In ear stereo running wireless sports neck hanging metal magnetic Bluetooth headset

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Parameter specification
Bluetooth chip and Bluetooth version: CSR 4.1
Bluetooth protocol: A2DP AVRCP HFP HSP
Battery: 3.7V 60mah
Charging power: 5V / 80mah
Sensitivity: 103dB + / – 3dB
Impedance: 32MW
Transmission distance: barrier free 10m
Frequency: 2.4GHz
Talk time: about 4 hours
Listening time: about 5 hours
Standby time: about 160 hours
Product weight: 18g
Function description
Play music, switch music up and down
Volume adjustment, Chinese and English voice switching
Incoming voice number reporting function
Last redial
Operate voice prompt function
IOS system displays power
Support, vehicle navigation, voice and other software
system state
Power on and power off: long press the power on key for 3 seconds
Enter pairing: long press the start button for 5 seconds to enter the pairing state
Volume increase and decrease: short press the volume increase button to adjust the volume increase, and short press the volume decrease button to adjust the volume decrease
Switch between Chinese and English: double click the power on button in the pairing state
Play pause: short press the start button
Previous song: Volume – press the key for 2 seconds
Next song: volume + key press for 2 seconds
Answer the phone: short press the power on button
Reject call: press the power on button for a long time when an incoming call is made
Replay of the last number: double click the start button; Then briefly press the start button to cancel dialing out

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Black, Red, White

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100 Reviews For This Product

  1. 100

    by Cara

    The product reached my hand in 1 month now it works smoothly.

  2. 100

    by Nash

    Excellentgoods. came quickly. fits the description.

  3. 100

    by Carl of Mariemont

    Previously used a Plantronics with a landline at my office. Bought this headset when I shifted to using a cell for all business calls. Lighter and slightly more comfortable than the Plantronics (which itself was fine while I was using it), and far less expensive. Have used it on several lengthy calls and had no trouble hearing or being heard. Can’t compare it to other bluetooth models, but I hard to imagine there would be enough difference to warrant spending more. Can’t say much about durability at this point, since I’ve only had it a short time. Appears to be well-made, so no complaints for now.

  4. 100

    by Tennessee Tony

    The headset works perfectly, reconnects / stays connected without interruption or problem, and a good value. The clarity and volume is excellent. I would highly recommend the product, the seller and the seller’s service.

  5. 100

    by Athena

    Got this headset a week ago and haven’t stopped using it since. It’s perfect for calling while driving or listening to music in one ear. As the product description says, it’s pretty light, and I’ve almost barely noticed it weighing on my ear at all. That’s not to say that it doesn’t stay well around your ear, because as much as I shake my head, I just can’t get this thing to fall out. 9/10 would buy again.

  6. 100

    by Mark P

    So far the unit has been great – excellent sound, looks very sleek and is now my replacement headset. I can use the ‘Hey Siri’ feature, increase/decrease the volume, it paired immediately and I can ignore calls I don’t want. It recharges in less than 2 hours and the battery is good for several days of use.

  7. 100

    by Cherilyn

    Great quality for sound and the item. I?m satisfied with the sound for both listening to music and answering the calls. Long battery life is a plus which I don?t have to charge it too often.

  8. 100

    by SproutHunter

    I’ve been using this for three months now. I have three different bluetooth devices that are all good. After three months, this one I go-to most. It’s so light to wear and who would think, I get compliments on how it looks. I tell them about it and now someone I work with is planning to get one.

  9. 100

    by Daniel Hilpert

    After I recieved the headset I recieved a very friendly email asking me if I was satisfied and if not what they could do to make me happy. That is something I have never had anyone ask me when purchasing from Anyother site and it blew me away that they cared so much about their customers!

