Mobile Bluetooth Wireless Earphone Headset HD Voice Control Stream Audio For Smartphone Hands-free Call

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Line Length:None

Is wireless:Yes



Volume Control:Yes

Control Button:Yes

Support APP:No


Function:For Mobile Phone,HiFi Headphone,Common Headphone,Sport,For iPod

Wireless Type:Bluetooth


Support Apt-x:No

Support Memory Card:No

Plug Type:Wireless

Active Noise-Cancellation:No

Style:Ear Hook

With Microphone:Yes

Vocalism Principle:Dynamic



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Black, White

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98 Reviews For This Product

  1. 98

    by LDoss

    I absolutely love this earbud. I work in an office where my desk is in the center of the reception area. I need to listen to training videos and am handicapped because of the of the video noise bothering individuals who are in the reception area waiting to be seen. I tried normal earbuds that are wired to the computer but the wire was distracting and looked unprofessional. Wearing both was way too distracting to customers and one in and one hanging down from my ear looked ridiculous. Next I tried wireless where they connected to each other and went across the back of your neck. Unfortunately, then I could not hear what was going on around me. I was so frustrated and then went on Amazon and found this single earbud. It is WONDERFUL! I can sit at my computer and listen to the videos, hear people who come up to my desk and carry on a conversation and no one is the worse for my hidden earbud. And to top it off, they last as long as I need them to, will charge right at my computer and the quality of sound is outstanding. I finally found what I needed and the price was so reasonable. This product can NOT be beat! Very, very happy!

  2. 98

    by Customer

    I have dropped it many times and it even went into the full mop bucket and it still works great. There may be more expensive wireless ear buds out there but this fit my budget and completely fills my need. I highly recommend this item.

  3. 98

    by Karen Huang

    I just received this today and so far I’m pleased. I’ve tried a few of these and spent a couple hours researching reviews. The sound is better than others. It stays in my ear perfectly fine. I could do without the stripper voice though. I’m happy with this purchase. I’ve only had for less than a day so if I encounter problems I’ll update this review.

  4. 98

    by Jonathan A.

    This earbud is amazing! It has really good sound and it’s connectivity is very fast and efficient as well. It is very easy to sync and to use. The charging is extremely quick and couldn’t be any easier! It holds a charge well too. The bass isn’t crazy in this earbud, but for it’s size you can’t expect it to have the bass of a car. It fits comfortably in your ear as well.

  5. 98

    by Nomedeplume

    Just what I was looking for. Sound is good, cant customize the equalizer but it gets the job done, never had an issue with the performance.

  6. 98

    by Lannie Rose

    it looks stylish and I love it. Not to mention the sound quality,,, very clear; even when I listen to music.

  7. 98

    by Thorr

    i’d definately buy it again, and would reccomend this product.

  8. 98

    by Rob Maynard

    Easy to pair and use with one button to pause music or answer the phone. I was able to pair the first time and it could not have been any simpler. I was a little hesitant because of the low price but am pleasantly surprised by the quality of the device and the packaging it came in. the charging is done with a USB the attached the ear bud magnetically. The charging USB plug stays conveniently in the carrying case. The ear bud seems comfortable with a few different sized tips but so far, I have not had any issues with it falling out using the one supplied on the device.

  9. 98

    by DeJ

    I have been using this headset for over 2 months now, and can say it is excellent for what I use it for. My primary use is listening to audiobooks discreetly. The volume is excellent, sound quality good.

  10. 98

    by Amanda L

    this was an awesome earbud. I used it well over the 6 hour play time that?s advertised.

  11. 98

    by Tameko F.

    I like it so much I bought two more. I’m connected to my laptop and my phone without having to switch. The automatic connection hasn’t failed me yet, and when I pull it off the charger and stick it in my ear it starts working immediately.

  12. 98

    by Fleur

    I got one bluetooth earphone for workout purpose, while this one is great for business & travel. The earbud itself is quite easy to setup. It took me seconds to connect with my phone. Sound is loud and clear. Fits comfortable in ear. When I purchased it, I was worried that it could fall down easily. It turns out very stable even when you jump & run. The box coming with it is cute as well, which takes little space and is great for travel.

  13. 98

    by Ileon

    This is great for music and audiobooks. The quality is clear. I haven’t had any real issues with connectivity. It’s small and discreet. I wear it with my hair down to cover it when I’m out on a job and click it really quick (looks like I’m adjusting my hair) when a patron asks questions. This is not great for conversations in noisy places. Even in a quiet room I have had other on the line say I sound too low so I don’t answer calls with it.

