Mini wireless bluetooth headset invisible bluetooth stereo headset hanging-ear car bluetooth sports headset

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Function: call function, voice control, support music
Channel: stereo
How to use: earplug style
Color: gold, silver

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Glod, Sliver

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109 Reviews For This Product

  1. 109

    by Tyler

    I have had this BT device for over a year and it works great.

  2. 109

    by Houston P Bolt

    Works great! Good volume control. Stays in ear so comfortably you can forget it’s there. I’ve had different brands. This one is the best so far.

  3. 109

    by Lake

    Super polecam

  4. 109

    by Summer

    Well made design. Good battery life and noise cancelation. Second time buying after my original was accidentally washed and run through the drier (unfortunatly microphone did not survive but everything else worked. ) And remember to remove from ear before going through metal detectors at airport, it will set off alarm.

  5. 109

    by gayla

    I purchased this in December for my wife. I did not know if she would use it or if she would like it or if it was a complete hunk of junk. It was a Christmas gift and the look on her face said she did not like it, would not use it, even if it wasn’t a hunk of junk! It was just a stocking stuffer, but she was still not impressed. Well, after 7 months of never speaking of this thing again, she is angry. I ask her why. She says she forgot to charge her ‘ear piece thing’ and she has to hold the phone to her ear for some conference call. Turns out, it works much better as a Bluetooth headset than it does a Christmas present!!

  6. 109

    by Pasha

    I used these once per day for the full charge as long as I’ve owned them. I will say that the duration of the battery shortened in the last few weeks. Which is understandable with batteries, and not sure if that is warranted…but didn’t need to cross that bridge this time around.

  7. 109

    by Miller

    The packaging is firm, the headphones themselves are of excellent quality. I liked the sound, the bass are present. Connected without problems. I recommend.

  8. 109

    by Russell Robinson

    Light in the ear and works great. Voice commands are fantastic.

  9. 109

    by des

    Works great, clear reception on both ends, stays charged for a long time and affordable. I use it to be hands free during the lengthy calls with family members so I can still cook/clean and not feel like I’m rushing them off the phone now. It also works better in your car than the hands free option, doesn’t sound like your in a tin can to the other person.

  10. 109

    by Alexandra

    Good headphones, comfortable enough. Delivery is fast.

  11. 109

    by Anna

    They work well, fit well (which is miraculous for me) and the sound quality is decent enough. The only drawback is the battery life. I’m lucky to get 3 or 4 hours listening time at most. I like to listen to music while I’m sleeping – my husband does not. So I’m always searching for headphones that do miracles. I want them to stay IN my ear. They need to be low profile so I can sleep on my side without getting an ear-ache & allow me to roll over without strangling myself. I want good sound, a low price & sufficient battery life to to get through the night. I realize I’m asking for a lot but I’m cheap. These earphones came really close…

  12. 109

    by Dezzy

    Happy with the purchase. Not too expensive for a quality brand-name headset. I have not heard any complaints about quality of calls. Only problem is that it sometimes falls off my ear because it is a loose fit. Need to experiment with different size attachment. Overall excellent value.

  13. 109

    by LouisFL

    I picked this one andThis one didn’t disappoint. It has crystal clear audio and great response to voice commands.Battery life is great.

  14. 109

    by Thompson

    Headphones perfect. High quality finish and sound quite balanced, well average, treble and bass. THE volume, for me, is high enough, but not those burst ear. For those who like bass accented, it does not offer this (think for this preference the ideal would be larger headphones). Are small, fit perfectly on the ears and not fall at all. Even the case being opened, have magnetic fastening and not Falls box. Fit in pocket along with the case without much volume. Too worth, still more value.

  15. 109

    by Brian

    I used everyday and still works like it?s new. The best part was 2 months ago I accidentally left it on my shirt pocket. It went through the washer then dryer and still works like nothing happens.

  16. 109

    by Jill

    My old bluetooth was a Plantronics, which I had for a good 5-6 years and used every day. I refuse to talk on my phone while driving without one. I looked at several pages of headsets of all brands and prices, but for the money and already being happy with the brand, I ended up purchasing this one. The battery is fairly long lasting and tells you how much time you have left every time you turn it on. The sound quality is excellent, and the noise cancellation is good, although not perfect. I’m very satisfied (again) and it works the way it is advertised to. I particularly like the ‘answer/ignore’ feature, especially when I’m going down the highway at 60 mph, as it allows me to keep both hands on the wheel. I will absolutely purchase from Plantronics again in the future.