  10. 100

    by Robert Kenney

    I’ve only used it a few times, so it’s hard to do a full review on it. The device is very versatile as it can be worn over either ear. It comes with 4 ear pieces and is very comfortable. It’s not heavy at all on the ear and sits comfortably. Sound quality seems clear n crisp but it doesn’t turn up in volume as much as I would like. The plastic box it comes in is nice but noisy in the pocket if you have coins, keys or anything else made of metal or hard plastic in the pocket as well. It would have been nice if the extra ear pieces could have been storable in the box. Pairing with the phone was easy. All in all, nice little device. I’ll update if anything changes.

  11. 100

    by Serenity

    It has great quality and is very comfortable for me to wear. I am fussy about the fit, comfort and sound quality of my headsets and until now, have not had the perfect headset. I am quite happy with my wireless earpiece.

  12. 100

    by MM

    I bought this as a gift. So far she’s told me that she likes it. Sound it crisp but sometimes sound is slightly garbled but that’s not a deal breaker. The fit is odd and sometimes it makes her ear hurt.

  13. 100

    by Bella

    I have used many bluetooth headsets in past and this one have a good voice quality! I really like it as its lightweight and not so expensive but it does the job very well

  14. 100

    by T.Hine

    Best Bluetooth ear piece I have ever bought. It’s comfortable to wear and it can be worn on either side of the head. It stays connected to my cellphone farther away than any device I have owned. I love it.

  15. 100

    by gtlmp01

    This headset performs much better than its price would lead you to believe. The sound quality is good and volume has been satisfactory for me and my car is not quiet. It doesn’t look like it would fit securely but I haven’t had any problems with it staying in place using the supplied eartip. I haven’t really stressed it for battery life but I haven’ noticed any problems there. I was pleasantly surprised by the headset in general.

  16. 100

    by B Whiteman

    One of if not the best headset I’ve used. Very well packaged and seems well made, but with all Bluetooth products only time will tell. I am extremely pleased with this headset it stay putt even with out the ear ring to hold it securely on the ear. I wore it all day without it and it never felt like it was going to fall out of ear. Voice sounds very clear and people can hear me just fine with this. I wouldn’t use them for listening to music, but they do a wonderful job with phone calls and that’s what ?I bought them for. all day comfort and great in call audio., for this they can’t be beat.

  17. 100

    by zuyi

    I mainly bought it because when I talked on the phone with my headphones I would get complaints about road noise. People would ask if I had the top down. I bought this earpiece and no one has complained about road noise since. I have been able to go a couple of days without charging. I also like being able to connect to multiple devices at once. The only issue I have had is that I lost my carrying case.

  18. 100

    by Sadie Rouse

    I don’t have Bluetooth in my car, so this is perfect for when I’m driving! It’s a very sleek design and the sound quality is great. It’s nice that the ear piece flips so you can choose which side to put it on. Easy to connect and a very long battery life!

  19. 100

    by Zamm Inc,

    Product great workmanship, quality excellent

  20. 100

    by Philly

    Fantastic little headset that is comfortable and works great! I use it nearly every day and I am told the sound quality is much better than speaking though the phone directly. Case fits the headset well although I kind of wish I could fit my charge cable inside. Instead, I just charge the unit every night and it will certainly last all day (6-8 hours of talking). Overall a very good buy at a lower price than competitors!

  21. 100

    by Gerald Castaldo

    Everything came perfectly, for 20 days by courier to the house, the sound is good, everyone is happy

  22. 100

    by Snipergrl69

    It arrived packaged nice and neat with a great carry case! It looks sleek and is very light. Fits on ear great and sound quality is clear. I love this product. You can answer calls, listen to music and media. It works for a good distance away from phone.

  23. 100

    by mydog_louie

    I purchased this wireless Earpiece, on a recommendation of a friend. Very satisfied with the fit, quite comfortable to wear. And very easy to use. I wanted to try a Bluetooth earpiece to work with my iPhone X connects fast and works as advertised. Very lightweight and the boom is not to long, but allows good quality audio on the receiving end. Fits in ear well and wont fall out. Sound is pretty decent, no issues with not being able to hear, even with wind blowing in from an open window. Good quality, good price. Excellent customer service. Would recommend to any one wanting to try a Bluetooth wireless earpiece.

