H15 Bluetooth headset sports waterproof stereo universal wireless metal magnet

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Name: Sports Bluetooth headset
Brand: neutral, OEM
Color: black, red, yellow
Bluetooth version: Bluetooth 4.1
Transmission distance: 10M
Service time: 4 hours
Standby time: 120 hours
Battery: 80mah rechargeable lithium battery
Weight: 50g
Functions: adjust volume, switch songs, answer incoming calls, reject incoming calls, hang up, Bluetooth play, hands-free call, telephone replay, Bluetooth back connection, voice prompt
Official standard configuration: headset 1 + UBS data cable 1 + Manual 1

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Black, Blue, Red, White, Yellow

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100 Reviews For This Product

  1. 100

    by Simply Ursula

    Products reached my hand within 2 weeks in rugged and working condition thanks in suanda

  2. 100

    by Dahl

    The headset is good, convenient to wear, but very, very long went, the seller is sociable, well done.

  3. 100

    by Margaret

    Headphones are able to answer a phone call and hold a long charge, water and dust impermeable, the voice assistant reports the level of battery charge, you can still adjust the volume

  4. 100

    by Customer

    Extremely top. Recommend.

  5. 100

    by bak

    Fits and works well

  6. 100

    by Cindy

    i use other bluetooth and always have to charge after 8 hr, i am a truck driver. this device will last 2 days before i need to recharge, of coarse its gonna depend on your usage, but for normal usage it is great.

  7. 100

    by Tina J. Garcia

    It fits well in my right ear and is comfortable.

  8. 100

    by Jeffch98

    I absolutely love this earpiece. Easy to work, and have no complaints from people I?ve been on the phone with. Though main reason I got this was to use in my pickup while driving, I actually use it at home while cooking, chores etc. It came with extra pieces, an a case.

  9. 100

    by Hall

    I ordered a headset in gold. The goods were sent quickly, until the delivery in Belarus for a little more than a month. The sound is very loud, I can hear also wonderful. After a week of regular use, the battery indicator is full. Comments on Russian. I recommend the goods and the seller.

  10. 100

    by V. Carney

    I have owned many bluetooth headsets over the years and was getting tired of people telling me that they heard their voice echoing back at them, my sound was muffled, they couldn’t hear me…..on & on. I just wanted to find a reliable, quality bluetooth headset that worked. Not sure why it has been so difficult to find. I found the Jabra Talk 55 & researched the unit on Jabra’s website & Amazon. Decided to give it a try. Finally! A headset that is comfortable, easy to use, & people don’t even seem to know I’m on a headset. This seems to be the one I was looking for. Thanks Jabra. Great unit. Better then my Plantronics and even my Bose. Barely visible & super comfortable to wear.

  11. 100

    by Customer

    I loved last one I had, had it almost 2 years before it was run over by car tire. Had Jabra Extreme before, love the Jabra 351 !

  12. 100

    by Gail B.

    work great I have had no complaints from anyone regarding call quality. I can wear the earpiece for 2 – 3 hours at a time comfortably even while wearing sun glasses.

  13. 100

    by tony

    This is a great Bluetooth earpiece. The voice is very clear. It hold my ear very tight and comfortable. The battery is very strong works for long time. Great buy.

  14. 100

    by D sap


  15. 100

    by Latoya

    Product as promised

  16. 100

    by ViLo

    Great battery, great sound. Tells you exactly how much power left. Only wish a button was assigned to pause and play music My husband wears it for 8 hours without discomfort

  17. 100

    by ViLo

    Pricing great so far so good. Longevity of hours

  18. 100

    by Amanda L

    Great product….

  19. 100

    by reavels


  20. 100

    by Olivia B

    Very good quality, long last battery, very stable to ware. All in all, it?s a nice earbuds.

  21. 100

    by Olivia

    Everything is fine Just little funny about touching.

  22. 100

    by debra


  23. 100

    by Customer

    This is the best earpiece. Very light n fits into the ear comfortabily. Easy to connect n use.

  24. 100

    by Serafin D.

    I love this Bluetooth so much I purchased another. It?s small, compact and fits well on my ear. There?s no boom to break off and the sound quality it great!!

  25. 100

    by P.L

    This is perfect.. it works well and people hear me speaking very clearly

  26. 100

    by E. Bryce

    This Bluetooth Headset is amazing! Excellent product with low price! Both microphone and headphones work well. Highly recommended!

  27. 100

    by A. Customer

    I have purchased several headsets and earbuds ranging from $16 – 160. This is the least expensive of them all and I have to say the best. I don’t like the effect of earbuds because I can’t hear anything around me and I hate to try to talk to anyone even on a call because it’s the equivalent of having ear plugs in. All you can hear is the muffled sound of your own voice. The New Bee is very comfortable. I can hear everything around me while at the same time, the sound quality is exceptional and if I want to listen to music, the included earbud sounds great as well. The noise cancellation could be better but is still very acceptable. For the price, you simply can’t go wrong!

  28. 100

    by Hannah

    As for the audiphones are in perfect shape and sound great.

