quickly. The charge is kept well, the sound is wonderful, the main earpiece is right. At a distance of 5 meters, the sound without interruption, through 2 walls takes perfectly. Packed securely, shipping fast, track tracked all the way. Thank you very much to the seller!

  80. 97

    by Micha

    Good product. Fast shipping. Thank you.

  81. 97

    by Oakley

    Thank you seller!! It came quickly!! Headphones are good!! Sound good!!! I advise everyone!!

  82. 97

    by Hall

    Quality is so self

  83. 97

    by Rankin


  84. 97

    by Osborn

    The product is satisfied only without a cord for charging came, the sound when talking is weak. And in the rest everything is “OK”. Thank you!

  85. 97

    by Cynthia

    Very good seller. Good packing.

  86. 97

    by UnRuh3

    These are the best headphones for this price. Very high quality, the sound for this price is just class. Many thanks to the seller and for his discounts, Delivery is fast, in general i advise!

  87. 97

    by uy

    Great value for money. Shipped within 15 days to Fiji. Sound quality is good. Bass is present. You can use an equalizer to improve sound quality further.

  88. 97

    by Gheorghi

    Bass is good

  89. 97

    by SGDG

    Headphones perfect.

  90. 97

    by Oscar

    I liked it. came quickly. i recommend it

  91. 97

    by Vezza

    Great earbuds for this price, the volume it’s enough, high frequencies are highlighter than basses, In the ears stay solid. Shipment to UK was quick. I’m satisfied

  92. 97

    by xlden

    Good product shipping meets. Lot par.

  93. 97

    by Blanche

    Very nice product, my wife is very happy. Thank you so much!

  94. 97

    by Bruce

    Very good.

  95. 97

    by Michael

    Good product and easy timing. Shipping very fast

  96. 97

    by Ss

    The biggest plus seller that came very quickly! Recommend!

  97. 97

    by DFD

    Very fast delivery. Exact description. Good qulity.

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Wireless bluetooth headset 5.0 binaural sports running in-ear bluetooth headset

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