  24. 100

    by Colette Thesenvitz

    I have been using this headset off and on for about a week. First few times were for quick calls (under 10 minutes) but it worked great. Calls were very clear on my end as well as the person I was talking to. My elderly Mother is hard of hearing and she was able to hear me clearly. Today I had the chance to use it for an extended length of time. I was wearing the headset for about 4 hours and it was very comfortable. At times I did not even realize that I was wearing it. It also held up to the many changes of clothes as I was out shopping and taking sweaters on and off and it did not fall out. I am very happy with this as my previous headset was a very expensive Plantronics. I specifically chose this one because of the case so that I can toss it in my purse without harming it. Very happy with this headset.

  25. 100

    by Michele

    I’ve tried 4 different Bluetooths this year. I’ve gotten complaints from people I’m trying to talk to. The problem has been so bad, that I haven’t been able to rely on any of the units, except this one. The Bluetooth has been great. I’m not getting complaints that I keep cutting out or can’t be understood. I’m a very happy user.

  26. 100

    by Data Jedi

    I’ve used many headsets. This little guy works well, is lightweight, is easy to setup, the bluetooth works as advertised, goes in the ear well, and doesn’t ‘poke’ or ‘press’ against the ear. Further, the sound quality is better than most I’ve used. Noise cancellation seems to work okay, but I’ve -not- tested it in substantially noisy places, like an airport or hospital, but have used it in several places that are moderately noisy. The other end can hear me well, without distortion or ‘scratchy’ sounds, like we get with most headsets. Hooked up easily to my iPhone and MacBook Pro. I would certainly recommend this little headset.

  27. 100

    by Baggeric

    I like this new bluetooth earpiece. It has all the features of the cometofit with some additions. The ear wraparound is just slightly stiffer which helps keep it in place better. It also has a silicone loop which fits inside one of the ear ridges which also helps keep it in place. These are important modifications as they lend themselves to trusting that the earpiece will stay put. Another modification that has added to the convience of storage is the updated design which allows one to use either ear without the hassle of removing and repositioning the ear wraparound. Now its just a matter of rotating the earpiece to the correct orientation. Thank you comexion for the improved fit and function. The sound quality is good and a cut above others in this price range that I have tried. I can’t speak to battery life as I have only had this unit for one day, but if it like the cometofit it recharges quickly and lasts thru a six hour workday.

  28. 100

    by Matt Habegger

    It is super loud in the best sense. My mom likes to really hear people talk on the phone and this did the trick. Battery lasted what it said it would. Perfect hands free device.

  29. 100

    by Greg Noll

    This Bluetooth headset is a GREAT product. Great sound, clear and true. Nice to even listening to music between calls. Sound is clear and crisp on both ends (user and receiver). Very easy to set up and use. Very comfortable as well. I removed the piece that goes behind the ear as the piece in the ear comfortably hold the headset securely in place. Even has an automatic Siri button for the iPhone. Stays connected for a good distance too.

  30. 100

    by Lynn

    It fits well on the ear and has good sound while listening to music or messages. It can also pair with your tablet and be used for listening to music or games on it. My grandson loves to use it while playing games on his tablet. It is easy to use and quick to charge. The end comes closer to your mouth and makes it easier for the person you are talking to, to hear you better

  31. 100

    by stopper

    Excellent sound quality. Great price. battery life is incredible. I use it al day long and it never lacks power. Super quick charging (max of 1.5 hours though it’s never taken that long for me). Only have had it 9 days but love it.

  32. 100

    by Mae

    Love this ear piece. Sound is good, and doesn’t hurt my ear as others have. Also Crystal with I feel like for my money I got a great deal and good product. Will update later to let you all know if it still is a great buy.

  33. 100

    by kelly wilson

    The product is great for the money. It fulfills its purpose when it comes to freeing up your hands to take a call. It has great reception and calls are very clear. I definitely recommend.

