Original OnePlus Bullets Wireless Earphones Free Your Music Magnetic Mic Control Water Resistant Fast Charge Support

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Line Length:None

Is wireless:Yes



Volume Control:Yes

Control Button:Yes

Support APP:No


Function:For Mobile Phone,HiFi Headphone,Common Headphone,Sport,For iPod

Wireless Type:Bluetooth


Support Apt-x:No

Support Memory Card:No

Plug Type:Wireless

Active Noise-Cancellation:No

Style:Ear Hook

With Microphone:Yes

Vocalism Principle:Dynamic



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Black, White

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99 Reviews For This Product

  1. 99

    by Nathan

    This fit my need just great. I’ve listened to a little music on them also which has been good. For me they aren’t the type of earphones I would use for working out and they won’t overwhelm you with bass but I was surprised by the good music quality.

  2. 99

    by A. Daniel Mendoza

    I love this thing, don’t know why I waited. I’ll never go back to wired headphones unless I have no choice!

  3. 99

    by D Jay

    I would rate these 5 stars for almost every reason – great sound quality, great battery life, great noise canceling ability.

  4. 99

    by J. M. Webb

    An initial review … have only used it a few times so far … but I’m lovin’ it! The order arrived in great shape. Liked the look of the product; liked the carrying case. Impressed with how light weight it was, and thought the sound was great. I was concerned in ordering it that I might have trouble pairing it with my older cellphone, but … no problem! It paired right up. I’ve made a couple phone calls; it worked fine. Primary reason for purchase was for music during weight work at the gym without wires to get in the way. It worked great. Again, I’m into classic rock, and thought the sound was great; good full base sound.

  5. 99

    by niconinco

    I started taking long trips and talking on the phone at home for extended periods of time. These are great earbuds. The Bluetooth feature worked flawlessly and I haven’t had any complaints from others regarding their ability to hear me or the background noise. Its also great for listening to audiobooks/podcasts/music while driving or working out. Battery life seems to be very good as well. The device itself is large enough that I can’t lose it but small enough to be portable and somewhat hidden as I wear it. Plus the design of the case fits nicely in the door of my car or in the bag/purse I’m carrying. I love the handsfree talking. This is an excellent value for the money and I wholeheartedly recommend this product!

  6. 99

    by M

    They are easy to pair to a device but they only pair to one device. Easy to reset for a new pairing. They don’t drain my phone battery either. Definitely recommend these headphones. They are comfortable. They don’t get in the way. Battery life is great. Sound is great. The price is amazing.

  7. 99

    by Brianna Willis

    These Headphones are the best. They are high quality headphones that fit and feel perfect whether I am using them at work, home or on the treadmill at the gym. I love them.

  8. 99

    by GeraldM

    I’m in love with these headphones! They are light as a feather and I often forget I have them on. Love the included case for travel – it’s generous enough to hold a couple other charging cords and an A/C adapter, too

  9. 99

    by Dost

    I would recommend this to anyone because it really does work well and I like the fact

  10. 99

    by Paracelsus

    Been using these for a week now. I think they are a great product. Very lightweight and comfortable. Nice sound with good bass. Easy basic function. I was impressed with the Bluetooth range. I work in a factory with lots of electrical equipment and haven’t noticed any interference. I highly recommend these.

  11. 99

    by AlchemistOfLife

    I needed a lightweight headset for my remote office since I don’t have an office phone. I forget that I am wearing this. When it isn’t in my ears, I still hear the notification sound that I have received email or texts…handy and quiet. I was worried about durability, but it should be able to withstand general use just fine. I don’t work out with it-my workouts require that I listen to my instructors. I do use it for listening to audiobooks in bed, and for the car, since my car is pre-Bluetooth.

  12. 99

    by Lana S.

    they are comfortable and music sounds great. The only issue I’ve had so far is occasional disconnects from my phone for no apparent reason.

  13. 99

    by Patterson

    *Access buttons: changing a track while listening to music was key to this purchase, it does this effectively. One button to pause the music and the same home button to play again. One button to answer calls and volume buttons work as needed.

  14. 99

    by HonestGuy3017

    I like this headset if I am just using them for listening to things. They are AWESOME for listening to music or audio books. They have good sound, reach a decent distance from the phone, fit in my ears well enough to block out outside noise pretty well.

  15. 99

    by Amy S.

