New 8-bit MINI handheld game console Built-in 150 classic copyright games Support TF card download handheld

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Model: GB-50
Product category: handheld game console
Game type: AVG adventure game, RPG role playing, ACT action game
Interface type: USB
Video/audio interface: AV
Connection method: wired
Product size: 19.1 cm * 10.4 cm * 1.0 cm

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98 Reviews For This Product

  1. 98

    by Veronica

    Hey guys! Wonderful retro games, more than 400! It is like I have returned to the 2000th and playing my dandy console again. mario bross, tanks, tetris – amazing games (who is in his/her late 30th/ early 40th would understand), played almost all evening. If you wanna be back to your childhood, try it! Loved it!

  2. 98

    by Veronica

    the battery lasts a long time and the device is easy to carry.

  3. 98

    by Venus

    My boy and I are very satisfied with the product.

  4. 98

    by Ruby

    I think this was a very good value for what you get. It can keep the kids (or adults) entertained for a long time.

  5. 98

    by Coral

    Well built, great value and a ton of games. great gift for the kids, keeps them busy & entertained for hours.

  6. 98

    by Sophie

    My son wanted a expensive console to play videogames on. He is pretty young, and I did not want to give him a very expensive console, so I searched for some cheap videogame consoles that work both on the go and on the TV, and I found this. I gave it to him, it was not what he was expecting, but it did the trick. It truly does have what seems to be a unlimited number of games on it so he can never get bored. Would recommend this for anyone, especially young children!

  7. 98

    by Suzanne Joanne

    I ordered this as I was looking for a good video game and wanted to keep my kid busy. It turned out to be a great buy. It works fine and has lots of games and fun to play. It’s good time pass for kids and adults too.

  8. 98

    by Elaine

    Just received this today and already played on it. Works great and has super Mario bros 1-3 along with a whole bunch of other games. I got this as a Christmas present for my daughter, if she doesn’t like it I will have a new toy!!!

  9. 98

    by Jones

    This game set is such a great price and reminds me of the games I grew up with. My kids think it’s the best thing ever! Especially during these times of having to stay at home, this game set has been so great to have!

  10. 98

    by Micha

    This game console is the best, my niece cannot put it down. It fits in her pocket and she absolutely loves that she can play the games on her TV in her room as well.

  11. 98

    by Maxine

    Thank you for your product came just as described. Perfect for travel and love all the cool games for the kids and adults. This is super easy to play and Delivery came super fast 3 days early super HAPPY..

  12. 98

    by Antonia

    My kids love this. So much old school fun

  13. 98

    by Christine

    Exactly as described! Works perfectly and a great value.

  14. 98

    by Bernice

    The 3 inch screen is a bit small for my aged eyes, so they take a bit of getting used to. Some of the more detailed games are a bit hard to follow on the small screen. Simpler ones like Tetris are a lot more playable. I am sure that the more detailed games look better hooked up to a TV, but I have been too lazy to try that option.

  15. 98

    by Sabrina

    Wonderful game. My 9 yr old loves it as explained in his video which he is proud of. Battery is great.

  16. 98

    by Payton

    My daughter loves this game console! She has sooo many different games to choose from. We love playing on it too. The sound is perfect. It’s a great device for the price. Will be buying another one soon for my son.

  17. 98

    by Hulda

    I love this game it’s for my niece but before she got it for Christmas I played it for hours lol

  18. 98

    by Katheri

    I had purchased my son a red one for Christmas and it was such a hit, I ordered my daughter a yellow one!

  19. 98

    by Viola

    Very fun and easy to use!! The games are fantastic and my kids love it

  20. 98

    by Gabriella

    Muy padre super nice 150 juegos muy facil de cargar para todos lados

  21. 98

    by Kelly

    My son got this for Christmas and it was definitely great for the adorable price point.

  22. 98

    by Arabela

    I love that I can have access to all the cool old games and some fun new ones that I can use any time, even when my phone is dead or unavailable. It’s also great to have a game console for the little ones when they get bored on trips or such.

  23. 98

    by Edwina

    Nephew loved it!

  24. 98

    by Brown

    Product came as described with a lot of games to choose from. Good Christmas present. Highly satisfied and recommend!