  34. 100

    by Odin’s Codpiece

    Although I always think these things look a little goofy, you can wear it and after a while forget it’s there. But I used it a few times by pairing it with my computer audio to run join.me web meetings and the audio quality is FANTASTIC. Better even than a standalone microphone I use, in terms of clarity and noise cancellation. Nobody has ever said ‘are you using a microphone?’ or ‘You sound like you’re in a tunnel’ when I use paired with my iPhone. Great value for the money.

  35. 100

    by Teresa

    I have been wearing this headset too much since I got it, because besides being useful, it’s also just fun. I love the button that connects to Siri, so I can be out cleaning the lawn, tap the button, and say, ‘Play my podcasts,’ and I’m in business without even taking off my gloves. I have used this headset on several extended calls, including one where I was welding at the same time (headset easily fits under my welding helmet), and the people on the other end reported totally clear sound quality, as if I were talking directly into my phone. It’s super light, and easy to wear for extended periods. Also love how the battery level of the headset shows up on my phone when It’s connected. Overall, I love this headset, and take it with me everywhere in its sturdy black carrying case.

  36. 100

    by Penny

    Happy to find a headset that sits ON my ear instead of IN it. Sound quality on both sides is better than the 3 headsets I tried before & had to return. This one is definitely a keeper!

  37. 100

    by 3London

    It is very easy to set up, and intuitive to use. I do not even have to read the manual to get it connected to my phone. Made a few calls and got no complaint for sound quality of whatsoever. Their customer service is cool. 10/10 will buy again.

  38. 100

    by Robert J.

    This headset works great. I love the fact of the extra ear piece attachments. They go deeper into your eat so you can hear louder. The Siri button works great. Great battery stand by time. I leave mine on all day. Quick charge. Great device for the money. Loud. Easy set up easy use. I wear mine every day and I forget it is in my ear.

  39. 100

    by Lo

    Beautiful product. Thank you very much

  40. 100

    by Jacob C.

    I know most of us have relegated these ear pieces to the same category as the ‘cell phone belt clip’ but, I finally caved and bought this one and I haven’t looked back since. I work, go to class, and have a wife that loves to talk on the phone. All the headphones with built-in mics just didn’t work. The battery in this lasts me two full days, the sound quality is better than my pixel 3’s mic, and it’s comfortable to use even with glasses on. I even listen to music with this and it’s completely fine. I have a $50 jbl Bluetooth headset and I use this instead of that now. The convenience of this by far out weighs whatever people may think.

  41. 100

    by Evelyn

    I have only been using the headset for a couple of days however it has impressed me. This isn’t high Fidelity audio but at this price point and design I wouldn’t expect that either. This was purchased as I have started working remotely from home again and my old headset was dropping calls and wouldn’t hold charge. I am able to pair with my work phone and add my personal phone secondary to listen to music between calls. Only a few days of use but battery seems great for my intended use. Super light weight and comfortable. Easily answers incoming calls and ends calls with a single click. Volume up and down is slower to respond but I don’t change volume often so am used to being patient with that function.

  42. 100

    by Tom Kyne

    Battery life is AMAZING! Be sure to put on the right ear piece to hear well. Love this device and awesome service from company, have bought two for others. Just wish there was a storage place for the charging cord as I’ve misplaced it and am sending out the search party to find it. Ha!

  43. 100

    by Davis

    I am a stay-at-home mom and always have my hands busy–folding laundry, cooking, cleaning. This Bluetooth earpiece allows me to talk on the phone while keeping my hands available to do all of the things I need to do. I prefer it to headphones (which block out all the external sound) because I can still clearly hear what’s going on around me, yet I can hear my phone conversations and/or listen to the radio. The sound is excellent for me and for the person I call–they can’t tell any difference at all. I’m no techy but this was easy for me to set up and use. What a great, yet inexpensive gift idea too.

  44. 100

    by customer

    For the price I was expecting at least choppy noise, but it was just as clear as my headphones and everyone I spoke to heard me with perfect clarity.

