Multi-functional Dual USB Ports Car Charger With Cigarette Plug Voltmeter 12v Dual USB Car Chargers For Mobile Phones Hot Sale

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  • Item Type:Cables, Adapters & Sockets
  • Special Features:2 USB Charger / Voltmeter / Cigarette Lighter Socket /Parking Location
  • Item Weight:0.13kg
  • Item Size:150*45*40mm
  • Out Power:15W
  • Interface:USB2.0
  • Model Name:TU-YY-YD(DW)
  • Material Type:Plastic Metal
  • Voltage:12V
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51 Reviews For This Product

  1. 51

    by Campbell

    I got this to use with radio equipment. The switches and LEDs work. It is fused and the voltage meter is nice. The down side is a bit of RF hum which leaks through the power cable to my 40m qrp transceiver. I suspect the voltage meter of producing a bit of digital noise. Most people probably won’t have any problems

  2. 51

    by Carroll

    This works alright and DOES have off/on switches but I still feel the need to unplug it from the lighter outlet since when it’s inserted, there is a read out that is lit up and stays lit no matter if the switches are off or not so therefore it does have some drain on the battery always being plugged in.

  3. 51

    by Mitchell

    Need it for my radar detector. Plugs light up with color and you can shut them on and off. Friction and sockets is good to stay plugged in. Long cord makes positioning the plug wherever it is most suitable I shoved mine between the seats! I like having the USB ports as well in the lighting.

  4. 51

    by Marshall

    Works as described. LED coming from the device gives a nice blue hue that looks great at night. I’m glad it shuts off when car is off for safety.

  5. 51

    by Thomas

    I recently placed a review stating that only two of the sockets were working well I retract my last review the reason is I didn’t have it plugged in all the way I replugged it in and all 3 sockets have power very nice high quality love the voltage display I highly recommend this item two thumbs up…

  6. 51

    by Cherry

    Bought mine on DEC.6th 2018 and is still working fine, no problems at all. Also got a second one for my other vehicle which still works great. Use it every day to charge my phone my vaporizers and my mp3 player on the way to work. Also use it to power 4 120mm computer fans to keep my amp cool on very hot days or when I’m hitting some hard bass for a while, and never had any problems with it.

  7. 51

    by Hayes

    I like the fact that you can have up to 3 different cigarette adaptor plugs powered by this plug adaptor and each has its own on/off power switch. There is an LED DC voltage readout on the singular plug that goes to the origin of power socket. I nice bonus.

  8. 51

    by Baker

    This adapter was s mechanically well made and has nice features. Three sockets , voltage readout, two USB ports, lights and switches. Everything seems to fit well. Yes gave it three stars because the USB power is extremely noisy and was unusable with my USB Bluetooth audio adapter. I had to put the adapter into another 12V supply to get a quiet power source.

  9. 51

    by Johnson

    Is just as described and so far has been a great product. No blown fuses on this model. Had another from a different manufacture that had failed. Reasonable price for an item which is rather hard to find.

  10. 51

    by Jackson

    I wanted to provide power for a dash cam, performance computer as well as charging ports for cell phones and laptop.
    Works well and is pleasing to look at and use.

  11. 51

    by Harris

    I couldn’t be happier with the value and quality of this. I bought it as I have a lot of electronics while driving for Uber/lyft. I like that each socket has its own power button.

  12. 51

    by Davis

    I use this daily in my van. I can connect all the plugs I need and charge a few phones. It lights up nice and gives the battery voltage.

  13. 51

    by Johnson

    I like the power display as it shows the voltage levels and helps me judge how much of a charge is left on the battery as it is used. The three lights on the unit come on separately when each lighter port is switched on which is a nice visual cue that a port is powered on, furthermore the lights are not overly bright or energy wasteful, which is great.

  14. 51

    by Gordon

    A useful and versatile device to add connections, switch circuits on and off and monitor car Voltage. Looks good with glow lights and functions very well. It does take up a lot of space though because of all the receptacles. You also have to be careful not to accidentally press the switches by mistake (easy to do). Overall, a great product for good price.

  15. 51

    by Gray

    I am thrilled that I was able to find this when I did. It has been a life saver to say the least. I have my GPS, IPHONE and TABLET all charged up at the same time. Yeah!!! Thanks Amazon for coming out with such nifty products. I highly recommend this product to whomever is in desperate need of charging more than one item as I was. If I could give it more than 5 stars I would!!!

  16. 51

    by Walker

    I really REALLY liked this cigarette splitter! It worked wonderfully and was decent quality. Unfortunately, I was driving home and smelled a burning smell and couldn’t locate it – went to use it this morning, and the tip of the plug in melted!! Very sad that this did not work out, and grateful it didn’t start a fire

  17. 51

    by Grant

    The adapter works as described. Most vehicle cigarette lighters are “hot” even if the vehicle is turned off so unplug it when ever the vehicle is not being driven to save your vehicle battery from draining.