  25. 98

    by Joanne

    Has tons of familiar games, very easy to operate out of the box, and battery life is great. Customer service is also very prompt to respond to questions and friendly!

  26. 98

    by June S.

    Great old games with good performance. Absolutely 500 games that includes Super Mario Bro’s1,2 and 3 plus additional games . Easy to connect to TV with multi player option.Enjoying all child hood games. A very good value for money. Must Buy

  27. 98

    by Beatrice

    It can be for two player for most of the game

  28. 98

    by Maud

    Great game! Loved it so much for my son that I bought another one for my boyfriend

  29. 98

    by Dorothy

    I can’t complain about it for rhe price.

  30. 98

    by Agnes

    This was a gift and he loved it so much

  31. 98

    by Lucy

    Our son loved this! He is amazed at how many games it has and brings with in car, dr appt, school.

  32. 98

    by Mildred

    This game is awesome !!!! ALL the games I loved playing as a kid!!! Well worth the $$ should’ve bought two cause now everyone wants to play…sound is loud I found the volume button tho lol great buy

  33. 98

    by Tess

    I got this for my eight-year-old son he absolutely loves it him and his 3 1/2 year-old sister can play together by themselves they can even hook it up to the TV by themselves. I am overall very happy with this by it’s super find easy to use a lot of games and good quality

  34. 98

    by Frances

    Overall this exceeded my expectations, especially with the price!

  35. 98

    by Mandy

    Such a life saver for a mom of two on the go.

  36. 98

    by Athena

    Great way to play the classic games

  37. 98

    by Samu

    This game console is a great throwback to my childhood! So much fun. Perfect for my young boys who haven been exposed to any of the modern game systems outside of the Wii. The 2-player mode is a little challenging for them because the older one likes to hog the main controller but they make do with minimal arguing.

  38. 98

    by Quintina

    Practical side nothing to say we can play in the car, at home, and on the computer thanks to the micro usb socket.

  39. 98

    by Thom

    Love it …. Great buy plenty of games ..i bought for my autistic son & he loves it!!!

  40. 98

    by Linda

    I bought this for my 4.5 year old son who has a newfound obsession with tetris. Within the first 15 minutes me and him were arguing over who was going to play. Then i remembered that we can play on the tv. So we did that. This has tons of classic games like contra, excitebike, bomber man, pac man, and of course the super marios. Connecting was very simple as long as it isa tv with a/v ports. The system itself is smaller than a gameboy but still a nice size. The gameplay is pretty reactive and the game does what you want it to when you hit the control. It is much lighter than most hand gaming systems. Unsure what the battery life is fully charged but out of the box we played for 2 hours before a charge was needed. Has not gotten close to getting hot yet. All around, i could jot be happier unless i bought 2. Great product.

  41. 98

    by Pearl

    Ordered for my kids. They work perfectly exactly what i was looking for! Easy for the kids to use and brings back all the games from when i was younger. Absolutely love and would buy again.

  42. 98

    by Cynthia

    This is such a great deal! Great quality too! My husband and I enjoy it more takes us back for sure!

  43. 98

    by Mabel

    This little game is so worth the money! It has a load of games that keeps my little one entertained for hours. We bought this for her while she was away at Grandma’s for the summer. Since my parents aren’t computer savvy at all and have no idea how to hook a game system up to the tv, I figured this would be a easy to use alternative. It worked out great and is very easy to use.

  44. 98

    by Blanche

    My son loves it, and he gets to see what games were like for me as a kid.

  45. 98

    by Frederica

    Definitely worth the money! There are some games that I haven’t played in years that I enjoyed playing. Battery life is good as well. I enjoyed ot so much that I bought one for my bestie!

  46. 98

    by Isabel

    Very fun simple game system. Lots of classic games. Good for kids and adults. Easy to figure out and rechargeable- no batteries needed.

  47. 98

    by Makayla

    I bought it for my child and she just lives it. We are having fun every evening by playing the games on TV. Thank you

  48. 98

    by Dale

    Battery life is long. It has been a few hours since I am playing.

  49. 98

    by Irene

    This is really cool. My kids all love it and take turns playing.