  45. 100

    by Victoria Caflisch

    I used it for a month. During use, this product is very fast and accurate. It also provides rich sound. The capacity of the battery is also a big advantage.

  46. 100

    by Lyman D. Elliott

    Decent product. Had small problem with original item, but nothing serious. Was contacted by company requesting information on any problems. Advised the company of my issue and they offered to send me another unit. Good product with FANTASTIC Customer Service. Would recommend this product to anyone.

  47. 100

    by Cathy

    Excellent headphones. Good enough sound and volume. In the ears stick well. Comes in a box.

  48. 100

    by Lera Sprayberry

    It is lightweight. It has good sound quality. It was very easy to set up.

  49. 100

    by Cholgosh

    I bought this when my other bluetooth headset broke. The price is nice and I really like that it comes with a case. The sound quality is excellent both incoming and outgoing. Plus it connects to both of my phones super fast! My previous headset would take up to 30 seconds to power up and connect to both phones. This one is on and connected in under 10 seconds. Great performance so far for the price.

  50. 100

    by corediver

    I like it great! I charged it once and have been using the headset for 4 days so battery life is more than adequate. It links up in seconds, every time and stays connected. Really useful in the car. Range is good. I can walk all around my house and outside with my cell phone on my desk! Very light, forget I’m wearing it. No listening fatigue! Great 2-way sound! No echoes or reverb. Haven’t tried the fancy stuff like 2 phones at once or Siri on iPhone (I have Android). Main reason I got it was to reduce amount of cell phone radiation right next to my brain, and having to tie up one hand holding it, especially on long calls. Bluetooth is so much better. This headset is super easy to use.

  51. 100

    by Ivette

    I’ve had this product for a week so it’s hard to talk about battery life or durability but the sound quality is perfect. I use the headset mainly for hands free phone calls and had to return two other sets from other manufacturers because the other side could not hear me, so very pleased with this one. The only thing I’m not completely happy with is that it’s a bit big and but it does come with a variety of different sized ear bud covers.

  52. 100

    by Forever Young

    Bought this bluetooth for my wife because I absolutely love the one I bought from them a while ago. The sound quality is outstanding, long battery life, fast charging time, easily adjusted for use in either left or right ear and it has a classy expensive look. High quality product. Look no further. I have being use Bluetooths’ for years and I know quality when I experience it. This product should be selling for double the price if you ask me.

  53. 100

    by Grasser

    Product arrived fast, the delay was at the shipping center. Nice, comfortable and practical product. Meet the right, good sound with nothing but acceptable. I recommend the seller.

  54. 100

    by PKS

    Everything is fine. Packed well, for such a price give an excellent sound.

  55. 100

    by Jord

    I am so happy with this order. excellent quality, all as in the description. thank you!!! I will order again!

  56. 100


    good seller, good response, good communication, best handsfree, great product.

  57. 100

    by Gg


  58. 100

    by Gemma

    Play perfectly, i at least have enough bass and volume. Sometimes there is a reconnection between the right and the left earpiece. Charge lasts for 4 hours if you listen to one earphone

  59. 100

    by Tgk

    Super like, express delivery soon, quality is very good, later will come again to buy

  60. 100

    by Blanche

    I order from this seller already the second headset, the sound quality is very like, the music plays for a long time, the music plays loudly, a lot of bass, the headset itself is simple and reliable, easy to connect to the phone.

  61. 100

    by Beatrice

    Good product, fast shipping, I recommand thank you for your gift

  62. 100

    by Xaviera

    I am very satisfied with the product. Nice sound quality. The battery holds the charge correctly. Phone calls are well supported. I highly recommend this seller.

  63. 100

    by Beulah

    Excellent headphones and sound excellent, stereo, i’m very satisfied. New sensations from the sound of the video in the phone.

  64. 100

    by Frederica

    Very satisfied. quality is excellent, Seller is set showing what I asked. Recommend!