  18. 51

    by Alvarez

    The part that you plug in your cigarette lighter lights up and tells you your battery voltage. I thought that was pretty cool. Now I can use my dash cam, charge my phone and an extra outlet for whatever else I want to plug in. The instructions are not clear and so much misspelling and mistakes lol. It says something about possible flame outs and crap. I just plug it in and it works. It came with a double sided tape and a fuse. Tape doesn’t stick and I just left the fuse in my glovebox.

  19. 51

    by Martin

    After 4 months use I couldn’t be happier. This unit has ON/OFF switches for each input and is not only more convenient than pulling battery draining devices after each drive but saves a lot of wear and tear on plugs and the adapter itself. The other thing I like is that the switches and inputs are all lit so using it at night or in a dark garage is not a big deal anymore.

  20. 51

    by Foster

    I like that it shows the voltage, has on/off button, and has a blue backlight. It looks good and with the backlight can tell if that plug is on or off.
    Then with the two USB outlets, I have the dashcam and my phone plugged in all the time.

  21. 51

    by Young

    One thing I can say for this product, is ( JUNK ), It get HOT and the light flashing when get real HOT and after unplug stay HOT for a long while and the second one start smoking after install, both of them are defective, Is danger these product never been tasted before selling to anyone and what if just blow up while I am driving, did you ever think about safety first

  22. 51

    by Wilson

    Great little power strip/extender for my vehicle. The only thing I don’t like, in its design is how the led display makes the cord go in that 90 degree direction. Which is kind of, inconvenient in my cigarette lighter. If that made sense.. I have to keep pushing it in every once in a while because of how it was designed. Ideally, for me, a 180 degree plug in, would work better.

  23. 51

    by Howard

    This works well. the 3 sockets have switches and can be turned off and on individually. There are also two USB plugs so this is ideal for use in my motorhome where I have a garmin and back up monitor to plug in and two cell phones. I haven’t tried the adhesive although the pad is of good size and should work well. It met all my expectations.

  24. 51

    by Harrison

    I needed one with on/off switches because the plug in my console has constant power and I kept forgetting to unplug things. I like that each socket has it’s own switch (others have only one switch for the entire adapter), and the blue light helps me remember to turn off items when I turn off the car.

  25. 51

    by Lawrence

    We’ve used it now for about a month including a trip from British Columbia and back over the holidays. It’s logged a bit of hours of use without a single problem. I love the three individual on/off switches. If your socket isn’t working, remember to make sure it’s turned on. It will light up when on. So far totally satisfied.

  26. 51

    by Allen

    The product works great, I was able to connect everything I needed without any issues.
    I love the fact that the connection fits flush on the 12v plug-in and doesn’t stick out like most other products of similar function.

  27. 51

    by Waller

    I love this thing! Most of these adapters are crappy and you have to continually fuss with it to keep a good connection. Not these, I plugged it in once (in my glovebox) and then plugged in all of my devices….I have not had to fuss with it since. I once thought one of the ports died, but the glovebox lid pushed the button off lol. There is a power button for each port. I would recommend this without hesitation!

  28. 51

    by Harper

    Great price! Shipped fast! Well I had this cigarette lighter 3 socket now for one now, and it’s really works well lights up in my peterbilt truck really nice blue . It looks good at night good ambient light blue , and works excellent no problems. It just might order another one..👍. 5 ⭐️ stars

  29. 51

    by Knight

    Everything about this product works as intended.

    One of the downside is that the double sided tape falls off shortly after so it’s good idea to buy one that works better. Another one is that, the gap between the three holes are not as wide therefore if you have chargers that tend to stick out, you won’t be able to use all three plugs.

  30. 51

    by James

    The plug doesn’t go in very far and for a Honda Civic 2004 Hybrid, it barely stays in the slot. If you touch it, it pops out. Also the buttons to turn each slot on and off are easy to press by accident, shutting off whatever you were doing.

  31. 51

    by Carter

    This splitter works great. The wife plugs her GPS and Phone Car Charger into it and there is still room for another device for when we go on trips. It works well and there is plenty of cord to place it wherever you want.

  32. 51

    by Bennett

    I bought this charger with the intention to be able to plug in my seat warmers (front and back seat= 2 plugs) and my phone charger all at the same time. The adapter has the capability to turn each socket on or off without unplugging it which was a major draw.

  33. 51

    by Austin

    Love this 3 socket cigarette lighter outport what I like about it is that once you plug it in and it gives you a digital readout that tells you what your car is pushing out which is very good for me because I have a lot of stuff plugged up including the music that I have in my trunk so this kind of gives me a readout of what everything is pulling and I can see if it drops very low I will recommend this product to anybody that is trying to see what their car is pushing out from the alternator

  34. 51

    by Fisher

    I have tried several other 2 and 3 socket cigarette lighter splitters only to have them shake out of the cigarette lighter or miss connection ( some not even making a connection ) from the weight of the sockets plugged into it. This adapter worked the first time and because of the attached cable allows for more easier placement and takes the weight off the cigarette lighter plug. Great for use when your cigarette lighter is in tight spaces too. I really like the battery voltage LED display, USB plugs and a cut-off switch for each plug. Good job manufacturer!

