A566 head-mounted desktop computer headset gaming gaming headset with microphone microphone heavy bass

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Model: A566
Wearing style: head-mounted
Unique water drop shape
Clear sound quality, original sound reproduction
Clear call, user-friendly design
Interface: 3.5mm

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46 Reviews For This Product

  1. 46

    by Carlin

    I plugged into a ps4 and the sound quality was AMAZING. The mic worked great, so people could hear me. The microphone did not echo, like some other reviews said was a problem. I loved the glowing lights! I plugged them in at night and it was just… awesome. Words cannot explain it. The noise cancellation was not the best, but It was enough to block out loud noises and some annoying background noises, like a dishwasher or microwave. The earmuffs were very comfortable. I could wear it for hours at a time and I would notice almost no difference… In conclusion, This is definitely a headset worth your money. I recommend this product.

  2. 46

    by Carleton

    If you’re using this for the PS4, be sure to adjust your console settings so that the sound comes out of both ears! Once I got everything set up, this was a perfect purchase for me. I’m able to hear both my game sounds and the people in my gaming party perfectly clear. Good volume control and the cord is super long so you don’t have to worry about being super close to your controller to stay plugged in. It’s comfortable to wear because it has foam pads on the earpieces and the top of the headset. Have yet to use it for my laptop but I love it for the PS4. I think this item is a lot more valuable than what I paid for it!

  3. 46

    by Dacey

    Amazing Gaming Headset That Has Perfect sound and allows me to communicate when I play games. It is really comfortable. The noise cancellation was spot on, I can attest to that just by hearing him scream at his teammates and not hear me telling him to be quiet!!! His friends said they can hear him very well when talking and he hears them. Overall I am very happy with these headphones, which are affordable and you can bend them, twist them, and sit on them….they don’t break! Win/Win! I have wired headset from years ago and would often play games with it but inevitably I would become uncomfortable.

  4. 46

    by Carlota

    I was quite surprised to be honest with the quality of this headset! The last cheaper set i bought the mic didn’t work. Usually its a case of you get what you pay for. …but these seriously. ..for 20 some dollars they work great so far. My 12 yr old loves them. The noise cancelling in the headphones is decent. His friends can hear him clearly when he is chatting away so the mics good. They fit comfortably. The cord is pretty long so he can still game from a good distance away in his chair. And the lights are a pretty neat feature as well.

  5. 46

    by Calandra

    For the price and whatnot, it’s okay. It doesn’t fit very well on my head. It will fall off my head if i move too far forward and that cannot be adjusted, from what I can tell. I initially had some issues with sound coming through but if i move the jack around a bit, it works fine again. its pretty though and if you have a bigger head, it’ll probably work fine. The size and inability to adjust it is my biggest issue

  6. 46

    by Carmel

    My nephew requested this gaming headset for his birthday. He had been searching for a pair that met his requirements and these seemed to fill them all. He said the sounds and bass are great and voice is crystal clear while talking to his gaming buddies. He is still thanking me for this headset every time we meet for family gathering. He said they are durable because they can sustain his long gaming abuse over all the past few weekends

  7. 46

    by Calantha

    This is by far the best headphones that I’ve ever bought on Amazon! I have tried some of the more expensive brands but the clarity and the bass were nowhere as near as this! It has an awesome light, the padding is very thick and soft which reduces any exterior noises. It even has a microphone that easily slides out of the way and that too is very clear at recording! I would definitely buy another one for my laptop which I take everywhere outside. Good stuff!

  8. 46

    by Caldwell

    Great product for the price! I initially bought these headphones as a replacement just to communicate with friends online. It was a surprise to me that the sound quality and comfort has surpassed my expectations. In fact, it brings a good depth of sound in relation to distance while playing shooter games such as PUBG. The build quality and wiring is comparable to popular and mainstream brands you see sold in the electronics section in big box stores. This will not disappoint, highly recommended!

  9. 46

    by Calhoun

    Got this headset for a friend I game with, and he really loves it! It fits great for him, I would say it’s not the best headset we have ever had, but for the price, this is high quality! The one thing I will say is that it’s not designed for us ‘larger stature men’, so my ears are a little big for it. Still pretty comfortable for someone like me, but I prefer wider ear cushions. Other than that, great product, my friend loves his new headset!