  14. 98

    by Cassandra Watson

    I am a busy mom always trying to multitask. I am often trying to get through lectures and presentations while tending my tots. I love how this earbud comes in a convenient carrying case (a must for all of the traveling I do to keep it together amongst the kids stuff) as well as having only one ear bud so I can still have an ear on my kids. Since there is only one bud the sounds is designed to play through one. Good quality sound and I was able to pick the earpiece that beat fit me ear. I use a different one for exercising than I do when I am sitting in a plane. The charger is magnetic so I don?t worry about the bud falling off. It paired easily with my phone and has a good battery life.

  15. 98

    by P. Greer

    It’s small, fairly inconspicuous, and works really well. I can listen to music/podcasts/audio books for hours, and if you wear a beanie, nobody even knows it exists. Additionally, it does’t block out all sound in the ear it is in, so if someone is trying to get your attention, you aren’t lost to the world.

  16. 98

    by Justin Kang

    The product itself is outstanding. Music is clear, phone calls are also clear both for me and the person I’m talking to, and even my apps come through the earpiece nicely.

  17. 98

    by srijane

    the recharge time is good as well, it will be at about 45% within 20 minutes.

  18. 98

    by John Lopez

    Overall good and I would recommend.

  19. 98

    by Customer

    I use this for listening to music during light therapy at dermatology. The signal is fantastic, and the sound isn?t terrible playing music during those 10 min + sessions. Seemed a cheaper item to replace than risking those UV rays ruining my $800 phone. I?ve forgotten it?s in my ear a time or two, and wound up answering a phone call by pressing the little button. The USB charge stick is very convenient and even bends! The little carrying case is perfect for not losing this in the abyss of my purse/gym bag. This is not super expensive and works wonderfully without swallowing my ear in size or being too heavy to stay in or hurting my ear (there are alternative sizes for the ear bud part). Couldn?t be happier!

  20. 98

    by Tameko F.

    The sound is good, sometimes I have trouble getting it on the quietest setting but I think my phone is more at fault for this. After I fiddle for a minute I?m good to go! It?s not enough to bother me! Charging it is also inconspicuous! It?s small it?s dark and easy to hide! Also like the carrying pouch! Cute and great if you want to bring it with you traveling!

  21. 98

    by Heather Dunn

    So, been using my mini Bluetooth for over a week now, I absolutely love it. I generally don’t use it for telephone calls I use it for music at work. The sound is great it charges quick and easy, you can plug it right into the USB and charge it up. At times I have used it as a Bluetooth for telephone I haven’t had any problems. Fits great in my ear, first couple times it popped out due to I didn’t have it pushed in the way it should be. I then turned it on, when In my ear, that way the light pressure of pushing the button, put it right in place in the ear! I’ve had absolutely no problems with it!!! I love it, highly recommend it. Oh, and my goodness, the case is perfect and adorable. Solid case that holds different ear piece sizes, the USB and of course the Bluetooth. Love the case! Hope you enjoy yours as much as I am enjoying mine!

  22. 98

    by Jason

    This is a really cool earbud for the price. I’ve run with mine, showered with it in my ear, use in the office, and use in the gym. It’s really handy, and for the price point, I was impressed with the product feel and function. I give it an honest 5 Stars for all these reasons.

  23. 98

    by STLOUISX50

    I would have ordered another of the same model because it’s just that good.

  24. 98

    by Kayleen

    I get at least 6 hours on a full charge, and it charges rapidly. I have made a few phone calls with it and it is acceptable for this as well. I wear it for 6 hours+ a day and it remains comfortable. Great product.

  25. 98

    by Mike Appel

    These are great little earbuds! In my work, I need to have at least one ear available to hear others clearly as well as awareness around me. So, I only need 1 earbud at a time. I initially bought one to try, and came to find they are good quality, good clear sound, and my runtime is about 5 hours or so, maybe a little more. The music, while not hearing it in true stereo, still sounds good and crisp with ok bass. I eventually bought a second earbud to switch out when the other gets low on battery life.

  26. 98

    by Zach

    OMG! This is the best Bluetooth I have ever owned! It is super light and comfortable you can wear it all day! When talking on it is nice and clear and everybody can hear me and I can hear them. When listening to music it’s very nice just the right amount of bass and treble. I’m very impressed on how well it stays in my ear and doesn’t fall out or move around no matter what I’m doing. I’m going to buy a few more of these and give them away as gifts for the holidays.

