Mini Wireless Bluetooth Earphone stereo In-ear V4.1 Sport Phone Headset With Mic fone de ouvido For IPhone pk HBQ I7 M165

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  • Brand Name:YURIESO
  • Function:For Mobile Phone,Sport,Common Headphone,HiFi Headphone,For iPod
  • Support APP:No
  • Line Length:None
  • Communication:Wireless
  • Support Apt-x:No
  • Support Memory Card:No
  • Vocalism Principle:Hybrid technology
  • Is wireless:Yes
  • Control Button:No
  • Plug Type:Wireless
  • Sensitivity:108±3dB
  • Active Noise-Cancellation:Yes
  • Volume Control:No
  • Waterproof:No
  • Connectors:USB
  • With Microphone:Yes
  • Resistance:32Ω
  • Style:Ear Hook
  • Wireless Type:Bluetooth
  • Frequency Response Range:2.402-2.480GHz
  • Quality:single


100% Brand New.

2 Colors available: Black ,White.

Compatible Model: For Samsung For iphone5 5s 6 7 8 6s Plus

Voice Commands.

Custom mobile charging cradle / carrying case.

Extended battery life.

High-fidelity sound and voice quality effect

Supports Bluetooth: Headset Profile, Hands-free Profile (DSP technology)

Support Bluetooth stereo music playback

Bluetooth 4.0 version, can be simple pairing safely

Can be casual talk while driving / working or walking

Transmission Distance: 10M

Bluetooth Version: V4.0

Talking Time: ≥6 hours

Standby Time: ≥168 hours

Support Stereo: YES

Package Content:

1 x Bluetooth Headset

1 x Ear Gel

1 x Ear Hook

1 x Charger Line

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Black, White

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98 Reviews For This Product

  1. 98

    by Hilda

    Headphones loos good

  2. 98

    by y Olivia

    Come on time. Correspond to the description. Very easy to use. The sound for this money is not bad.

  3. 98

    by Deborah

    I LOVE ❤️ IT!!!!!

  4. 98

    by Elsy

    This earpiece fits great because of the shape of the rubber cover that fits in your ear. And it comes with three sizes, so you can pick the one that fits most comfortably.

  5. 98

    by Jermaine

    I bought this bluetooth headset for my daughter since she was starting to experience neck pain from holding her phone against her shoulder while talking on the phone (we have four kids so her hands are busy for much of the day). It connected to her phone without delay and worked very long on a single charge. However, the main reason I’m writing this review is to the sing the praises of how amazingly SOLID this bluetooth headset is!

  6. 98

    by Bacheler

    Great buy! What I love about this blue tooth device are: -the voice activation during calls (You can either answer or reject a call just by saying those 2 words. No need to press the device). -the range is magnificent! My lost Samsung device would usually disconnect from my phone at a distance of around 20 ft and when I go close to my phone it doesnt automatically reconnects to it. But with this, I can go more than 50ft with walls obstructing and it is still connected! and if it does disconnect, it automatically reconnects. I take off a star because there are times that when I drive in a remote place that the bluetooth gets disconnected and I had to pair it up to my phone like what I did when I first used it.

  7. 98

    by june munson

    For music are brilliant but for phone calls a bit weak

  8. 98

    by Oscar Marmo

    Order receive and earphones are good,

  9. 98

    by Toyshika

    I have bought these 3 times. I really like them. They pair with my cell phone very well. It’s super easy. The setup was really easy as well. My only complaint is that my ear starts hurting after having them in for about 30 minutes. Maybe even a little less. I have Bluetooth in my car now and don’t need it anymore. Sometimes I will need to wear one though and after months of not using it, I’ve found there will still be a charge to them. I like that a lot. I have worn these jogging, to listen to music through my phone, and that worked really well. Its nice and small. You will get looks if you’re out in public, talking on this thing. They’ll think you’re talking to yourself. One of ear pieces just stopped pairing with my phone. I could not for the life of me, get it to re-pair.

