Newest S6 Wireless Headphone Bluetooth Earphone Headphone for Phone Neckband Sport Earphone Auriculare CSR Bluetooth V4.1

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  • Style:Neckband
  • Communication:Wireless
  • Connectors:USB
  • Vocalism Principle:Dynamic
  • Control Button:Yes
  • Volume Control:Yes
  • Active Noise-Cancellation:Yes
  • Plug Type:USB
  • Sensitivity:115±3dB
  • Frequency Response Range:20-24000Hz
  • Line Length:None
  • Resistance:42Ω
  • Waterproof:No
  • Support Memory Card:No
  • Support APP:No
  • Is wireless:Yes
  • With Microphone:Yes
  • Model Number:S6 bleutooth
  • Wireless Type:Bluetooth
  • Function:For Mobile Phone,For iPod,Sport

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95 Reviews For This Product

  1. 95

    by R. Finley

    the Bluetooth headset not just a great buy but an awesome product. I highly recommend this bluetooth.

  2. 95

    by brad in vegas

    The concept of a spare battery is a good one and this headset works well with my android phone. I have a bit of hearing loss in one ear but the headset is loud enough and clear enough to compensate.

  3. 95

    by Dennis Cline

    Love this headset very completely and long lasting battery m, the sound is extremely clear and very clear bass which is a must for a wonderful headset. I definitely recommend this brand for everyone that is looking for a great headset that is easy to use and comfortable to wear even for length such as 14 hours a day which is how long I have been wearing them for each day since I have bought these. The seller is a great person to work with when it comes to customer service and answering questions about this device I recommend them greatly.

  4. 95

    by Karen

    They are comfortable and the calls don’t fade in and out or disconnect as they have with my previous headsets. The talk time is also way better than with the others that I have owned. I can use it all day and still have battery left.

  5. 95

    by Carmen Y Bennington-Williams

    The sound quality is top notch. The battery life is really long and it doesn’t take long for it to charge. I highly recommend this.

  6. 95

    by Larry G. Buchanan

    Surprisingly, this is not a cheap product, and don’t let the price belie its worth. Sound is very loud , and the voice clarity is great according to person on other end. It is also very comfortable to wrap around the ears, and you can actually sleep with it and toss and turn without falling off.

  7. 95

    by BCFR710

    So far the battery usage has been excellent. I have used it to listen to audiobooks and podcasts without any problems.

  8. 95

    by S. D. Herren

    As far as it?s functionality, it works great, syncs quickly every time, has great sound, and the battery life is great.

  9. 95

    by Hulababe

    I purchased this headset for a few reasons. First is because we’ve tried so many Bluetooth speakers and wireless headsets and either I can’t hear the person or they can’t hear me, especially when I’m driving on the freeway. Second, the reviews I read on this were awesome for fit, comfort and hearing/listening capabilities. It’s nice to finally be able to talk to my grandma, who’s hard of hearing, while I’m driving on the freeway, while it’s raining I might add, and she can still hear every word I’m saying without hearing road noise or having a hard time hearing me. So far the comfort footing in the ear is good, I’m usually very sensitive with headsets in or around my ear and this one is very comfortable. The battery has lasted for over two days already without needing to be charged even after being in several lengthy calls. To say the least, I’m very pleased with this headset and would highly recommend everyone to try it!

  10. 95

    by Virginia Hale

    Being in a long distance relationship, one spends an exorbitant amount of time talking on the phone because that’s how you are together. With this headset, I feel like it isn’t noticeably like a phone call. The singular ear piece feels like almost nothing at all. There is no fatigue from being heavy or invasive as it penetrate your ear hole to hold on. This lightly, and barely noticeably, slips over your ear and stays there. There is a small ear piece that goes in, but it doesn’t plant itself like a seed. It just hovers there to not bother.

  11. 95

    by Keiondria Jones

    Today I used it for work at home, listening to music, and making phone calls and taking calls. Sound is clear and the clarity is great. No static or drops. Only thing I would recommend is having a hard case for this component to protect it better when transporting because I would hate to lose these or break them.

  12. 95

    by Abdiel Santiago

    Comfort…I saved the best for last. You hear all the time in reviews that you hardly notice it’s there, but then you buy it and it’s comfortable at first but after a while it hurts. It happens to me all the time, perhaps I’m extra sensitive. But for me, this one is truly the most comfortable one I have ever tried!