  27. 98

    by Ben R

    The audio is very loud as I’m currently wearing it and the volume is at it’s lowest yet still sounds loud and clear, the con to this is I can’t use it for sleep because I need low and quiet but oh well…

  28. 98

    by C. McCorvey

    I was in the market for a Bluetooth headset solely for the use of music. A buddy had this exact one and recommended it. I’ve had it now for 3 days and absolutely LOVE IT. Excellent product for a very good price. Sound quality is amazing for such a tiny earbud! The one touch play/pause on the earpiece is great. The battery lasts pretty long depending on how loud you have it, and is fully charged in 15-20 minutes! It comes with a nice small zippered case for easy and safe storage. I have not used it for phone calls, but for a music headset it’s definitely worth it and would recommend it to anyone!

  29. 98

    by Gina Cook

    It pairs with bluetooth devices with ease, and the sole button works as it should, though it can be a bit tough to find when in your ear.

  30. 98

    by moniquz

    Sound quality is fine for me, I use them mostly to listen to audiobooks, and occasionally for phone calls. For the price I didn’t expect much, but love the size and simplicity, and find that at least so far (had them about 4 months) they work well.

  31. 98

    by Inna Tkatch

    I recieved the earpiece only about a week ago, but so far it works very well! I haven’t used it for any phone calls, but much like the other reviewers… it doesn’t seem like the audio is very great for that feature. Music and videos however sound perfect! The volume goes up pretty loud, just like any other pair of headphones. It’s very convenient for work! It’s made to fit into either ear and stays, comfortably, in place even if I am moving around a lot. The earpiece comes with a charger and a few extra rubber ear buds in different sizes. The charger magnetically connects to the ear piece and it charges in about 45 minutes to an hour. The directions are easy to understand as well! I’m enjoying it so far, but we shall see how they hold up over time. Ha.

  32. 98

    by Valencia Wallace

    The connection is simple, unfortunately this item is in Chinese? Still not in English. Music feels very good, the voice in the call is pretty far, piecewise unclear

  33. 98

    by George

    I love to listen to audiobooks, but since I?m a mom, I can?t have both ears occupied at the same time. This little contraption is the perfect solution! It charged quickly, paired with my Phone immediately, and actually fits very well inside my ear! I wear it around the house while doing housework and such, and it holds nicely. I can easily pause my book with the push of a button right on the device, so this headset is perfect for the many times I am interrupted throughout the day. I am so happy with this little thing!

  34. 98

    by Maryanne

    plus is that it doesn?t take too long to charge, which is good because I?m now a frequent user of earbuds!

  35. 98

    by Kathryn Jacobson

    I actually love the fact that there is only one, I can listen to my music but still be able to hear the cars coming behind me. I will say the speakers probably aren?t the best but they?re good enough for me for my runs. Getting it to turn on is a little tricky at first too but it will work if you keep trying. Overall huge fan of the product and for that price it?s definitely worth it, i would buy again.

  36. 98

    by Matthew C. Lewis

    I’m amazed at how well this little guy works. First of all, I’ve ALWAYS had the problem of keeping earphones in my ear. I don’t with this. It’s so small yet I can be outside (with my phone in my pocket or purse) and so far, whoever I’m talking to say they can hear me just fine. Or in the grocery my car, my home, or wherever. I also like having just one earbud so that I can also hear what’s going on around me. It is truly wireless and I love it! Oh – and I can also play my music, listen to a podcast, or an audiobook with the Focus. It’s easy to install and took me about a minute to figure it out. If I wear my hair over my ears, you can’t even see it! FANTASTIC CUSTOMER SERVICE, GREAT VALUE FOR THE PRICE, AND I THINK A SAFER WAY FOR ME TO GET THROUGH MY DAY!

  37. 98

    by RTem

    I have only owned the earbud for a few days, but I love it. I saw some reviews that warned that it would fall out of the ear easily, which concerned me. I have had it fall out twice, but both times I placed it back in my ear and made certain it was firmly placed. I then wore it for several hours without any problem.

  38. 98

    by Beloved

    Super headphones, sound clean and deep, packing quality is the highest class! Thank you seller!

  39. 98

    by Celeste8199

    I have been looking for a new simple Bluetooth Headset to use when making calls ! I have a special needs son and I lost my Beats about three months ago , and I have purchased 3 other Bluetooth headsets and actually return them! I am more than impressed with the quality and sound of calls and the ease of charging and battery life! I have to multitask on a consent basis and it is difficult to hold my phone and have people understand me and also keeping the device in my ear! I could not believe the quality for the price! I spend hours on calls with doctors offices and being able to care for my son and not have to be bothered with cords and multiple buttons to answer calls is a necessity. I am so glad I found these! Know I do not have to worry about missing important calls because I can be completely handsfree and still caretake for my son! I also love the carry case that make it easy to keep up with and also protect my speaker!

