Music Earphone Hand-free Wireless Bluetooth Earphone Mini Bluetooth Headset Headphones with Mic for Mobile Phones

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Plug Type: Wireless

Wireless Type: Bluetooth

Communication: Wireless

Active Noise-Cancellation: Yes

Is wireless: Yes


Support APP: No

Volume Control: Yes

Function: for Video Game,Common Headphone,Sport

Support Memory Card: No

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50 Reviews For This Product

  1. 50

    by Maggie

    This little earbud has clear, crisp sound and last hours listen to the radio. I didn’t pay attention to the description and thought this was a pair but it’s just one. Half the time I have one earbud out anyways so I decided to keep it. Cut down and dragged brush for two hours and never felt like it was going to fall out. Normal earbuds or Bluetooth would have been yanked out by a limb doing that job. Quality product and packaging. Would recommend.

  2. 50

    by Guadalupe

    I didn’t have high expectations for this little thing, but I’m very impressed. I have never found headphones that fit this comfortably and securely in my ear before. It paired seamlessly with my Android phone, though the two-device pairing that was advertised does not seem to work very well. This is not an important feature for me, so I don’t mind. The instructions were in very broken English, but charging and use are straightforward, so it wasn’t a problem. Since it’s affordable, I’m considering buying another as a backup, since the biggest problem is that I’m sure I’ll lose this little thing sooner or later!

  3. 50

    by Edgar

    The battery life so far is lasting pretty well. Off a full charge I’m getting 7-8 hours of play, volume around 70%. Charging time is pretty short, a little less than an hour.

  4. 50

    by Virginia

    I use this product to listen to podcasts and audio books. I also keep it in my ear so I can hear my phone and notifications and make phone calls. I use this item about 45 hours a week. It’s comfortable, discreet and sound quality is pretty good. Phone calls are no issues. I’m not an audiophile and I don’t listen to music through this, as I still need an open ear on my job. This unit seems to fit the bill perfectly. One of the biggest advantages is battery longevity. Today I got 7.5 hours of constant podcast streaming before I got a ‘battery low’ notification. I just switched to the second one I was carrying, so no interruptions. I’ve have much more expensive with slightly better sound quality, however the closest match I’ve had to battery life is about 5 hours. This suits my need perfectly.

  5. 50

    by Janet

    I love this little earbud. It?s small and not too costly but works really well.

  6. 50

    by Cabello

    I have had mine for over a year, and wear it 10 hours a day, 4 days a week. I work an a manufacturing plant where I can listen to music but in only one ear, so I bought this bluetooth. It fits great in my ear and the sound quality is awesome. I am so impress with the battery life also. I listen to my favorite radio station all day and I get about 8 full hours of play before the battery dies. So I plug it in and let it charge during my lunch break, which is pretty fast too. And the phone call quality is excellent as well, I have very few complaint of people not hear me clearly. I would recommend this product to anyone.

  7. 50

    by Seaotter

    Considering its size … About the size of a small hearing aid and fair price, this ear bud is great. Very easy to set up and so far appears to hold its charge well. I’ve been using it to listen to music when I go running and handsfree business calls. Its obviously not comparable to a high quality pair of headphones, but the sound quality is good enough and a great plus is that it works amazingly well for making and receiving calls. Fits in the ear well and doesn’t fall out (providng you put it in properly). The customer service from the retailer is absolutely first class. I needed assistance with something and nothing was a problem, they were very helpful indeed. All in all, I’m really very pleased with this purchase. If you’re looking for a simple, lightweight mono headphone for music and calls, this will do the job.

  8. 50

    by Danielle

    This little earbud is so convenient. It easy to connect and works well. It stays in place and has no uncomfortable cords (obviously).

  9. 50

    by Miss R

    These are an excellent value, so I have purchased this same one three times in a row. When (not if) I lose this one, I’ll reorder this one.

  10. 50

    by Johnny

    This has changed my life and made me a happier person. Would recommend to all!

  11. 50

    by Wenchuan

    I actually really like this. I was disappointed at first because I bought two thinking I could pair both to my iPhone. While I can pair them both simultaneously, only one of them can play music at a time. Since then I have grown accustomed to the one ear in and I love it. It?s perfect for audiobooks and talking on the phone. I would recommend as long as you know you can?t pair two at a time.