  10. 46

    by Daley

    I just wanted the cheapest headset for online gaming but these have exceeded my expectations. For the same price as a cheap, dinky-looking headset, these sound and look great. Really like the pattern/color when it lights up. One tip: if you are using these for console and the sound isn’t coming out loud enough, go to your settings in console and turn up the headset volume. That way, you are also controlling the volume primarily from your headset.

  11. 46

    by Cambria

    Really like the separate volume control and how they fit over my ears. And the sound itself is always really solid. Sleek design that stays comfortable as well as fairly cool. I use them both indoors and outside and they work for my metal detector because of all the choices of connection. If the cord was not tough, I’d break these in a few weeks. Seriously I run the cord over with my chair way too much. Or forget they are on my head and get up. Nice rich blue color was a good touch as well.

  12. 46

    by Damia

    This headset is awesome. I got it for my girlfriends kid so when she comes over, I can let her play video games while I take her mom into the other room and do stuff to her. I used to have a problem with the kid coming to the door right before id finish doing what I was doing and she would totally kill the mood and just ruin everything. Now I put these on her and now she has no idea when im going to finish because she cant hear a thing that’s going on, plus now shes way more into the video game so I don’t even think she cares.

  13. 46

    by Cassie

    I bought this headset to replace a more expensive headset I have. I play fortnite and i can really hear the footsteps of the enemies with these headsets my teammates says they can hear me better than when I had the other headset I had before. bur when you connect it to the PC via USB, they do come on. the cable is really long with a volume adjustment and mute button. sitting on the chair and putting my controller on the floor and i still have wiggle room on cable. its soft and covers my ears without and pressure pain. the mic is in a good spot and can be adjusted up of you do not want it near your face.

  14. 46

    by Carissa

    I was using Sony headset right before this. I am surprised by the quality and the price!! I played music and it is like playing from the top of your head? I can hear the bass even clearer than my old Sony headset, but it is slightly heavier but not too bad. The gaming headset I bough before was extremely heavy I couldnt wear more than an hour. The mic seems to work fine. I really like the LED lighting that fits with my setup. Overall , I am satisfied with the quality and the price.

  15. 46

    by Callum

    I like that the pads on these headphones are smooth and thin. I like how they are very comfortable even though I have glasses. The top head pad is also a nice feature. I like how lightweight they are and how they do block out a lot of background noise. I like the cord and how it is very long and appears to be very strong. I like the microphone and how sensitive it is though it doesn?t cancel out any background noise through it which I did not like. I also like how easy it was to adjust.

  16. 46

    by Calista

    I bought this headset is for my computer because my current one hurts my ears when wearing it too long. This one’s price is right and it is comfortable. Although it is a headset for gaming, I can use it for a conference meeting and watching movies without making a lot noise and also blocking the noise from outside. The most important thing is that it does not hurt my ears! The sound quality is pretty good and I can connect this headset to multiple devices. If it includes a lightening adapter, it will be a plus. Recommend it!

  17. 46

    by Damita

    Great pair of affordable gaming cans! They may appear bulky but are surprisingly lightweight and comfortable. The earcup cushions as well as the cushion in the band are very soft so long wearing sessions did not put any strain on my head or ears. I did notice my ears got kinda warm after a while but they all do that. Otherwise, sound quality is very good for playing video games or even watching movies. Although not the greatest for bass heavy music because there isn’t a ton of it. Overall, very pleased with my purchase and the LED light feature is a nice touch especially when playing late at night.. It just makes me feel cool 🙂

  18. 46

    by Calla

    I use these headphones for gaming, watching movies and listening to music. Most headphones fall off my head because they can’t be adjusted to fit a small enough head but will adjust to fit a large head. These headphones will fit a variety…even small heads! They are light weight and sound good. The only problem I had was that I forgot the volume control was in-line, as I’m used to having a control on the left side. For the price, they are excellent!

  19. 46

    by Carver

    Got these for my son for his birthday as he always stills my husband headset. He really likes them, says they work great! He favorite thing about them is that the sides light up. My husband tried these out and he really likes them as well. He likes that it had a durable cord as it seems to get ran over by the computer chair constantly. They are comfortable to wear and have great sound quality. These can be used on the desktop as well as on my husbands cell phone and laptop. When his current headset gets broken…another pair of these will be our next buy! Great headset for the price!