    Great sound (as good as ear buds can be).

  16. 99

    by LHR

    These are really good for calls while using bluetooth. I have tried few other brands including TaoTronics which I used to love but with the new ones they introduced I had complains around call quality so decided to give this a try and they are really good. No complains around call quality which was the primary reason I got them.

  17. 99

    by 777

    I am actually surprised at the quality of this headset, I figured it would be ok but it is decently weighted and well built. The sound quality is pretty darn good for the price, and considering most Bluetooth headsets I’ve used in the past wouldn’t approach a decent volume level I am more than happy with this one as the volume reaches the same level as a wired set of earbuds. When powered on it automatically reconnects to your device as it should and does so very quickly. I can’t speak to the battery life yet but if it gets even half of the advertised 13 hour charge I’ll be happy with it.

  18. 99

    by Izzy Ashton

    Excellent noise cancelling, good sound quality, and the magnetic things work well to keep the earbuds under control. I actually had bought for Nordic walking, but of course there’s so much background noise and the mic isn’t a constant distance from the mouth that it didn’t work well for phone calls. But this is just a feature of that type of design, so I am now using it as my travel headset and it works very well for both listening and phone calls when one is stationary. Or at any rate, not pounding along a trail!

  19. 99

    by Arlene B.

    For the cost, I’m happy with the product. Wish the quality was a bit better.

  20. 99

    by Chris J

    These are my even better than I expected. I had an older generation of these and really liked them, but I needed a new set after I left them out where my dog could use them as a chew toy. These look and feel almost exactly the same as the older generation I had, but the battery life is improved, and the sound quality seems even better. I do wish they came in black, instead of only silver or blue, but that’s a small issue to me.

  21. 99

    by Dave Buckwalter

    Over all 5 Stars ?

  22. 99

    by Rebecca Jean

    the sound quality is excellent, lots of depth and fullness and very crisp

  23. 99

    by M. Portalatin

    Pros: Sounds good – decent Battery life Quality for the price Price Case Highly recommend and now use them for computer use.

  24. 99

    by Alison C.

    They’re quite comfortable, pair easily, have solid battery life, and have more than adequate sound quality for anything I’m listening to.

  25. 99

    by Gregoryhikertrashvr

    I’m happy with the sound quality for the price paid. I like the audible, ‘Power on, Power off, Headset Connected.’ The magnets suck the earphones, right into place, don’t have to look or fuss with them to go back into place. Very nice case. Gave 5 stars for the quality relative to the price paid. This was my second pair purchasted, that I bought as a gift.

  26. 99

    by R. Freeman

    Very pleased. I work in an open office and this is my privacy. Phone mic works great, no complaints from folks on the other end.

  27. 99

    by Bren Lee

    Very nice quality, and with the push of one button, music or radio turns on or off.

  28. 99

    by Tammi L

    After receiving the earbuds I was inspected it. Looked to be previously used… one of the ear bud covers was missing off of it, charging port damaged, scratches like someone may have dropped or drug it across a rough surface. Not impressed at all… A new one was sent no damages on it, works amazing. I use my phone with my phone and computer(bluetooth) I was a but disappointed when the first one came in and I couldn’t even use it. But this one works great

  29. 99

    by Karl PanKratz

    Packaging material is great and durable. Zipper is smooth on close and open. Comes with decent charging cable. Holds a long charge. Used it for 6 hour drive and an 8 hour work day before my next charge. Sits comfortably on my neck and there is enough slack from the headphone base to the earbuds to reach my ear. Great sound quality for voice and audio. Not Beats or Bose quality, but good for the price. No issues with bluetooth phone calls. Fwrd, play, volume buttons all work with Windows 10 and smartphone apps, like Pandora and Spotify. Can’t hear others when they are plugged in and the volume is up.

  30. 99

    by carolina fernandez

    Very good sound quality once you get the right size ear pads on them. It is important that you get a very good fit within your ears to get sufficient bass. After that, the sound quality rivals that of units costing twice as much.

  31. 99

    by LardBeast

    I really enjoyed these headsets they were easy to add to blue-tooth with no problem. and sound is still great on tablets I.E. e-reader

  32. 99

    by AZLazy

    As far as sound quality goes they are pretty good…. assuming you can keep them from falling out of you’re ears (they constantly slide out of my ears).