  13. 95

    by David McGee

    I came to a conclusion that this little device would serve it’s purpose due to the long lasting battery advertised. Well, color me impressed, the headset is as straight forward as it can be, pair and go, you can even have 2 devices connected to the headset, which I was even more impressed due to me changing from a laptop to a phone all the time. This came as an excellent advantage.

  14. 95

    by Customer

    Overall, for the price, this is the best (in my opinion) ear piece you can purchase. What you get for the money is amazing and the quality exceeds my expectations so I am beyond thrilled.

  15. 95

    by Customer

    These fit great, very comfortable and easy to wear! They sound awesome considering the cost. Battery life is outstanding and having the second battery is so convenient! No need to stop listening to your favorite podcast while your earbud charges… just switch out the battery and keep listening! It also came with TWO charging cables, so you can charge both batteries at the same time! This was sooooo worth the low, low, price!

  16. 95


    Battery…so far I’ve used it on my left ear only and have been using it on and off, from calls to music, for 2 days. Or about 8 to 10 hours (not continuously) and the battery is still going.

  17. 95

    by Catrina Hider

    The instructions were simple and yet complete. Pair was as simple as any set I have tried. Overall it’s well worth the small price for it.

  18. 95

    by Austin

    I was surprised when I got this Bluetooth it plays the perfect music for your ears the only problem is that it has one button for the volume and another button to press and it’s hard to kind of find the button when you’re using it it’s more harder when you’re trying to do it on the left side of the year other than that does Bluetooth is great for someone that likes real small buttons that’s kind of hard to find it would be much better at the big button in the middle that you can press instead of trying to find a little bit of small buttons on the side other than that this is a winner

  19. 95

    by Thiago Castro

    Excellent Bluetooth. As per other reviews, you don’t even feel that you are wearing it. Voice is clear and strong, battery lasts a long time, recharging time is short, and the price from this seller can’t be beat. Received the product on time and packaged well.

  20. 95

    by Jocelyn

    For this price there are no claims, from my xiaomi hybrid little than different, the battery holds more than 3 hours

  21. 95

    by Philipppa

    Everything’s fine. I liked the sound very much!

  22. 95

    by Breenda

    Arrived quickly, well packaged .. Work well. Superb sound quality. I recommend this seller.

  23. 95

    by Nicole

    At the moment this is the best option! Headphones came in eleven days.

  24. 95

    by Pamela

    Good quality for listening and handsfree. Fast delivery.

  25. 95

    by Green

    Products like being pressed. Should pack more than 1 box. But the product is not damaged. good voice

  26. 95

    by diane ruo

    I bought this as a gift for my husband. He is a contractor always on the go, with little time to stop and pull out his phone. This has worked perfectly. It fits very well on the ear, he can wear it all day without discomfort. The sound is loud and clear, he often listens to music while working as well, and music sounds as well as any high dollar bluetooth headset for a much smaller price He likes that it has a backup battery, the headset lasts several hours at a time. It came well packaged, in a really nice box with extra buds for the correct fit. I would definitely buy this product again!

  27. 95

    by Priscilla

    Great value for money. Shipped within 15 days to Fiji. Sound quality is good. Bass is present. You can use an equalizer to improve sound quality further.

  28. 95

    by Thorpe49

    These were for a friend who’s sensitive to earphones. For the price at the time she decided to give them a try. They were a hit! The wireless earphone was so comfortable,comfortable enough to sleep with! The sound quality is great, better than other bluetooth headphones. With some bluetooth earphones you know when someone is using them on a call because the sound is tinny and all kinds of cross interference happens. Even in the car this happens while using the speakerphone.

  29. 95

    by Roger H Phelps

    I’ve used my Bluetooth headset for a couple of months now and I’m very impressed at the long battery life, since I can sometimes spend hours talking on the phone with my mom or a friend. The headset allows me to do housework while I chat and the person on the other end says there is not a significant amount of background noise coming through to them. They also say they can understand me clearly when I talk – my voice is not muffled or electronic-sounding. I can hear their voices very clearly as well. This comfortable headset fits snuggly and stays securely on my ear even as I’m talking and moving around. I have nothing negative to say about it, which isn’t always the case with my Amazon reviews. Don’t hesitate to buy it!

