New double elbow usb mobile data line lightn leather braided charging line 2.4A fast charge

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Interface: Micro USB, 8PIN, type-c

Length: 1m

Number of tap connectors: single head

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46 Reviews For This Product

  1. 46

    by Addison

    I love the 90 degree angle plug. It makes it less of a bother when holding the iPad. The green light also is nice because when in bed at night with the light off and the wife sleeping I can easily find the end to plug in. I got a scare because the first day I used it I got my foot tangled in the cord and it jerked it out of my iPad. I just knew it wouldn?t work anymore. I plugged it in and it came right back on. The six foot cord makes it nice so I can plug it in and sit in my chair or lay on the bed with plenty of slack.

  2. 46

    by Emerson

    These are great chargers. I can use my iPhone while it?s plugged in with his charger cord. But I cannot use my iPad Pro because the case on it is too thick in the plug-in has to fit flush with the device… so it?s kind of a pain to take the case off the iPad every time just to charge it. So that?s something to keep in mind about what device you are going to use it on, if you have a thicker protective case on the device, and if you want to run the device while it?s plugged in cuz really messes with it if the cases half on… lol

  3. 46

    by Quinn

    Like the 90 degree angle plug in. Very durable. Would recommend it.

  4. 46

    by Aiden

    I bought this after seeing reviews online. It’s a solid wire, and so far our wire chewing cat doesn’t seem interested in the heavy duty challenge. When plugged in, the end of the cord glows bright green, which surprisingly brightens a dark room – be forewarned…If light bothers you, you can use a piece of tape or cover with a corner of a book on the nightstand. I have no use for the little cloth bag it comes with, but it is included.

  5. 46

    by Leah

    I?ve purchased a lot of chargers and haven?t had much luck. Typically with the straight ends it?s easy to grab the cord to pull the cord out of the phone or IPad. With this cord you have to grab the end piece which is nice! I bought more for family for Christmas! Very Happy with this product!!!

  6. 46

    by Kayla

    Really like this charger. I’m so tired of chargers fraying at the connection point. These are stronger and designed so that they don’t twist like the only ones do.

  7. 46

    by Elizabeth

    Exactly what I was looking for. Wife and daughter have to hold the head in order to connect and disconnect instead of pulling the cord which results in failure. Length is perfect.

  8. 46

    by Sarah

    Just what I expected and love the length.

  9. 46

    by Alexis

    So far it works perfectly, i use this to charge my phone and it charges pretty quickly

  10. 46

    by Ashley

    Glad this was a 2 pack so we didn?t have to fight over the good charger!

  11. 46

    by Anna

    Very good and awesome. Smart products

  12. 46

    by Hannah

    This was a very good quality cord and does work well like it shows. The only problem is that it doesn?t work if you have a thick case like otter box. Couldn?t use it had to give it to some one else.

  13. 46

    by Chloe

    El producto es de calidad , carga bien en las dos pocisiones , el empaque es bastante bueno , exelente producto lo recomendare

  14. 46

    by Samantha

    90? connector is awesome? Appears to be Apple approved

  15. 46

    by Charlotte

    I like the 90 degree angle connector. I think it prevent the wire from ripping. The glowing green light on the connector is a plus.

  16. 46

    by Hailey

    These are awesome for the correct product. They are fast, convient and the right angle is an excellent product design. I would definitely recommend them for any high use player.

  17. 46

    by Amelia

    Awesome charging cord. It won?t fit with my husband?s Defender Otterbox case because of the angle but it does with the Otterbox Symmetry and many other cases

  18. 46

    by Grace

    Awesome product. Very durable.

  19. 46

    by Sofia

    This product is very good but not as quick as I was anticipating.

  20. 46

    by Avery

    Seems to be of good quality.

  21. 46

    by Brianna

    It fits with an otterbox symmetry case. The light on it is helpful to show it?s charging.

  22. 46

    by Natalie

    Great quality in material that they are made of. Show up ahead of schedule.

  23. 46

    by Lauren

    Great charger hasn’t given me a problem since purchase.

  24. 46

    by Jessica

    Work great! No more ruined cables

  25. 46

    by Sophia

    Finally, a charging cable that doesn’t break because of the angle of the head. Almost every device I own charges from the bottom and regular cables are constantly breaking because I have to charge my device while I’m using it! Thanks for this common sense adaptation!

  26. 46

    by Zachary

    I?m the father of a family of 5. Everyone has iPhones. Have consistently had to replace lightning cables. Was hopeful this cable would be the answer. I purchase the cables in 11/2019. One has stopped working. Reached out to Amazon to replace. They requested me to reach out to McDodo. McDodo emailed saying they only replace direct sales. The cable that is working is sturdy and a good cable. The other one lasted 4 months. Still searching for a good lightning cable.

