Single ear 5.0 Bluetooth headset version 4.2 business car ear hanging gifts driving and listening to music are fully compatible

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Bluetooth headset with rectifier software circuit board, large capacity.
Original style design.
Product features: ABS + PC fireproof shell + UV process super long standby
Battery capacity: 80 Ma Mah
Chip model: Jerry scheme
Bluetooth version: 4.2
Communication distance: 10M / 33ft
Sound noise ratio: > 60dB
Standby time: about 300 hours
Continuous playback time: about 3.5 hours
Charging time: 1H
Music mode: single ear
Horn diameter: horn size= ф 10mm
Horn resistance: 32 ∩ ± 15%
Output sound pressure: 105 ± 3dB (at 1kHz) 1MW
Rated power: 2 MW
Maximum output power: 3MW
Frequency response range: 20 ~ 20000hz
Microphone sensitivity: – 42 ± 3dB
Cell: product a polymer cell
Input: 5V / 2A

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Black, White

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100 Reviews For This Product

  1. 100

    by Sofia

    All right thanks, 20 days to get here super fast!.

  2. 100

    by Samant

    Excellent headphones for their price. I advise everyone

  3. 100

    by Wright

    These Headset are the best according to the quality and the price. Good sound, stick well in the ears. Highly recommended.

  4. 100

    by Caroline

    Good headphones. Sound quality and bass normal. Do not fall out of the ears.

  5. 100

    by Arianna

    The seller is excellent, the goods came very quickly, packed everything was good The product fully corresponds to the description, for its price headphones are excellent I recommend

  6. 100

    by Mirabelle

    Really good quality of sound, i’m musician and I’m impressed! Seem like Bass is not so powerful, but it has great balance between high middle and basses. Recommend!

  7. 100

    by Dinah

    Super satisfied with these Earbuds. Better than expected. Bluetooth works perfectly! Very Happy

  8. 100

    by Angelina

    The goods came, excellent quality, thank you

  9. 100

    by Angela

    Very fast delivery – 2 weeks to Poland. Earphones play indreadibly good for this price, no delay with watching YouTube (didn’t test with movies yet, because it just came). I already have a Pioneer bluetooth headphones, which costed three times than them and in my opinion QCY play much better. Recommend!

  10. 100

    by Prima

    good quality and good price.thats my second earphones.everyone like this earphones.i recommended.

  11. 100

    by Mary

    I ‘ve tried it only for a couple of hours but it looks like everything works properly. I ‘ve synchronized it with mobile and tv without any problems.

  12. 100

    by Donna

    Ears are good for this price, even very

  13. 100

    by Andrea

    Good headphones. No delays. If you happen to disconnect the ears, 4pda to help you.

  14. 100

    by Mariah

    Fast shipping , product as described. Perfect

  15. 100

    by Nicola

    The earphones are very comfortable and lightweight compared to the Q29 earphones. They don’t sound as loud as the Q29 earphones. But overall, this is a very good alternative for AirPods.

  16. 100

    by Makay

    Great customer service. Ear buds are slightly larger that expected but they have good sound

  17. 100

    by Natividad

    Fast delivery. Best product in this price range. Battery timing is upto 2 hours. Good bass and sound. But the mic on call is not that good. Overall i m satisfied and going to order another on for me. Thanks

  18. 100

    by Diana

    Cargo arrived intact without problems. The product is great I highly recommend. I think two people can use the most beautiful feature is the only product but the headphones can use two people by connecting them to phones separately I use them with my wife.

  19. 100

    by Gladys

    Packed perfectly, everything corresponds to photos and description. Thank you for your promptness.

  20. 100

    by Sara

    Headphones are really good, while everything is straight fine. Let’s see what happens next

  21. 100

    by MacDonald

    I recommend the purchase as it is an excellent product

  22. 100

    by Felix

    Excellent headphones! Everything works. Especially pleasing price. I recommend to everyone!