  30. 95

    by Dorothy

    Very nice and compact earbuds with great sound and bass

  31. 95

    by Ruben R. Galindo

    I’ve only had the opportunity to listen to music with this headset for a couple hours today. I gotta say though, sound quality definitely exceeded my expectations. The bass isnt crazy but I mean… look how small it is. For me, the noise cancellation sort of makes up for that. Also, The other reviewers that raved about the comfort weren’t kidding. Can barely tell its onnyour ear.

  32. 95

    by Ashland01

    Battery life is great. I love the alternating batteries. It shuts off if it can?t find a device to pair with which I really appreciate. I don?t ever find it on and dead like my others.

  33. 95

    by Penny

    This was an amazing bargain. Pairs without issues. Sound quality is great. Very well designed – not a cheap looking set.

  34. 95

    by Autumn

    Thanks to the seller a beautiful product and fast shipping

  35. 95

    by Joshua M. Ring

    I?m really impressed with this headphone. I have tried several different ones and none were to my satisfaction. It fits very comfortably in my ear and I forget it?s even there. The sound quality is awesome. I highly recommend you give this one a try.

  36. 95

    by Kim

    I have used many Bluetooth headsets in the past but this 1 by far is the best!!! It fits securely & comfortably. Pairing was very simple. I could hear the person on the other line very clearly as they could hear me just as clear.

  37. 95

    by Riley

    All, as in the picture, very high quality goods! Thank you to the seller for the gift!

  38. 95

    by Customer

    Very good purchase for me. Good luck. You’ll enjoy it.

  39. 95

    by Robin L.

    this earpiece is amazing. The sound quality is a solid 4/5 if we were to compare it against other bluetooth headsets, but for any sub $60 headset this is a 5/5.

  40. 95

    by gregory walker

    the battery does have a long life. I have been using it on and off for 4 days and the battery is still strong. I am very happy with the ear piece and would give it a five star.

  41. 95

    by Mackenzie

    The package came quickly. I haven’t checked the contents yet.

  42. 95

    by Consumer Advocate!

    Battery life is outstanding.

  43. 95

    by Nicole Sanders-W

    I’ve used my Bluetooth headset for a couple of months now and I’m very impressed at the long battery life, since I can sometimes spend hours talking on the phone with my mom or a friend. The headset allows me to do housework while I chat and the person on the other end says there is not a significant amount of background noise coming through to them. They also say they can understand me clearly when I talk – my voice is not muffled or electronic-sounding. I can hear their voices very clearly as well. This comfortable headset fits snuggly and stays securely on my ear even as I’m talking and moving around. I have nothing negative to say about it, which isn’t always the case with my reviews. Don’t hesitate to buy it!

  44. 95

    by chris

    When my mom calls me and talks to me through her headset, I can hear her perfectly, no difference from her having the phone up to her ear. When I was listening to music the first time through them, just to test out the sound, the music sounded as it usually does.

  45. 95

    by Mocha

    The sound is great, I can hear my caller perfectly. When I’m talking they can hear me loud and clear without any background noise even when I’m driving down the interstate in my truck. It’s super comfortable.

  46. 95

    by Kevin

    Awesome product for the price! Earpiece is comfortable and doesn’t bother my ear having it on for hours. I can hear people very clearly, and they can hear me just as well. The battery life appears to be very good. I can talk for hours, and there’s still good life left in the product. You also get a whole other battery to switch out if one dies (it’ll go in the opposite ear), so you can charge both up at one time and have them both on the go. You get two charger pieces for both batteries. Different ear bud pieces come with it so you can find one that’s comfortable for you. Connecting it to Google voice (I’ve got an Android), not only can you call people, but you can verbally send texts, ask about weather, even ask what elephants like to eat lol I love it. I recommend.

  47. 95

    by Georgia

    Perfect, product exactly like the advertised, fast shipping and perfect operation, pair to 1 in 2 min and the sound quality very good and isolate from outside noise, with three different size replacement, come on, i recommend them without hesitation

  48. 95

    by Customer

    Best ear piece of ever owned. The holder that goes in the back of the ear piece that holds the earpiece to your ear is a battery but it is shaped thin and oval so it is extremely comfortable and holds the ear piece firm There is also a ear bud that goes over the ear piece that fits in your ear so it is also very comfortable. I’ve asked for people’s feedback on how they can hear me and is very clear

  49. 95

    by Blutziyona

    This bluetooth is probably the best I have ever owned.