  10. 98

    by Dale

    Battery life is lousy compared to anything else. My new unit reports 4 hours of talk time.

  11. 98

    by Sidney

    The M165 surpasses it in all areas. It is just as comfortable in my ear (I still forget it is there, almost walked into the shower with it on this morning), outgoing quality is better with better noise reduction than the M50 (still not perfect, but better), and incoming quality is acceptable. I do think the volume sometimes seems a touch low (when maxed on phone and earpiece), but even when driving in my noisy car it is usually adequate. I do not use the ear hook and it stays in well. I went road biking with it in place for an hour a few days ago, and I had no fear of it falling out.

  12. 98

    by Tenika

    I stay connected in many different environments, and the sound quality is consistent everywhere. Consistent, yes. As good as it could be? Well, it’s a little ‘tinny,’ which really doesn’t bother me for the price I paid. But here’s the best part.

  13. 98

    by Vee

    I have to keep it on max volume to really hear things well, if I press the earpiece to my ear i can hear well with it. I tried using the ear clip hoping it would push the earpiece more firmly against my ear but it seems to somehow push the speaker away more. Still happy with it, small size and seems well built, think i’ll lose it before it breaks.

  14. 98

    by Yong

    Having problem hearing my cell phone so felt I needed headset. This has solved problem. Set connects to my phone immediately soon as activated, I mean immediately (android, Galaxy S7). Very good device for the money. I do not leave in my truck without. Only problem is a little ear discomfort after an hour or so. I just swap ear. Sometimes I can go for 2-3 hours with little or no discomfort. I give 5 stars because it works so well. I recommend.

  15. 98

    by Baines

    I am happy with my purchase, would purchase again, and feel that it is a great balance between cost and quality

  16. 98

    by Maple

    Great blue tooth device, this is my third one only because i keep losing them, but for the price its not a big deal. Siri works perfectly, all calls are crisp, clear and precise. Volume max is more than adequate, and the overall device is small. I would recommend buying some extra ear pieces on amazon though because these only tend to last about a year if you don’t take them off and if you take them off frequently like i do to clean them, they the silicone starts to rip.

  17. 98

    by Bach

    Only real complaint is that it doesn’t have any sort of cover/plug on the micro USB charging port on the top of the unit. If you were to use it in the rain, it could fall right into the port. Interestingly, the manufacturer photos on the page don’t show this. Overall, very satisfied with my purchase.

  18. 98

    by Tyffani

    My only complaint is that the volume button cycles through low, medium, and loud settings. So if it’s medium volume and you want it quieter, you tap it one to make it loud (ouch!), and then again to make it quiet, and then again to get it back to medium. It’d be more convenient if you could adjust the volume up or down without having to cycle through (like the speeds on a ceiling fan).

  19. 98

    by Lavelle

    I can the buttons on my iphone, but it’s not quite as slick, I do not take a star off for it because it sounds so good to others. It has no case at all, so I bought a little case for it. A charge lasts forever. It is easy to listen to audiobooks via bluetooth. Both the Voyager and the M165 have to be close to the phone.

  20. 98

    by Touran

    I use this every day. I needed something small and lightweight to take calls while working from my home office. One perk is that you can have two BT devices paired so I am also able to take VOIP calls from my computer as well as those on my phone. The only downside is I can’t seem to get it 100% comfortable in my ear. But I’d say it’s 90% comfortable and the rest is just my ears. I’d recommend to anyone looking for a good BT earpiece.

  21. 98

    by Tahshaunaya

    This is my third one, not because it wore out, but because they are little….and I’ve lost a couple of them. I love that I don’t have to touch it to answer a call. I am often cleaning the pool or doing messy gardening projects and my hands are not free to push the button. It also holds a charge for a really long time. I use it all the time but it only uses the battery when you are actually on a call. So the battery time lasts forever. I charge it about once every 7-10 days.