  23. 100

    by T. Money

    I bought this several months ago, and am shocked about two things: a) I haven’t lost it yet b) It still works great

  24. 100

    by Gloria Bird

    This is my favorite Bluetooth: it never falls out of my ear & I can listen to my audio books all day without the tangle of wires. The battery lasts 7 hours & it gives plenty of notice when the battery is low (it doesn’t warn you & then abruptly shut-off -as my other brand does).

  25. 100

    by Terry

    Excellent headphones, fast delivery

  26. 100

    by Kimbrough

    Everything charges perfectly, the sound quality suits me.

  27. 100

    by Harden

    It works perfectly. my daughter loves them. Thank you seller i recommend.

  28. 100

    by Harris

    Seller Super came out very well than I expected products are recommended.

  29. 100

    by Penny

    excellent headphones! Workmanship at height! Cool sound, good autonomy, convenient magnetic base for charging with built-in battery. No problem cling to any bluetooth source, whether it’s a tablet or a smartphone! Thoughtful ergonomics, nowhere to press in the auricle, delicious price and the freshest bluetooch 5.0 protocol, which allows you to transmit audio without compression, the main thing is that your device supports it. In general, i recommend to buy!!! If the tip was useful, then forget to put like, finger up! Good luck shopping!!!

  30. 100

    by Ken

    This headset is fantastic. Turns on and connects within 2 seconds, every time. The earpiece is a little uncomfortable, but not too bad once you get used to it. Every ear is different though. The sound in calls is a little loud, even with the volume all the way down, sometimes it’s still too loud. But I would definitely recommend this headset.

  31. 100

    by Mark E. Peltz

    Best Bluetooth headset that I have used to date.

  32. 100

    by Fiveorange

    This is a solid piece of equipment and is very comfortable to and so easy to use. I will buy it again if I lose this one!

  33. 100

    by Matt

    Bought this for my wife who seems to really like it. Call quality is good. Very impressive.

  34. 100

    by Shelley

    My husband wears his Bluetooth from sun up till sun down, every day, on an overnight charge. He gets a new one every couple years. He continues to be very pleased with this brand. Thank you

  35. 100

    by Just-Mike92

    They have great quality as long as you don’t turn the volume too high causing damage to the speaker and also have great battery life. I use mine for work and only recharge it once every few days. The only down side to these is that they’re so small it makes them VERY easily lost. But great product.

  36. 100

    by Jessica L.

    I had bought a headset for Christmas last year. I loves it and the call quality and battery life are great. Plus it has a micro USB for charging. I found this one which is very similar in design to my old Jawbone and very inexpensive, so I bought it. I am very happy with my purchase so far!

  37. 100

    by Keltracks

    I’m late to the technology but this is a great little headset. I’m amazed that such technology fits into something so small. The controls are easy to use, the sound quality is good, the battery lasts several hours for me, and it charges quickly. It can be set up as a trusted device so when it’s on, I don’t have to open my phone with my password which is handy. I did buy a separate hard shell case since it seems really delicate in case I want to travel with it. I’m very happy with this device.

  38. 100

    by Makayla

    Good product. Connects easily. Good for a range of 5 meters unobstructed.

  39. 100

    by Larry P.

    So far so good. Voice is clear. On and off button nice.

  40. 100

    by Ann M K

    Comfortable. easy to pair. sound is great. other person speaking to cant tell that you are using, sounds to them like using your phone up to your ear. can whisper and they can hear. easy to pair to another cell phone (work vs personal). fully charged 7 1/2 hour talk time.

  41. 100

    by Galip Kuyuk

    Having problem hearing my cell phone so felt I needed headset. This has solved problem. Set connects to my phone immediately soon as activated, I mean immediately. Very good device for the money. I do not leave in my truck without. Only problem is a little ear discomfort after an hour or so. I just swap ear. Sometimes I can go for 2-3 hours with little or no discomfort. I give 5 stars because it works so well. I recommend.

  42. 100

    by Johnson

    They pair very easy and listen very well. Missing to see the shower of the battery

  43. 100

    by Michelle R. Gifford

    Works great! Love the FIND it if lost extra perk!