  12. 50

    by Mekenzi

    I listen to books almost all day long and some earbuds are heavy or don’t stay in my ear or have bulky packaging. This little guy is perfect for having in my ear almost all day long! The one downside is the charger is not universal but they did send two chargers with the ear bud so I can have one at home and one at work.

  13. 50

    by Jay

    quite a powerful device, considering the low cost!

  14. 50

    by Lisa

    Very impressed with this little thing! My first bluetooth device. Excellent sound quality. Easy to use.

  15. 50

    by Customer

    This is an amazing, little Bluetooth that works great! I live in a two-story house, walk all over the house, downstairs into the garage listening to my favorite music. Especially helpful since not everybody likes my music so only I hear it with no wires attached! It even works downstairs in my garage even though there are many walls between my cell phone. An outstanding little Bluetooth!!!!!

  16. 50

    by Anica

    I really didn’t know what to expect from such an affordably priced Bluetooth headphone. I had shopped around and decided on this one based on reviews. I made the right choice. It is a great value and my calls and music are clear. I was surprised how far I can get from my phone and still use it. I let my son use it in the dugout during baseball games while I’m on the bleachers with my phone. He loves how it discreetly gets him pumped up before he goes up to bat. The battery lasts through a double header!

  17. 50

    by Cecilia C.

    This wireless earbud is great and very comfortable to wear. The battery life is very long compared to other product like it. The sound quality is also very exceptional and not at all unpleasing. I was very pleased with this product and like how small they are. I can literally go to sleep in these and not feel uncomfortable at all. Keep in mind that this is only one earbud and not two.

  18. 50

    by Honestbroker9

    first, I just want to say that I thought I was purchasing a set of 2 however when it arrived I learned that it was one LOL! But honestly, this small device is amazing! The sound quality is awesome! The mic picks up really well I’ve never had any issues with anyone not being able to hear me and the battery life could be better but overall I would recommend this.

  19. 50

    by Customer

    I?ve been impressed with this little guy. It has worked without any problems for me. The sound quality is unremarkable but it is very comfortable in my ear, it pairs easily, it hasn?t yet lost signal while my phone is in my pocket. I use it to have a little background music in my life at while working. I like that a voice announces on/off and tells you high/medium/low battery remains. The battery life is at least 4 hours?I believe maybe more.

  20. 50

    by AngieR

    I wanted a discreet earpiece to listen to online radio or sporting commentary, this would be my go to piece.

  21. 50

    by aefrb

    great little earbud, couldn’t be happier!

  22. 50

    by Sadusky

    Overall I’m pretty happy with it and would recommend it especially when the price is so reasonable.

  23. 50

    by Baby’s Slave

    Used it for the first time at work today and it was amazing. Forgot it was in my ear a few times as a matter of fact.

  24. 50

    by Jesse

    I work in an administrative position at a hospital and I typically wear one earbud in during the workday to listen to music and podcasts. This product is excellent for what I use it for: commuting to work via bus, office use and the gym.

  25. 50

    by Young Z.

    super small, compact

  26. 50

    by Cara

    can be worn in either ear

  27. 50

    by Amanda

    battery life lasts pretty long

  28. 50

    by SheetMetalGuy

    it looks so much better than those stupid Apple earbuds.

  29. 50

    by Dudley

    This thing is the cheapest cool electronic I think you can buy. The battery life on it is great, the sound is awesome, and it fits in the ear well. I got this because it’s really small. I work in a call center and it can be boring sometimes or I just get tired of listening to people whining, what helps is being able to listen to some sort of music or show, but the customer can’t hear it. This thing did the trick.

  30. 50

    by Dell231

    I use it when I run, four days a week, and sometimes to continue to listen to music or podcasts when I do housework or yard work. I like that only one ear is plugged and I am well able to observe and interact with my surroundings while running on streets in the early mornings. I can still hear the music or podcast clearly, even while vacuuming, when I have this earbud in. This earbud holds a very good charge for what I use it for. I usually get about a week out of each quick charge. The great thing is, it tells you the battery level each time you turn it on. This is easy to use – pause with a short press, power on/ off with a long press. I like this so much, I am adding another to my cart ?just in case? something happens to this one.

  31. 50

    by Rebecca

    I just got two more after I dropped one rushing to class and found it smashed later. One to use and one for backup. For the price, can?t be beat.

