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  • Line Length:None
  • With Microphone:Yes
  • Plug Type:Wireless
  • Function:For Mobile Phone,Sport
  • Wireless Type:Bluetooth
  • Connectors:USB
  • Sensitivity:123dB
  • Waterproof:No
  • Communication:Wireless
  • Active Noise-Cancellation:Yes
  • Support Memory Card:No
  • Volume Control:Yes
  • Resistance:
  • Frequency Response Range:20-20000Hz
  • Support Apt-x:Yes

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Black, White

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98 Reviews For This Product

  1. 98

    by Rick Beyes


  2. 98


    Excellent audio quality, both for send and receive. People think I’m on a good quality landline when we’re talking, and I never have any problems hearing my end of the conversation.

  3. 98

    by MikeM

    Great product. Sounds good. People on the other end don’t hear nothing but your voice

  4. 98


    Great call quality

  5. 98

    by Mako

    Love them works great listening and talking on

  6. 98

    by The Cannon

    Finally found the headphones that designed for sports use. I have bought so many different wireless earphones over the years but this is the one I really like. It stays in my ears when I run. It is very light weight and comfortable, the flexible neckband design is really good. The sound quality is just as good or even better then my other earphones. I am really happy with my purchase.

  7. 98

    by John R Kelly

    Satisfied with the purchase.

  8. 98

    by Kirk Tarman

    AMAZING set of wireless headphones. Sound quality is crisp- never choppy even within distance of your phone.

  9. 98

    by mjc100

    I find it difficult to throw away the package because it is very good. very touched.

  10. 98

    by Mark R Meed

    Good sound. Holds charge pretty well. Light. Does not interfere while working out or just driving. Sometimes I forget that it is even on.

  11. 98

    by W. G. Hudacek

    I highly recommend this Bluetooth Headset to anyone who wants a light weight and snug headset.

  12. 98

    by Namaste

    I like products.

  13. 98

    by Gold586

    So far, this kind of headset been used, including tablets and mobile phones. The packaging is also very good.

  14. 98

    by texorama

    Strong, practical and pleasing. I have confidence in buying it because it is.

  15. 98

    by Craig_C

    the best.

  16. 98

    by Todd Spinner

    The first thing I noticed is that the headphone is very light and comfortable. It does not feel heavy or annoying on my neck when I’m using it. The magnetic earbud is a plus feature, it secures the headphone by connecting together when not in use and just hanging in my neck. The ear wings helps secure the headphone when I’m using it to prevent it from falling out of my ear when I am constantly moving. Another plus is the sound quality, I didn’t have to play the volume at the maximum level to enjoy the sounds. For the price and quality of this bluetooth headphone, I definitely will recommend it to my friends.

  17. 98

    by Woodchuck

    Excellent product.

  18. 98

    by Dave B.

    This headset works amazing, and for the price its a no brainer.

  19. 98

    by Customer

    It is still quite good till now.

  20. 98

    by Ash

    I use these at work. I have an office and sound travels from the other offices through the ceiling so i have been trying to drown the noise out with regular earbuds. I didn’t think that they were noise cancelling at first but then pushed them in further and voila! i couldn’t hear anything besides my music. Plus I don’t have to jack up the sound really high and the sound quality increased once i had it in my ear properly. It paired with my phone super fast also.

  21. 98

    by Angel R. Sierra

    This headset is the durable solution you are looking for.

  22. 98

    by Scotes

    Sound is excellent for such low cost and battery life is great.

  23. 98

    by Customer

    These inexpensive headphones are simply incredible. So far I would give them 6 stars if I could. I use them on my motorcycle. I am literally able to ride down the Interstate at 80 mph and hear every word and every note. I used them to and from work today on my 40 mile commute, including 20 miles of Interstate each way. The noise cancelling is superb. It reduces the wind noise down to a level where the music comes through loud and clear. The wind noise is usually deafening, but with these little gems in I barely hear it. Be sure to use the correct size rubber tip for the best results, (three different sizes are included). I highly recommend them for motorcyclists. Just be careful and pay attention because you also barely hear the traffic around you. But that’s what your eyes and your mirrors are for!

  24. 98

    by robert cornish jr

    I can wear this wireless headphone when I work out. It is so convenient! Gonna buy one more for my bear!

  25. 98

    by Pleased

    These headphones have amazing sound quality and the earbuds are nice, even after wearing them for a few hours my ears didn’t get sore. I really like that it has the neck strap to connect them when I wanted to remove one I didn’t need to worry about loosing it. Connecting them to my phone was easy as well.

  26. 98

    by Chris P.

    The earphones are very light in weight. The sound quality is decent. I like it can rest on your neck. You barely feel it. It’s great when you work out.