  22. 98

    by Bajer

    This one has sophisticated voice menus, very small, sounds loud enough, but perhaps due to the fancy voice recognition and voice menu prompts it has very poor battery life compared to other Plantronics headsets. I bought a handful of Plantronics headsets because it’s hard to differentiate through the different models. The model numbers don’t mean much and at these prices why not buy a few and choose the best and gift away the rest.

  23. 98

    by Taibrea

    This is my second purchase. I accidentally washed my last one, which was still working like new after five years. I bought another brand at an airport when I accidentally packed this guy in my checked bags, but this one is far more comfortable, easier to switch on and off, harder to accidentally disconnect a call, and I like that it gives me battery power updates every time I turn it on. My other one just waits until the battery is low to tell me (in the middle of a call).

  24. 98

    by Tahara

    Not much to say on this thing, it pairs pretty fast with my iPhone 8+, stays charged well i think, but I also don’t do much phone talking, just use it for while in the car. My main issue with it is that in some – maybe 1/3 of the calls, on the lowest volume it is way to loud for my ear. I think I’m a little more sensitive to loud noises close up than most, but still it comes as a big surprise when the volume is on low and I have to physically hold the thing away from my ear to be able to bear it.

  25. 98

    by Kimber

    The microphone sounds better than any other I have tried over several years, including ones with cords. This replaced a Voyager that I lost. The microphone is better than the Voyager (no ‘Are you on a speakerphone? Would you mind picking up the phone?’). But the M165 does not have a little carrying case that charges it, like the Voyager has. The Voyager was louder and a tiny bit more clear.

  26. 98

    by Alex

    I have been asked on several occasions what phone (Iphone 5 & Iphone 6S) and headset I’m using because I sound crystal clear. I’m on the phone a lot and wear this for several hours at a time and it is very comfortable and light weight. Battery lasts a long time and pairing is easy. This is a solid piece of kit and its operation is simple. The buttons all work as expected, and are easy to locate. The only down side is that the volume button is not a rocker type, but a press it repeatedly till its gone up or down to the volume you want. Also, the volume is in steps, rather than a smooth up/down operation. That is not a deal breaker though.

  27. 98

    by January

    My brother who drives all day for work and this Bluetooth i must say is really good. He had bought another brand and it was crap (my option) he sounded muffled a lot so after reading all the review on this one I decided to give this one a shot. I’m so glad i did It’s very very light, small, comes with different ear pieces, works really well with LG.

  28. 98

    by Irish

    It fits perfectly into the ear, now you may ask how come it dropped, well I get into really tight places with lots of pipes/wires etc… and occasionally I bump into some of these objects. Sound quality is great specially in noisy environments other party will clearly hear me and I don’t have to repeat myself. I would recommend this headset over any I tried without hesitation.

  29. 98

    by Cecile

    Sound is good, not tinny, base is good. Navigation and pairing are simple to follow. Outgoing sound seems ok but there is a delay. product and packaging are standard. I presently use this approximately 10ft away from my mobile, you can hear the Bluetooth recycling the connection (voice sounds digital) sometime but not all the time. Perhaps once or twice in a 20 to 60 min call. UPDATE ***NOW Bluetooth is recycling the connection to the phone 50% of the time*** The recycling of the connection between the device and the phone affects how others are hearing you as well. I am using it the same distance from my phone (10ft). The device is rated for 30ft. I am using my phone simultaneously as a wifi hotspot while on the phone itself.

  30. 98

    by Sydney

    I purchased this Bluetooth for my brother for work. He needs to be handsfree at work, but uses his phone often. He prefers these because they are durable, keep a great charge, are easy to use and are comfortable enough to wear that at times he doesn’t even notice he has it in until hours after he returns home from work. Now on the flip side, I talk to him a lot while he is at work, and I can hear him fine, but the noise cancellation kind of stinks on these. Generally speaking I can hear what is going on around him better than I can him. He works with machines that aren’t particularly close to the mouth piece, but I am constantly wincing in pain because the high pitched beeping sounds some of the machines make sound like they are going off directly in my ear. If he drives with the window down it is obnoxious to listen to and is louder than he is, which surprises me because he is a naturally loud talker. Overall, because he has a great experience with it I would give it 4 stars, but as the person writing the review and having to listen to the backround noise and headache inducing sounds from around him, I would say the noise cancellation could use some work.