  27. 46

    by Emerson

    I bought this charging cable because I use my iPad in bed a lot while it’s charging and I was afraid due to the angle that my charge would break. When I saw this I thought that’s exactly what I need but I have bought other charges that are long and returned them because they didn’t last more than a day or so. Well, so far this charger is working great on both my iPad and my iPhone. I feel comfortable that I won’t break the end of the charger because of the 90-degree angle. So far, so good. Let’s see what happens in a month from now.

  28. 46

    by Jasmine

    Delivered on time and does what it is set to do.

  29. 46

    by Isabella

    The USB outlet in our car is hear the cup holders so I was afraid that it would get bent and break so i went looking for a right angle cable and found this one. It works great because it stay low and out of the way. I like that it has a light on the end that plugs into the phone too, it makes it easy to find it to plug in your phone when it’s dark. I’d definitely recommend this cable.

  30. 46

    by Riley

    This is one of the few iPhone cables I have purchased that has not disintegrated or failed on me. I?ve had it for several weeks now and still no issues. Will update this review if any thing changes

  31. 46

    by Kendall

    I ordered these for use in our bedroom for overnight charging, specifically so I can use my phone at night without bending the cable. It works perfectly. I can balance the phone without having to worry about the charger 🙂

  32. 46

    by Jamie

    Great fit, holding up as well or actually better than OEM. I?d attribute this to the right angle AND the material covering the cord.

  33. 46

    by Morgan

    I like the angle much better for my iPhone. The cord fits well on both ends

  34. 46

    by Taylor

    Great charger. The light is very bright but that?s the only set back.

  35. 46

    by Madison

    Got these to replace some Apple cables that were breaking. I’m quite impressed by how sturdy they feel and the quality of the materials. The reversible USB-A end is a bit iffy, but an interesting idea. The green light is a neat accent and not too annoying, especially flipped over. Will update my review if my view on them changes. I’m likely to get some MCDODO USB-C and Micro USB cables too, if these hold up.

  36. 46

    by Sophie

    Good charging cords, much better than the originals for the iPad

  37. 46

    by Victoria

    It stop working now I?m on the second one how do I get it replaced?

  38. 46

    by Alyssa

    The charger was not for me but I heard it?s really good and charges fast and seems to be very durable but here a small warning for people with a big phone case like me I have the otter box defender case for the iPhone 8 Plus and the charger does not reach so just keep this in mind when buying it might fit other case because it almost reaches but the defender is really bulky but like I said it?s still a great charger

  39. 46

    by Sophia

    Very good 90 degree cables. Though, the brightness of the LEDs could be less. It would be great to have a cable with no LED. Sure, one side has a brighter LED than the other. But, that does not help if the side where the power is located requires the cable to be turned bright side up. Though I have seen people comment about using Plastidip or some other covering, my daughter just put a little electrical tape over it. Kludgy, but effective.

  40. 46

    by Luke

    My last one broke when I was in the process of a move to a new apartment. Kinda bummed me out a lot, until I ran across it again on here! So glad I was able to get it again. It charges very quickly, and the right-angle plug makes it really beneficial when you don’t want the plug sticking out like it normally would.

  41. 46

    by Cameron

    The ruggedness of this charger is amazing. I?ve had them for about a month and they?re still holding up nicely. I like the little light on the end to let me know if it?s working, it?s bright enough to be a nightlight. The sideways plugs are so innovative, that?s what drew me to them at first. A whole lot better than the official Apple chargers and for more than half the cost. I?ll never use any other!

  42. 46

    by Emily

    I?ve paid more for cords and they never seemed to last. I love the idea that the ends are L-shaped making it easier to stay put- I rest my cords in a holder on my night stand and they don?t slip out of holder. So far very pleased with the way these are made. Braided enough to remain durable and so far charge just as fast for my iPhone than any expensive cord from apple.

  43. 46

    by Emma

    These are great cords and the design is genius. In my wife?s phone with a thin case they fit great. I gave four stars because they don?t fit into my iPhone in an Otterbox Commuter case. It seems like they are a fraction of a millimeter too short. If I actively push, it connects and charges, if I let go it stop charging. Such a popular case you would think the manufacturer would have tested this and addressed by the design

  44. 46

    by Abigail

    I really like the right angle design and the reversible USB socket is cool too. I hate the led light, one side is really bright the other not as bright. I think the led light is not needed and is only annoying. I used some Plasti-Dip to cover the light. I also noticed that the lightning connector is not magnetic so I am not sure what type of metal they are using for the connector. I have been using it for a couple weeks now and everything is good so far. It fits easily though my Otterbox Symetry case.

  45. 46

    by Megan

    Perfect for those wanting a cord that won’t fray and longer than the original.

  46. 46

    by Brandon

    Nice charging cable. The material seems durable. I charge my iPAD and IphoneX with no issues. There’s no syncing or charging errors. I like the fact that it the charging tip lights up green. It makes it easier to find the tip of the charging cable in the dark. The 90 degree angle also makes it easy to play my iPhone games while charging.

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New double elbow usb mobile data line lightn leather braided charging line 2.4A fast charge

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