  50. 95

    by Berk

    I use it primarily for phone calls, not for music. And it excels for phone calls. Answering calls is as easy as pressing the answer button.

  51. 95

    by Vivien

    Works perfectly, for the moment very happy with my acquisition!

  52. 95

    by Mitsuriya

    Sound quality is just as good as my powerbeats that cost way more. Overall quality for price is astonishing. However, I noticed when I attached the battery to the receiver. The port area seemed a little loose. Like i have to press it in good for it to stay or it will disconnect and fall out. We will see if that will be an issue later as to the wear and tear over time. Super comfortable. Just getting use to controls.

  53. 95

    by Janet Mendoza

    One of my best Bluetooth purchases yet. Battery life superb…over 8 hrs per battery with constant music play. Fits in either ear quite well but fits my left ear a little more comfortably than my right. Sound quality leaves something to be desired…a little ?cheap? sounding and muffled in calls but better for music, ironically. Volume is very good…I can hear my music or calls at less than half of the maximum volume. Noise insulation is fairly good…you won?t hear your music too well in a really loud area unless you crank up the volume, but it?s perfect for noisy crowds, business events, etc. I?ve had this piece for a few days now…time will tell how long it lasts but given the many positive reviews from other buyers I think I can safely say this will be my best Bluetooth device yet.

  54. 95

    by Scott

    The UFO is comfortable to wear, and it has a long battery life. I also like that it comes with two batteries, so I can have a charged back up in case I happen to run out of battery. The buttons on the headset are small, I am still getting used to them. I have had problems with other brands not fitting my ear and kept falling off. This one fits perfectly and doesn’t hurt or bother my ears, even if I wear it for hours at a time. As for call quality, I haven’t had any complaints, but it definitely does not cancel out noise around me as much as I hoped it would. My husband said he can still hear the background noise.

  55. 95

    by Isab

    Great product, sound is very good

  56. 95

    by Deborah

    Received in the mail, everything is fine, the box is not even Wrinkled. Everything works, was charged to 100% seller recommend. I will order now for my wife. The sound is good, i’m very pleased.

  57. 95

    by Hedy

    Good seller! He arrived fast. The headphones look quality to me for your low price, they sound great!

  58. 95

    by Alexan

    It came for 2 weeks, very quickly. good branded packaging. i recommend the seller!

  59. 95

    by Ursula

    Everything came in the original packaging. The sound is very good, i advise.

  60. 95

    by Theresa

    Good packaging, as a first impression… loud and good sound, all functions work well.

  61. 95

    by Fisherman Dude

    This is the first ear piece I’ve tried without the microphone right in front of my mouth, so I was a little worried that no one would be able to hear me. BUT…. the sound is clear and no one has had a problem hearing what I say. I use mine mostly for business and driving so it’s important that me and my caller can hear each other. I love that there’s an extra battery as well. If it lasts a while before wearing out, I’ll be sure to keep purchasing this one time after time.

  62. 95

    by Conn

    Headphones received, music plays well. Delivery fast came in a week. Thanks to the seller. I recommend the product.

  63. 95

    by Elizabeth

    I received the goods today. Thank you.

  64. 95

    by Hedy

    great earbuds for this price, the volume it’s enough, high frequencies are highlighter than basses, In the ears stay solid. Shipment to UK was quick. I’m satisfied

  65. 95

    by Phyllis

    Ok thanks product description is very good

  66. 95

    by Sean

    Excellent product. Really makes all promises. Wonderful.

  67. 95

    by Paul Stalter

    this is the most comfortable Bluetooth headphone i have used and has great and LOUD music quality. very well balanced. It has a very clever design with the large battery hiding behind the ear giving it high power and long life.

  68. 95

    by Zora

    excellent headphones! Workmanship at height! Cool sound, good autonomy, convenient magnetic base for charging with built-in battery. No problem cling to any bluetooth source, whether it’s a tablet or a smartphone! Thoughtful ergonomics, nowhere to press in the auricle, delicious price and the freshest bluetooch 5.0 protocol, which allows you to transmit audio without compression, the main thing is that your device supports it. In general, i recommend to buy!!! If the tip was useful, then forget to put like, finger up! Good luck shopping!!!