  31. 98

    by Badgers

    The buttons click well; I like having an on-off switch, and I like that it announces how many hours of talk-time are left every time you turn it on. No getting surprised by it running out of battery!

  32. 98

    by Leigh

    Best Bluetooth headset that I have used to date. In the past, I have used BlueAnt and Jabra devices. Both are good units for various reasons but this device provides the best experience of all past devices combined. Why? My criteria are talk time, size (I want to carry it in my pocket since I often use an earpiece so my digits available for typing or driving), comfort, discrete design (no flashing lights or Borg-like design), and plain ole decent quality.

  33. 98

    by Willie

    Of the several BT headsets I have, this is my favorite. Always connects fast, runs for a long time, allowed pretty good distance from my phone. Sounds is clear and it fits me really well. I sometimes forget I’ve even got it on. Had it for about 4 months now and still working great.

  34. 98

    by Balfe

    I had two basic needs for this. It does a decent job at one but is only barely acceptable at the other. I should note that this is my first Bluetooth headset. The problem might simply be the difference between a wired and Bluetooth connection.

  35. 98

    by Rylee

    I am very impressed with how well it fits and stays in my ear. I expected to need the clip-on ear loop, but it isn’t necessary. It stays in my ear easily. Overall I’m impressed except for audio quality on my cordless phone. Battery life is excellent and it paired easily both with my Panasonic cordless phone and with my Moto G (1st gen) phone. It’ s possible that the audio problem is in Bluetooth and not in the particular headset. This is the only Bluetooth headset I’ve tried, and I was also unhappy when I tried pairing my cordless phone with my Moto G smartphone. I may just need a wired connection.

  36. 98

    by Sandy

    The big thing for me is that the Voyager had two volume buttons, up and down, while the M165 has one button – up, up, up, up, back to about 2 on a scale of ten, then back through the cycle. When you get to ’10’ the voice comes on to tell you so (and to momentarily suppress the volume of the external input). So you really can’t use it in a conversation when you need to hear everything.

  37. 98

    by Marcos

    Sound quality on my end (through the speaker) is pretty good. Much better than expected. When using it to listen to music, it doesn’t have much bass, bit it’s designed and EQ’d for voice, not music. Sound on the other end (through the microphone) is better than through the microphone on the phone itself.

  38. 98

    by Holly

    If you have the earbud in your right ear and the phone in your left pants pocket, it will cut in and out in a very annoying way. When the phone is in a holder on the dash, it does not matter which ear the driver uses, it’s fine. It filters out car sounds super well. A charge lasts a really ling time on the M165. It is as light as a feather, so you could lose it or wash it in a pocket very easily.

  39. 98

    by Bade

    I use a headset very often and in very noisy environments for my work. Over the years I have used and tried many different ones probably more than 10 different ones, and this is so far the best one I ever used. It charges very quickly and the battery lasts much longer than any I used before. Even in 2 days of use dropped it several times with no issues just picking up and continuing the conversation.

  40. 98

    by Hilary

    It’s well-priced, and this is the second one I’ve bought after loosing the first one. Never used any other so can’t compare to anything – nor do I know if they all have this issue. I suppose I mostly recommend it.

  41. 98

    by Veleasha

    Amazed at how well it stays in my ear! I can literally shake my head or jump around and it doesn’t wiggle or come loose at all. The rubber/silicone piece that holds it in is slightly uncomfortable after an extended period, but for normal use is barely noticeable.

  42. 98

    by Bache

    While receiving calls: Jawbone reads out the phone number, then you can press the button to answer; Plantronics just says ‘answer or ignore’ and its up to you to say either word to answer the phone or not. You don’t need to press a button which is a nice feature people who cook and touch raw meat, or cannot touch the button because your hands are tied up.