  20. 46

    by Camlin

    I didn’t want to spend a lot of money nor did i want a cheap set that would break after a little use. So far these have not disappointed me. the cord has cloth insulation which is nice, helps stop tangling and less worry about it breaking as just a plastic one will. it is comfortable to wear even for longer periods of time if you are gaming for a while. I have not had anyone complain on my side yet about not able to hear me and i have been able to hear others fine.

  21. 46

    by Carolena

    I?m not a gamer but I like editing videos so you got to be looking for the perfect song for your videos, and for that you need a good pair of headphones with noise canceling, and found this one which to be honest do a great job talking about sound quality it is even better than my AirPods, the mic works great you can even do voice over with this in your videos and it would be very nice quality.

  22. 46

    by Callia

    I find this gamer’s headphone to be stylish. The sound quality is pretty good, however the noise cancellation can be better. This works for my computer and Ps4 usage. It’s pretty comfortable even 1-2 hours later. The microphone arm goes right about the check to lips, so its not like the old style where its super long, and you can retract it it too! This is very inexpensive and does more then it’s job, its really a bang for your buck. Very cool feature is that it lights up! Overall it’s a GOOD gaming headset with 3D sound which is very important

  23. 46

    by Cashlin

    I bought these so I can game and listen to music at the same time. While I would recommend them for gaming, they aren’t the best for music. For one, I love my music LOUD and these do not go as loud as I want which is probably louder than most people’s taste. The quality for music isn’t the best. It’s alright. As far as gaming goes, they are excellent for gaming as the sounds are very definitive and clear. So, good for gaming, not so good for music. I guess I shouldn’t act so surprised when they only cost $19.99. I will probably upgrade in the near future for a better pair. But if you’re buying these for a younger player or someone starting to use gaming headsets, these are a good starting set to get. But if you’re someone like me who loves high quality sounding music and great sounding video game music/sounds then you may want to look elsewhere. I will use these for now but I will upgrade sometime down the road. Also, the noise cancellation is pretty good but not totally canceled. Others near me were still able to hear some music from the headset so again, these are a decent beginning set.

  24. 46

    by Casey

    I purchased 4 different headsets from Amazon at the same time. The Beexcellent seems sturdy. My 13 year old grandson found the earpieces did not seat properly. It also suffers from echo and the other player said it sounded like I was in a large hall. The mid range audio is somewhat muffled also. There is no USB adapter in the box.

  25. 46

    by Calliste

    Don’t expect Hi-FI sound quality. The sound is decent and has decent bass but it’s mostly for gaming. Comes with all cables and accessory you will need to use it with your computer. Light weight. The headphones are comfortable and don’t hurt my ears but they don’t sit flush either. microphone pivots out of the way when not in use. Nice long cable so you can sit back from the screen when using. Also great for playing back videos when editing or doing voice overs.

  26. 46

    by Camilla

    Headline says almost everything. These are kind of silly. They don’t fit great, unless you have a wide head, I guess; at least for the pair I have. The USB plug… Let’s talk about the USB plug. No, it doesn’t provide audio. It doesn’t provide I/O for the microphone. Nope, this little dazzler does one thing: It provides power for the blue lights on the headset. So, if you’re wondering what that USB plug is for… that’s it, nothing more.

  27. 46

    by Candice

    I bought these for my son for gaming with his PS4. The headset is extremely comfortable compared to some of the previous headsets he’s owned. Super soft and comfortable on his ears. Sound quality is great and mic works excellent. I know the noise cancelling feature works well too but how many times I have to yell to get his attention when he’s wearing them. Headset plugs into the controller, so no need to stand close to the… unless you want the headset to light up. Then you have to use the USB plug and plug it into the directly, and the cord isn’t very long. But since he can’t see the light when he’s wearing them, he doesn’t mind. Other than that, it’s a great product for the price.