  69. 95

    by brian davis

    Good headphones, work perfectly. Not much delay volume control

  70. 95

    by Pamela

    The headphones are amazing! Using them for calls and music, both without an issue. Have not tried calling outside on street (noise) though.

  71. 95

    by Jodie

    easy intuitive control, instant pairing, sound quality beyond expectation, absolutely recommendable

  72. 95

    by Tuanna Carpo

    I received the product and like I stated in my initial post I absolutely love the earpiece.

  73. 95

    by Thomas

    I love that it’s not that complicated.

  74. 95

    by Vanessa

    Thank you for the excellent goods. The seller put in the set a leather case. For design the highest score. For sound average score, for convenience in the auricle the highest ball. 5 stars uniquely 🙂

  75. 95

    by Taylor

    Well done! very cute. it’s great. thank you. great seller

  76. 95

    by Gabrielle

    Very good headphones, sound quality is better than expected, the microphone is also pleasantly pleased, the only thing in my small female ear is too big, but you can get used to it)

  77. 95

    by Diana

    Excellent product, was very satisfied, the battery lasts and the sound quality is very good, already did the purchase more than 2 units.

  78. 95

    by Amanda

    Very good, quality. no doubt in store they charge you a kidney.

  79. 95

    by Arabela

    Fast , accurate delivery. Very good quality. Recommend!!!

  80. 95

    by Nina

    It seems that everything is good, even taking into account the walls catches 10-15 meters. In the ears keeps well, the volume reserve is normal, there were no breaks and scraps. In general, satisfied.

  81. 95

    by Alexan

    Delivery mega fast! about 2 weeks. sound for me so normal

  82. 95

    by Christopher Holliday

    I can?t believe I got this for 20 bucks and it works awesome It tells you incoming calls when you?re out of range disconnect and connecting which is a good thing in case you forget your phone it?s a great way to remind you. I have purchased one from Sprint pretty similar. I wish this one would tell me who?s calling and give me the option to say answer or ignore but for $20 I can?t complain. It comes with option for left ear and right ear if you charge both if one dies switch ears. It does last all day thou

  83. 95

    by Moore

    Fast shipping , product as described. Perfect

  84. 95

    by Thomas

    Size of buds is smaller than I thought. Volume and base is good enough for the price.

  85. 95

    by Beloved

    Delivery to moscow two weeks. Sound as in my bluetooth headphones of a well-known company, even clearer, juicier, clearer. When used as a headset, you can hear perfectly, the interlocutor also hears well. For such money, the option for every day is better not to find. I recommend

  86. 95

    by kim lanton

    I have a lot of bluetooth headphones these are the best in the ratio price quality functional there is nothing to complain about sound control appearance the best for such a price rock fellows delivery two weeks

  87. 95

    by Old Uncle Dave

    Nice device. Looking good. Sound quality is very good as well. I?m happy. Thank you seller

  88. 95

    by Victoria Caflisch

    Headphones class i like and bass norms do not need anything to download, on the notes 7 switching tracks works

  89. 95

    by Diana

    Super satisfied with these Earbuds. Better than expected. Bluetooth works perfectly! Very Happy

  90. 95

    by Regina

    Very good sound quality. 100% worth the price. The charging case is very small so it fits well in your pocket and the earbuds fit very well and haven’t fallen out yet. It’s really easy to pair with your phone too

  91. 95

    by Afra

    Headphones loos good, fits perfectly and the music is great. Very satisfied with the purchase.

  92. 95

    by Dales

    Video watch perfectly. Not late sound.

  93. 95

    by Eudora

    Headphones are really good, while everything is straight fine. Let’s see what happens next

  94. 95

    by Frederica

    Sensational product without words amazing sound quality without words, to mention the seller was very attentive and come back to buy more this product and other in store it, thank you seller.

  95. 95

    by Natalie

    They touched me on freebies, and the truth is, i didn’t expect them to be that good. I just opened them and used them and they’re great, the music is heard with very good quality, and they’re worth it. I love them, i ‘ve tried calls too and it’s going great too. The only negative thing is that it seems to only last 4 hours of music, not bad but i wish it would last longer in terms of the battery. Otherwise great, i’ll tell you.

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Newest S6 Wireless Headphone Bluetooth Earphone Headphone for Phone Neckband Sport Earphone Auriculare CSR Bluetooth V4.1

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