  43. 98

    by Bagshaw

    Pairs quickly and easily to phone. Very easy to operate/use. Used it for several hours and haven’t drained the battery yet.

  44. 98

    by Bale

    I’m late to the technology but this is a great little headset. I’m amazed that such technology fits into something so small. The controls are easy to use, the sound quality is good, the battery lasts several hours for me, and it charges quickly. It can be set up as a trusted device so when it’s on, I don’t have to open my phone with my password which is handy. I did buy a separate hard shell case since it seems really delicate in case I want to travel with it. I’m very happy with this device.

  45. 98

    by Bagott

    I’d like to give this 5 stars, it does good at noise cancellation, and people can hear me clearly, and me them. But the ear pieces they don’t really make a good seal with my ear, could just be me.

  46. 98

    by Santos

    Sound quality has been excellent both ways. I bought a new earpiece because the other one picked up too much road-noise. This one is much better.

  47. 98

    by Balch

    Couple of improvements with the M165: the answer button is actually a button, not the whole surface, so it’s less likely to get bumped accidentally. (I had unintentionally ended a call a few times and on other occasions re-dialed with the M55.) Volume can be adjusted to be a little louder with the M165, plus it’s a little smaller. Noise cancellation is usually not a critical issue for me, but I have had some other brands in which the noise cancellation actually made it harder for people to hear me since it would sometimes clip off part of the first word of my sentences. That doesn’t seem to be a problem with this one.

  48. 98

    by Terasa

    Thank you a inexpensive, well designed earpiece that does not make my ear sore. I can wear all day without feeling like I am underwater. I struggle with ear aches and sinus pressure with in ear headphones. I have purchased several on ear Motorola earpieces in the past because I liked their concept, only to be disappointed that they broke shortly after the warranty expired.

  49. 98

    by Badham

    * Connects to both my iPhone and my Windows laptop easily. * Does not fall out of my ear when I’m exercising, even during intense workouts. * I can use the button to answer and end calls with one press ? no need to make contact with device. * Works very well with FaceTime and Skype.

  50. 98

    by Tynneale

    Has a better range than I expected (I don’t know the exact distance) but it’s best to have the device near you. I get a better range with my laptop than my phone. Audio is sufficient, clear, and does not cut you off from the rest of the world

  51. 98

    by Priya T.

    Everything is fine all is cool, work even louder than I expected

  52. 98

    by HRNZ001

    very good purchase. nice sound quality and very comfortable. no issues pairing or whatsoever. I like it.

  53. 98

    by Natalie

    It is great to take in my backpack on the go.

  54. 98

    by Jeff Carvalho

    Recieved order in only 17 days in pakistan, product is good as described… Sound quality is also very good..

  55. 98

    by BONNEY

    I have been using these headphones on workouts for nearly 2 months now and wanted to say how great they are. The headphones stay secure, I charge them only once a week, and best of all the sound is very clear even if I leave my phone elsewhere in the gym. I’d highly recommend these headphones as they are a great value.

  56. 98

    by Brady

    Come quickly. Sound quite dignified, the bottom is enough. The detail of the sound is also not bad. Sometimes a lack of volume, but for such a price is very worthy.

  57. 98

    by Thera

    It’s comfortable.

  58. 98

    by Patricia

    These are great. Good noise isolation and very good battery life. It charges faster than stated in the manual. Great earphones, well worth the price.

  59. 98

    by TiRTUG

    These headphones have clear sound and a good bass sound. The ear fit is comfortable. Bluetooth worked good, no problem connecting.

  60. 98

    by Hazel

    The detail of the sound not bad.

  61. 98

    by Suzanne

    The equipment itself is very light and easy to wear.

  62. 98

    by Aurora

    This headset is lightweight enough to not bother my nerves and heavy enough to stay around the ear without moving around or falling off.

  63. 98

    by Marina

    It’s amazingly lightweight and fits comfortably on my ear I can wear it for hours and not even notice it there.

