New S3 sport bluetooth headset wireless 4.1 headset stereo headset 4.0

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Plug Type: Wireless

Wireless Type: Bluetooth

Communication: Wireless

Active Noise-Cancellation: Yes

Is wireless: Yes


Support APP: No

Volume Control: Yes

Function: for Video Game,Common Headphone,Sport

Support Memory Card: No</p >

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Black, Blue, Gold, Red

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51 Reviews For This Product

  1. 51

    by Daley

    Worked great in our spaggati salad. Only problem it was larger than I realised. But We’ve found other things to use it in.

  2. 51

    by Lorraine

    I have a hard time wearing ear buds that stay in my ears. These were perfect once I changed to the smallest ear pads. I love the small case that came with it that holds the earbuds and the charger.

  3. 51

    by Lavelle

    I preferred the original Salad Supreme, which had sunflower seeds and fake bacon /;) but was otherwise quite similar to this version. This is good in salads, especially a simple salad of greens and vinaigrette, but potato salad would work, too. I also use this on plain rice as a sort of furikake, and it’s remarkably similar to some varieties of furikake. So, many uses and a decent product.

  4. 51

    by Wendy

    These have a very good fit and stay in place while I work out. I am VERY satisfied with the sound quality and consistency of the connection. Once paired, if I keep my phone within a reasonable distance the connection is excellent.

  5. 51

    by Eden

    When I received the headphones, everything was packed nicely in the box and the bonus was the hard case that holds the headphones. The attachments were fairly easy to put on. I have small ears and the earbuds fit in my ears very good and they reduced the noice remarkably. I turned my headphones on at 7:15 am and I wasn?t notified that the battery was low until 3:45 pm. I did have them disconnected from my phone for 45 minutes for a meeting, other than that, they were on the whole time.

  6. 51

    by Louise

    I am still very satisfied with this wireless headset. First of all, the price is very favorable, but this does not affect the quality of the headset, it is very convenient to answer the call, the operation button is also very sensitive. The sound quality of the headset is also OK. In short, it is enough.

  7. 51

    by Abigail

    I?ve only had these a day but I charged them and went on my daily run and was really impressed. They fit well in my ears and the sound was great. The magnetic ability of the buss to stick together is a nice extra feature!

  8. 51

    by Milo

    What surprised me the most was the abundance of the earpieces that attach to it so that no matter what size eardrum to have they are extremely comfortable from the moment you put them on! I’ve gone through a lot of headphones and wireless earbuds throughout the past year due to physical therapy and hands down these are truly the best they are the most comfortable things they also have such a long range without music or radio being sporadic

  9. 51

    by Adama

    These look like their full size cousins at a much cheaper price. Great for hanging your water bottle on your pack. Beautiful finish and color. Note that these are small and the gate opening is smaller than a real climber’s carabiner.

  10. 51

    by Jonah

    This is a nice simple Bluetooth headset it sounds great and it is a little easier to keep up with then those Bluetooth earbuds that I have grown accustomed to getting. The talk and music time last so much longer on these then on the earbuds. I would like to close this review out by saying I am not the smartest person in the world but I can tell the difference between a good and a bad product. I love doing reviews and I hope to one day become the number 1 reviewer on amazon. If this review has helped you any at all please hit the helpful button!!! Thanks!!!

  11. 51

    by Owen

    These earbuds are great for all of my workouts. The fins on the earbuds keep them in place in my ear so I am not constantly messing with them. I like the magnetic edges so I can easily click them together around my neck when they are not in use. They have a great sound and easy to turn up the volume.

  12. 51

    by Marilyn

    I use them for working out sometimes. They don’t fall while running. Which is mainly why I needed them. Decent battery life. I can get thru a whole work day with one charge

  13. 51

    by Harley

    Perfect! This is the sports headphone I was looking for. Other versions with just the wires tend to get caught to one side of my ear. With the addition of the next loop, it kept the wires in place and stopped it from moving around when I exercise.

  14. 51

    by Kira

    These earphones are perfect for my workouts. They are sweatproof and the controls are very simple. They work in almost any indoor and outdoor environment. This product comes with a case, 2 ear fins and 3 ear tips. When I turned them on, the earphones paired almost immediately to my phone. Not only was the sound quality great, the battery life was also long too. After enjoying them for a few hours, I put them away using the built-in magnets which attached the two earbuds together. Overall, this product is great and I would recommend it to anyone.

  15. 51

    by Jennifer

    Good headphone. I bought it for my girlfriend. She likes pink color. I think she will like it. Quality of sound is good. Battery is like they said. There is also some ear fins to fit my girlfriend’s ear

  16. 51

    by Elizabeth

    The ear phones work well, is easy to pair with phone, and most importantly stays in place when I do my daily runs. The color is a nice bright blue which gives it an extra flare! Would recommend

  17. 51

    by Debra

    The headphones paired easily with my phone, easy to use, sound and quality is great. With so many different choices, eartips, I can get these to fit perfectly. With the magnetic, I can keep them around my neck when not needed.