  29. 100

    by Customer

    Battery life is a little low. Good sound. Easy to use

  30. 100

    by Serafin D.

    Not real impressed with the battery life, and I’d be surprised if the ear clamp fits anyone other than a 6 year old kid, but the call quality is excellent. Maybe putting in adult sized ear holder thingies would be really enhance the sales!

  31. 100

    by Athena

    I Love this earpiece. I did a lot of research I had purchased three others and returned them. This has everything I need for what I was looking for – I can use two phones at the same time – The caller is announced with either the number and the name, if it’s in my contacts – decent noise cancellation – stays in my ear doesn’t fall out. That is something I’ve had trouble with while using many types of earphones- this one is a really good fit. It hooks over the ear and also has the rubber piece that goes slightly into the ear – I can also listen to my Podcasts. It is very clear and no complaints at all using it for this function. I was a little concerned and thought I would have to have double ear pieces for that but I can hear music and podcasts with no issues – I tap on the earpiece and it tells me how many phones are connected and how much battery life is left. Easy to access this info. – charges very quickly. This was important to me because I use this a lot for work and I need to have the earpiece charge sometimes at short notice – it says it lasts about 5 1/2 -six hours I believe. I don’t know If that is accurate or not, I have not counted up the hours during talk time usage Though I Have not had a problem with this at all. I usually just charge it in the morning. Highly recommend

  32. 100

    by ZiYahna

    The battery life seems to be much longer than I anticipated. I was concerned that the ear piece would not stay in my ear…it fits great and you will forget you have it in!

  33. 100

    by James Ringold

    Weak sound!

  34. 100

    by Virendra Nath Nagar

    Great product for the price

  35. 100

    by Lashawn Carter

    The sound quality for this affordable Bluetooth is amazing!!!….I?m very pleased with my purchase and would definitely buy again; If It should become lost…

  36. 100

    by Quran Broussard

    Very comfortable long lasting battery

  37. 100

    by Henry

    Sound quality is very nice as headset and listening to a music is flawless. Microphone works great too. People I?ve talked too doesn?t have a problem hearing me.

  38. 100

    by Bruce Boyd

    Thank you very much recommend you this seller shipping very quickly liked

  39. 100

    by Greg Noll

    Great deal for price. Works really well.

  40. 100

    by V. Carney

    I love it!

  41. 100

    by xinba

    I love that when my phone rang I could answer immediately and talk! No noise on either end and my family & friends haven’t once said I can’t hear or understand you! And I can go further distances at home or work without my phone being near & still be connected.

  42. 100

    by Denise M

    I’ve had this for about a week and it connects as soon as I turn it on. Will buy again when I need one.

  43. 100

    by Steve

    Good sound and user friendly. No volume control on the earpiece which kind of sucks but control with the phone works fine. We’ll see how long it lasts.

  44. 100

    by bee

    I use my Bluetooth for audio and media on my phone. I’ve only been using it for 4 days but so far it has been great. My callers have been able to hear me with no static or echo problems and I am able to hear them with no problems. It’s comfortable and with the ear hook it stays put until I take it off. Love it so far.

  45. 100

    by Leo

    I have found the best to use. You have to play around with the sizes until you find the correct size for your ear. Then you do not have to worry about it falling out of your ear. If you are serious about getting a handsfree item for safety while driving or just convenience, this is the one for you.

  46. 100

    by Robert Kenney

    These are clear and the talk time is great. Most people don’t even know i am using blue tooth. The range from the phone is only 10 feet or so .

  47. 100

    by Lupita

    Everything came in fine, good quality headphones and very nice ones. Still need to do the test, i recommend.

  48. 100

    by Bill T

    It is cool, with good shape and fabulous sound. I have tried several Bluetooth earphones, all of them were too big for my external auditory canal, but this one fits well. And it can also be fixed by the hook

  49. 100

    by henock

    The earpiece has been very useful and operates well.

  50. 100

    by TH

    Lost my last one had to order a replacement

  51. 100

    by TX Proud

    I was looking for a headset that would work comfortably in smaller ears and this Jabra is great! It comes with several different choices for the ear bud and once you decide on the fit type you like you’ll find that you can leave it in your ear for as long as you want. For those times that I don’t want to walk around with the headset, I turn it off and put it in my pocket because if i get a phone call it is very quick to reconnect to my phone. It is great while driving because it allows you to touch a button and give the phone a command, such as make a phone call or read aloud your text message. One touch of a button answers an incoming call or you can simply say ‘answer.’ I know alot of people connect their phones through their car, however, I prefer to use the headset because the sound quality is so much better for both people. An overall great buy.

  52. 100

    by Staci Morley

    I dropped it in the toilet and it still works!

  53. 100

    by Customer

    It works and that?s a start

  54. 100

    by reavels

    Could have a little more volume

  55. 100

    by Arthur

    Works ok.