  17. 109

    by Pamela M

    Purchased it for my son, who drives in noisy Atlanta traffic, daily. He loves it, and has no issues with outside noise interference. He likes the design, which does not present a problem with any large over-the-ear device, since he wears glasses. He said the sound-quality is excellent, as well as the voice properties. I can hear him perfectly, 850 miles away.

  18. 109

    by Thomas

    I love this ear piece, has a built in microphone. Works well with a long battery life, even when used daily.

  19. 109

    by Kali

    Headsets are normal.

  20. 109

    by Hailey

    Happy with the goods!

  21. 109

    by Raines

    Everything is cool, i recommend the seller

  22. 109

    by RMD Ohio

    The packaging was more than adequate for the product. Pairing was extremely simple. I simple turned on my Bluetooth on my phone and then switched the device on, and it paired almost immediately. Very simple. I used it right away to make a call and the clarity of the sound was amazing. I also tested the ‘noise canceling’ part of the device. I made some background noise while talking, and the person on the other end heard nothing but my voice. I also tested the range and it seems to work well in my apartment. I went about 15′ away from my phone ( in an open room) and could still hear without distortion. However this distance is not the same if your going into other rooms and walls are blocking the signal, but it still has a good range. If you are looking for a great quality Bluetooth then I highly recommend this one. If there were more than 5 stars I would give it.

  23. 109

    by Cory Funk

    excellent customer service! I whole heartedly recommend!

  24. 109

    by Cierra Loop

    Great Bluetooth headphones. I previously had bought Apple airpods and the Rowin wireless ear buds but neither of them would stay in my ears while I was running. Once I would start sweating the Airpods and Rowlin Bit Charge constantly felt like they were falling out. These headphones actually stay put even once you start sweating! There are 6 ear piece set sizes. 3 sets/sizes for the ear bud tips and then 3 sets/sizes for the loop that keeps it stay in your ear. Personally I only use the loops when I run and just use the regular ear buds tips by themselves when I’m using it casually. I also use the clip on the side of the headphones where the Mic is to clip it to my shirt and it really minimizes any bounce or movement when you run.

  25. 109

    by M. Thiel

    Love this Bluetooth! Use it all the time and it stays charged for a full 7 hours. I use it for work and at home. It stays in my ear well and doesn’t make my ear hurt like another Bluetooth headset I have does. Good price for good clarity of sound.

  26. 109

    by Kaylee

    Very good. Good sound quality

  27. 109

    by Constance, Berkeley CA

    I have probably purchased 30 of these. They are awesome, but I am just as awesome at losing them… I wish they sold them in multi-packs!

  28. 109

    by QueenOTSun

    I’ve been using this a couple of months with no problems. Great sound and easy to use. Any problems I’ve had are due to Android OS problems that a phone reboot solves. Sometimes the incoming volume is too low because I accidentally hit the volume button and it goes from max to minimum. I would buy it again. It sure beats the Voyager Legand overall.

  29. 109

    by Camille

    Upgraded after accidently washing the black M165 BT for the third time in …always a pleasure for a must needed basis. Can hear loud and clear! Was even able to find the one to match my iPhone 6+ !!!

  30. 109

    by gblaize

    works like a champ. bought it for the wife to use in her shop as it gets very lound in there, this headset allows her to still hear her phone ring and talk hands free as well as make calls as needed.

  31. 109

    by Adward

    Call clarity and batter life are really just about the only things that matter with a BT earbud. This one, which replaced a dying M55, is excellent on both counts. It was money well spent.

  32. 109

    by Heather R

    I like the size. Volume could stand to get a little louder but generally this is a great Bluetooth headset.

  33. 109

    by Kendal Sheets

    People have no problem hearing me and don?t know I?m on a Bluetooth. Sound could be higher. Sound button was at max but have trouble hearing sometimes driving

  34. 109

    by Peder004

    This is one of the best head sets I have ever had. The battery life is good, it connects quickly and easily to my phone, and the sound quality is great. very happy with this on!

  35. 109

    by CJ

    At this price, the sound quality is definitely worth it however, I value durability and reliability. Maybe it was just my pair. Maybe Customer Service will work with me. 5 Stars I will update the review if need be.

  36. 109

    by Josh

    Stays in my ear without an ear hook even if I try to shake it out. Comfortable to leave in for up to an hour or two, works perfectly with my Blu R1 HD; press the button, speak ‘call John Smith’ and it calls like I want it to. Good voice quality.

  37. 109

    by Johnson

    love love love! This is my second one! The first one lasted me 3 years. It still works but the speaker has an issue and it’s hard to hear. And for less than $40, it’s fine I had to replace it after 3 years, after all I did use it almost every day! I love the talk features, ‘phone 1 connected, talk time 7 hours’ etc… It’s also easy to sink and program. I love the press for 2 seconds and you speak the name Of the person you want to call and it will dial them! That feature is also easy to set up. All in all it took me 2 minutes to set up and figure out all the great features!