  33. 99

    by Deadhead

    I love these headphones! I listen to audiobooks or music while I work.

  34. 99

    by jevans592

    I’ve used it for two weeks now and it has become my go-to headset for walking and taking the occasional phone calls. The design is well thought out and given the price, the value is excellent. There are several features that I like but one unexpected good feature is the light weight of the earbuds. The product value combined with their customer service warrant a 5-star rating.

  35. 99

    by Raynes Reads

    My first bluetooth headset and I love them. I honest have came home from work and went out to eat and forgot they . Volume and sound are great, I think you would have to spend 4x as much to find something better on the internet. Not going to lie i’m pretty rough with my devices and the fact it’s held up this long surprised me.

  36. 99

    by M. Salmon

    These things are fantastic i cannot recommend a better pair of headphones for this price .

  37. 99

    by Lvnlocs4life

    The microphone works great. I will use it when riding a motorcycle, and if I’m stopped and I need to take a call, I am able to talk someone on the phone with the road noise (although you may have to tuck the right side under the front of your jacket/shirt to cut wind noise down if its really windy).

  38. 99

    by tm820

    These headphones works very well ..I`ve been using it since i took it our of the box and never charged and its just recently prompt me battery low verbally. When I`m wearing it don`t even know that its there and the sound is very good. I mainly listen to podcasts on my hikes and once you get familiar with the controls eezy pezzy to use. This is my first charge to it and if it last that long when i got it out of the box , i don`t think the battery life will be an issue. Its going to be a great accessory to my smart phone..

  39. 99

    by Steven Thomson

    I’ve had these for several months now and couldn’t be more pleased. I generally use them to listen to audiobooks on my phone and the sound quality and volume is just fine for that although I am by no stretch of the imagination an audiophile so YMMV.

  40. 99

    by spiderj

    THe sound quality is good and they’ve been working for me for a while now.

  41. 99

    by Beloved

    I liked everything, delivery month. Thank you, recommend to buy.

  42. 99

    by Theresa V.

    Bought one for me and one for my son. They work great, got here fast and honestly the quality is just as it says. I am able to hear clearly and make calls with this. I love to listen to my tunes while doing stuff around the house and this has worked perfectly. Thanks for such a great product!!

  43. 99

    by Luv2Shop33

    The headset has a good sound. And I like the style and features.

  44. 99

    by Lilith

    Headphones super sound is excellent, delivery is fast. i recommend the producer!!!!

  45. 99

    by xgrep

    The presentation looks very good now to test it and see the quality

  46. 99

    by George

    Excellent, high-quality headphones. Real bass. Excellent build quality and music playback. Seller of successful business!

  47. 99

    by Kitkatkes84

    We order not the first time. The goods are good, courier directly to the apartment. Buy and try. Seller, good luck and thank you. Definitely-yes, i recommend.

  48. 99

    by Mike Terry

    With a full charge they last thru the day. I watch a couple of tv shows and make a good amount of calls. Maybe 10 a day. Once I forgot to charge them at the end of the day but they lasted into the middle of the next day.

  49. 99

    by biffimo

    Super sound, fast delivery. Very nice packing. Recommend!

  50. 99

    by Dave Norris

    These are nice headphones and work very well. I use them primarily to listen to books on tape while I work, so for me the sound quality is more than adequate.

  51. 99

    by Derek

    I have used them for over a year and an extremely happy with their performance.

  52. 99

    by Muriel

    5 stars

  53. 99

    by Sebastiane

    Excellent headphones for their price. I advise everyone

  54. 99

    by Ford

    The parcel came to Ukraine don. The region for 17 days is just super, so quickly I did not come to me yet not one parcel, even before the pandemic. The headset is whole, I put it on charge, I’ll add a review later.

  55. 99

    by Hulda

    Came on time, packed well, in the work has not yet checked, not charged.

  56. 99

    by Pat McDermott

    Well worth the price.

  57. 99

    by Osborn

    All super!!! Delivery fast, packing quality

  58. 99

    by Natalie

    This is the first ear piece I’ve ever purchased and I’m glad I chose this one. For the price it has all the features I need. The interchangeable ear pieces provide great comfort and allows me to swap them out to keep them clean. Good sound for conversations and listening to music. Battery stays charged for a good amount of time. Recharging doesn’t take forever. Although the sound suppression for background noise could be better, it’s still a good product which is why I stayed with 4 stars.

