Nylon braided data cable 2 m iPhone5/6s charging data two in one usb Apple 7 charger cable 10 random mixed color

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Length: 2m

Applicable models:  iOS

Number of tap connectors: single head

Model:  iOS

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46 Reviews For This Product

  1. 46

    by Franklin

    Heavy duty cables just what I was looking for. Dual charging capability. Will probably order more for gifts.

  2. 46

    by Jensen

    Good seller, product is ok, works but be gentle with it. Lighting plug will break easy.

  3. 46

    by Durham

    I was kinda stoked to find this. I have a Samsung phone, and hubby has an iPhone. So – between the house and the car we have numerous cords. Then there’s the fact that my phone’s charger port is messed up and causes me to go through cords often. (Yes, the issue is with the phone. It started having issues with the original Samsung cord/plug combo. I have to change cords often. It’s obnoxious)

  4. 46

    by Richardson

    Rugged feeling, long, and they can charge Apple and Android devices… What more could you want? I have been using these for over 6 months without any issues.

  5. 46

    by Wilkins

    I really like how it comes with a piece of velcro that allows me to shorten up the cord to my desired length. Everyone who is not all Android or all Apple needs one of these!

  6. 46

    by Duffy

    in an inexpensive cable. The dual head makes sure you don’t bring the wrong cord, or have to travel with two. They seem sturdy.

  7. 46

    by Mathis

    I love being able to use the same charger for our iPad and kindle. It is really easy to pull off or put on the apple charger part! All three came nicely wrapped in a box.

  8. 46

    by Hursto

    Just what I needed!

  9. 46

    by Wade

    I love that these cords are good for both my Android phone and my iPad, I no longer have to carry two separate cords to charge my devices.

  10. 46

    by Jarvis

    It seems these chargers don’t last long. I love the capability of having an Android and iPhone charger all in one I will continue to buy these. This is not my first purchase.

  11. 46

    by Faulkner

    Great charging cables, very sturdy and lengthy works so much better than the normal short and stubby cords.. Will definitely buy again!!!!

  12. 46

    by Ellis

    These are well made and the double adapters are very convenient for my phone.

  13. 46

    by Conner

    I think that this is a really good product overall. The cords are very durable and it charges very quickly. They look nice and I like that they can be used to charge both iPhone and Android devices. The only downside is that it can sometimes slip out of my phone when I am using it while driving my car. It will stay in when stationary but when it moves it will fall out every once in a while.

  14. 46

    by Sawyer

    Shredding already. Seems like quality products and packaged nicely. Just disappointed they are fraying already.

  15. 46

    by Kent

    Perfect! Tooks these on a trip with my daughter’s high school club. these charging cables were perfect for all!

  16. 46

    by Stone

    One stopped working 2 weeks later. I guess the issue is with the very top connection

  17. 46

    by Petty

    Haven?t had them long so I can?t say much more about them but so far they are awesome. Olive being able to charge my Bluetooth with the same cord.

  18. 46

    by Miranda

    These cables come packaged amazingly! Nice cables that have apple and micro usb, which is perfect for the kids multiple devices! Will order again!

  19. 46

    by Harris

    There are LOTS of options out there for cables like this. These work for micro-USB and Lightning. The cords are attractive and sturdy. Connectors appear well made. I can’t speak to durability, as they are only weeks old. Great price for the quality. FAR cheaper than some name brand cables.

  20. 46

    by Cotton

    Great product. Looks great and works perfect. I?m replacing all of my old cables with this one.

  21. 46

    by Steele

    These feel like quality cables. All 3 of them work on all my Android and micro USB powered devices, as well as my iPad 2. The long cable is way more useful than I anticipated. Everyone can use the extra length.

  22. 46

    by Hatfield

    The phone end tips interchange. So if you are a dual phone user like me (Apple for work, Android for Personal). Or if your family has multiple phone types. This cable is a true blessing. Keep a cable in each car, and one in the briefcase. Ready all the time for a quick charge. Cables are not cheaply made. They are super durable.

  23. 46

    by Owen

    Haven’t used it too much but what i have used it seems pretty good. I love the long cord.

  24. 46

    by Tanner

    Love that there is a good length and good quality that can be used on different iPhones.

  25. 46

    by Dunlap

    These are awesome. I love the length and quality of the cords. Most are just a crappy plastic kind of feel. These are way better. The dual charging option of iPhone to mini usb is fantastic. Very handy.

  26. 46

    by Fox

    This seems to be a good charger cord. Strong and not cheaply made.

  27. 46

    by Riggs

    So far I’m digging these cords. Packaging is great, but it is super cool that they come with the velcro strap too. All other cords I’ve bought first thing I’ve had to do is go find a velcro strap for them. Really appreciate that they are included with these. Would definitely buy again and recommend.