  27. 98

    by Edward J. Thomas

    Bought these to replace my wired headphones that kept fall off during my run. These worked great, easy to sync to my Samsung s8, had no problems so far with the battery.

  28. 98

    by Customer

    Used for calls or listening to media. Good sound quality, inconspicuous, and works well

  29. 98

    by John J Kidwell

    Good quality, comfortable to wear, most importantly when I talk to somebody they can hear me clearly. Very happy with the purchase

  30. 98

    by G.

    Comfortable and works well with Google Now. It replaced my broken Bose bluetooth headset.

  31. 98

    by kevinD

    This headset works amazing, and for the price its a no brainer. I can get about 25 feet from my phone before I start to lose signal. I use it while working in the garage around band saws and grinders and have no issue hearing the music at a comfortable level. Battery life is great for its size and the unit recharges in a reasonable amount of time. If the break i’ll happily buy another one.

  32. 98

    by Customer

    This is the best bluetooth I have ever owned.

  33. 98

    by T

    this is a great ear piece excellent sound

  34. 98

    by Betsytex

    The effect is very good and the charges are fast.

  35. 98

    by Ken Williams

    I just got these yesterday and I love them! I can dance around while doing chores, the sound quality is absolutely amazing, they’re SO comfortable, and the packaging is very minimal.

  36. 98

    by Margaret S. Johns

    Outstanding headphones; Connects immediately after powering them on. Long battery life, Good sound quality. In ear design blocks most of the noise while working out in the gym. Comfortable to wear even when jogging.I wish the cable for the earbuds was thicker, it feels flimsy, but had these headphones for about 4 months and so far so good.

  37. 98

    by Ken Williams

    I’ve been using this for a few weeks now and I can say that I am a satisfied customer.The sound quality is more or less the same as my iphone earphones. Noise canceling works pretty well. What I like about it the most is the neck band. It stays and it doesn’t bother me at all

  38. 98

    by L.F.

    Favorite head phones , really light weight so you don’t feel them on your neck and they connect reLly easily to my phone.

  39. 98

    by Igor

    It was easy to pair the headphones with my phone .

  40. 98

    by Nathaniel H. Reagan

    High quality

  41. 98

    by Natalie

    The headphones came in three weeks, the parcel was tracked, the goods fully match the description, the quality is excellent, the sound is also excellent for watching movies perfectly, many thanks to the seller for the excellent goods and fast delivery, i recommend the product and the seller to shopping!

  42. 98

    by jon8linden

    I have never used bluetooth headphone beforeIt is really convenient. I can put my mobile on my bedroom and walk around when I call someone and my mobile is being charged.And its quality of music is very good. At least better than my previous headphone.And I don’t need to put it in my pocket anymore, because it can be put on my neck :)And it can connect 2 devices at the same time, but this will affect the quality of sound.

  43. 98


    Supplied as ordered,. Could only be brisk of the Delivery Time.

  44. 98

    by PBJ0721

    The headphones are good for their price, the battery holds about 15 hours almost at maximum volume. the sound quality is good, worthy to look in their direction

  45. 98

    by R2D2

    Great bluetooth. I’ve tried and used many, but none compare or even come close to comparing. I would recommend to anyone who is looking for a bluetooth!

  46. 98

    by Carol in NC

    The item is as accurate as described. thanks to the seller.

  47. 98

    by Customer

    It fit nicely to the ear where I can wear it for bicycling and jogging. Light weight and the part that goes around your neck keeps the ear buds from falling out. It also allows for less of a pulling feel in the ear buds. Like they aren’t being yanked out of your ears from gravity. The sound quality is decent for a head phone used for exercising. Battery life is satisfying which can survive a week for one hour’s exercise per day.

  48. 98

    by Jonathan Nunez

    This is simply amazing. It is indeed the case. Extremely durable. I like small products, such as what the product says it does, and it does. Would recommend

  49. 98

    by BRuby1655109

    I like the earphone, it works nicely.

  50. 98

    by jmhunt

    Best set of headphones that I’ve ever purchased and really enjoy the sound quality that it offers. I totally recommend buying this product!

  51. 98

    by MichaelK

    Best Bluetooth headset ever

  52. 98

    by Efrain

    Uncomfortable buttons, hard to look for touch. Short wires, when lifting the kolova up pulls the ear

  53. 98

    by Beloved

    For their price, good headphones, they heard me, i heard very clearly. The sound is normal. You can listen to music. Description corresponds 100%! I recommend this!

  54. 98

    by Brady

    Quite good headphones play somewhere about three hours at full volume, but the frequencies for an amateur for me are not enough low frequencies and most likely they are designed for more pop music for heavy music of course not very, delivery pleased quite fast.

  55. 98

    by UnRuh3

    Good product quality price, now i just need to try them.

  56. 98

    by Vezza

    Product arrived very quickly. its pairs quickly. no disconnections. very small and light so easy to carry, has many functions in the buttons, looks good.