  44. 100

    by William S. Cooper

    Works great been using non-stop for 1-4 hours a day.

  45. 100

    by E. Bryce

    Bought this for one of my drivers. He loved it. Just the perfect size but he lost it after 3 days, which was totally his fault. He did ask that I reorder the same exact one so I think he like it a lot. I asked him if the sound was ok. He said it didnt sound like the other person was in the bathroom so thats nice.

  46. 100

    by Joncee

    Sound: Both sound very clear. not much to say. Mic: Jawbone has a Better background noise cancellation built in than Plantronics. However, this Plantronics does have a solid one built into it also. Both bluetooth devices are mics that are solid enough for people on the other end to hear me speak in a regular tone (no need to speak loud).

  47. 100

    by Hannah

    The product arrived here in 18 days and can be used separately right and left. Sound quality is fine I could not try the charging time

  48. 100

    by Pete H

    I use it for phone calls, listening to music while exercising, and listening to bird calls and songs for identification when I’m birding (I use the Merlin and Audubon apps for that). The sound quality is surprisingly good. It’s really a great value.

  49. 100

    by Kim

    Very lightweight and comfortable in my ear. I wasn’t sure about the in-ear piece, but it is quite comfortable and secure. Still trying to figure out how to voice dial. Can hear the caller very well. Haven’t tried it for music or radio yet. Over all great value for a great price.

  50. 100

    by Elizabeth

    Fast shipping and nice product. Everything’ s alright 🙂

  51. 100

    by REELIZM

    Perfection. Small, light weight. Sound quality clear, sleek. People can hear me and don’t even know I’m using a Bluetooth device. I need it in all colors to match my clothing so I never have to buy another model. This is an amazing device that can connect to multiple phones or devices.

  52. 100

    by J&R.coop

    Husband wanted something to use at work that wouldn’t cover both ears yet allow him to listen to music or take calls. Now it’s rare to catch him without it in his ear. He loves it. It’s a surprise that it stays in as well as it does and the sound quality is great. We rarely give 5 stars but this is worth it.

  53. 100

    by jodi Slaughter

    I love that it talks and tells you how many hours of battery U have left, that you csn have two phones hooked up to it, and that u can play games while hearing any notifications. it easily switches over unlike other ones I’ve used in the past. sound it good and I can listen to music with it- it’s not as great as earbuds bud I can hear it for a tune or two . it fits comfortably in my ear that I forget I have it on! I only wish I wouldn’t loose them and wash it in the washer machine so I’m thinking of buying two of these 🙂

  54. 100

    by Customer

    Everything is fine. Thank You

  55. 100

    by MC

    Obviously you’re wondering how I used this product for 3 years when I just bought it. Well, I bought this Bluetooth… because I thought I had lost my original one. Well the day this little guy came in the mail I found my old one of 3 years… still working btw. Anyway I kept it and use one strictly for the car and the other when walking around the house. Great distance, sound quality and overall functionality. Very durable too. My only suggestion would be to never put it into your ear shortly after getting a shower. The water in your ear and this Bluetooth don’t get along… AT ALL. After drying it out having learned this the hard way it went back to working exactly as it had for the 2 years prior. Just dry your ears. 🙂

  56. 100

    by Jace

    Just like the whole picture. When used i will leave comment. I recommend.

  57. 100

    by Vita

    Good product. Fast shipping. Thank you.

  58. 100

    by Antho

    I write a review sitting in headphones. Good bottoms and top. I like it. I found the phone right away. I recommend the seller and the product. The seller of good luck in business.

  59. 100

    by J Tuttle

    Boy do I love this product! This is my third one, not because it wore out, but because they are little….and I’ve lost a couple of them. I love that I don’t have to touch it to answer a call. I am often cleaning the pool or doing messy gardening projects and my hands are not free to push the button. It also holds a charge for a really long time. I use it all the time but it only uses the battery when you are actually on a call. So the battery time lasts forever. I charge it about once every 7-10 days.

  60. 100

    by Jace

    Everything suits, except for different volume in the left and right earpiece. Until i figured out why.