  18. 51

    by Jenny

    Sound quality is excellent!! They came fully charged and the battery has lasted surprisingly long. Used them for running this morning and am used to headphones falling out while running. These stayed in my ear and were secure the entire time. The additional ear pieces that came with it were great due to my smaller ear canals. Super surprised with the quality!

  19. 51

    by Charlotte

    great look. perfect for joggers i normally use earbuds for regular use but when i go to gym to run i want something can stay in my ear . this product is pretty good, stay on tight.

  20. 51

    by Dora

    The earphone fits really well into the ear and I love how it comes with plugs to adjust the size. I love how the ear phone blocks the outside sounds as well! Once I put them on, I can walk around the house with no problem. They fit really well in the ear and they don?t fall out once plugged in. The sound quality is superb and this was definitely worth the investment!

  21. 51

    by Edna

    I really like these headphones. It fits into my ears perfectly and the bass is really good for ear buds. Also had no issues with the bluetooth, its got great range. Not like some other earbuds that i cant get to connect to each other. These are worth the price. 100% Get them.

  22. 51

    by Anne

    I sent these to a friend in Florida that works in the film industry. He uses them for day to day work and an alternative to the normal headphones he normally uses, and is very happy with the switch. These are more lightweight and easy to use on the go.

  23. 51

    by Harper

    So it works fine and connects quickly. The sound quality is good but not nearly as good as my Apple EarPods (The wired ones). Doesn’t support AAC or APTX profiles but it’s cheap I guess. I would probably spend a bit more for something that supports those protocols depending on what phone you have.

  24. 51

    by Jessa

    Yes honey i love these i was scard to buy cause i never send the bloothtube ear buds but am glade i got they are comftable to the ears the sound is great they also have a magnet back to hold them together when not in use tangle free just the right amout card to fit comftable around head. And ears our i like my dangle in front under chin whats comftable for you. they give extra buds replacements come in cute case and greeting card that say any problem contact wow i love them will be buying spare my son just pick them up. I no am not getting. Them back so will be ordering more. I reccommend. Theses they are good quality better than my skull candy i paid $60 for way better price. Battery life is good was charge when i got them very strong sound.

  25. 51

    by Dylan

    Bought this for my son who always wears earbuds around his neck. Other types that comes in 2 separated wireless pieces, he keeps loosing them no matter how much he tries. The advantage of this earbuds is that they are magnetic and stays around his neck, so he don’t have to look for each piece. And sound quality is great, probably one of the best. As he sweats a lot, it doesn’t matter of losing it while he moves or rides his bicycle, motorcycle.

  26. 51

    by Carrie

    I like these headphones mainly because they are great for workout. They stay in place and the quality of the sound it’s very good. I like also very much how easy it is to pair them and how long the battery last.

  27. 51

    by Toby

    So I needed a wireless earpiece for workout, my old one didn’t connect very well via Bluetooth. The connection goes in and out. I was looking for one and came onto this product. I finally got to try it while working out and oh my, what a difference it made. The sound quality is great, the ear bud is snug on your ears and it is comfortable! And that magnet made a huge difference while I’m on the treadmill! It keeps the ear piece together in place when I am looking to search for songs on Spotify without falling out. Will recommend others for this!

  28. 51

    by Jolie

    I like that these ear buds are attached and you don?t have to go to your ear to turn it on or do any random feature. It is nice that there is the little bar that can do that without it being so awkward. It is also nice that if you are not using them, they will magnetically hook to each other – which is great way to keep it around your neck. They have great sound quality and have several silicone attachments to find what fits in your ear best. (Mine was not the default one as that one fell out of my ear). It is of great quality and has a hard case to ensure they do not break.

  29. 51

    by Florence

    LOVE THESE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They stay ON and IN your EARS. They connect flawlessly to my Iphone. Save yourself some $$$ and get these instead f the high end priced ones! Oh and the Battery seems to last forever (well a LOT longer than my Iphone does!). The ONLY thing I would say is that the company should make the working side the only one with ‘orange/red’ on it. The other side should just be black so you can more easily tell the difference when putting on. I like to keep the on/off and controls on ONE ear at all times.

  30. 51

    by Marian

    I bought these earphones more than anything else to use them in the gym, in fact they were my first bluetooth earphones and the price seemed very attractive to me to approach this type that I had not tried before.The sound is good, they are very light and the battery lasts long.I can easily recommend them to those who do not make big claims because their work does it quite well, or in any case to those like me who would like to try them for the first time without spending much

  31. 51

    by Kaylee

    I was looking for something inexpensive and not heart broken if I broke my headphones. I do have a pair of AirPods but really don’t feel like loosing one piece since they cost $$$. Browsed around and I like how the blue color pops at me and pops even more in person.

  32. 51

    by Cindy

    These bluetooth headphones have good sound quality. They are well made & durable. They stay in my ears without hurting them which a lot of headphones can do. The battery life is long & lasts through my whole work day.