  35. 51

    by Hamilton

    Does the job has voltmeter on the plug which pretty helpful lets you know your alternator is working like it should. The USB ports charge my phone really fast and it has individual switches for each socket. The adhesive did not stick at all so I just let the splitter sit in between the front sears.

  36. 51

    by Elliott

    I didn’t want to disturb wiring harness on new Jeep. This product has a power cord long enough that I could hide the component in an area not noticible. I run two GPS units and a phone charger. Works great.

  37. 51

    by Dixon

    This product was a godsend. The over-current, over-voltage, and short-circuit protection let me used my backup camera display (powerd by cigarette outlet) to run without issue. Previously the screen was unusable due to circuit interference.

  38. 51

    by Mason

    I leave this in the car 24/7 it always comes in handy and it is very flexible. easy to see when and which ports are on and simple to use. had for over a year and no problems at all. great for long rides or every day use…..which i keep in car always for both !

  39. 51

    by Harvey

    I didn’t get around to using it for a long time but very happy I got this item. It comes in handy when you have so many items that use this type of adapter. I do not use it all the time so I do not affix it permanently.

  40. 51

    by Graham

    I’m so happy with this multi charger. One of my cigatette lighter 12 volt outlet burned out, in my mustang so I had to find a solution.. Awesome price, nice blue lights and I can turn on/off each individual outlet. I always pull out the whole charger before I leave my car because I am afraid my battery will drain.

  41. 51

    by Henry

    This works great, I have my GPS, & 2 Heat & Massaging seat cushions plugged into it. It sits on my floorboard on the passenger side, only gripe is if someone’s foot bumps it, one of the plugs may come loose. Love the battery voltage indicator too.

  42. 51

    by Freeman

    Used it to connect two dash cams in my vehicle. Love the individual power switches as I only need two ports and can safely turn the unused one off. It does casue some AM radio interferrence but won’t be a problem if you use Satelite or FM only. It is obvious as I plug and unplug the unit the interferrence is perfectly syncronised so I know its the culprit.

  43. 51

    by Howell

    When traveling we use smart phone for navigation, but that runs down the smart phone battery quickly. This allows us to plug in the smart phone to keep it charged. You can also plug in an adapter for AC power. Has worked very well.

  44. 51

    by Lewis

    This was an excellent choice of purchase! I was surprised at the operating lights and LED display the product has!
    It was a real futuristic upgrade for my Car. The product works and has a reasonable purchase price. There were many more choices out there but this is the ONE!

  45. 51

    by Lane

    Also add a bluetooth to my car that needs another outlet, now all is handle with this and is hidden under the seat with all cables for the phones aside the seat. I use one usb power out for low charge devices (bluetooth adapter) and connect two 2.4A double power adapters for iPhone cables (2) and USB-C & microUSB cables. The third outlet is for the dashcam power adapter.

  46. 51

    by Jacobson


  47. 51

    by Adams

    I am an Uber/Lyft Driver. I have a lot of gadgets, that I have to keep plugged in and allow my passengers to have access to charge their devices as well; but my vehicle has only two plug-in sockets. This unit was easy to install, and put into service, in my vehicle. When I bought the unit, I did not know there were USB plugs as well, and found it useful that the unit had two USB ports, for charging on the top of the casing; which made it even more useful.

  48. 51

    by Gibson

    I like that the adapter shows the charge so I can see how running multiple devices affects the charge. The cord is quite long and the unit is too big to fit into the in-dash storage compartment, so I will need to take the time to find the best placement. I love that you can turn on the 3 ports separately and that they light up. I also like that there are 2 USB ports on top. I only bought it for the DC ports.

  49. 51

    by Ellis

    This is a gem! My cigarette lighter/charger is deep in the console so the bluetooth adapter wasn’t going to ever work. With the extension, this brings out the charging part and lets me use anything that needs to be charged by the cigarette lighter. Love it!

  50. 51

    by Kennedy

    I bought this adapter to control three (3) banks of hazard warning lights on my first responder vehicle. Prior to this purchase, I had no way of knowing I’d my individual light banks were powered up or down. This adapter conveniently controls each bank by depressing its source button, and the light for each source confirms on/off. Will buy again.

  51. 51

    by Franklin

    I love this product and have used it every day since installing it. I just left it on the floor of my passenger’s seat and tucked the extra cord behind the front dash of my ’04 Cavalier which has worked out excellent. I have a dash cam, cell phone charger, and FM radio transmitter. I love how I can leave it plugged in and just use the on/off switches on the device itself to control the power to each individual port.

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