  40. 98

    by BJF

    Good balance of performance to battery life. Just got these today and I am very happy with my purchase. My main concern while considering which product to invest in was sound quality, if I were to base my decision on posted reviews of this product I would never have pulled the trigger on this one.

  41. 98

    by Amy

    Simply amazing device. I wore it for nearly five hours straight and other than hearing sound coming from it, I had forgotten it was even there, another words, it is very comfortable. The sound is terrific and even though I was listening to stereo music through a single (mono) speaker, the sound was very good. In addition to music I listened to a lecture from iUniversity and again, the sound was crisp and clear.

  42. 98

    by Allan

    Work, the sound is normal. Everything is included. It will be visible next.

  43. 98

    by Tina

    Nice magnetic charger also! Great value. Highly recommended!

  44. 98

    by D

    Overall, I definitely recommend this product if you’re in the market. Now to see if it is able to survive the next few months with daily use, as I’ve noticed a few reviews saying it quit working after a month. Though at this price point, I’ll mostly purchase another soon even if it does die. For backup and to swap out when it needs charging.

  45. 98

    by BugaBoo

    It fits nicely in my ear

  46. 98

    by Narg

    I only leave reviews for products that are fully worth typing about. This product just so happens to be one. Before ordering this, I was a bit skeptical because I needed something very discreet as I was ordering this because I am a server and needed something to be able to listen to music whilst cleaning my tables at the end of the night without guests…or my managers noticing. This was perfect. Also, the mic quality is phenomenal as no one I?ve talked to on the phone notices a difference. For the price, the sound quality is great, didn?t expect much as its so little, but it came out pretty well. Not alot of bass of course, but perfect for recreational listening such as in a store or in the gym. Battery life is also pretty surprising for something this small as well. All-in-all great product.

  47. 98

    by Tamm

    I don?t usually write reviews for anything, ever. I?ve had this for more than a year now – and its really amazing for the price that you?re paying! I haven?t had an earbud have a playtime longer than this one. I even had this washed (had it in the pocket of my pants) and run in the dryer (twice) and it still worked! Even accidentally dropped it in the sink while washing my hands. Still worked great after that and i use this EVERYDAY for the past year! I needed to have something for work that I can wear without being glaringly obvious that I have it on. And still be able to hear if someone needed my help or call me so noise cancelling is the not the purpose for buying this and that?s also why i like the fact that it?s just one. I usually have my phone close by so range when I walk away is still bearable. All in all definitely happy with this purchase!

  48. 98

    by Terrell Griffin

    I have no issues with this staying in my ear all day I am a automotive repair tech and this really stays in all day, and doesn’t hurt my ear, normally I have an issue wearing ear buds but not with these.

  49. 98

    by Stuart H. Warren

    I was pleasantly surprised. I was hoping it would be adequate for audio books. It blew me away. Bought it two months ago. The magnetic closure box it comes in is really neat. Definitely reusable. The little padded carry case is really nice too. Cutouts for everything. The magnetic charger is tiny and functional, no wires or cords needed. The headset is amazing quality considering they packed this level of technology into such a tiny thing. Phone calls are quite good on both ends. Noise reduction on a phone call is quite good. Music and audio books are great on it. The headset almost disappears when you lodge it in your ear. Moderate activity does nothing to dislodge it. It is quite comfortable. I love this tiny bluetooth headset and I feel I got a real bargain at the low price. If it lasts me even one year, I will gladly purchase another.

  50. 98

    by Beloved

    Received in 7 days, it’s been hard for me to connect it to the mobile but i finally got it, they have good sound, i recommend.

  51. 98

    by Catherine L. Bohne

    Some part of headphones looks a little bit cheap.For example , plastic controller and cable .Will see how it will be. But sound not so bad, loud enough.

  52. 98

    by Jessica

    Received in the shortest possible time, for 16 days. Checked, everything works! Spachibo seller!!!

  53. 98

    by Akbari

    Come quickly, work

  54. 98

    by Claveman

    Sound good sits in the ear normally

  55. 98

    by Qui

    Thank you. I like everything. One nuance is a very sensitive microphone. The companion can hear the surrounding sounds. Sometimes sooo loud.