  28. 46

    by Carmine

    The audio quality of both the mic and the speakers/drivers are very good for this price. They work great on both a smartphone and a computer with the adapter. However, they did not make enough length adjustment for even moderately big heads. My head is large [but not obscenely large], and I can’t get enough adjustment for them to sit just right. If you have a small to medium head, they will work fine. If you have a large head, I would recommend you try something else. Also, if you have armor on your smartphone, you will need to trim the plastic around the male end of the plug on the headphones to get it to seat all the way.

  29. 46

    by Catherine

    Bought it for its braided cord. The cord of other brand i have purchased before easily broke . I was quite disappointed with them since i spent a lot on them. This time i won?t choose an expensive one in case of a bummer again. Honestly, this one just did its job, i was quite surprised by its clear crystal sound, you didn?t need to volume up but heard anything in the games. And the microphone issue which appeared in reviews didn?t happen to me. It got my voices perfectly transmitted and playing with friends with this headset became a recreation activity for me after i came back form work.

  30. 46

    by Carina

    This gaming headset works really well for my ps4 and at $20.99 there are no complaints! I don’t use the microphone for anything so I can’t speak to that but the sound quality is good and it is comfortable on my head and ears. The cord is plenty long with the volume control attached, and it’s nice because I can plug it into the usb port on my ps4 or just directly into the controller. This is nice because I use both ports on my ps4 system – one for the controller and one for additional memory so it’s nice being able to connect the headset into the controller. For the price I don’t think you can beat the quality. I haven’t had it too long but so far no concerns.

  31. 46

    by Candy

    I bought the headset for my Xbox One X. As long as your controller has an audio jack input you can connect this headset by simply inserting the jack and it’s immediately ready to use. The sound quality is decent and I have had no issues with others not hearing or understanding me. The only thing is the cord for the headset is pretty long but you can tie up the extra cord.

  32. 46

    by Carolyn

    I was in the market for a budget headset and came across these. So I thought I’d give them a try. My pros: sound quality is what you’d expect from a budget headset, but it’s not bad. I could clearly hear my surroundings while playing call of duty. Good balance between chat and game play. The lights are a cool effect. All accessories needed to chat minus the xbox one adapter came in the box. Light weight. Cons: Snug fit. I have a big head lol so they were quite tight but the light weight helped in that dept. My biggest complaint is that you have to hook up to the controller as well as USB power source(xbox console or a plug).

  33. 46

    by Casondra

    I picked these up mostly for Ark on Xbox one and some use on my desktop. Works wonderful on both so far. My last pair was a afterglow pair and this pair is much better in feel for wearing for awhile at a time and the sound quality coming through. Had no problems using it in a party over Xbox and hearing everyone and everyone being able to actually hear me fine as well.

  34. 46

    by Cathy

    I have been gaming for 15 years and have had plenty of headsets. I am a streamer and this is my go to headset while I’m streaming. This one is just as good or better than some I have spent triple the amount of money on. First the sound quality and bass are top notch. No crackling or fuzziness when the volume is high like most cheap headsets just clear audio at all volume levels. The mic is also very good and is very clear when speaking to people in game. The mic is somewhat short which I love because who wants a long arm sticking in front of their face when they are trying to pay attention to the game.

  35. 46

    by Dagmar

    I bought three of these, one for me and two gifts. In two weeks my set shorts out and loses sound completely. My grandchildren’s are still working fine. I keep track. The sounds were impressive, much fuller than my original brand which still works and I am using now. I recommend the excellent Headset, and also like that the microphone is attached and flips up out of the way when not using.

  36. 46

    by Candida

    This is a good headset for the price. The illumination is good with the room lights on, but with them off… you can see the glow all around you. It is actually kind of cool. Sound is good for the price as well. A definite purchase at the price point listed.

  37. 46

    by Carey

    I won’t attest to the sound quality of these gaming headsets, but I can say that both of my teenage sons love using these headphones. Plugging in the USB cable (not necessary for just sound/mic) powers the units so that they light up. They do look nice and crisp, not cheesy or over the top. We bought one pair for my eldest son’s birthday, and soon enough, when it was my second son’s birthday, he wanted his own pair (one has blue, the other red, lest there be any confusion).