  32. 50

    by Edwards

    I bought this to listen to music while I run. I wanted just one so that I can hear the traffic or other surroundings. I have other blue tooth earbuds and always have one side just flopping around, so finally enough was enough. I run early, so I don’t know how well it works with phone calls as I have only used it for music. The battery has lasted longer than I expected and it charges fast. It has a decent vocal notification when it turns on and off and when the battery is running low. I did not expect that either. So far for the month or two that I have used it, I have been very pleased.

  33. 50

    by Ausomme

    Ended up having this earbud for quite a while and never had an issue. I actually left it in a rental car in another state by accident so hopefully whoever finds it enjoys is as much as I did.

  34. 50

    by lechuga

    The sound is crystal clear

  35. 50

    by Wheeler

    I teach online and must talk to my students through the computer and by cellphone. Using this headphone all of my students say I sound clear. It is very comfortable and lite.

  36. 50

    by TJ

    There may be more expensive wireless ear buds out there but this fit my budget and completely fills my need. I highly recommend this item.

  37. 50

    by Thomas

    I bought this to wear at work since we are not allowed to have music. It?s small enough that it can be hidden in your ear and no one even knows you?re wearing it. Great for the price. You get about Bringing a half to four hours of continuous playtime. I wish it was longer but for the price who can really complain. Great if you?re looking for something cheap that does the job.

  38. 50

    by Mathew St jacques

    Easy to set up, charges quick and lasts 4 hours.

  39. 50

    by Customer

    This bluetoothphone is a great buy, I will definetely keep it.

  40. 50

    by A. Hook

    Easy to use, connected to my phone straight away.

  41. 50

    by Albert Norman

    I really like this little earbud. Note that it is only ONE which was all I needed. I am impressed with the quality of this little thing for since it was relatively inexpensive. Seller responded almost immediately when I encountered a problem with my item and immediately sent out a replacement. Very Satisfied

  42. 50

    by starburst_1

    This a very nice design Bluetooth headphone. small enough to fit into ear. music and phone call sound clear. i was able to used it all day without charging. that include standby , talk, music time. it comes with nice small pouch where you can store the device. it also some with 2 different size of ear buds in case one does not fit you well. it also has a charging line that is specific for this device. i like it overall and will recommend to buy it.

  43. 50

    by Nolte

    This earbud does exactly what it is bought for.Sound quality is very good and clear specifically for talking to phone or listening to radio or video program. Pairing with any device is fast, bluetooth distance distance is very satisfactory and charging time is also as described especially with the charging box extra capacity. Looking to all those facts with the very nice price it has and a very kind helpful after buying service from its dealer , make from this item the best and smartest and the most right choice you can make for buying a Bluetooth earbud for mobile or video and radio.

  44. 50

    by Carvalho


  45. 50

    by Ally

    This is perfect for my needs. I wanted a single Bluetooth earpiece that doesn’t show too much for listening to music whilst I run. This arrived quicker than expected, was super simple to set up, charges in less than 60 minutes and does not fall out when I run. I notice I need to keep my phone on the same side of the ear piece when running else there is some break up of signal. I haven’t and don’t intend to use this for making/taking calls so can’t comment on that aspect. On top of all the good points mentioned it is great value for money. I have already recommended it to family and friends who run.

  46. 50

    by Gerald Castaldo

    Excellent purchase, I recommend choosing another shipping method other than Singapore for Colombia, he’s filing a lot of delay. The product is excellent, very good sound, the box has internal battery to recharge the hearing aids without being connected

  47. 50

    by ghhf

    Headphones norms. all as in the description. I advise. seller thanks. the box is not even wrinkled

  48. 50

    by brian davis

    good seller and good quality i recommend it. thanks for your best service

  49. 50

    by Beloved

    The seller packed the goods relatively well, sent quite quickly. The parcel went without 4 days a month. Headphones look cool, fully match the description. In the ears sit perfectly, the sound is excellent. Certainly worth their money. Seller and headphones recommend to buy.

  50. 50

    by brian davis

    Arrived in 23 days. THE earphone is excellent, met all my expectations.

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Music Earphone Hand-free Wireless Bluetooth Earphone Mini Bluetooth Headset Headphones with Mic for Mobile Phones

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