  56. 98

    by Sandie P

    Fast shipping Seller sociable Quality is excellent During the call, talk comfortably Sound quality average Bass and music quality is solved by equalizer settings

  57. 98

    by Makay

    came very quickly!!!!

  58. 98

    by TDaley

    Thanks for the fast shipment and delivery, and so the headset is a little phonite, but for this money norms.

  59. 98

    by Kicker3d

    Works well, no problem with connection, suprisingly good sound considering the price. Fast shipping. Absolutely recommended seller.

  60. 98

    by xsdf

    Great earphones

  61. 98

    by great

    Quickly came but not that.

  62. 98

    by WING

    All came quickly headphones work well, loud, seller recommend

  63. 98

    by Dermott

    The headset holds in the ear perfectly not heavy audibility good

  64. 98

    by RenVin

    Overall very happy with these earbuds. No connection issues, they charge fast as does the case for them. I can’t comment on how long the earbuds last as I only use them in short bursts and then put them back, but the sound quality is alright and they are comfortable to wear. Warm recommendation.

  65. 98

    by Isab

    The parcel is satisfied, I recommend the seller. Good quality goods, good hearing of the call and you can listen to music, nothing wheezes.

  66. 98

    by Caleb

    So great! Wish they had volume control and a travel case but they are great otherwise!

  67. 98

    by Penny

    These are great. Good noise isolation and very good battery life. It charges faster than stated in the manual. Great earphones, well worth the price.

  68. 98

    by Kicker3d

    Good, heard well, the charge keeps well, more than a day, but not constantly working, will say the number in English

  69. 98

    by Quintin

    The sound is good

  70. 98

    by Cameron

    The goods came, excellent quality

  71. 98

    by Winifred

    Perfect, product exactly like the advertised, fast shipping and perfect operation, pair to 1 in 2 min and the sound quality very good and isolate from outside noise, with three different size replacement, come on, i recommend them without hesitation

  72. 98

    by Kemp

    Perfect item. I recommend.

  73. 98

    by Quinton

    Everything came to an end, everything is fine. It came quickly.

  74. 98

    by harmonyalaynaa

    Goods arrived in good condition. Fast delivery

  75. 98

    by Noah

    The batteries are discharging too fast. Otherwise everything is ok.

  76. 98

    by Rach

    Super works with my IPhone 8 Plus.

  77. 98

    by Xaviera

    The only reason I withheld a star is because I had to give this away. I loved it but, try as I might, it just wouldn’t fit into my ear properly. I have tiny ears (not the product’s fault) so, after forcing it in for over a month, I had to let it go and suffer with an over-the-ear one. This is an overall great product for the money

  78. 98

    by Olga

    Works well.

  79. 98

    by Caleb D

    Good headset, sound is excellent, works all

  80. 98

    by Oliver

    The headphones came in 22 days. Made qualitatively. Thank you very much to the seller!

  81. 98

    by Paula

    Very good Bluetooth headset… Great sound and music without any noise… This headset is much better than my previous one, bought in the store for 25 $… I recommend… many wrote, that is very large in size, but it is so light and does not feel at all. Delivery to Belarus almost a month

  82. 98

    by Hall

    Good quality. And fast shipping… good seller i love everything in this store …. and good price … thanks …

  83. 98

    by PICK

    Product description beautiful small As Fast connects smoothly arrived about 15 days

  84. 98

    by Domingo

    The headset works well

  85. 98

    by Dermott

    All super!!!

  86. 98

    by Oakley

    Excellent headphones

  87. 98

    by Kt Silvestri

    Headphones super sound is excellent

  88. 98

    by Unaa

    very nice.

  89. 98

    by KTW

    Went very long, to perm 45 days, did not check in work, came discharged

  90. 98

    by Dermott


  91. 98

    by Heather H

    It’s OK

  92. 98

    by Eunice

    I advise

  93. 98

    by Odelia

    the sound of the earplugs are excellent.

  94. 98

    by SGDG

    Good product. Fast shipping. Thank you.

  95. 98

    by Debra

    Quality is excellent! my daughter is happy! delivery is super!

  96. 98

    by Ss

    Just getting use to the buttons. Took awhile for me. Using the earpiece for hands free law recently passed in Rhode Island. I had an issue with my earpiece and Crystal was incredibly helpful answering my questions, sending me photos and proving that there are customer service employees still providing excellent service. Thanks again Crystal.

  97. 98

    by Brady

    Everything came, packed in puppy. It’s all. Works flawlessly sound clean without interference, shiver and basement effect. Seller recommend.

  98. 98

    by IBTL

    The goods came quickly thank you very much. Seller recommend

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