  65. 100

    by Hilary

    Very good headset! took for listening to music-the headphones got out-all the time the cord is rubbed! the range from the phone is possible large-i have up to 10 m, the sound is very good

  66. 100

    by Ingrid

    Charging goes little but sound is perfect

  67. 100

    by Ophelia

    Good item. Sound is good for device like this. Low price, good quality. Don’t know how long battery live.

  68. 100

    by Sydn

    5 ++++++ seller … thank you so much for what is very attentive … put everything I asked … the quality is super .. .. .recommend you

  69. 100

    by Michaelia

    Cool good things super recommend everything

  70. 100

    by Cameron

    So love it!!!! beautiful!!! very very fast delivery, thank you!

  71. 100

    by Heather H

    Phone arrived in perfect condition and working. Very beautiful! Congratulations!

  72. 100

    by Veronica

    Can’t really believe how well these little guys work. A bit shocked if we’re to be honest. I wanted to find something I could use in garage that would also go under my hearing protection. These little guys worked right through those and even at a far away distance. My garage is fairly long and I go ALL the way to one end it still worked. That’s up to about 25 feet away. And that was WITH my hearing protection on.

  73. 100

    by Bess

    Took a while to get here but liked it. Nice product.

  74. 100

    by Hall

    The earphones music quality is good, but the mic is on the small black control so we can’t put in behind our head it has to be in front. Other than that great product for the price, I’m satisfied. I’ll start using it and add additional comments in case something went wrong.

  75. 100

    by Lilith

    Fits the description. I recommend the seller.

  76. 100

    by hammond

    Excellent transaction! all pretty quickly, accurately and qualitatively! I will still book with this seller

  77. 100

    by Kk

    Good product cost, battery lasts 2 hours listening to direct.

  78. 100

    by Jasmi

    Product totally how described very good, thank you very much

  79. 100

    by Olga

    Article identical to its description. Well packaged item. I ordered 6. the sound is clear and pleasant. Everything works fine. Best value for money. 5 stars for this item.

  80. 100

    by Atalanta

    Works as expected, Great product, thanks!!

  81. 100

    by Ophelia

    Its seems good

  82. 100

    by Gerald Castaldo

    The goods came, the packaging is whole, the quality is not bad, everything works. First connect left then right and work together.

  83. 100

    by Norwood

    It is very beautiful ,high quality ,great seller ,like the picture completely

  84. 100

    by Hilary

    Great supplier. highly recommended. product is perfect .

  85. 100

    by Gladys

    Good product and fast shipping….

  86. 100

    by Nn


  87. 100

    by Kk

    Small and compact. i like. charging enough for a day. connected without problems.

  88. 100

    by Alice

    Hear well, rapidly combines.

  89. 100

    by Jj

    Thank you very much seller, very responsive and sociable, several times extended the validity of the buyer’s protection, as our post surprised more than ever… the goods are good

  90. 100

    by Kylie

    A little bit heavy by one side but not a big problem. enough sound quality and volume, this is the best price over the internet. recommend it

  91. 100

    by QA

    Super fast shipping. look nice!

  92. 100

    by Funny

    Headphones are good, the main thing is to understand how to use them. Came with usb wire-for charging. Made with the help of a computer. The sound is really good, the headphones themselves are comfortable.

  93. 100

    by Ralph

    In the volume exactly, but not uniform sound level, the balance is not adjustable.

  94. 100

    by Hermosa

    Everything works. The sound is not perfect, but for this money the most

  95. 100

    by Vargas

    The goods are good. the seller extended the period. everything came to the seller respect.

  96. 100

    by EDEN

    Product very accurate good quality and great price delivery time very good delivery early

  97. 100

    by Olga

    Products are very stylish , beautiful packaging , fast shipping

  98. 100

    by Barkley

    The goods arrived quickly, tracked all the way. Play not very loud, but the quality of the sound is davolno not bad.

  99. 100

    by Jean

    The quality of the headset is good, the sound when listening to music is normal

  100. 100

    by Caleb

    Great product, came quickly, very carefully packed. infinitely pleased! Thank you seller

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