  61. 100

    by amber

    I really like this Bluetooth. I have had no problems with it. One thing I wish it did that my old Bluetooth did is read out the number of who is calling but it’s still great considering I barely remember people’s numbers anyway LOL

  62. 100

    by Kevins

    This is my 4th one, I keep loosing them. They all worked really well! I like that I can play music through it. Audio quality is good in both directions. Battery lasts about 5-6 hrs of music + talk time. Can’t say enough about these. They just work.

  63. 100

    by Delmas M. Allen

    I’m deaf in one ear and my left hand sterilized so I have to have a Bluetooth earpiece in my ear at all times this is the best one I’ve ever experienced I have my deaf ear as my left ear I left him paralyzed it is a must that I wear a Bluetooth earpiece and this is the best one

  64. 100

    by Anthony

    Excellent charge time, excellent usage and the range is good for it’s size. Works and paired easily.

  65. 100


    I’ve owned several Bluetooth earpieces through the years. This one I like about it is that their products are durable. I’ll be purchasing another one soon but I’m not sure which model.

  66. 100

    by AltBlu

    it takes about a hour to charge to full and I recommend charging it slow to increase the battery life. It has a switch so it is easy to switch between headsets, quality is what i expect from bluetooth headsets and the ear nubs and ear clip keep it comfortably in place all day.

  67. 100

    by Sam Johnson

    Can’t beat this product at this price. It’s tiny, feels comfortable, last 7 hours in use, hold charge while not in use for days. It could use some better audio quality for music and could be louder but that’s bit picking a 16$ product. If your looking for something that gets the job done at a reasonable price, look no further that this little guy.

  68. 100

    by Teknix

    I spent a long time researching Bluetooth headsets for work and I’m totally happy with my purchase.

  69. 100

    by Sunshine50

    This is a great little headset. It’s clarity is outstanding. It’s so light you can wear it for hours without it being uncomfortable. The only negative for me is that if I don’t use the behind-the-ear attachment the headset falls out of my ear. I have small ears for devices of this sort & I loved the idea of using it without the ear piece but it just pops out too often. I still rate it 5 stars because again, for me, this is not a big deal. The behind-the-ear attachment is frail so that might be a negative for some, otherwise, I think this is a good buy & am happy with it.

  70. 100

    by Arlene B.

    this one is the most comfortable and snuggest fitting one (at least for me)!

  71. 100

    by Papa Bless

    This thing is the bomb. orginally got it for my commute home to call friends and family but soon became my all the time device. listen to podcasts while doing things aroung the house and running errands. connects to both my work phone and personal so at work i can be connected to both. sometimes there are slight connectivity issues, but for 30 bucks this thing has well exceeded my expectations. also, stays in your ear very securely.

  72. 100

    by Nichol

    I will add, after discharging the headphones could not charge (the box glows that charging goes, but the headphones have not been charged for a long time. The button does not work. The indicator does not reflect the charge light and it is not clear how to charge the headphones. Since the headphones did not charge after the light went out in the box ((

  73. 100

    by Grace

    Delivery is very fast. Headphones work. For its price, quite normal.

  74. 100

    by Steven L. Clements

    Has a very good sound quality and reception except when its breezy. One other thing that I noticed is that it picks up sounds aroung you and will be hard for the person on the other end to understand what you are talking with all that noise. I have used various Bluetooth headsets but by far this exceeds the low priced headsets in quality, talktime, reliability and water resistance.

  75. 100

    by Blueslover

    Before getting this earbud, I was kind of shy about making the move to ‘wearable tech.’ But I have to say I love this device. It’s small, discrete and has both great sound and an excellent mic. I now rarely Can barely remember the last time I used a landline since getting this earbud.

  76. 100

    by Elaine Light

    Thank you a inexpensive, well designed earpiece that does not make my ear sore. I can wear all day without feeling like I am underwater. I struggle with ear aches and sinus pressure with in ear headphones.