  50. 98

    by Sean

    So this product was surprisingly better then i thought it would be. It’s a better quality then how it looks in the picture. Nice smooth larger hand held screen, loaded with a good varity of classics, and the controls are fine. This product exceeded the worth I paid and I am very pleased with it. Probably gonna come back around Christmas time.

  51. 98

    by Sean

    This little handheld game will give you hours of entertainment. I like that you can hook it to your tv for easy 2 player access. I havent played long enough to know if the system will save progress of you game. (I sure hope so). Great for all ages, great price an fast shipping. What are you waiting for? Order yours today.

  52. 98

    by Sean

    Super nice product,can be used like mini console when hooked to a monitor/tv. James are all clear and big free. This company cares so much to be sure everything is satisfactory and hove contact info for any questions. Without saying,that shows a ton of integrity and thankfulness. Great customer service is the backbone of a great company. AAA+++++++

  53. 98

    by Sean

    Much better than expected and on par with more expensive retro brands like my arcade etc. Probably not officially licensed but the games play well and, believe it or not, it looks great on television and the second player remote also works very well. Great value.

  54. 98

    by Sean

    My 14 yr old son is disabled, but he has always loved video games. He loves this game. The retro feel of it is familiar to him, and he met with success immediately…so important to his self esteem! So many of the newer vibe games are so multi-faceted that it is frustrating to try to learn them. My son was able to figure out this game and play it immediately. I highly recommend this game for anyone who likes the old school games. And SO affordable…I bought 2!

  55. 98

    by Sean

    He definitely love it but got mad on a game he keep losing and threw it to the floor. The screen broke.

  56. 98

    by Sean

    I am truly thrilled with my purchase of the handheld game console! I bought this as a Christmas gift for my Mother, who used her Gameboy until it gave out. I have thoroughly checked out the game console and am extremely impressed that the product is exactly what was presented. I know that she will be very excited and pleased with this as a gift. The Customer Service provided by this company is also outstanding, as they offer a 365-day warranty and actually did contact me to make sure that I was happy with my purchase. I would/will definitely make another purchase with them!

  57. 98

    by Sean

    If you have someone that’s into old games (including yourself) then you should give this unit a try. It’s inexpensive, and there are so many games; it’s a huge value!

  58. 98

    by Sean

    This is a great way to entertain yourself, or kids and grown-ups who think like kids. I would recommend this for anyone. The price is great and the games are nostalgic and fun to play.

  59. 98

    by Sean

    Battery dies fast other than that my son loves it!

  60. 98

    by Sean

    This product is so phenomenal! Total blast from the past and so much more than you could imagine for the money. We are using it to help our littlr guy finish potty training since it has no internet access and we love the old games. Could not recommend highly enough. Will likely buy another one to replace when our kiddo inevitably loses or breaks it.

  61. 98

    by Sean

    Definitely well worth buying for a kid or any adult who wants to relive some of their childhood. 🙂

  62. 98

    by Sean

    This is an awesome handheld game. My 5 year old daughter loves it, even my 44 year old husband plays it.

  63. 98

    by Sean

    Very good handheld game

  64. 98

    by Sean

    Great value! I bought a similar product for Christmas and it literally stopped working within an hour. Ordered this , it arrived quickly and my son loves!

  65. 98

    by Sean

    This was a great value for the money because my grandson loves it so very much. It’s perfect for his little hands to hold and he gets hours of enjoyment from it. He is six years old and he packs it around everywhere he goes.

  66. 98

    by Sean

    Console as advertised. The store has one of the best customer service I’ve ever received. Don’t hesitate to buy.

  67. 98

    by Sean

    My seven year old loves playing games on this device. It’s excellent value for the price!

  68. 98

    by Sean

    I bought this for my dad on Christmas and he loved it! his favorite game on their was pac-man but he was truly surprised to see hundreds of games on there that we played all my childhood together. I was super happy to be able to give this to him at such an affordable price 🙂 thank you !

  69. 98

    by Sean

    My grandson is loving his new handhold game console! It is high quality and a great value for money! Thank you. I highly recommend !