  64. 98

    by Cornelia

    Really fast and accurate shipping! There are fully commodity satisfied fully new living in packaging bread bread Thank you !!

  65. 98

    by Mona

    This is probably the best bluetooth headset I have ever owned.

  66. 98

    by Ruby

    Everything is fine, the quality is good, the delivery is fast.

  67. 98

    by Rankin

    received the product we ordered . long shiping time , but we knew it takes time . we are satisfied .

  68. 98

    by Erin

    The sound is actually EXTREMELY clear both for myself and the person I am calling.

  69. 98

    by WING

    Excellent sound quality. Arrived well before the unexpected.

  70. 98

    by Yvette

    Amazing! Awesome! Best quality ever! Will order again! Very happy!!!

  71. 98

    by Truda

    Very happy with purchase! Description corresponds. All is well.

  72. 98

    by The consumer’s voice

    Went to Russia for a month. About the product: Actually good headphones for their price. A compact enough case, you can see how your headphones are charging. By sound 7/10, it was possible and better.

  73. 98

    by Penny


  74. 98

    by NJ mom

    I love the material and the shipping was fast!

  75. 98

    by ZZCSF

    Came all excellent quality good

  76. 98

    by Customer

    Good quality, I have another QCY Bluetooth headset which is really good as well, I like their products, recommended!!

  77. 98

    by Jack


  78. 98

    by CharlieTheDog

    Daughter is glad what ordered the same received the seller super

  79. 98

    by Philipppa

    I will add, after discharging the headphones could not charge (the box glows that charging goes, but the headphones have not been charged for a long time. The button does not work. The indicator does not reflect the charge light and it is not clear how to charge the headphones. Since the headphones did not charge after the light went out in the box

  80. 98

    by Roxanne

    The product is beautiful and good quality. Youtube has little or no sound shifting. But the sound is clean and satisfactory cargo came to me in 18 days. I recommend.

  81. 98


    For such a price, the headphones were very good. For a month already work, live, nothing leaves anywhere. The sound is good, i do not complain. Very comfortable.

  82. 98

    by Denise

    Excellent headphones. Another set i order immediately.

  83. 98

    by Wallis

    Fast shipping. Everything works. My recommendations. Sound …. Well, not at music lover, but what are you waiting for for this money. Listen to the news, watch the movie. Answer the call. It’s for you.

  84. 98

    by FSDF

    Nice I like it! U can talk, when u call they have speaker, voice was not so clear but can accept

  85. 98

    by Truda

    These earbuds are amazing quality for an amazing price. They have great sound quality and are very comfortable.

  86. 98

    by VDF

    Fast delivery and good quality product, thank you the seller.

  87. 98

    by Virginia

    The headphones are excellent, i really liked them, they sound better than my wired ones, they sit comfortably in the ears, they will not fall out when playing sports.

  88. 98

    by IV

    Very satisfied with the purchase.

  89. 98

    by Caleb

    So happy with this purchase – 🙂

  90. 98

    by Cameron

    The sound is great, quality built, good battery no problems in the first week, great Valeu for money.

  91. 98

    by Norwood

    Excellent product. Great audio quality. Fast shipping and accurate track&trace. Recommend seller!

  92. 98

    by Salome

    Amazing earphones.

  93. 98

    by Kaylee

    Description corresponds.

  94. 98

    by GRACE

    Worth buying.

  95. 98

    by Page

    I got this for my wife. As far as quality is concerned, this is the best one I’ve found for her! She likes it & I like it too!

  96. 98

    by Makayla

    Battery life is amazing, so far I had it on all day and so far had not fully depleted the charge. Very easy to pair with devices.

  97. 98

    by Freda

    It only takes 1.5~ hours to charge it to full, so even if it runs out midday it’s not a problem.

  98. 98

    by Mills

    I have asked several people I call and they have all said I sounded clear and easy to understand and that there was NOT a ton of background noise.

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