  57. 98

    by Virginia

    The sound quality is also good

  58. 98

    by Abla

    This is a very good headset.

  59. 98

    by Kicker3d

    Sound Quality is fine if you look at the size of these earpieces. They stay in addition surprisingly good sit during exercise.

  60. 98

    by Roberta

    It took a lot longer to arrive than the set deadline. Otherwise they smoke well and the sound quality goes according to the price.

  61. 98

    by Sebastiane

    Works well. fits comfortably, and batteries are great.

  62. 98

    by Muriel

    Charging case without cover, but hold on magnets. Price-quality. Walked for a long time.

  63. 98

    by RenVin

    Fast shipping….18 days to Canada!! 3rd set bought and they connect and perform perfectly!! RECOMMEND

  64. 98

    by Domingo

    It is difficult to write something on such a quality product.

  65. 98

    by Kt Silvestri


  66. 98

    by DFD

    Shipping fast, track tracking, price-quality is good, can be taken.

  67. 98

    by Maxwell

    The sound quality is excellent, the bass is slightly smaller but for its money it’s super. I have 2 samsung and xiaomi phones, connect instantly without problems. Recommend!!!

  68. 98

    by linda

    Fast shipping. Everything works. My recommendations. Sound …. Well, not at music lover, but what are you waiting for for this money. Listen to the news, watch the movie. Answer the call. It’s for you.

  69. 98

    by Sandie P

    Very fast receive, product works perfect. I recommend the seller to.

  70. 98

    by Micha

    Super! For such a price! Edible for women’s ears, large

  71. 98

    by Hall

    Quite good headphones for their money sound pleasant in the ears sit well.

  72. 98

    by Jessica

    I love it

  73. 98

    by jh

    The left earpiece only connects, but there is no sound. The seller offered only to reinstall the headphone connection by removing previous connections in the phone in history, it is clear that it did not help. Return of goods and money did not even offer.

  74. 98

    by BarbaraG

    A birthday gift for her husband. He likes it very much.

  75. 98

    by Carlo

    This is by far the best Bluetooth I’ve had- I absolutely love that I can listen to music with it! Couldn’t ask for a better product and the price was even better!

  76. 98

    by Yedda

    Arrived safe and sound. It was for my father, and he is very satisfied with it.

  77. 98

    by Jason

    It’s okay. Shipping 18 days. But on the way the parcel did not crumble. But everything works.

  78. 98

    by AustinGirlie

    Works normally, in the ears keeps, the sound goes

  79. 98

    by Dermott

    Earphones are easy to use and work very well. Really good value for money.

  80. 98

    by QAC

    Great Value.

  81. 98

    by Osborn

    An article lock. The sound quality is very good. They adapt well to the ear. Exactly the same as other brands that sell them more expensive.

  82. 98

    by Katherine

    fantastic headphones for the money. Fast delivery considering it was Chinese New Year.

  83. 98

    by TG

    Fits perfectly.

  84. 98

    by Ruby

    Quite decent for their money

  85. 98

    by Odelia

    good product good quality and good sound thanks seller

  86. 98

    by Irma

    I was very pleased with this product

  87. 98

    by UYHGN

    All the rules came. The box is a little wrinkled, everything is inside. Shipping from 5.0 took 20 days to m.o. bluetooth 11.11 is much better, in your pocket does not stutter, but if your phone supports 5.0. Kit: base, 2 earpieces, set of ambyushur, micro usb cable, kit instruction. And english.

  88. 98

    by Tammy

    Very cool headphones for their money. The sound is juicy, sit well, the ears in them do not hurt after a couple of hours of listening to music. Worth your money

  89. 98

    by Hannah

    good quality, I have another QCY Bluetooth headset which is really good as well, I like their products, recommended!!

  90. 98

    by ERW


  91. 98

    by uy

    Everything is fine. Headphones are very good.

  92. 98

    by Hannah

    The packaging is whole, while everything works further sign off. Due to the holidays there were little delays.

  93. 98

    by Paula

    Product delivered was as per description. Very fast delivery. Awesome product, fits nicely in the ears. Excellent sound quality. Would recommend this product.

  94. 98

    by Rachel

    Size of buds is smaller than I thought. Volume and base is good enough for the price.

  95. 98

    by Ekta3582

    I’m talking like a music lover. Quality worthy-not cheap sound. Problems are not revealed, inserted large rubber bands hold. In the ears is wonderful. Talking in headphones is not real, only in complete silence at home on elevated tones. For headset is not suitable.

  96. 98

    by UnRu

    Just super, very comfortable, those who often listen to music, but do not like wired headphones-the top solution.

  97. 98

    by Xanthe

    Great sound and mic quality

  98. 98

    by Audrey

    Excellent headphones

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