  77. 100

    by Dan in Wisconsin

    Best blue tooth I’ve owned to date and I’ve owned many! ….This is a pro style unit that I use daily. Great battery life, 30 plus ft range, easy pairing with my Galaxy S5, I can hear very clearly, and everyone I talk to haers me just as clearly., ….and my wife no longer complains of back round noise. Lol…….A+ unit that I’ll keep buying as needed as long as it’s available!

  78. 100

    by dosboss

    This earpiece fits great because of the shape of the rubber cover that fits in your ear. And it comes with three sizes, so you can pick the one that fits most comfortably. Sound quality has been excellent both ways. I bought a new earpiece because the other one picked up too much road-noise. This one is much better.

  79. 100

    by battlewithin

    I use this for work and it does a fantastic job. Sometimes, it’s louder than I can stand, but that range is very helpful with poor connections or quiet customers. The battery seems to be top-notch. I’ve yet to drain and I’ll let it go days with charging. Also, I was able to pair it to my work phone AND my personal phone and it switches back and forth without hassle. It probably helps that I keep bluetooth off on my personal phone 90% of the time, but if I decide to use them together, I simply turn off bluetooth on my work phone and there’s no hassle.

  80. 100

    by Customer

    I recommend to buy.

  81. 100

    by John Norman

    It?s the most comfortable headset for my ear. The silicone earpiece is soft but stays put. Others just fall out of my ear so I have to use the over the ear piece with other brands.

  82. 100

    by Kelly

    Just nothing to get to, i’m maximum satisfied with them

  83. 100

    by Hannah

    the item was actually like pic it came in nice package and also shipped faster then expected sounds really good

  84. 100

    by Letitia

    Fast delivery. Arrived in untouched package, brand new. Very satisfied.

  85. 100

    by Rachel

    The headphones are excellent, i really liked them, they sound better than my wired ones, they sit comfortably in the ears, they will not fall out when playing sports.

  86. 100

    by Natalie

    The sound is actually very good, they don’t sound so loud but it compensates for its isolation, when talking on the phone you can hear the call with both headphones, the little box iman is pretty good, they won’t come out alone with rough moves, connectivity is amazing, they parate very fast, And they don’t give interference, they have very good range of range.

  87. 100

    by Lillian

    Great! great! They also have micro so they can talk on their mobile. Very happy so i will place another order right now! It took 12 days to arrive

  88. 100

    by Riley

    I bought my wife, in general, says normal, but it feels like they fall out when you start to press the buttons on the earphone. For this money product norms.

  89. 100

    by Walker

    Just perfect, nice full sound, case and headset feel solid!

  90. 100

    by Jessica

    Headphones are good, everything works properly. I advise the seller

  91. 100

    by Wendy

    The headphones are amazing! Using them for calls and music, both without an issue. Have not tried calling outside on street (noise) though.

  92. 100

    by Evelyn

    I liked it, work well, meters for 10 catches from the phone, the normal quality of plastic rubber bands, charging boxes, i advise, with the seller did not communicate

  93. 100

    by Catherine

    I am really impressed by the quaity of this product, especially regarding its low price ! Realy good sound quality, fair battery life, easy to use. I did not test the microphone, i only use them to listen to music.

  94. 100

    by Tammy

    Good quality for listening and handsfree. Fast delivery.

  95. 100

    by Ursula

    Chic headphones. Take will not regret

  96. 100

    by Customer

    The sound is quite excellent for this kind of headphones and price category, clean, without creaks, is not interrupted.

  97. 100

    by Temple

    Super headphones!

  98. 100

    by Thompson

    I buy not the first time. To play music very well. In conversation mode, a big question? If you are just on the street, the interlocutor hears the whole street, but not you. In a quiet room everything is fine. The time of continuous music playback is more than 4 hours while the external noise is muffled. When the headphones return to the container is recharging from the built-in battery. Cool headphones.

  99. 100

    by Nelly

    Packing is excellent, suitable for a gift.

  100. 100

    by Clementine

    Headphones are very good for their money!!!!

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Single ear 5.0 Bluetooth headset version 4.2 business car ear hanging gifts driving and listening to music are fully compatible

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