  56. 100

    by YS Rider

    In brief, this is good if you like a low key, single ear Bluetooth device. It comes with a little cable, which plugs into a small oval cradle, where you charge the device. The device and ONLY be charged in the cradle. The cradle holds the device in, I believe magnetically, so great to thrown in a bag, and the device won’t get lost. The headset is pretty small and yet still has a small boom mic. Sound quality is great. It has no buttons, so all functions are tap based, and very limited. This is low feature, high use, I’d say. The batteries are not strong, so I would not consider it for hours of talking, but to be hands free and low key, these work. The cradle has three lights to show battery life. The piece itself only has a single light that indicates connecting, connected, or failed. So the good and bad is – it is small. Limited battery life. Easy to carry around. Basically unobtrusive. I also used it onsite when I was working to listen to a podcast without anyone else being aware. I did not mark durability, because its way to new, but it has held up in and out of my bag and in and out of my ear. When I pull it from the cradle it pairs, so it is convenient to keep on a desk and grab to answer.

  57. 100

    by Rick B.

    Both sound/talk quality are very good for the price. I’d definitely recommend it for earphones that are affordable and good.

  58. 100

    by Hamm

    Decent quality

  59. 100

    by Customer

    Very weak sound, not succeeded in changing voice prompts to English

  60. 100

    by Baal

    The product is satisfied, the seller and I recommend it.

  61. 100

    by Customer

    Great product

  62. 100

    by Damaris

    Excellent wireless Bluetooth Thank you sound quality very good

  63. 100

    by Customer

    The only bad thing is that it took a long time to get there but it was worth the wait.

  64. 100

    by James

    I’d say that the shipping was pretty fast, 15days or so..and even though i haven’t used it upto 24hours, i already love the product, it’s really cool, had a gift attached too..i recommend seller.. I’ll leave additional feedback after i have used it for a while!!

  65. 100

    by Megan


  66. 100

    by Kane


  67. 100

    by Jay

    The order went to the moscow region 25 days, the headphones are good, working, the seller is well done, i recommend

  68. 100

    by CindyOhCindy

    How wonderful

  69. 100

    by Boyd

    The order is satisfied with the second time.

  70. 100

    by Gunderson

    Excellent headphones. The box was slightly wrinkled, but everything came intact. Very nice.

  71. 100

    by CLaura313

    Very accurate Same as described.

  72. 100

    by Customer

    The product is good and cheap, the volume to hear music is normal.

  73. 100

    by Umber

    Very good phone Great finish loud sound and an excellent record and the best of all is the battery it lasts forever because am using seven days and still not gave charge on it.

  74. 100

    by Jon Umber

    Super recommend to everyone

  75. 100

    by Kelley

    Good seller, Good product as described. Need to check for long run

  76. 100

    by Casillas

    In appearance, weak, the quality is so-so, but work normally

  77. 100

    by Customer

    The microphone quality is good

  78. 100

    by Kendall

    Thank you, I received my order. Works and sound good, thank you very much to the seller, recommend this mogasin.

  79. 100

    by Early

    Came to the look of norms battery discharged will hope for the best…!

  80. 100

    by Tonya

    Accurate in description, works, charged. Attached charging yusb cable.

  81. 100

    by Calloway

    Great product, arrived fast also advertised

  82. 100

    by US-Gaming reviews

    5 Stars

  83. 100

    by IIWII

    I really like these headphones.

  84. 100

    by Caleb

    Product very good thank you very much

  85. 100

    by Brianna

    Received, arrived in good condition, has good sound very liked and arrived fast to Cape Verde, recommend buying

  86. 100

    by Hal

    All very packed, complete and in good condition, thank you

  87. 100

    by Ashley W


  88. 100

    by James Tomaszewski

    Great seller and the phone is very good sound and the battery lasts quite?

  89. 100

    by US


  90. 100

    by Christa C

    Excellent quality and sound i will keep testing and sending comment thanks to the supplier i arrive very fast the order

  91. 100

    by long board america


  92. 100

    by Nana

    The earphone works, small, did not immediately realize how to activate it, you need to press the button and hold 5 seconds, there will be a voice reporting activation. Try to watch the movie with him at the same time and see how much charge is enough, but judging by the way he quickly charges I think discharged too quickly

  93. 100

    by Devan

    Same as described.

  94. 100

    by Ursula

    Excellent earphone with very good sound quality.

  95. 100

    by Kelley

    I am satisfied with the sound quality of product with this price range. I have slight concern about wire quality (I feel it can break if it bend a lot ). Sound signature is Heavy (Bass) as compared to normal headphones. if you choose equalizer it can give more promising sound. Battery quality look decent till now. ‘Ear plugs silicone quality is not good.’ Please send a good soft silicone tips if possible. I rarely give 5 star to any product. But shipper replied on time on my queries and sound is decent. :Like: Thanks for your product.

  96. 100

    by Hartley

    To my little ear did not come, great, ear quickly begins to get sick and hold poorly, and 5⭐Because it works.

  97. 100

    by Customer

    Everything is OK, works, the sound is weak, for such a price do not bother

  98. 100

    by Abbet

    This is nice thanks

  99. 100

    by TDaley

    Great, the headphone works as it should)

  100. 100

    by ZA

    It all works without reckoning. For its price just great

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