  59. 99

    by Erich

    The headset came without damage. Sound quality at the highest level. Thank you seller.

  60. 99

    by James

    Thank you very much for the goods, the headphones are just gorgeous for their price. The goods came in integrity. I’m very pleased.

  61. 99

    by Kemp

    All right now, let’s see how long it lasts.

  62. 99

    by file

    Very fast shipping. Thank you to the seller.

  63. 99

    by Victor

    Work perfectly, the sound quality is super.

  64. 99

    by sdsdgs

    Quality is excellent

  65. 99

    by XCBDF

    good packing… so fast delivery

  66. 99

    by YINFANG


  67. 99

    by harm

    I like it

  68. 99

    by Kendal

    Thanks to the seller, the goods came quickly

  69. 99

    by DFG

    They listen great! Very happy.

  70. 99

    by Wesley Warren, PhD.

    It seems that everything works well. Not fully figured out the charging of the case/headphones. But so far pleases

  71. 99

    by Dermott

    Excellent headphones, loud, everything works. The seller sent the goods quickly, but the feeling that he sent them to me on foot almost 2 months went, well, thank god came. The goods are satisfied, the seller sociable to the questions answered. I recommend both the product and the seller.

  72. 99

    by KTW

    Best headset I’ve tried but I keep losing them! Even though they stay on better than the others I’ve tied, I’ve now bought two and can’t afford to buy another. I have an active job in which I must remain tied to my phone so I definitely miss this headset. NOTE: Do not put them in a pocket and then wash that top or pants as that ended the life of my first purchase.

  73. 99

    by Carol in NC

    Product not bad in quality

  74. 99

    by Dahlia

    Good headset, sound is excellent, works all

  75. 99

    by Katherine

    The goods got the whole. It works.

  76. 99

    by Norwood

    Goods arrived in good condition. Fast delivery

  77. 99

    by LILY

    Everything works. It’s good to hear. Satisfied. But the delivery is sooo long. But this is already Russian Post. I recommend.

  78. 99

    by Daisy

    It came in a month, the sound is so-so, AKB hope will be fine.

  79. 99

    by Neil

    Very nice. the product came very quick. the sound of the earplugs are excellent.

  80. 99

    by long board

    good quality…… good sellers

  81. 99

    by K. McBrayer

    The headset works well and would purchase again. I had some issues in getting to work with my PC. I’m going to post the details so that my experience can help others. My PC: Window 7 64 bit. I had to download/install the Intel Driver update utility to update my Bluetooth drivers on my PC in order to get this to work. Not a big deal once I figured it out.

  82. 99

    by hammond

    Everything corresponds to the description. The sound is good.

  83. 99

    by Funny

    Funny headphone! Holds 10 hours of music to the maximum! I advise you!

  84. 99

    by DD

    cool thanks

  85. 99

    by ERW

    The product came very quick.

  86. 99

    by Ackery

    Came quickly, the sound is normal. i recommend.

  87. 99

    by hammond

    Quickly came

  88. 99

    by W. B. Sage


  89. 99

    by Emily

    Delivery is fast. My son liked

  90. 99

    by Tay

    Insanely happy. Correspond to the description. Listening to music is a great sound. Came very quickly. I advise!

  91. 99

    by gigi

    For such headphones sound normal.

  92. 99

    by Rachel

    Very fast delivery, the sound is excellent, charging holds. I recommend

  93. 99

    by PatY

    Fast delivery, requires frequent charging and so sound good.

  94. 99

    by Veronica

    The product was received in good condition I hope it work effectively.. I recommend this seller ..

  95. 99

    by Q.Wilson

    The sound is good, the bass is enough, through the wall hear the phone on the bluetooth

  96. 99

    by Sofia

    Headphones are very good, play clearly, delivery is 18 days

  97. 99

    by FSDF

    Delivery way problem shop will Wholesale make new

  98. 99

    by Ashley

    Sent not this earphone, but a pair in a box with a battery, at a price of about the same, I’m quite satisfied. Very fast shipping! Recommend!

  99. 99

    by DD

    One working day exactly keep battery, sound for voice good, catches well through the wall (other headphones worked through the wall badly), I’m very pleased.

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Original OnePlus Bullets Wireless Earphones Free Your Music Magnetic Mic Control Water Resistant Fast Charge Support

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