  33. 51

    by Cynthia

    Best part about these ear buds for me is they are water proof – works great when I am running sweating or if a rainstorm pops up. The sound quality is like being at a concert front row. Battery life is beyond great.

  34. 51

    by Sabine

    It is very easy to use. Follow the instructions, fully changed earphone, and paired it with phone. It is comfortable and a blue nice color wireless earphones, it has a cute round case, easy to bring it with me. The sound is clear, I love it.

  35. 51

    by Lena

    Comes in a nice little case with changeable parts. battery life is great and holds onto my ear nicely. The wire is great because it helps me remember where they are if I take it out of my ears briefly. charges is great and the buttons are great to control the music. Couldn’t ask for a better set

  36. 51

    by Judith

    Through rapid pairing. Support for connecting two phones at the same time, the remaining battery power of the headset will be displayed on your phone. The built-in Nano coating allows you to wear headphones at any outdoor and indoor event, except when immersed in water; 3-key control provides an easy way to control your music and calls without touching your phone.

  37. 51

    by Catherine

    Easy to connect to phone. son loves these for school. Uses these as I am afraid of the tiny earbuds alone not being practical unattached. Easy toiz up. Still praying these are secure with all of the connections a school full of children are sharing,and what happens to them when they go home. Can’t be careful enough. Sound and clarity clear. He learned to control the jump forward a song and such easily.

  38. 51

    by Joan

    These are awesome headphones for working out and listening to music while cleaning the house. No cord connected to a device getting in the way and no individual ear buds falling out of your ear and getting lost. Sound quality is great and the fit very comfortably in my ears and stay put well!

  39. 51

    by Jacqueline

    These headphones are the perfect companion for when you are doing something active. For the price, the sound is quite good, and they stay in your ears. They connect flawlessly to my phone and am very happy with the battery life

  40. 51

    by Kaia

    I listen to a lot of music, and sometimes there are people around whom I don’t want to disturb, so I’ll wear these headphones around the house. I also wear them when I’m working out at the gym. Either place, I like the sound quality, with decent-enough bass, and pretty good treble. Hey, they aren’t the $300 Bose Quiet Comfort noise-cancelling headphones, but for the price, they can’t be beat. I’ve got no complaints.

  41. 51

    by Collins

    Nice weight,works well. Attractive color orange.

  42. 51

    by Davis

    The headphones delivered fast, setup was quite easy, I was able to accomplish within 5 minutes. They are comfortable to wear and sound quality is very good. I?m very happy with this purchase and would recommend them!

  43. 51

    by Cassie

    All I can say is wow! I’ve always had a problem with earphones falling out of my ears, but these right here stay in so well. I seriously can’t stop raving about how great these earphones fit to my ears. It syncs very easily to my phone, and the sounds is great. A full charge also holds for a long time. I love that it comes with a little carrying pouch that’s small enough to put in my purse without taking up too much space. You just can’t beat these for the price!

  44. 51

    by Katie

    I felt in love with the design of this headphones – it is simple, stylish, but most important – comfortable. I can do all my sport activities with no fear that I lose one of the pieces from the ear (used completely wireless before). The battery life last for a week for me and charging doesn’t take much time. Love the sound quality – it blocks all the noise from outside and gives clear crisp sound. Pretty decent solution for such an attractive price.

  45. 51

    by Amanda

    Good price with this quality.The battery life is good. they?ve seamlessly connected to all my device and they are pretty clear in playback. Good for me to use when at workout.

  46. 51

    by Lucia

    This is my 2nd pair of these headphones – and they are my favorites. I also own an old pair of around-ear Bose sound links, the sound sport free, These are my favorite headphones for running or working out, and also watching movies on an airplane. The sound and fit is nearly identical to the sound sport free. Very easy to connect, I used them everyday on my way to work, and whenever I feel like using.

  47. 51

    by Devine

    I use these to hold my keys and clip to my belt. This is a very nice heavy duty carabiner for this purpose. The only con is at the top there is a little hook, which can get caught on my belt loop.

  48. 51

    by Janet

    I really like these headphones for listening to music while my kids are watching tv. They were very easy to pair with my phone. They are comfortable and stay in place while doing housework. The sound quality is good and they hold a charge for a long time. I like that my phone shows the battery life of the headphones. They come with a nice little carry case that holds everything and is easy to throw in my purse to take wherever I want to use them.

  49. 51

    by Ellison

    This is a great product. I buy the small bottles all the time. I love it on pasta and salads. My complaint is this big bottle expires in 3 months.

  50. 51

    by Devon

    Great sound quality and perfect for running and taking to the gym. Can work out with our worrying about them coming out and the sound is great even when running. I love the magnets on the side for clipping around the neck. Definitely worth the price

  51. 51

    by Auburn

    I use it on every salad – no calories (the reason that I bought it) and livens up the salad. Likely needs to be an acquired taste so just order one to try it out.

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