  28. 46

    by Hurley

    I love these. Simple to use and they have really held up great. They are not flimsy like some of the other cords U have purchased in the past. We ply on our cords a lot and I use them with batteries in my purse. They have held up strong with no complaints. If the cord ever does stop working, I will just add the adapter to another cord I have and get even more life out of it. Well worth the money.

  29. 46

    by Odom

    Nice to have both iphone and micro usb in the same cable. Cable velcro ties are great keeping the attachment out of the way when not in use.

  30. 46

    by Thornton

    Very nice cables. The material is nice and strong. I don?t worry about it breaking or fraying. And being able to charge multiple different type of devices with one cable is a big plus for me.

  31. 46

    by Herman

    I never Wright reviews, but after seeing so many fake ones, I have decided to on all my purchases. People, check the dates and if they are coming from a verified buyer! Review: I was disappointed ?. One cord did not work at all and the other two worked for a bit, but then started to fall apart. I had hoped they would last longer (had these for about 2 months).

  32. 46

    by Kelly

    Muy buena presentaci?n, se ve muy resistente, carga muy r?pido y los datos se sincronizan en muy buena velocidad.

  33. 46

    by Glenn

    These cords are so great. I just bought a multi USB charging cord and these work perfect. They are heavy duty so my kids can ruin them and they work for both iPhone and Android devices. The cords are also very long which is so nice! I’m very happy!

  34. 46

    by Adams

    My daughter has an iPad and I have a galaxy phone so these chargers really come in handy. Being able to charge either one with the same charger is great. Also, the cords are so long.

  35. 46

    by Fischer

    Good chargers can be hard to find! I love these chargers… genius whoever came up with double compatible chargers! Best feature for me is how quick it charges!!!

  36. 46

    by Gillespie

    Cables charge your device rather quickly. I have one cable that has been acting weird, but the other two charge my devices perfectly fine. The faulty cable I received could have something to do with my office power though. Or else I would?ve given this 5 star.

  37. 46

    by Bentley

    These charging cables work well, we have so many devices so we set charging stations around the house for us and the kiddos. The long cord length is great to keep it on the coffee or end tables plugged in behind the couch or wine rack.

  38. 46

    by Houston

    I needed a couple of new cords and I like the longer length. I like that I can use w my iPhone and my kindle. I have not had long enough to state how long they last.

  39. 46

    by Warner

    I bought 3 of these and liked them, so I ordered 3 more. I probably should have waited. Unfortunately, after using these for a month or so, the micro USB connector becomes so loose that you’re constantly losing connection. The lightening part won’t stay on because of that. They work….but are just a hassle. 🙁

  40. 46

    by Charles

    I love this 3 pack. I have an iPad and iPhone so I?m slwats trying to charge them. I also travel a bit so having 3 cords is convenient. These are long enough to reach from outlets to bedside tables. They?re sturdy and durable. I?m happy with them.

  41. 46

    by Gates

    These are super durable. My lovable cable-chewing cat has not gone near them since we switched a couple of our primary devices over to them. I use one at work because my outlet is a little further away than I would like. I really appreciate the length. I removed the lightning ends as we don’t own those devices.

  42. 46

    by William

    I am glad I purchased these chargers. There are so many devices in this house that always seem to need a charge. I love that they are all different colors so it makes it easy to know which one belongs to each person. My daughter is loving that she can charge her phone during class and not have to sit right next to an outlet. Bonus for me, I ALWAYS forget to charge my apple remote and end up using it while it’s plugged, which means getting up and down a lot. Now i can be super comfy in my spot and charge it at the same time.

  43. 46

    by Day

    These are the best!!! I?m 65 and 10 Grandchildren so I?m buying these all the time!! Granddaddy I need is music to my ears because I keep extra miger cables on hand for them and friends! Sure after much use maybe a year later you have to replace one but no other cable has come close to these!!!

  44. 46

    by Freeman

    So far these charging cords are great! My husband recently decided to switch from Apple to android and of course every charger we have is Apple only. We use chargers in the car so much so having one less thing in there is always a good. The best feature of these you may ask? Definitely the little Velcro pieces that keep them all held together. I HATE messy cords going everywhere when you?re trying to store them.

  45. 46

    by Phelps

    These were a great find to only need 1 cord with multiple devices. They seem to be sturdier than those plastic wired cords too.

  46. 46

    by Pitts

    I have two types of devices and with this cord I can charge either without needing different cables. I use them for travel especially. I’ve bought them for myself and then my husband wanted his own. I love them.

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Nylon braided data cable 2 m iPhone5/6s charging data two in one usb Apple 7 charger cable 10 random mixed color

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