  38. 109

    by Ilse

    For your money will go!

  39. 109

    by Gale

    I dropped and ran over my old Plantronics that I loved! I was truly upset. Bought this and it blows away the old one. People hear me better on my NEW than when I hold the phone to my ear and I hear better too! In fact, it works so well, I use it in the car instead of my cars bluetooth speaker. I spend a lot of time in conf calls, must have tool for me. I get about 6 hours of call time per charge. Charges in 20-30 minutes.

  40. 109

    by Black Bart

    This is my favorite Bluetooth so far. You can answer a call with your voice and it tells you the amount of time left to talk before it needs to be recharged. My last Bluetooth, a $300 Bose did neither of these.

  41. 109

    by R Goldburg

    No static no drop outs no complaints from callers or person I’ve called about clarity of sound; This is always my 1st choice when looking for a new and affordable BT headset

  42. 109

    by KansasScout

    I’m hard hearing and this works great. Others can hear me and I can hear them. I also use it to listen to Netflix so I don’t disturb my husband while he’s sleeping.

  43. 109

    by C.H.

    Just fantastic headphones, absolutely clear and deep sounds. I actually can hear sounds in my favorite songs I never heard before. Very comfortable to wear for hours. Looks absolutely beautiful. Also, the box that these come in is a piece of art. Enjoy Sorry I did not bother to remove the headphone from my head during the shooting, it is just that good …

  44. 109

    by Customer

    I love these simple plantronics headsets. Have been through 4 of them. Left 1 at a restaurant booth. Gave one that had aged to a sister in law. The 3rd one started to have a mic problem where people couldn’t understand me, but it backs up as an audio player to conserve battery on my new one. Not a bad price at all and they simply stick in your ear. No clips or straps involved. Love it!

  45. 109

    by P. Dailey

    Love it. Excellent volume compared to others I’ve tried. Can wear it comfortably all day long.

  46. 109

    by felix

    I bought this to replace my Plantronics M165 since it was getting worn out. I bought the gold version this time, but turns out the gold really meant gold trim but with a white face. I’m still happy with the product. Just like it’s predecessor its a solid performing bluetooth ear piece. It comes with multiple ear peace fixtures that provide added support to stay in your each. The noise cancelling feature is nice. I haven’t had any issues with it.

  47. 109

    by SweetBeef

    Wifey likes to talk on the phone while driving. Wifey gets $240.00 ticket for having phone in hand. Husband buys Bluetooth earpiece for wife. Wifey still talks while driving, but now no tickets and no crashed car from distracted driving! Woot!

  48. 109

    by Paul

    Crisp clear calls! Why did I wait so long to buy this? Only 1 small complaint the volume is super loud and I have adjusted the device and my phone, but that’s better than not hearing 🙂

  49. 109

    by cdminot

    Had it for a while now and still works great. easy to wear and does a good job of noise cancelling. Have used this for some time and have always been happy with the product and its use life.

  50. 109

    by Pagan

    All the price, the sound of norms, the seller recommend

  51. 109

    by Tina


  52. 109

    by Houston P Bolt

    This is an great headset. I recent lost a previously purchased headset (same one) and quickly replaced it with another. It has excellent battery life and a decent signal range, even through some walls. The listing says long battery life, but to give an example of how long, I recently had a long day due to a delayed flight, and this headset lasted about 16 hours. On top of that it has great sound quality.

  53. 109

    by Royce

    Headphones came. Packing quality, everything is intact, the sound is good. Thanks seller

  54. 109

    by Craig

    All the kind pratsiuyeh, the spirit of other people at the vicorestagny, the delivery of delivery. Uncle)

  55. 109

    by Someone else

    Arrived ahead of schedule, very convenient, small and functional

  56. 109

    by Jorge Soluciones

    All is heard well

  57. 109

    by Paul B.

    Oboldennaya! Very loud! Small, pretty! I’ll order more!

  58. 109


    The stereo sound quality is very good and clear, the seller’s service is super good, and the headphones are mini. Very suitable, can’t be slammed, this headset feels very good,

  59. 109

    by Jon J.

    It feels comfortable to wear, it won’t drop when you shake it, the sound quality is very good, it’s more convenient to call and listen to novels than wired headphones, I like it so much. The seller’s service attitude is very good, praise!

  60. 109

    by Jeremy Wilkerson

    Thank you all works

  61. 109

    by Davey

    Works, loudly like qualitatively, let’s see how much time is enough, before that there was a loner for 20 minutes

  62. 109

    by Michael Keane

    Хороший наушник, хорошее качество звучания, отличный микрофон. Спасибо! Все супер!