  38. 46

    by Carrie

    There’s a few important points to mention about these headphones but over all I’m pretty happy with them especially for the price. I predominantly use large headsets like this for console gaming. The surround sound works as advertised and works well. The sound quality is good and you can hear nearly everything that you need too especially when playing an online game. The microphone does a good job of not picking up too much extra background noise although it isn’t perfect. I didn’t notice any static or breakup of the audio input. They are comfortable enough to wear although they are on ear instead of over the ear so if you have a lot of piercings they can be uncomfortable after a long play period. They feel solid enough but I wouldn’t recommend being too hard on them physically.

  39. 46

    by Carney

    This is a decent headset to use, but if you’re a gamer that values noise cancellation and availability to use this headset on multiple devices, I’d suggest looking elsewhere. The sound quality is decent although the bass isn’t that great. When you put these on you will be able to hear all around you, but the volume does get decently high. One thing I valued from my last headset is that the 3.5mm jack plugs into the USB portion, so you can easily use the headset for your phone or laptop. This device is hard wired to the USB portion. This then requires you to use the 3.5mm splitter for mic/audio to plug into your PC. The USB is just for the lights/power.

  40. 46

    by Carter

    Originally I received a defective headset, After a few emails and a week or so wait, I got a completely free replacement, and as for the product itself: Audio wise it is really good, on par with 70-90$ range mics. The hardware isn’t the best but way better than you’d expect for the price. The mic wont move, The headset is comfortable but barely adjustable and made of cheap plastic. However, If you’re careful with it, this could replace some top quality headsets.

  41. 46

    by Carole

    Connection is easy and automatic. Just turn on and sync with Xbox and voila, wireless sound. Tried the ?super human hearing? mode but would not recommend as it makes things sound underwater. There are four sound settings and imo, best to use the bass and treble boost as that helps to make the game sounds so much deeper and richer. Decently long battery life as well and fairly quick charging times. Ear cups feel standard size but I?m able to squash them over my hearing appendages fine. If you have normal lobes, these should work great. Foam pads around the ear cups and at the top of the headband part are comfortable and these are pretty light so can do long sessions without discomfort.

  42. 46

    by Caroline

    I will admit when I ordered these headphones I was not sure what to expect. I go through headphones quite frequently due to being hard on them and just having changing tastes. So I was quite surprised when I received these headphones and a few things immediately stock out. The sound quality, these headphones had louder clearer audio then some of the previous headphones that I was used to and that was a very pleasant surprise. The mic, the small size of the mic had me concerned that others may not be able to clearly hear me or that it would pick up on audio other than my voice. So far 50+ hours into use of these headphones and I have not run into the issue. If that ever changes I will update my review but thoroughly surprised.

  43. 46

    by Damon

    I have this headset for almost a week now. This headset is fantastic. I game on PS4 and the sound quality is amazing. The microphone is high quality. I played music on my phone next to me and everyone in my party chat could hear the music clearly no issue. The headphones help block out outside noise. So if you are trying to game in a loud house these will definitely help. They light up as well when you plug in the usb. I am highly pleased with this purchase and would highly recommend this headset to anyone.

  44. 46

    by Dahlia

    I use this for work, I do conferences and internet calls. I use the adapter for my computer and the sounds comes with noise, many times I lose the stereo sound and the overall sound is very poor, I need to move the cable and attachment to try and get better sound, I think the cable might be broken. I have a larger version and is really good, I hoped to get more compacted headphones but this did not fill the expectations and to return it will be too expensive. I love this brand, I guess I just had bad luck this time.

  45. 46

    by Dalston

    I bought this for my son so he could ?participate? with his friends online (he is 9). 1. It arrived quickly 2. Super easy to install. It comes with adapters! But all I had to do was plug it in 3. Earphones worked well. He could hear his friends. 4. Mic worked well, they could hear him (and even me in the background) 5. The lights! He really thought the lights were great. He even keeps them plugged in and uses the lights as a night light.

  46. 46

    by Dalva

    As I don’t have that much experience with gaming headphones, for the price of the headset, it works very well and met my expectations as a first time user. The headset is comfy and easily stays on my head, people come in clear and the microphone works well. However, my only complaint so far would probably be that the microphone picks up a little too much background noise (although this could be due to me not having found the right settings yet).

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A566 head-mounted desktop computer headset gaming gaming headset with microphone microphone heavy bass

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