  70. 98

    by Sean

    Fun gaming thing to pass time for trips, work, etc. Was a gift for brother and he loved it

  71. 98

    by Sean

    Love the product, it brings back so many childhood memories. Overall really satisfied with the console. Would be a great Christmas gift or a gift for your children. I got this for my use and I’m 30+. Thanks again for a great product.

  72. 98

    by Sean

    A great product! A great variety of games to choose from. Very nostalgic. Seller sent a note following the arrival of the product thanking me for my purchase and letting me know about a warranty on it. Great service!

  73. 98

    by Sean

    This game is great. My husband loves playing all his old favorites.

  74. 98

    by Sean

    Great product, I love being able to play the old vintage games from my childhood on my TV. Great buy!!!

  75. 98

    by Sean

    Love it! Comes with great games that really brought me back to my childhood. Super Mario 3, Ninja Gaiden, Street Fighter- just a few of my personal favorites that are on the device.

  76. 98

    by Sean

    Love it !!! It has sooo many games and many games I grew up playing like super Mario and Tetris. It also comes with warranty which is nice.

  77. 98

    by Sean

    Love it!! My kids dont stop playing on it! Thank you

  78. 98

    by Sean

    Creo que esta consola es de lo mejor, me trae buenos recuerdos

  79. 98

    by Sean

    My 9 and 6 year old grandchildren loved the game. Played for hours Christmas Day.

  80. 98

    by Sean

    Great device for on the go! Great Christmas or Birthday gift.

  81. 98

    by Sean

    I’m very happy with this purchase.

  82. 98

    by Sean

    Classic games, work fine for kids.

  83. 98

    by Sean

    Got to have at house for my grands. Great little game console.

  84. 98

    by Sean

    So far so good, a satisfied purchase!

  85. 98

    by Sean

    Had an issue with the game but they made good immediately and the game is actually fun.

  86. 98

    by Sean

    Love the games. It was an awesome gift! And it was shipped to me very fast.

  87. 98

    by Sean

    Fast shipping . Product seems steady

  88. 98

    by Sean

    Awesome product and awesome seller!

  89. 98

    by Sean

    I bought 2 of theses for my niece and my 7 year old daughter and they absolutely love them !!! It is easy to use and the graphics look just like the original games ! The first day we go it my daughter played it right out of the box for hours ! There are 500 games and I did not see any duplicates of the games , all are classic games from through out the years . You absolutely can not go wrong with this system ! I definitely will be purchasing more in the future to give as gifts !!

  90. 98

    by Sean

    This game console really worked, everything is as advertised. Bought it as a gift, the recipient loved it. I will definitely get one for myself.

  91. 98

    by Sean

    Exactly what we wanted!! Love this game console and no battery ! Love it we ordered 3 total in our house

  92. 98

    by Sean

    Great price for all the games you get on it ..I was shocked to see all available games ..it exceeded by expectations….great gift for anyone that loves to play games and great you can use it with traveling as handheld …purchased 3 for grandkids and now I got to get one for this granny …best of all warranty is one year ..woo hoo

  93. 98

    by Sean

    my grandson really like the product . i like the product as well it takes me back to the good old days when i was a child now my grandson can enjoy the things that i still like to this day . for me its a little experience to use this product because i have big hands . but for my grandson its perfect. i would recomend this product as well to any child . and also playing on the big screen is also a plus . this is a wonderful gift .

  94. 98

    by Sean

    Tons of games, great features, great value, great technology. Money well spent. Brings back childhood memories. So happy I purchased it!

  95. 98

    by Sean

    The price is great. So many classic games from Bad Dudes to Mega Man. Very happy with it.

  96. 98

    by Sean

    You can also connect it the TV and play with another person.

  97. 98

    by Sean

    Very pleased! And even if something happens to it, it is so affordable I would just get another one. But it seems to be made well so I don’t think it will break anytime soon!

  98. 98

    by Sean

    I bought one of these as a trial type thing to See how cheap these really were( pics don’t do justice). Well let me tell you they feel sturdy and the games are real nice and colorful screen anyway when my kids tried it right away they had me order a couple more we love these and I noticed where somebody said they repeat games in ours they are repeats but I think they are the second + version of said game. Shipping was fast and product was packaged very well.

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New 8-bit MINI handheld game console Built-in 150 classic copyright games Support TF card download handheld

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