  63. 109

    by M. White

    In principle, the sound is clean when listening to music, but when calling, I can hear the subscriber well, they hear me with a little delay. Maybe it’s necessary, I do not know, and I liked it so much.

  64. 109

    by Alex Soper

    Kokybiška typewriter ilgai reikejo laukti ….. Galiausei ….. Atejo. ….. Patenkintas…,…,…,..,,…,………,…,……. Fotografuojant per Sia programele neveikia blicas

  65. 109

    by CClife

    Looks very interesting in

  66. 109

    by Scoggpod

    Did not check

  67. 109

    by threefoldtheory

    The earphone is comfortable, it sits normally, the audibility is good. I checked the voice ones also well. For its price are good.

  68. 109

    by CHET

    Perfect. And very fast

  69. 109

    by Ronin Vato

    it’s good as described

  70. 109

    by Thomas

    Out of expectation Love this product

  71. 109

    by Mark Twain

    The goods are quality, but uncomfortable for the ear. Calls can only be received from the mobile network, with Watsap does not accept. Charged quickly. Recommend

  72. 109

    by Joshua S

    Fast delivery and excellent communication with the highly committed seller, the product is very good

  73. 109

    by MomWithAnAmazonProblem

    Conform to my purchase, arrive in time and super practical. I highly recommend

  74. 109

    by Dwayne E Reinike

    Baby received, very cute, very small, clear call, awesome music, no card, a very enjoyable shopping, worth having!

  75. 109

    by Kapil Singh

    Excellent earphone, the battery lasts long and the material and the sound quality is great quality

  76. 109

    by J. Caffarella

    Tests showed that you can take. The sound is normal at once.

  77. 109

    by William

    Came quickly. the earphone works 4 hours continuously with full charge.

  78. 109

    by John

    just like the description

  79. 109

    by ferdinand e.

    Great earphone. To the seller Thank you!!

  80. 109

    by Brian Gaskins

    Thank you.

  81. 109

    by Steve

    very good product you can use 2 earphones at the same time .no problem .thanks.

  82. 109

    by Bryan S

    Good sound, good triage, I recommend

  83. 109

    by Rene Hernandez

    Good quality but let them know there’s only one headset not two coming.

  84. 109

    by Jorge Soluciones

    It’s perfect,I’m really happy about the product.The sound is very good.

  85. 109

    by Robert J. Greco

    Exact to description

  86. 109

    by Michael G.

    I’m unable to link to the device as s eller has not given the code nos to link because when I turn on my phone bluetooth, there are three connections n there not knowing the code, I can’t connect

  87. 109

    by Just me…

    I am very satisfied with the product, thank you very much seller, very sociable, answers all questions.

  88. 109

    by adid

    Excellent product 5 star very satisfied.

  89. 109

    by Mr. Pliskin

    I thought that was a pair of earphone bad only received a device

  90. 109

    by D. Montgomery-Scott

    Super fast delivered top works very well

  91. 109

    by beatfreak47

    Very comfortable

  92. 109

    by Dobsas

    The sound of norms. Quality. charge hold good ~ 4 hours play

  93. 109

    by Richard Nash

    great product,look wise it’s tiny but performance is awesome. nice bass and lows.

  94. 109

    by Moshe D

    I liked everything) the sound is good) thanks to the seller))

  95. 109

    by Kindle Customer

    It works norms! Recommend

  96. 109

    by C-Arm

    Thank you very much. Everything works fine. came very quickly. All as in the picture in the description.

  97. 109

    by Edwin Rivera

    Fast delivery. I join all the positive reviews. I will be ordering more

  98. 109

    by ajk

    Everything works, but the Bluetooth is weak at a distance

  99. 109

    by jtallman

    Sound at 4, I’m not heard very well.

  100. 109

    by HenryN

    Good product, excellent quality

  101. 109

    by Orkhan

    All right, as advertised.

  102. 109

    by Farley K. Tumbaco

    Good, sama as picture

  103. 109

    by Nikolas…!

    Everything is playing, super …. Very convenient, order

  104. 109

    by DIY Billy

    Very satisfied

  105. 109

    by jrstowell

    very good product, honest seller and very fast delivery, recommend.

  106. 109

    by TheAmazonPrime

    The headphones work perfectly, the delivery is very fast , in addition the seller is very nice. I recommend it.

  107. 109

    by Matt Caplan

    Impeccable product .. works very well

  108. 109

    by KR2Flyer

    Excellent quality

  109. 109

    by Tosin Ayorinde

    All OK

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